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Balloon News flight for Birds Vs Planes music video. The video was shot in August 2013 but did not go online until February 2014

Balloon news flight on the Dan and Phil Radio 1 show 8th September 2013 : 6:30 minutes into the show
Apple in Space - broadcast on the Radio 1 chart show - Top 10 18:16 on 22/09/2013
TV advert aired in Ireland Autumn 2013
Dan and Phil Show, BBC Radio 1 Broadcast 27/10/2013
Latest News

1200gm and 1000gm balloons due first week in November 2013. HABduino radio tracker available to borrow by special arrangement.


Balloon delivery and restocking forecast 1ST WEEK OF JUNE 2013

26th January 2013 In the next few weeks I will be taking delivery of a Zlog flight computer which will be offered for hire. The board has a GPS which will cover entire flights offline, as well as including internal / external temperature sensor and pressure sensor.

10th November 2012 Balloon News loans trackers to Talk to EU Tweets in space

10th October 2012 I've had to put up the introductory price for the 1200g balloon to £64 to take into account the actual import VAT and Paypal charges paid. The price will stay at £64 for the rest of my first batch of 1200g balloons.

9th September 2012. PAWAN balloon data is now included in the CUSF balloon burst calculator.

4th September 2012. Shipment received of 1200g balloons which are now in stock.