East Coast Swing (Triple Step)

American Rhythm
East Coast Swing Bronze Syllabus

Hello Swing dancers!  Each video link below opens in a new tab or window allowing the option of having more than one open at the same time. Multiple videos are given for each step, when possible, so that the learner has the benefit of different instructional techniques. When a video lesson contains numerous steps, the time at which a particular step begins during the video is noted in parentheses. Videos are chosen based on thoroughness of instruction and demonstration in multiple views.  BallroomDancers.com requires registration to view some of their clips.  The same east coast swing step may go by different names as shown below. Suggestions for additional video lessons may be sent to ballroomdancefan@gmail.com.

New DVIDA Syllabus revised August 2011
(See old syllabus below.)

 Step Name     Ballroomdancers.com Terry_Dean  Brett Long
_Dance_Hampton_ Roads
 itsaboutmomentum  Other_Instructors
 Basic Components   Basic Components      
 Basic Footwork   Basic Footwork     Basic Footwork by Michael Thomas (1:23)
 Posture & Hold    Posture & Hold     Basic Hold by Michael Thomas
 Bronze I
Basic-Open Position
 Basic Open Basic    
 1b. Basic Closed Position
Basic-Closed Position
  Closed Basic
 2. Basic Turning R
    (0:29) Rotating Basic
 3. Basic Turning L
 4. Throwout
  Release to Open 
Release to Open
 Bronze II
 5. Underarm Turn
Underarm Turn to R
Underarm Turn to L
  Underarm Turn by Dance Vision
 6. Underarm Release from Basic
Underarm Turn to R
7a. Tuck in-Handshake
American Spin Tuck-In   Tuck Spin from Trail    
7b. Tuck In-Dbl Handhold w/Free Spin
 7c. Tuck In-Dbl Handhold w/UAT
    Tuck to Hammerlock
 Bronze III
8. Alternating UATs
Alternating UATs     She Goes He Goes
9. Shoulder Check
        Shoulder Check by Michael Thomas
Shoulder Check by MrMkuka100 (1:38)
10. Cradle
  Wrap Sweetheart Wrap
Cuddle by Dance Vision
Cuddle by MrMkuka100 (1:25)
11. Cradle to Hammerlock
    Cuddle to Hammerlock
Cuddle to Hammerlock w/Sgl Arm Slide Ending

 Full Bronze
12. Sugar Push Throw Out
    Sugar Push
  Sugar Push Throwout by MrMkuka100 (1:56)
Sugar Push Throwout by FatCat Ballroom (0:35)
 Windmill         Windmill by Dayton Polish Club
Windmill by Michael Thomas
13. Dbl Face Loop

Dbl Arm Slide to Circling Tucks
Double Arm Slide with Inside Turn

14. Opposition Break & Roll Out
15. Whirlpool
Continuous Tuck-In Turn (from an Inside Turn)   Alternating Tucks

Previous Syllabus

 Step Name


Terry Dean 


1a._Basic_Open_Position Basic-Open Position 
Basic Open Basic
Dropped Hitchkick        
1b. Basic Closed Position Basic-Closed Position   Closed Basic Closed Basic
Closed Basic by Dayton Polish Club
Turning Basic
Rotating Basic
2. Throwout     Throwout   Release to Open
3. Link to Closed Position Link to Closed Position        
4. Underarm Turn to Right (Outside Turn) UAT to Right  
  Underarm Turn by Dance Vision
5. Underarm Turn to Left (Inside Turn) UAT to Left Underarm Left Turn
6. Hammerlock Hammerlock   Swing Pretzel
  Hammerlock by MrMkuka100 (1:00)
7. Cuddle     Cuddle   Wrap
Cuddle by Dance Vision
Cuddle by MrMkuka100 (1:25)
8. Alternating Underarm Turns        Alternating UATs  
9. Back Pass     Back Pass  

Underarm Back Pass   Underarm Back Pass    
10a. Single Overhead Loop      Single Overhead Loop        
10b. Double Overhead Loop     Double Overhead Loop        
11. Closed Tuck-In Turn Closed Tuck-In Turn
  Tuck Turn Closed to Open (2:20)  
Tuck In Turn by Dayton Polish Club
12. American Spin Tuck-In     American Spin Tuck-In       American Spin by The Grand Ballroom
13. Shoulder Spin Tuck-In     Shoulder Spin Tuck-In
(Changing sides)
      Shoulder Push to Twirl by PGA West
(not changing sides)
14. Continuous Tuck-In Turn Continuous Tuck-In Turn (from an Inside Turn)   Circling Tucks (from Double Arm Slide)    
15. Fallaway Walks
    Back Walks to Point Kicks  
Fallaway Walks by Dayton Polish Club
16. Lindy Basic to Left
    Lindy Hop Swing Out
Lindy Hop Basic by Mahalo
Lindy Hop Basic by SullybytheShore
Man's Part by Daniel Newsome
17. Lindy Basic to Right
        Reverse Swing Out by Hop Swing & a Jump
18a. Lindy Turn w/UAT to R         Outside Turn by Free Swing Dance Lessons
18b. Lindy Turn w/UAT to L         Inside Turn by Free Swing Dance Lessons
Inside Turn on One by Free Swing Dance Lessons
19. Lindy Side Passes
        Side Pass by iDance.net (2:35)
20a. Promenade Chasses
        Promenade Triple Step by Michael Thomas (5:19)
20b. Promenade Walks
        Promenade Steps by Michael Thomas (5:47)
Promenade Swivels by Get in the Swing
21. Toe-Heel Swivels
Toe Heel Swivels by  The Grand Ballroom
Toe Heel Swivels by Avalon Dance (2:18)
Toe Heel Cross by Born2Danz
22. Chicken Walks
        Chicken Walks by