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Effects Pedals

Boss RV-6 Reverb

An advanced reverb. pedal with several 
features which should
make it a better match for the piano 
than the Mooer EchoVerb was.
It is a stereo pedal, which avoids the need for a 
sub-mixer in my
performance audio chain. It has a number of additional settings: one that
adds modulation; one that adds delay; one that adds a 'shimmer' effect
and one that responds dynamically. First tests seem to indicate that all of
these could prove very useful. Obviously, the traditional reverbs. perform
impeccably as you would expect from a Boss pedal.

Mooer Micro Drummer
A drum machine in a compact size matching the micro series.
Eleven drum styles with eleven patterns each, although one of the
settings is a basic metronome. Features a tap tempo option.
This can be fitted in a pedal chain but it works without the need for
jack in the input socket (to switch it 'on') so can be directly injected
into a mixer channel or return for independent operation.
The sounds are good with built-in reverb. but gated reverb. sounds
would need to be produced by an external reverb/noise gate combination.
Whilst not as flexible as a dedicated drum machine, it makes up for this
with varied, convincing sounds with the minimum of fuss in setting up.
See my audio demonstration of this pedal at:
with over 23,000 views.

Mooer Micro Looper

A compact loop pedal with up
to 30 minutes of record time
and unlimited overdubs with
last loop undo/redo options.
Single channel operation.