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Citizen Watch Perpetual

citizen watch perpetual
    citizen watch
  • is the core company of a Japanese global corporate group based in Tokyo, Japan. The company was originally founded as Shokosha Watch Research Institute in 1918 and is currently known as the manufacturer of CINCOM precision lathe machine tools as well as CITIZEN watches.
  • Never ending or changing
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  • ageless: continuing forever or indefinitely; "the ageless themes of love and revenge"; "eternal truths"; "life everlasting"; "hell's perpetual fires"; "the unending bliss of heaven"
  • (of an investment) Having no fixed maturity date; irredeemable
  • (perpetually) everlastingly; for all time; "raysstreaming perpetually from the sun"- Stuart Chase
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al final, ni Casio, ni Seiko... un Citizen (ciudadano) japones montado en japon y con maquinaria Seiko. Con la funcion ECO-DRIVE que me garantiza de por vida la alimentacion del reloj con la luz ambiental, sin necesidad de cambiar la pila o abrir el reloj nunca. MODELO:: CITIZEN ECO-DRIVE PERPETUAL CALENDAR BL8050-56E 100WR # PRECIO EN TIENDA: 490€. # MODELO: Citizen Eco-Drive Perpetual calendar de Hombre BL8050-56E. # MOVIMIENTO: Eco-Drive. No necesita cambio de pila, funciona con la luz solar o luz interior. Guarda energia por un maximo de 500 horas. # FUNCIONES: Calendario Perpetuo, alarma diaria, indicador de reserva de energia. # COLOR DE LA ESFERA: Negro. # CAJA: Acero. # PULSERA: Moderna pulsera de acero. # LUMINISCENTE: Si. # CRISTAL: Zafiro. # DIMENSIONES: 42mm sin contar la corona y 12mm de grosor. # SUMERGIBLE: 10 aTmosferas. #y un largo etc...
Eco-Drive Perpetual Calender by Citizen.
Eco-Drive Perpetual Calender by Citizen.
Model: BL9000-83L by Citizen. Minute Repeater & Perpetual Calender, Eco-Drive (Solar) powered quartz movement watch. No batteries required. This is one of the few treasured non-mechanical pieces I treasure. I think for all the 'Complication' values that are available in this piece, an equivalent Swiss mechanical version would cost 20X to 30X more then what I had paid for this.

citizen watch perpetual
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