New Tunes This Year:

    • Cabar Feidh

    • Colonel Robertson

    • The Barren Rocks of Aden

    • The Bloody Fields of Flanders

    • The Bonnie Hoose O' Airlie

    • The Earl of Mansfield

    • The Old Rustic Bridge

    • The Wee Highland Laddie

  • The Liberton Polka

  • Within a Mile of Edinburgh Town

Tunes That We Perform In Parade or Concert:

  • Amazing Grace

    • Auld Lang Syne

    • Bonny Dundee

    • God Bless America

    • Chariots of Fire

    • Corriechollie & Teribus

    • Green Hills of Tyrol / When the Battle's O'er

    • Highland Cathedral

    • Liberton Pipe Band

    • Mull of Kintyre

    • My Land / Land of My Youth

    • O'er the Water to Charlie / Piobaireachd of Donal Dubh

    • Scottland the Brave / Wings

Tunes Which We Have Played And Are Eligible To Be Resurrected:

    • All Through The Night

  • Calliope House

    • Colins Cattle

    • Flower of Scotland

  • Mairi's Wedding / Brown Haired Maiden

  • MacKenzie's Reel

    • Minstrel Boy / The Wearing of the Green

  • Morag of Dunvegan

  • Not Awa to Bide Awa

  • Orange and Blue

    • Prince Charles Welcome to Lochaber

    • Rowan Tree / Bluebells of Scotland

    • Sui Gan

    • The Steamboat / Atholl Highlanders

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