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Highgear Trailhead Watch With Carabiner Clip

highgear trailhead watch with carabiner clip
  • The place where a trail begins
  • trail head: the beginning of a trail
  • A trailhead is the point at which a trail begins, where the trail is often intended for hiking, biking, horseback riding, or off-road vehicles.
  • The start of the trail. Common meeting point for ride starts.
  • A coupling link with a safety closure, used by rock climbers
  • an oblong metal ring with a spring clip; used in mountaineering to attach a rope to a piton or to connect two ropes
  • A carabiner or karabiner is a metal loop with a sprung or screwed gate. The loop part opposite the gate is referred to as the spine. It can quickly and reversibly connect components in safety-critical systems. The word comes from "Karabinerhaken", meaning "hook for a carbine" in German.
  • A metal link with a gate that can open and close, generally used for clipping ropes to anchors or other objects
  • (High-geared) A transmission (even like the chain system on a bicycle) where a large gear drives a small one. The larger the drive gear and the smaller the driven gear the higher the gear ratio. It will result in high speed, but is poor for getting started from a stop.
  • Look at or observe attentively, typically over a period of time
  • Secretly follow or spy on
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  • a period of time (4 or 2 hours) during which some of a ship's crew are on duty
  • a small portable timepiece
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Trailhead Brewery
Trailhead Brewery
Trailhead Brewery is our own little micro brewery right here in St. Louis, more specifically Old Town St. Charles. I was out taking some night shots and had to stop by this place. They have awesome food and they make about eight different kinds of beer. It a great historic environment. Enjoy! Lens: 18-105mm f/3.5-5.6 Exposure: f/11.0 Shutter Speed: 8 seconds ISO: 200 Auto Bracket: +2 0 –2
Mount Persis trailhead
Mount Persis trailhead
The trailhead is marked by 2 cairns and an orange flag

highgear trailhead watch with carabiner clip
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