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Effects Pedals

Digitech RP500 
Guitar Multi-Effects
with expression pedal
This unit benefits from an expression pedal and foot-switch controlled 
The pedal can be connected to a computer editor to program the sounds and
there are many user created patches out there. I especially like that a single
button deactivates the amp/cab modelling, as 
I prefer not to use 
Setting the whole thing up is 
time consuming but that is a reflection
the complexity and power 
of the 
many settings but the computer control
makes the whole process much easier.

Boss DS-1 Distortion (40th Anniversary edition)

This is the 40th anniversary edition of the
original (orange) DS-1 pedal.

It is (apparently) the Boss pedal that has,
over the years, outsold every other.
This version is a limited edition, available
only during 2017, finished in black with
gold trimmings.

Mooer Micro Drummer
A drum machine in a compact size matching the micro series.
Eleven drum styles with eleven patterns each, although one of the settings
is a basic metronome. Features a tap tempo option.
This can be fitted in a pedal chain but it works without the need for jack in
the input socket (to switch it 'on') so can be directly injected into a mixer
channel or return for independent operation.
The sounds are good with built-in reverb. but gated reverb. sounds would
need to be produced by an external reverb/noise gate combination.
Whilst not as flexible as a dedicated drum machine, it makes up for this with
varied, convincing sounds with the minimum of fuss in setting up.
See my audio demonstration of this pedal at:
with over 17,000 views.

Mooer Micro Looper

A compact loop pedal with up
to 30 minutes of record time
and unlimited overdubs with
last loop undo/redo options.
Single channel operation.

Korg PB-01 Chromatic Tuner

Not really an effects pedal but included here has it
tends to be placed at the front end of any effects
chain. An accurate and reliable tuner that is easy to
use. Although many multi-effects have tuners too,
I have found them a little inaccurate and/or fiddly
to use. In my opinion, it is always worth having a
dedicated tuner and these are available for a very
reasonable price.