Behringer MX400 Mixer
This is a simple 4 x mono 1/4" jack into 1 x 1/4" mono output mixer for
just need 
connect four devices to a single PA speaker. High
quality with 
very low 
noise performance, 
can often be all you need
and is a useful piece 
of equipment 
to have available
It can 
be used
as a sub-mixer if you're 
running short of inputs 
on your main mixer.

Behringer B208D Active PA Speaker.

This is a 200 watt digital PublicAddress
amplifier/speaker. Fitted with an 8" main
driver and horn loaded tweeter it is loud
enough for small venues and light enough
to be easily portable.


Behringer Xenyx 802 Mixer

This is nominally an 8-input 2-bus audio 
mixer as the (not very imaginative)
name implies. It is compact and so very portable and provides most of the
essential features in a small package.
The two principal inputs are through balanced line XLR or TRS connections
with 'gain' controls and switchable phantom power. Each channel has
three-band EQ, an FX 'send' and 'pan' controls as well as a 'level' knob, rather
than a slider for budget and size reasons.
The next four channels follow an identical layout but are mono (TS) 1/4" inputs,
have no 'gain' control and are linked as stereo pairs.
The final two are either the tape loop inputs (on RCA Phono) or the 1/4" 'stereo'
FX returns. This actually means that there are a total of 10 available inputs, as
the tape inputs can be 'sent' to the main mix but the configuration is really best
suited to two microphone and two instrument set-up with FX loop and tape
recording and monitoring.
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