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Google had taken all of my photographs off-line.
This was because they were retiring their old system and bringing in a new one.
I thought the transfer was automatic but apparently not. Anyway, they're now
back but not sorted into 'albums'. As a result, I shall be changing my photo
hosting site to one I have had for ages but never really used. The link to the
new site will appear here when I have uploaded my pictures to it.

The Digital Photography Story So Far
One can argue about the exact date but to all intents and purposes, consumer
digital photography all began about 1995. So, here we are, twenty years later
and whatever predictions of gloom and doom for the industry and for
photography itself are all water under the bridge now. To explode a few myths,
digital quality can and does exceed even the best film quality ever available;
camera ownership and interest in photography is booming; there are more
images taken now that at any other time in history.

Personally, I still cling to the idea that image capture remains under the control
of the button press on the camera. I remain steadfastly against post capture
manipulation and hold that post-production is another concept entirely. Even so,
I must accept that the minimal post production I do carry out is a powerful part
of final image presentation. For me, the biggest changes have been the ability
to confirm capture of desired shot instantaneously and the immediate availability
of the image. An
other clear benefit is the instantly variable ISO (film speed) for
each shot. Something never available with film and, nowadays, the cost in terms
of increased noise (increased grain in film terms) is negligible. Also, I can have a
completed image, ready to go in minutes from taking 
the shot. No more waiting
until the roll is finished to see the results.

I regret that the increase in images captured is not reflected in the standard of
images produced but that is a reflection of society rather than photography and
has probably always been true of any advancement in the photographic process
which has enabled images to be captured more easily. I am not, personally, one
of those who dislikes auto-focus and auto-exposure in themselves but I do accept
that the lack of demand for skills in the photographer does allow too many people
the distorted belief that what they do is 'photography'. My pet hate is the
camera-phone and its use, 'to show I was there' rather than, 'to show what I saw'
has changed the landscape (pun intended) forever.

My Equipment

Nikon D3300

The D3300 handles pretty much exactly as did the D3200 but mine came
with a 'kit' lens, the 18-55mm which is collapsible. It needs to be collapsible
because it's surprisingly big to carry around otherwise. At first I have to say
I didn't like it. The button operation of the collapsible function aside, it is
lightweight and plastic (in every sense of the word) and I wasn't planning to
use it. However, I read a review which, whilst acknowledging all of those issues,
pointed out that, performance wise, it is a solid performerSo I gave it a try.
Surprise, surprise, the optics ARE fantastic! It is pin sharp and can close focus,
so is also the closest to a macro lens I have at the moment. The balance is
much better on the D3300 than with the bigger, metal 18-200mm although
that lens is the main one for most serious work.

In addition to the lenses detailed below, I also have two
SB-700 flash units. The D3300 itself lacks the 'commander'
mode of the more expensive models, so cannot directly
control remote flash units. However, these flash units do
incorporate a 'commander' mode themselves, so by fixing
one to the camera, I can control the other (or others if I
bought more) from the camera.
Also I like the menu system on these far more than any of
the other types. (SB-600 ~ SB-910 and, interestingly, it is
only this model that has NOT been discontinued.)

Current Lens List: [range 27mm to 300mm]
These are the 35mm film focal lengths.
For the equivalent cropped sensor focal length, multiply by 1.5x

  • Nikon 18-55mm DX f/3.5-f/5.6 G AF-S VR II (ø52mm)
  • Nikon 50mm FX f/1.8 G AF-S (ø58mm)
  • Nikon 18-200mm DX f/3.5-f/5.6 G AF-S VR II (ø72mm)
Nikon 18-55mm
Nikon 50mm
Nikon 18-200mm