Balloon Chase Adventures

Our name says it all...we have a balloon, some of us chase it, we all have some kind of adventure! Our family began hot air ballooning in 1983 when Ray, Sr. took a ride with Mike Fairbanks over our home town of Moscow, PA. He came home that night and told his wife Maureen that he wanted to do the balloon thing again. Ray found a local pilot to begin crewing with and wound up taking lessons. He enjoyed ballooning in part because it was a family activity. A few years later Ray had his license and the family bought their balloon, Pinwheel.  Daughter Dawn and sons Ray, Jr., his wife Allison and Brian help out with Maureen as the Crew Chief. So, come along with the Chase's and let the adventures begin!
When at home we fly in the Pocono Mountains and Scranton area. Our main launch field is in Broadheadsville, PA. Away from home we love to fly in the Lancaster, PA area; New York state and Canada. New areas to fly and new launch and landing fields are always welcome. Please contact us if you would like to offer your property as a launch or landing site!

If you are interested in taking an adventuerous balloon ride with the Chase's please contact us for more information.