Therapy clients are seen by appointment only. Please give us a call and we will get back to you within 24 hours. If you have an emergency please go to your nearest emergency room or call 911 in the chicago area. Client information is kept confidential however, if someone is a danger to themselves or someone else client confidentiality is limited and theses instances may need to be reported to others due to state and ethical requirements. 

New Clients?

Are you thinking of receiving therapy services it may benefit you to learn more about the process of therapy. Most people people believe that therapy happens to a person rather than with a person. Therapy is a collaborative relationship with the therapist helping people recognize and make changes to enhance their lives. 

Some people are in various states of motivational change and may take some time of exploration to be in a place to make changes. 
If you are interested in recieving a free phone consultation give us a call at 630-205-6884.
If you choose to come in please take the time to fill out and read the resources files so we may speed up the process of beginning therapy.

Basic Fees

  • Therapy Fees are determined by various factors and may be supplemented by your insurance carriers.
  • If travel is required to your home, school or other place travel time is added to therapy times. for example if 15 minutes travel is required to get to your destination then a half hour of therapy time is added to your therapy fee.
  • Reports for schools, doctors and other collaborations wiil be charged the ongoing therapy service fee rate for preparation. 
  • It is best to call your insurance carrier to check your copay and insurance limits prior to beginning therapy.
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