Wahconah Park

Park Name:
Wahconah Park
Tenants: Pittsfield Suns (Futures Collegiate Baseball League)

Opened: 1892
Grandstand Rebuilt: 1913
Address: 105 Wahconah St, Pittsfield, Massachusetts 01201
Dimensions: 334' (L), 374' (C), 333' (R)

Former Tenants:
Pittsfield Electrics (Eastern Association) 1913-1914
Pittsfield Hillies (Eastern League) 1919-1930
Pittsfield Electrics (Canadian-American League) 1941-1948
Pittsfield Indians (Canadian-American League) 1949-50
Pittsfield Phillies (Canadian-American League) 1951
Pittsfield Red Sox (Eastern League) 1965-1969
Pittsfield Senators (Eastern League) 1970-1971
Pittsfield Rangers (Eastern League) 1972-1975
Berkshire Brewers (Eastern League) 1976
Pittsfield Cubs (Eastern League) 1985-1988
Pittsfield Mets (NY-Penn League) 1989-2000
Pittsfield Astros (NY-Penn League) 2001
Berkshire Black Bears (Northern League) 2002
Berkshire Black Bears (Northeast League) 2003
Pittsfield Dukes (New England Collegiate Baseball League) 2005-2008
Pittsfield American Defenders (New England Collegiate Baseball League) 2009

Pittsfield Colonials (Can-Am League) 2010-2011

The view from behind home plate at Wahconah Park. The field dates to the 18th century, and some argue its the oldest baseball field still in use in America.

The sun sets on Wahconah Park. The field was laid out in 1892, before night baseball. So it is one of only 2 fields still in use that faces the west. This means there are occasionally sun delays while play waits for the sun to set out of the batter's eyes.

The view from down the third base line at Wahconah park. The original fence extends deeply into right field because at various times the field has also hosted football games and needed to fit the dimensions of a football field.

The outfield at Wahconah Park. There's an old manual scoreboard in center field. And the bullpen in left was formed by adding a new shorter outfield fence in front of the original fence.

The grandstand at Wahconah Park.

The original wooden grandstand at Wahconah Park was built in 1919.

The original pressbox at Wahconah Park was built right into the granstand, just inches from the fans.

Aluminum Bleachers sit in the left field corner. Wooden barn owls hang from the rafters of the main grandstand to scare away birds and discourage them from nesting in the roof.

The Sanford Mainers on the field at Wahconah Park.