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Here is some information about people who have used Balloon News Supplies

Source http://www2.warwick.ac.uk/fac/sci/eng/meng/wusat/news/?newsItem=094d43d53ddaeae8013de4153d5c275f

Andreas from Sweden

South Cheshire College

Bobby in Boston - Double SPOT and parachute hire

Ryan - Tracker hire

Buzz student project http://buzzinspace.com/ Balloon, tracker and paarchute hire. Balloon

Leo Burnett multi media company - Design, launch, and recovery. Project for Birds Vs Planes - Little Blue

Nomos Productions, Dublin - Design, launch, and recovery.

Whitestone Media Ltd
Balloon, SPOT and CAttraQ trackers, Habduino Radio tracker, and parachute.


Opps, the payload landed in a tree. But it was recovered!
 Opps! The payload landed in a tree. Can you spot it?

Jose, NE Spain - SPOT Hire and balloon

Ben in Hungary

Barry in Scotland March 2014

Loopy Computy helping Minchinhampton school with one of our Schools towards Space kits May 2014

Two flights for South Cheshire Community College. SPOT Tracker, Cattrack locator, and flight computer hire. May 2014

Rachel from Wimbledon Art College. Schools to Space kit and help with launch and recovery. May 2014

June 2014 South Cheshire College and Bentley Motors

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June 2014

June 2014
National Space Centre, Leicester

Hesters Way Primary School Cheltenham (by Loopy Computy) June 2014

July 2014
XFM, Manchester

July 2014
Scottish Huntingdon's Association

July 2014 Andrew from The Grammar School, Leeds


Simply FMCG September 2014

Fabrice November 2014

Reigate Grammar School, November 2014
School towards space kit and my help.

 GEEK 2015 February 2015 Balloons for display

GEEK 2015 Social Searching game . Supplied balloon and tracking. Planned and operated balloon

Piotr from the Association of Project Management raising money for Dreams Come True Charity. Supplied tracking.
Laura from Exeter University March 2015

April 2015 Nicky from Galway Community College - SPOT Tracker

April 2015 Adrienne from Glasgow University who used our SPOT and Cattrack trackers

June 2015 St Andrews Academy, Paisley - Schools towards Space kit and my help in planning

Unlimited inc June 2015 Commissioned flight

Tonbridge School. June 2015 Commissioned flight as part of their success in the CANSAT competition.

Humberstone Junior academy -July 2015 -  Commissioned flight

Rugby World cup August 2015 3 commissioned flights

Laurent's music video. Commissioned flight

Team Impulse from St Paul's school, London October 2015 - Commissioned flight

Josep's university flight in Spain - November 2015 - Supplied kit

Duke of Edinburgh award St Austell College, UK 3 SPOT hire

Duke of Edinburgh Award St Austell College February 2014 usng Delorme inReach

Mark hiking in the French/Italian border

August 2014 Sam in South Africa - inReach tracker

August 2014 Jan in Iceland - SPOT hire


 Kevin's trip to France - SPOT hire

Russ in Scandinavia 2014

Sunny in Tajikistan April 2014

Chris, Steve, Charlie, And Rob on the Highland 550

Road Race
Scottish Road Race May 2014

Carlton June 2014