Koch Brother's Grant to Ball State University 

The Koch Brothers -- political activists and billionaires. The Koch Foundation and previous alumni Papa John recently donated $3.25 million to the new John H. Schnatter Institute for Entrepreneurship and Free Enterprise. As wonderful as this lump sum of money may sound, the Koch Foundation shows past actions of making contributions to conservative or libertarian campaigns in order to ensure they get the results that they want. This grant undoubtedly comes with strings attached, ensuring that only free-market practices are taught to students. Not only is this a concern for people who are involved in the Miller College of Business at Ball State University, but it touches all students. With the recent resignation of Ball State's President Ferguson, large amounts of money are being contributed at convenient timing. Not only could these donations lead to one conservative department but has the chance to spread to multiple. Faculty, staff and students are being brainwashed to think one way by the lack of academic integrity present on campus. 

The Chief Entrepreneurship officer even spoke on the donation. From a quote in Ball State's Daily News “I see a university as a free market of ideas, and students should have exposure to a broad range of concepts,” Goldsby said. “Additionally, they should also be free to express their opinions. My door is open to anyone who wants to support education and help advance our students, especially as a public university.” A free market of ideas, or a free market of conservative fiscal practices? We urge Ball State to think hard about its Koch problem.

Koch Brothers Exposed

If you want to see this documentary in its entirety, use the link provided: Koch Brother's Exposed.

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