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Weather Balloon Manufacturing Company parachutes now for sale

We now offer 30gm,100gm, and 200gm Cosmoprene sounding balloons

 PAWAN       350gm  -  £18.00
Cosmoprene 350gm  -  £19.95 
PAWAN         600gm  - £23.95
Cosmoprene  600gm  - £26.95
 PAWAN        800gm  -  £30.00
Cosmoprene  800gm  -  £35.95
PAWAN       1000gm  -  £39.00
PAWAN        1200gm -  £52.00
Cosmoprene 1200gm -  £59.95
PAWAN        1600gm -  £79.95
Cosmoprene 1500gm - £82
PAWAN         2000gm - £137.90
Cosmoprene 2000gm - £149.95

* shipping to the UK


 Credit cards accepted via Pay Pal without registering for Pay Pal services. Payments also accepted by Pingit. Contact Chris HIllcox for details.

*SPECIAL* Basic Weather Balloon Kit Combi -  For schools and Colleges only

Balloon, Parachute, Camera and Tracker hire. Free payload box   - £125

Includes 1200gm PAWAN balloon, Go Pro Hero camera, SPOT Messenger tracker, GSM locator, and 3ft parachute for 2 week hire. Read more...

Latest News

March 2016 Picaxe based servo now available for hire. Cattrack trackers back in stock.

May 2015 PAWAN balloons back in stock and lower prices.

March 28th 2015 We have just restocked on Parachutes and Cattrack GSM locators.

SPOT TRACE has now been added to the web store and is available for hire.

March 24th 2014 We now available for hire an Iridium based inReach PLB. Cattrack is back in stock and we have doubled the number of Go Pro Hero 3+ cameras to include the Black and Silver edition; as well as the classic GHP 2. 

January 10th 20142 to 6 ft Rocketman parachutes are now in stock. Cattrack live 3 is now in stock. We have a Sky Probe flight computer available for hire. The Z log 7 flight computer is no longer available for hire. We have in stock recovery audio beacons.

22nd November 2013 - We have placed our first order with ROCKETMAN. Parachutes are coming our way.

21st October 2013 - The 1200gm and 1000gm balloons have just been ordered and should be in stock within a week.

13th August 2013 - I am now out of stock in 1200gm size but I have ordered some more. On the plus side I am launching tomorrow :-)

7th June delivery due Friday.

21st May 2013 - Restocking due 1ST WEEK OF JUNE 2013

4th April 2013 I have placed an order for 2000g, 1600g, 1200g, 1000, and 800g balloon sizes. The order should be in stock by early May 2013

2nd April 2013 Royal Mail have increased their charges and removed Standard Parcel from their services so I have had to reflect that in the prices.

26th January 2013 In the next few weeks I will be taking delivery of a Zlog flight computer which will be offered for hire. The board has a GPS which will cover entire flights offline, as well as including internal / external temperature sensor and pressure sensor.

10th November 2012 Balloon News loans trackers to Talk to EU Tweets in space http://balloonnews.wordpress.com/2012/11/11/balloon-filling-house/

10th October 2012 I've had to put up the introductory price for the 1200g balloon to £64 to take into account the actual import VAT and Paypal charges paid. The price will stay at £64 for the rest of my first batch of 1200g balloons.

9th September 2012. PAWAN balloon data is now included in the CUSF balloon burst calculator.

4th September 2012. Shipment received of 1200g balloons which are now in stock.


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Quality guarantee and Returns policy : Balloons are shipped from the manufacturer in foil packets and are placed in cardboard boxes. All the balloons are also inflated prior to leaving the manufacturing facility. However if the balloon arrives to you damaged, we will help replace it with the manufacturer. All damage in the postal system will be covered by us.