American Rhythm Merengue
Bronze Syllabus

Hello Merengue dancers!  Each video link below opens in a new tab or window allowing the option of having more than one open at the same time. Multiple videos are given for each step, when possible, so that the learner has the benefit of different instructional techniques. When a video lesson contains numerous steps, the time at which a particular step begins during the video is noted in parentheses. Videos are chosen based on thoroughness of instruction and demonstration in multiple views. The same Merengue step may go by different names as shown below. Suggestions for additional video lessons may be sent to

New DVIDA Syllabus revised August 2011

 Step_Name Terry_DeanBrett Long
Dance_Hampton Roads
Latin Action Technique
  Latin Action Technique
1. Basic to the Side

Side Basic

Basic to the Side by Dance Vision
Basic by Passion 4 Dancing
Basic by Dancin' Time
Basic by Joe Baker
Basic by DanceCorp_Brisbane
    Throwout by DanceCorp Brisbane (5:01)
Breakaway by Dance Manhattan
2. Back Rock

3. Side Breaks
    Lady's & Man's Outside Turns
    Turns by Dancin' Time
Lady's Outside UAT by DanceCorp Brisbane (7:48)
She Goes He Goes by Dance Manhattan
    Lady's Inside Turns
    Inside Turns by Dancin' Time
4. Arm Slide

Double Arm Slide

Separation Move by Passion 4 Dancing
Hands over Head Slide by Dancin' Time
5. Back to Back

Back to Back

6a. Swivels-Straight
6b. Swivels-Turning
  Spot Swivels
7a. Conga Breaks-Simple
7b. Conga Breaks-Crossing Action
    Congo Breaks with Crossing Action by Dance Vision
8. Merengue Glide

9. Forward Spot Turn

10. Back Spot Turn

11. Roll In & Out
12. Man's Circle Wrap

Turning Wrap

13._Progressive_Congo-4 Directions

14. Face Loops

15. Man's Duck Wrap
   Man's Duck