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First Round Last Updated: 6-27-13
 Nerlens NoelFr.C/FKentucky
 2.<strong>Orlando</strong> Victor OladipoJr..G/FIndiana
 3. Otto PorterSo.SFGeorgetown
 4.<a href='http://www.nbadraft.net/nba_draft_trades/2013'  title='Bulls receive the Bobcats&#039; 2013 first-round pick (top 12 protected in 2013, top 10 protected in 2014, top 8 protected in 2015, unprotected in 2016)'  class='mock_team_link'><strong>*Charlotte</strong></a> Alex LenSo. CMaryland
 5. Ben McLemoreFr. RSSGKansas
Includes Second Round

Each lottery team's mock draft board is portrayed with a brief explanation of why they're where they are.

Miami wasn't able to keep its winning streak alive, but their play is impressive nonetheless.

Stephen Curry had a historic night against the Knicks, but the Warriors failed to get him the ball at a crucial juncture of the game. We break down what happened in the important play down the stretch.

On the surface this deal looks like it won't matter, but there are reasons why this could be a factor down the road.

We examine how Kyrie's offensive game isn't as complete as it could be just yet.

We take a look at The Jimmer and how his role fits in the NBA spectrum.

We take a look at why this is and isn't a good deal for each team and give a verdict on the deal.

Stoke FC have landed FC Dallas and US winger Brek Shea, but how does he fit in the clubs plans?

The Toffees decided to back out of the deal with FC Twente that was almost completed... now what?

Many are clamoring for not relocation, but addition to the NBA. We take a look at what a team would look like if this were to take place.

We examine misconceptions about Kevin Durant and how his skill makes him a power player.

The Nets usage of Gerald Wallace comes into question and where he might be better used is explored.

We take a look at one of the biggest myths in the NBA, LeBron James.

Giving credit to the man who brought the eurostep to the NBA and a look at how moves evolve and grow over the passing of time.

An examination of how the Miami Heat were able to stifle James Harden in the 2012 NBA Finals.

A look into the hype that surrounded the two as they came into the league and how they compare historically.

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