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Tag Watches For Sale

tag watches for sale
    for sale
  • purchasable: available for purchase; "purchasable goods"; "many houses in the area are for sale"
  • For Sale is the fifth album by German pop band Fool's Garden, released in 2000.
  • For Sale is a tour EP by Say Anything. It contains 3 songs from …Is a Real Boy and 2 additional b-sides that were left off the album.
  • Keep under careful or protective observation
  • A watch is a timepiece that is made to be worn on a person. It is usually a wristwatch, worn on the wrist with a strap or bracelet. In addition to the time, modern watches often display the day, date, month and year, and electronic watches may have many other functions.
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  • Traditionally, a 24-hour day is divided into seven watches. These are: midnight to 4 a.m. [0000-0400], the mid-watch; 4 to 8 a.m. [0400-0800], morning watch; 8 a.m. to noon [0800-1200], forenoon watch; noon to 4 p.m. [1200-1600], afternoon watch; 4 to 6 p.m.
  • Issued when the risk of hazardous weather is significant.
  • Touch (someone being chased) in a game of tag
  • a label written or printed on paper, cardboard, or plastic that is attached to something to indicate its owner, nature, price, etc.
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I've been tagged! 16 random things about me.
I've been tagged! 16 random things about me.
1.I have webbed toes; which all through childhood I loathed and tried to hide until one day during a barefooted assembly at school I looked down at the feet of the most popular boy in school and saw that he had two pairs of webbed toes! From that day forth I was proud of my freaky toes in their skin sleeping bag. 2.When I go for a run I always imagine that I am a beautiful racehorse. 3.My favourite car game in the world and one that I like to think I invented is ‘Windscreen wiper tag’: The object of said game is to get the car behind you to have to use their wipers by using your windscreen squirters. With the help of a favourable headwind and careful spacing the car behind will be spattered in your residue and, like licking one’s lips whilst eating a doughnut they won’t be able to resist squirting their own – 1 point, even better if they use their washers too – 2 points. The ultimate is to get a skimming stones, Mexican wave effect along the road going back through as many cars as possible and wasting as much radioactive green screen wash as possible. Try it, but don’t forget to look forward once in a while. 4.One of my favourite smells is fresh laundry, for some reason my own laundry never smells as good as someone else’s. I therefore buy clothes from car boot sales purely to inhale their washing powder scent 5.I have always wanted to be one of those people who can leap over railings with just one hand and the grace of a gibbon. I burst into tears the day I psyched myself up to try it. As I ran towards the fence I had sudden, graphic visions of the head first fall onto my face and the broken nose and the hours spent in casualty and I refused the fence and got a 30 second penalty. Maybe this is also what goes through a show jumping horse’s head as it deposits the rider on the other side of the fence. Perhaps he knows full well that if he breaks a leg it is highly likely that he will be shot and used as a prop in a macabre war film. 6.After a summer spent in Devon as a child I was dubbed the girl with the laugh by people in the next village. 7.Women (usually art teachers) with soft, gentle voices talking softly to me always used to give me the most amazing tingles down my neck and back. I still remember the feeling vividly and how I would glaze over in meditative ecstasy hearing not a single actual word that they said. I have not found a person to recreate that sensation in my adult life yet. I think I may join a knitting circle. 8.I am appalling at mental arithmetic. 9.I have very specific cereal eating techniques. I like to crush half of my cornflakes up in the bottom of the bowl for a pleasantly mulchy texture. The rest is left un-pulverised but I like to let the whole lot go exceedingly soggy under a thin top layer of crunch. I’m salivating as I think of it. 10.As a child I used to do fake joined up writing – totally meaningless scribbles that to me looked just the same as mummy and daddy’s writing. – Whole novels were written by me in this script. One day my notebooks will be discovered and my random texts will be poured over by archaeology students and found to be stories about Oggy and Daffy – The Mentals. Very PC. 11.When I laugh I cry, tears stream down my face and I must always wear waterproof mascara. Hysterics inducing programmes include: Harry Hills’ TV Burp, It’s a knockout and QI. 12.I get transfixed by the most dreadful subjects on the internet and find myself shamefully watching plane crashes, animals mauling people and Rod hull and Emu clips. 13.In a party situation I will always gravitate towards the children and play with them in preference to adults. If there is a cat in the vicinity though then the children get the cold shoulder too. 14.I am a little bit scared of women and never know what to say to them as they don’t usually respond favourably to toilet humour or smut. 15.One of my greatest pleasures is to be tucked up in bed, alone with nothing to get up for in the morning, an excellent book on the go and feeling my eyelids grow heavier and hotter to the point when I’m reading with one eye and knowing that as soon as I put the book down and turn the light out I will be immediately off in a world where I trip up/down kerbs and fall off rollercoasters to my death as a regular occurence - even so life is infinitely more interesting there. 16.Every day that I don’t write or take photographs I feel guilty and depressed.
I've been tagged! ok, 16 things about me...
I've been tagged! ok, 16 things about me...
Yikes! I've been tagged, by both bethsundquist and Sage! Just watch out, I might tag YOU next! 1. I live in Nebraska 2. When I was in 8th grade, I made up my mind to become a disc jockey. 3. At the age of 19, I became a disc jockey in Colorado 4. I made a career change and was a Deputy Sheriff for 8 years and then a Police Officer for a few more. 5. I chose to go back into radio, in advertising sales and have been doing that for the last 18 years. And I still help out "on air" every now and then. 6. I have one daughter, age 26, who lives in Albuquerque. 7. I can spell Albuquerque 8. We've hosted 5 foreign exchange students, including an Italian boy, a Dutch girl, Norwegian girl, a Swedish boy and a Swedish girl. We remain close to the Swedes and Norwegian and have traveled over there twice to visit and they've been back here since. 9. I like cats, but love dogs. 10. I'm frugal, sometimes to the point of silliness. Our oldest dog, Pixie, was bought at "Clearance price". Seriously! 11. I've played the guitar since I was 11 years old. I've been in a lot of bands from hard rock to oldies to country and even reggae. One band I played in... you could have actually bought a ticket to see us on ticketmaster... but I assure you, you've never heard of them. 12. I began playing the bass at age 16 and still play it today in a church group. 13. I sang in the Colorado All-State choir, in high school 14. I married a Kansas farm girl and brought her to Nebraska... and she still roots for the Kansas teams when they play the Huskers! 15. I drive a Saab 16. I'm an analytical type personality and am always trying to figure out why My tags now have gone out to: cml599 kkfryer Maggie Osterberg monalisarm Pearl is a Girl mauli808 PomMom1 reneetellezphotography rockstar ;) Scenic Byway Stina Stockholm tinahkansson waiting line yuraccy park Lynnette_ echobase_2000

tag watches for sale
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