BallOfFire's Morrowind Modlist

by Paul Crawford



Essential Mods




►Welcome to my Morrowind Modlist!  People seemed to find my Oblivion one useful so I decided to compile one for Morrowind as well.

►These mods are listed in the order that I install and load them in.




·        Root

Unofficial Morrowind Patch

Text Patch

Morrowind Code Patch

Unofficial 'Unofficial Morrowind Patch' Project

Texture Fix and Texture Fix - Bloodmoon

Improved Followers

Anti-Shock SFX Mod

·        Library

·        Cosmetic

Ultimate Textures Complete

Bloodmoon Landscape Overhaul

Miscellaneous Items Replacer

Connary’s Textures Compendium and his Planet Elder Scrolls mods

Vality's Ascadian Isles Tree Mod
Vality's Bitter Coast Tree Mod
Vality's Balmora Mod

Vality’s Hlaalu Retexture

Vality’s Ice Textures Enhanced

Potion Upgrade

Miscellaneous Items Replacer

Vvardenfell Visages Volume I

Better Bodies

Better Clothes

CanadianIce's Customizable Robe Replacer

Darknut Creature Replacer Morrowind
Darknut Creature Replacer Tribunal
Darknut Creature Replacer Bloodmoon
Darknut Creature Replacer Addon
Darknut Armor Replacer (1024 version)
Divine Domina parts 1-5

Darknut's Little Weapons Mod Complete

Windows Glow
Clear Water

Headpacks by Westly
- Bretons, Dark Elves, High Elves, Imperials, Nords, Orcs, Redorans, Wood Elves and Young Mystic Males, Westly's Female Headpack - Elves & Orcs, and Westly's Female Headpack - Humans

Rin's Beauty Shop and Rin's Beauty Shop Unofficial Expansion by Kateri

No-Glo Revisited

Magic Sound Effects Replacement

·        Tweak

H.E.L.L.U.V.A . Wicked Weapons - Planet Elder Scrolls

Tribunal Fix

Improved Shrine Journal entries

Animal Realism

Intervention Plus

Herbalism for Purists

Nerevarine Greeting Tweaks

Join All Houses

Multiple Teleport Marking Mod

Artifact Level Requirements
Unleveled Creatures
All Boat Ports
All Strider Ports

·        Overhaul


·        Misc.

·        Magic

·        NPC

·        Home

·        Place

·        Quest

Darknuts's Greater Dwemer Ruins Volume 1

·        Last

My Tweaks- infinite creeper gold who buys all, movespeed increase?, unlimited encumbrance

Galsiah's Character Development
VGreetings by The Other Felix

Morrowind Comes Alive

The Lighting Mod - Complete version

·        Utilities

Wrye's Mash

Morrowind Script Extender (MWSE) – but use the version with MGE if you use it
Exe Optimizer

Morrowind FPS Optimizer

Morrowind Mod Manager




(These are mods that I do not feel comfortable recommending because I decided not to use them for whatever reason (incompatibilities, bugs, unexpected complications, too minor, etc.), but that I want to keep track of due to showing potential of some sort. I cannot vouch for their compatibility with the rest of my list)

New Elemental Damage Effect

Alternate Enchanted Item Icons

Khajiit Faces Replace
Bravo's Argonians
Better Bodies for Beasts
Better Body Textures for Better Heads - Argonians
New Blood
Particle Arrow Replacer
Alchemy Storage Helper

Realistic & Expansion Weather mod
Better Solsthiem Creatures

Enemy Hand-to-Hand Damage
Morrowind's Stupidest Criminals

Controlled Jumps
Armor Effects

No sun Damage

Regionally Known Criminals
Fast Break
Vampire Embrace

Bloodmoon Werewolf Realism

Werewolf Evolution

Vampire Werewolf and Werewolf Realism - Vampire Werewolf patch

Regionally Known Werewolves

Less Generic NPCs
GIANTS "Ultimate"

GIANTS Ultimate (no monsters in cities)

Morrowind Advanced
Improved Skilled Magicka





►Thanks to Bethesda for Morrowind and the construction set.
►Thanks to the modders who made these wonderful mods and the metamodders who made these great utilities.
►Thanks to everyone else who I linked to and who made other mod and utility databases.