New Timex Watch. Watch Chuck Season 1 Episode 9.

New Timex Watch

new timex watch
    timex watch
  • (Timex watches) Timex Group USA, Inc. (formerly known as Timex Corporation), a subsidiary of Timex Group B.V., is headquartered in Middlebury, Connecticut. The company is the current day successor to the Waterbury Clock Company, founded in 1854 in nearby Waterbury, Connecticut.

New watch for the collection
New watch for the collection
Got myself a new watch today. I've had my eye on this one for a while, the vintage military timex from J Crew, and today I finally got it. I saw the orange strap in their catalog and fell in love so I got that as well as the standard olive green one(then of course they had a sale on straps so I got a black strap as well).
Final Ride
Final Ride
Labor Day. Last day of summer, in my eyes. Wheeled out the Klein Q Carbon for one last ride of the summer. High noon and 82 degrees. Perfect riding weather. 15 miles © Mark V. Krajnak 2008

new timex watch
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