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The BubbleBoard is an Open Hardware design, which means we are happy give you the circuit diagrams and parts-lists to enable you to build it yourself.

You will need:

  • Time: not weeks but months and years
  • Money: more than you might expect
  • Access to sophisticated production equipment
  • The ability to manipulate Gerber files
  • The patience to order 100's of different components (some of them will invariably be 'on allocation' or newer-spec)
  • The skill to debug multilayer-layer PCBs, and to devise automated test-programs
  • The sang-froid to embark on a project of this scale
  • The nous to identify partners who will support the project from beginning to end
  • The experience necessary to manage a project of this complexity
  • The commitment to see it through
  • The sense of humour to throw it all away when it doesn't work [expletive deleted]

In short, it is neither easy, cheap nor quick to build; you'd be ill-advised to contemplate this for quantities below 1,000.