BallOfFire's Oblivion Modlist

BallOfFire's Oblivion Modlist

by Paul Crawford


Essential Mods





►Welcome to Version 3 of my modlist!  It still in progress right now as I am testing for balance and compatibility.  I am updating it on 8/19/12 in anticipation of creating a fresh installation to reflect the changes that my testing has proved worthwhile.

►If you are looking for the original version of my modlist, it can be found here.

►If you are looking for the second version of my modlist, it can be found here.

►I am doing a fresh install of Oblivion on a new computer, so I am revamping my entire modlist.  This time I am replacing FCOM with Morroblivion, and I am eventually going to introduce T.I.E. and more Oblivion-oriented mods.  I intend to test this modlist thoroughly and share the results.

►If you are seeking any information about Oblivion mods whatsoever, I suggest starting with the Oblivion Mods FAQ by dev_akm. Any information that it lacks it provides links to, so make sure you at least skim it!

►I highly recommend adding mods to your game a little at a time so that if any issues arise, you will know where they are coming from.




(These are mods that improve the game an incredible amount, so much so that it would drive me absolutely crazy to play without them)


•  Root

Oblivion Stutter Remover: Makes the game run much smoother.  Be sure to edit the .ini file because otherwise it will set a maximum FPS.

Oblivion RAM Booster: Allows Oblivion to use more RAM for better performance.

Unofficial Oblivion Patch: Fixes thousands of glitches that the official patches don’t.

Unofficial Official Mods Patch: Fixes glitches in the official mods that the official patches don’t.

Unofficial Shivering Isles Patch: Fixes glitches in Shivering Isles that the official patches don’t.

Wisdom Earle’s Oblivion Crash Prevention System: This OBSE mod prevents many crashes and fixes invalid data.

•  Library

•  Cosmetic

DarNified UI: Makes the user interface far more efficient and aesthetically appealing. 

Qarl’s Texture Pack 3 Redimized: Reduced and optimized version of the best hi-res texture pack.

•  Clothing

•  Weapon

•  Tweak

All Natural: Combines Natural Interiors, Natural Environments, Enhanced Weather, and Real Lights for tons of lighting and weather improvements.

Alternate Start Arrive by Ship: Skips the starting tutorial and gives several roleplaying options in terms of starting equipment.  I mostly use this for testing mods so I can test outside of the tutorial dungeon.

Fast Exit: Makes Oblivion quit instantly without error popups.  Playing with mods otherwise usually results in crashes when you try to quit.

nGCD:  Better leveling system that makes leveling and advancement occur automatically in the background so you don’t have to worry about multipliers and level up screens.  Extremely compatible and optionally configurable.

Fundament: Customizable leveling speed modifier and more.

Quest Award Leveler: Makes quest awards upgrade as you level, so you aren’t punished for completing a quest at a low level by getting a permanently weaker version of the award. Don’t confuse with Quest Award Leveling.

Reneer's Guard Overhaul: Improves guard behavior to be more realistic, most notably making them no longer instantly appear when you commit a crime.  NPCs can be arrested.  Each city has its own crime gold. Tons more features.  For me, it introduced a crash on exit error when used with my other mods, but that's not a huge deal compared to the improvements made by the mod.

Running Revised: Improves the running system, reducing speed when running backwards.  It also makes running actually reduce fatigue and allowing for balanced sprinting.  The reduced backwards running speed is the only part I wholeheartedly recommend.  Be careful not to specify that you have Frans running installed if you don’t have that .esp activated or it causes crashes.

SM Plugin Refurbish: Makes official mod quests work more like normal quests instead of popping up when you install them or create a new character.

Trade and Commerce: Let's you buy a shop where your items are sold.  Makes getting rid of items much less annoying and has lots of features to make it fun instead.

•  Overhaul

Deadly Reflex: Adds new combat moves that both the player and NPCs use, including shield bashing, punching (with the hilt of the weapon), dodging, flipping, mounted combat, elemental effects, even
balanced decapitation, skull crushing, lung piercing, and slicing in half, and more.  If you choose to use all of its features, I recommend customizing it by reducing the critical chance if you are aiming for a more difficult gaming experience.  Otherwise, I recommend using just the Timed Block and Higher Damage and Durability optional .esps because current versions of the full mod require a lot of other mods, may have introduced a compatibility issue into my game (I would need to do further testing to be sure), and don't really fit with the careful balance created by my modlist.

Morroblivion Complete : If you have both Morrowind and Oblivion installed, this mod allows you to play Morrowind on the Oblivion engine with improved combat, graphics, and tons of other features.  I use it along with:

    Elys Universal Silent Voice: Makes unvoiced dialogue stay on the screen for a few seconds so you can read it.  This is essential with Morroblivion because the written dialogue is mostly unvoiced.

    ►Main Menu Replacer: Makes the main menu play a video of Morrowind cinematics in the background.

    MenuCue: Required by certain other mods.

    Morrowind Themed Loading Screens: Replaces the loading screens with ones appropriate for Morroblivion.

    Protocolled Dialogs: Lets you scroll through dialogue windows.  Very useful for Morroblivion because there is so much written dialogue.

T.I.E.: Overhauls the game to remove the silly level scaling, enhance the difficulty, improve the realism, beautify the NPCs, and add tons of new features.  It uses only vanilla content so it has a small performance impact compared to other overhauls.

•  Misc

Purse of Wonders: Adds a purse to your inventory, which when activated allows you to open one of three separate containers (junk box, purse, and alchemy stuff), gives an option to move all your alchemy items automatically, and retrieve alchemy ingredients by effect.  It is essentially a cheat item, but I'd rather cheat in this one way than waste tons of time fast traveling back and forth to pick up and sell equipment.

Streamline: Increases performance by clearing memory buffers intelligently and safely. Also allows you to specify your desired FPS and graphics, and it constantly makes adjustments to graphical settings to accommodate them. Also includes many more impressive features you should check out.  Make sure you customize the .ini file and test any features you turn on thoroughly though, because it can easily do more harm than good if you are not careful!
•  Magic

Less Annoying Magicka Experience (L.A.M.E.): Rebalances spells, adds tons of awesome new spells, and makes some other changes.
Supreme Magicka: Improves the magic system to be more balanced, diverse, and fun. Adds new effects and spells.
•  NPC

•  Home

•  Place

•  Quest

•  Utilities

BOSS: Orders your plugins so you don’t have to worry about load order anymore, and makes installing FCOM much easier.

Oblivion Graphics Extender: Allows you to improve the graphics significantly, making Oblivion look like a modern game.
Oblivion Mod Manager: Makes installing and uninstalling mods easier.  Let’s you clean mods, check conflicts, registers new bsa files (makes new graphics work properly, whereas a glitch screws everything up otherwise), and does other things.  I rarely install a mod without it.

Oblivion Script Extender: Makes new things possible in modding, so it is necessary for some of the greatest mods out there.  No performance loss from using it.

TES4Edit: An .esp viewer and conflict detector that can be used to clean dirty mods for a more stable installation.

►TES4LODGEN: Creates distant land graphics based on the mods you have installed.  Handy if you have mods that add or change the landscape and you want to be able to see those changes from afar.

Wrye Bash: Essential for making mods compatible, making various tweaks, and keeping your game running smoothly.  Use the bashed patch in place of no lights flicker and spell renamer mods.




(These are mods that significantly improve the game and are definitely worth installing at some point if you feel inclined to improve your game further, but aren’t absolutely essential to an excellent gaming experience and improve the game in more minor ways)

•  Root

•  Library

•  Cosmetic


Bomret’s SI Texture Pack: Replaces SI textures with hi-res ones.

►Detailed Terrain

Elven Map Redux: Makes the map colored with differently colored icons.

Fiery Oblivion Video Map Loop Replacement: Replaces the looping map video with a much prettier one.

Immersive Interiors

Oblivion Stereo Sound Overhaul: Changes many sounds in game for more realism and immersion.

Visually Realistic Lava: Gives lava a better texture.

Symphony of Violence: Combines the best combat sound mods to use the best sounds and add variation to them.

Vality's Shivering Isles Map: Replaces the default Shivering Isles map with a pretty colored one.

•  Clothing

•  Weapon

•  Tweak

Initial Glow: Makes enchanted items only glow when you first equip them.
Legendary Abilities: Makes use of attributes and skills above 100 that aren’t included in Oblivion –Elys- Uncapper.

Menu Escape: Does more than the name suggests- this mod lets you press either the right mouse button or the space bar to simulate the button presses necessary to quit menus and dialogue, as well as accomplishing other common tasks with one button, like saving in a new slot and quitting when on the save game screen.

Musical Immersion: Makes music not play constantly and makes combat music play when you realize you are in combat instead of when the enemy enters combat mode.
No Merchant Barter Chatter: Removes merchant comments when buying and selling. Optionally included in Living Economy.

Oblivion -Elys- Uncapper: Increases caps for attributes and skills from 100 to 200 and makes use of many of these higher values for the PC and NPCs.

Real Time Lockpicking: Improves the lockpicking system.

Thieves Arsenal Mission Zero: Adds new thieving tools and greatly improves AI relating to stealthy activity.

Willful Resistance: Makes willpower actually give you magic resistance like the game says it does.

•  Overhaul

StarX Vanilla Vampires Revised: Improves vampire appearances and difficulty, overhauls vampire dungeon difficulty, adds factions, and more.

Enhanced Daedric Invasion: Makes the war against Oblivion feel like a real war by adding daedra, adding NPCs who fight them, makes daedra attack cities, adds quests, and more.

 •  Misc

Coloured Enemy Health Bars: Colors enemy health bars based on the proportion of their health remaining.

Fame Indicator: Lets you know when your fame, infamy, or bounty changes.
Map Marker Overhaul

Motion Blur: Adds a motion blur effect. 

Proximity Based Sneak Penalties: Makes it easier for enemies to detect you when you are closer to them.

•  Magic

Maintained Spells: Makes buff spells last for as long as you have mana to maintain them or until you cancel them.

•  NPC

•  Home

•  Place

•  Quest 


Frostcrag Reborn: Overhauls the official mod (and replaces it, so back it up!!!), adds new quests, and new items.

Gates to Aesgaard Episode 1

Gates to Aesgaard Episode 2

Kvatch Rebuilt


Mannimarco Resurrection: Let’s you choose to join Mannimarco or the Imperial Battlemages and do quests that flesh out the story involving the necromancers.
Mannimarco Revisited: Enhances Mannimarco and his lair.

Ruined Tail's Tale

Servant of the Dawn

Tears of the Fiend

The Heart of the Dead

The Lost Spire




(These are mods that I do not feel comfortable recommending because I decided not to use them for whatever reason (incompatibilities, bugs, performance requirements, unexpected complications, redundancies, etc.), but that I want to keep track of due to showing potential of some sort. I cannot vouch for their compatibility with the rest of my list)



Better Cities: Improves cities to make them unique, pretty, and more realistic.  Requires compatibility patches to use with some mods.  Has a large performance hit.  I eventually decided I would rather use some cool OBGE shaders to improve the graphics, and using both was just too much for my computer.

Unique Landscapes: Greatly improves upon the look of different exterior areas while maximizing compatibility.  Modular but with compilation version as well.  Requires compatibility patches to use with some mods.

Race Balancing Project: Rebalances races and birthsigns to make each race and birthsign extremely different from each other.  Adds new races, makes NPCs better looking, and makes various changes including rebalancing magic through changes to magicka and armor penalties.

Integration: Morroblivion

►Let the People Drink

Stealth Overhaul Redux: Makes stealth more realistic and balanced. 

Sneak Detection Recalibrated: Improves the way sneaking works.  Has a huge impact on performance unless you disable certain features.

Realistic Physics and Force: Makes the physics more realistic and makes moving bodies easier and more realistic.

OVEP: Various mods that improve the graphics and eventually the performance.

Morrowind Lockpicking : Replaces the lockpicking minigame with Morrowind’s chance lockpicking system.

Zumb’s Lockpicking OBSE: Replaces the lockpicking minigame with Morrowind’s chance lockpicking system.  Morrowind Lockpicking is better.

DarkUId DarN: Makes the User Interface far more efficient and aesthetically appealing.  Also makes it dark so you aren’t blinded by menus, especially with HDR on.

Dark Wood UI: Dark wood and gold themed texture replacer for DarkUI DarN.

Quiet Feet Max: Fixes performance issues caused by footsteps. Can use bashed patch instead.
►Optimized Distant Land MAX
Beaming Sunglare: Makes the sun look unbelievably better.
Message Remover Pack: Removes annoying messages.  Use bashed patch instead.
Toggleable Quantity Prompt - Updated: Lets you move either one item or an entire stack of items with one click. Disables the confirmation screen.  Use bashed patch instead.
►Less NPC Conversations: Makes NPCs initiate conversations less often.  Do through bashed patch instead.
ENB Series
Enhanced Mercantile Progress: Makes your mercantile skill increase based on the value of items bought and sold instead of on the number of transactions.
Operation Optimization: Greatly improves performance by optimizing meshes, with no quality loss.
Less Messages: Removes annoying messages in the game.
►XQuest Award Leveller for SI: Same as above but for SI.
Midas Magic Spells of Aurum and Midas Magic for OOO: Adds a ridiculous amount of new spells that are attained in new ways. 
FCOM (Francesco's + WarCry + OOO + MMM): Allows the best and largest four overhaul mods to work with each other any many other otherwise incompatible mods.  It combines the best aspects of each, creating a balanced, integrated, and vastly improves gameworld.
Francesco’s Leveled Creatures/Items: Rebalances the game to be more static and adds items and creatures.
Martigen’s Monster Mod: Adds new creatures and NPCs, advanced AI, wounding effects, and more.
Oblivion Warcry and Warcry Patch: Rebalances the game to make it more static and adds items and creatures.

Oscuro’s Oblivion Overhaul: Drastically rebalances pretty much everything in the game to create a complete, consistent, balanced, static, and totally awesome gameworld.  Adds so much stuff and changes things so much for the better that I’ll just leave it at that instead of attempting to summarize it all.

Open Better Cities: Puts cities in the Tamriel worldspace without loading doors, and beautifies the cities.

Oblivion Script Optimization: Optimizes in-game scripts to improve performance.

Unofficial Shivering Isles Patch MOBS: Replaces the Unofficial Shivering Isles Patch and adds MOBS balance to the items.

Ambient Dungeons: Uses various visual effects for different interiors.

Animated Window Lighting System: Lights up building windows at different times of day.

Ayleid Coin Addon: Makes platinum coins look better and solves CTD issues with them.

Book Jackets: Gives book covers much better textures.

Facial Textures by Enayla: Greatly improves facial textures.

Improved Facial Textures: Improves NPC facial textures.
Improved Water: Makes water prettier in Oblivion and optionally in SI, while making it clear enough that swimming isn’t a chore.

Loading Screens Themed AddOn for Dark UIAdds new loading screens with new captions that fit them. Goes with the Dark UI theme.

Loading Screens Themed Replacer for Dark UI: Replaces the old loading screens with new ones with new captions that fit them.  Goes with the Dark UI theme.

Loading Screens Themed Replacer SI for Dark UIReplaces the old SI loading screens with new ones with new captions that fit them.  Goes with the Dark UI theme.

Loading Screens Themed Replacer - OOO Compatibility: Makes Loading Screens Themed compatible with OOO.

Oblivion Soundscaper: Changes sounds depending on where you are, such as making caves echo.

Oblivion Sound Sets: Adds a voice to your character.

Personality Idles: Changes NPC and player reaction animations.

Screen Effects: Allows various visual effects to be used by mods.  Needed for Ambient Dungeons.

JQ - Fighters Guild United and FCOM Patch: Makes Fighter’s Guild members have matching outfits.

Unofficial Francescos Mod Armor AddOn: Adds new armor to Franscescos.

 Unofficial Lv30 Francescos Leveled Item: Adds new weapons to Francescos.

You Are Here: Allows mods to tell where you are.  Needed for Ambient Dungeons.

FineWeapons and RustyItems for OOO:  Gives some weapons new textures and meshes.

 Loth's Blunt Weapons for NPCs: Adds new blunt weapons to NPCs and vendors.

Adrenaline-Fueled Combat: Adds combat moves, locational damage, and more.

Arena Alive 24Hr: Rebalances arena awards in such a way that they are more appropriate for OOO/FCOM and makes various other improvements to the Arena.

DLC_MOBS: Adds MOBS balance to the official mods.

Oblivion Polygon Overhaul: Reduces the polygons used in rocks to a reasonable amount for a performance boost without visual loss.

Persuasion Overhaul: Role-playing persuasion system to replace the minigame.

Bob’s Armory: Adds new weapons, shields, and helms to leveled lists. Works with other overhaul mods if you use FCOM.

 FCOM Optional Plugins: Tweak various things, not all of which require FCOM. Especially useful are the plugins that apply MOBS balance to quest mods.

TIE Integration Revised: Makes much of TIE compatible with FCOM, making the game more difficult and realistic.

Deadly Reflex – Breathing Motion Head Bobbing and Bow Sway: I only recommend the bow sway part, which makes your crosshair sway depending on your marksman and agility.

Duke Patricks Bob and Weave Dodge OBSE Edition: Lets you dodge enemy attacks by bobbing and weaving.

Duke Patricks NPCs Now Bob Under Your Shots Siliver Edition: Makes NPCs bob under your attacks.

Hotkey Casting updated: Lets you cast spells using hotkeys.

Immersive Health Indication: Blurs your vision more the less health you have. 

Kythrius' Mod: Huge mod that adds new attacks and more.

Mages Equipment and Patch: Adds tons of mage equipment to make using robes and staves viable options for mages.

RuneSkulls: Adds skulls that can be added to items to enchant them.  Use with the FCOM plugin that rebalances it.
Sudden Violence - Combat Moves: Adds new combat moves like sprinting, charging, and pushing, and adds new effects to spells.

Weapon Magic: Allows you to cast spells to temporarily enchant your weapon.

The Elder Council and The Elder Council Temple of the One: Revamps the palace, lets you join the Imperial Legion, adds new quests, and expands lore.

Bomrets Detailed Normal Maps for Vanilla: Improves upon the vanilla textures, making them look better without hurting performance whatsoever.
Blip-Blops Shadow Mod: Gives city buildings shadows.

RPG-BlackDragons Ultra HDR

Shivering OOO

Shivering Isles Quest Popup Remover

Enchantment Enhanced

O.R.B. Directory Splitter

Harvest Flora for Shivering Isles

SoTs Rise of Sheogorath

Wrye Shivering

►Luchaires HGEC Body Seam Reducer

Tamriel Travellers

Better Letters

moDems City Life

Enhanced Music Control

Advanced Magecraft

Alternate Armor Formula

Q-Core - Multi-featured Interface, and Hotkey Mod

Sorcery's Toll

CLS Old Friends

The Daggerfall Music Project - Home

The Blackwood Company

Anvil Bay Expansion

ICEXPAND - Imperial City Expanded

BloodandMud DirtDeluxeAnglais- included in Better Cities

Illuminated AEVWD

Cosmic Night Sky


A Jump Start

Reneer's Corpse Mod

Potable Pastiche at

Storms Lightning Sounds

Kyoma's Check Ability and Diseases

Druid Mod

Let the People Drink: Adds fountains, an aqueduct, and a quest.

Install Early Fighter’s Guild Contracts: Adds repeatable quests to the fighter’s guild.

Install Early Kingdom of Almar: Adds and underground kingdom of elves.

Install Early Kvatch Aftermath overwritten by Kvatch Aftermath Clean and Fixed: Adds quests to rebuild Kvatch, take control of the city, and defend it.  Also adds new NPCs, new locations, and more.

Install Early Origin of the Mages Guild: Adds quests to restore the mages guild to its former glory, other quests, NPCs, and lots of lore-compliant goodies.

Install Early The Necromancer: Expands upon necromancer lore by adding new

necromancers, quests, items, and towers.
Attack and Hide v2.0 bundle pack: Makes hiding after NPCs have been alerted to your presence more realistic.
Atmospheric Dark UI Loading Screens: Gives the loading screens beautiful scenic pictures with a Dark UI texture, with optional random quotes. OBMM had trouble installing this for me; on the off chance that you also have this problem, try doing it manually after activating the OMOD, so it is installed properly but can still be uninstalled with ease.

Actors in Charge: Lets you assign animations to the PC or NPCs for them to perform immediately. Great for taking screenshots.

At Home Alchemy: Lets you use alchemy equipment while it is sitting down so you can leave it at home and use it without having to pick all back up again.

Char-gen With Numbers: Adds numbers to the CharGen screen; makes remaking characters easy.

Chase Camera Mod: Makes the third-person camera less annoying.
Denock Arrow: Allows you to denock arrows after drawing your bow by pressing a hotkey.
Enchantments Restore Over Time: Enchantments slowly restore based on your Mysticism skill.
Encyclopaedia Cyrodilica: Adds reference books with info on Alchemy, spellmaking, trainers, codes, etc..
Expanded Hotkeys and Spell Delete: Allows you to delete spells and adds 20 new hotkeys.
Hear-Me-Not: Quiets sounds that you make when you are sneaking for more immersion.
House Map Markers: Adds map markers for each house so you can fast travel to them.
Khajiit Nighteye Toggle: Makes Khajiit's "Eye of Night" toggleable instead of a duration spell.
Map Markers: Lets you mark locations on your map with 5 tags to choose from.
No More Annoying Comments About Your Skills: Removes NPC comments about your skills.
Reusable Oblivion Gate: Adds a reusable Oblivion gate to an Ayleid ruin in case you closed them all already and want to revisit Oblivion.
Stat Restore: Gives the option to restore attributes, skills, health, magicka, fatigue, and encumbrance. Mods can sometimes get them stuck partway restored, so you may find yourself needing this.
Vampirismless Vampires: Removes the ugly aging effect from ALL vampires, but makes you have to equip an amulet to feed. An adequate temporary fix until a better one is developed.
Quick Wardrobe: Use hotkeys to equip sets of equipment instantly.

AF Leveling Mod: New intuitive and far more fun leveling system that takes place largely in the background so you don’t have to worry about the game mechanics.
Chameleon Rebalance: Makes chameleon no longer overpowered by reducing the power of chameleon spells, replacing chameleon enchantments with sneak enchantments, and no longer allowing items to be enchanted with chameleon.
Living Economy: Gives Cyrodill a realistic economy. Very impressive mod, but it sacrifices fun for realism in my opinion. I only use it to increase the barter gold of all merchants. Comes packaged with OOO.
Stealth Entrances: Adds alternative ways in and out of cities for stealthy characters so you don’t have to sprint from guards every time you enter a city if you are wanted.
Cyrodiil Terrain Map: Extremely detailed and attractive map that accurately shows the geography.
Female EyeCandy - Body Replacer (underwear): Improves female bodies. There is also a nude version. Also grab Stock oblivion Clothing Replacer for Exnem Female Body.
Immersive Caves: Makes cave entrances look like pretty cave entrances instead of doors.
Life Detect: Makes Life Detection look better by giving NPCs and creatures a red blurring light effect. 
New NightEye and Light Look: Improves the look of Nighteye and Light. 
No Glow Grass: Gets rid of the glow effect on grass that some people get.
Natural Faces: Improves NPC facial textures. Use this OR Improved Facial Textures.
De-Parallaxer: Removes the parallax effect from many objects, increasing performance but making objects look flatter. Use if desperate for FPS.
Thievery in the Imperial City: Adds a fence to the Imperial city, adds 11 thief quests, and adds 2 miscellaneous quests. Fully voiced.
All Original Music Score for Oblivion: Includes 30 new songs for Oblivion, mostly classical and cinematic.
Diverse Voices: Modifies original voices to give each race a more unique voice.
Nehrim Soundtrack: These songs are meant for a total conversion being made called Nehrim, but can be downloaded and put in the proper music folders to give Oblivion an incredible soundtrack.
Oblivion Symphonic Variations Music Suite: Adds four new orchestral songs meant to blend in with the original.
Robert Hood's Silgrad Music: Music meant for the Silgrad tower project.
The Daggerfall Music Project: Not exactly a mod, but you can download these beautiful arrangements of Daggerfall songs into your Oblivion music folders.
Phinix's Immersive Dark UI: Combines Immersive Interface, BTMod and Dark UI to make an appealing, non-distracting, and convenient interface. If you use SI or OOO then get Phinix's Immersive Dark UI OOO and SI Compatibility Fix.

Fake HDR Lighting: Approximates the HDR lighting effect for people who can’t use HDR or want to also use Anti-aliasing. Causes a FPS loss, but is easily turned on and off in-game. My computer couldn't handle it, and I got sick of deactivating it every time I loaded a game, so I deactivated it.
Get Level Spell: Gives you a spell that can be cast on NPCs to tell you their level. Sounds great for not getting in over your head with FCOM, but I've never actually bothered to use it.
Keychain: Adds a keychain to your inventory that stores all your keys to reduce clutter. 

MD Saddle Bags: Adds functional saddle bags to horses, gives Lesser Powers that allow you to call your horse, and speeds their turning speeds. I don’t use simply because I don’t know if it is compatible with my other mods and the gain isn’t quite worth investigating it.
Menu Video Scenery: Plays a video of beautiful scenery at the main menu when you first start up the game. Great little mod, but slightly too minor to make it on my list.
Nords with Beards: Adds various beards to all Nords. Does so by making new races, and there is a better-looking mod that does something similar by making even MORE races, so I am hesitant to attempt these with the amount of mods I have because that is just asking for trouble.
No Wind: Stops trees and plants from swaying to improve performance. Doesn't seem to work on many games, including my own.
Oblivion Face Exchange Lite: Allows you to change your character’s face without starting a new game. I haven’t tried it yet as I haven’t needed it yet.
On-Hit Shader Replacement: Adds visual effects when you get hit. Sounds good in theory, but I found it a little annoying.
Qarl and Timeslips Depth of Field: Blurs far away objects. Great for disguising bad LOD textures. I couldn’t get it to work properly, and given that it causes a FPS decrease I didn’t quite find it worth trying to fix.
Spell Icon Replacer: Vastly improves spell icons. Comes with Sudden Violence.

TTHudRecticle: Adds a third-person crosshair with activation icons. I don’t use third person, but for those who do it seems useful.
WHOOSH: Lets you manipulate the game speed, thus allowing you to slow down the speed to stop stuttering and make gameplay smoother. I had it installed for a long time without using it, but then it got glitchy on me so I just deactivated it.
wz_Inventory: Makes the inventory into a grid with collapsible categories. I stopped using it because it doesn’t work properly with Phinix’s Dark UI.
Zeladin's Hairfix: A hair fix for graphic cards that don't have Shader Model 3.0. It made people bald on my computer.
Move Quest Items - OBSE

Tears of the Fiend
Ruined Tails Tale requires Easy Companion Share
Keychain - requires Inventory Tracker
The Art of Speedy Depositing
Quest Stacks
Clocks of Cyrodiil
Ambient Town Sounds Edited
Mighty Magick: Reborn
Guard Diversity Overhaul and its Missing Textures and required Town Ceremonial Armor
New Oblivion Soundtrack

Immersive Music
Save Skill Books For Later OBSE

Bow Sway
EyeCandy Compilation and RC1 Patch
KOTN female Armor for Exnems mesh by madmole 
OOO Armours for Exnem
Some Exnemised Armours for OOO
Some Exnemised Armours for OOO pack 2
Martigens Armors Exnemised
Francesco Armors Exnemised 
Galerion Unarmored Acrobatics
Enchanting Skill
►Robert's Oblivion Male Body
Vaults of Cyrodill
Oblivion Pose Pack
Posing Mods Thread
No Lights Flicker: Removes the flicker from every light source in the game to improve performance. There is a Real Lights compatability version, but it caused me major problems so I don’t recommend it.
Hashshashin Armor
Bag of Holding: Adds a bag that can hold infinite items without increasing in weight. Purse of Wonders is a better alternative, but I use both to reduce delay in opening both.

Best Archery Mods Thread
Real Lights Darker Dungeons-Denizens Edition WIP Thread (when complete)

Combat Sounds 300

Choices and Consequences
Plugin Order Rulers
Actors In Emotions
Oblivion Pose Mods
Enchant Ripper
The Epic Soundtrack
1st extra mp3 music pack Battle music
3rd extra mp3 music pack Explore music
4th extra mp3 music pack Public music
Enhanced Magic System
Disenchant Spell
Real-time Morrowind-style Lockpicking
Talk with your hands
Enhanced Daggerfall Music Part 1
Enhanced Daggerfall Music Part 2
What Releases have there been over the Holidays
Daedra Overran Tamriel
Is It Safe
Enchantment Restore Over Time OBSE
Hovs Hotkeys
Smarter Mercantile Leveling: Reworks the horrid mercantile leveling system to instead level mercantile based on the value of transactions.
Sheepherder's Vampirism Fix - OBSE
SM's Misc Mod Collection
Quick Key Display
Archery in Oblivion thread
Atmospheric Weather System: Adds more than five times the weather types of standard Oblivion. Adds a seasonal weather system and improves night and water appearances.
Harvest Flora
Quiet Feet: Removes the sound of footsteps from animals to reduce stuttering on some systems.

LowLowPoly Grass - LowPoly Grass - LowLowPoly Grass for SI - LowPoly Grass for SI - LowPoly Grass for UL: The Dark Forest: Reduces the ridiculous amount of polygons in grass. 
Necromancy Unleashed
Armamentarium for Npcs

Tweaked Generic Faces: Resets all the FaceGen sliders to 0, making the default for each race look more attractive so it is easier to make a better-looking character.

No Psychic Guards: Makes guard behavior more realistic. If you use the hard version, get the No Psychic Guards Harder Fix.
Loading Screens Themed Replacer

Duke Patricks So you think you are a war god MARK II

Spell Failure Chance


TNR (Tamriel NPCs Revamped): Improves the faces of all NPCs and makes the races’ faces look more distinctive. Now includes every single playable race.
Realistic Leveling


A's Tweak Collection: Random tweaks, I only recommend the one that makes unconscious NPCs remain unconscious for longer.
Legendary Mastery: Makes fortify attributes and fortify skills useful late game by making them actually do something when above 100. Gives the option of allowing base attributes and skills to go above 100.

Luminars Better Enchantment Effects
Original Colour Darker Nights: This mod makes nights much darker than the pathetic excuse for "darkness" that is vanilla nights.
Koldorn’s LOD Noise Replacer: Improves the noise effect on LOD textures. ???
Robe Mesh Replacer
Robe Mesh Replacer v2
Robes over Armor Plus
Darker Dungeons: This mod makes dungeons/sewers/ruins etc. be pitch black, as they should be.
Fast Shortcuts for clean saves and screenshots
Enhanced Magic System
Better Cities of BananaSplit

Real Lava: Improves the texture and flow of the lava.

Tamriel VWD Enhanced

Start With Real Injury - Alternative Damage System: Makes health represent combat stamina, and adds injuries that damage skills and attributes.

Duke Patricks Fresh Kills Now Alert The NPCs:

Grimbot’s DLC Book Jackets

Atmospheric Dark UI Re-texture

Hotkey Cyclers

Moriarcis – City of the Dead

LOTR Music

RPG-BlackDragons ATI3.0Shader

FormID Finder

OBSE -Elys- Universal Silent Voice

Arcane Infusion

Spell Failure Chance

Teach Spell to Others

Oblivion XP Leveling

Companion Sound Sets

MoDem’s City Life

TES4LODGen: Creates more accurate distant graphics that properly show things added by mods.
Magic Effect Dim: Decreases all mesh style magic effects by 50%.

No Refraction Gates: Removes refraction from Oblivion gates.

No Refraction Spells: Removes refraction from spells.
Optimized Distant Land MAX: Optimizes distant land by decreasing the polygon count to a reasonable amount.

RPG-BlackDragons LowPolyTrees: Improves performance by reducing the polygon count of trees.

Oscar's Nicer Grass: Lowers grass length and density for better performance.

ANB Item Switchers: Lets you cycle through items with hotkeys.
Drop Lit Torches OBSE: Let’s you drop torches with a hotkey or when you draw a weapon.

Duke Patricks Momentum Damage Bonus Platinum Edition: Lets you do extra damage by running into or falling onto enemies when you attack.
Multitude of Magecraft: Adds new spells to the game.
PJs Spell Compendium: Also adds new spells to the game.

Telekinetic Mastery: Adds tons of telekinetic spells, items with telekinetic effects, and scrolls to enchant items with telekinetic effects.

The Lost Telvanni Codex: Adds tons of new spells that didn’t carry over from Morrowind.






►Thanks to Bethesda for Oblivion and the construction set.
►Thanks to the modders who made these wonderful mods and the metamodders who made these great utilities.
►Thanks to Aelius whose modlist served as a model of what a good modlist can be, and who helped me with editing and taking the time to make my links functionable on the TES forums.
►Thanks to dev_akm for his work on the FAQ and his other lists.
►Thanks to everyone else who I linked to and who made other mod and utility databases.