Thursday 14th September 2017

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  • Effects pedal deleted
  • Latest updates on the Cassini mission (link below)
Cassini has arrived at 'D-Day' (D for destruction) after its 20-year mission.
Tomorrow morning (UK time) it will plunge into Saturn's atmosphere.
Read all about it here:

A picture of Mars (top left) and Venus (bottom right).
Taken on 2nd January 2017 from the sea-front, facing South-West.
[You may need to click on the image, to enlarge it, to be able to see Mars.]
(Photographers interested in the method should email me.)
Jupiter to the right of the brighter Venus.

I haven't seen many cats here.
I suspect the Welsh may put them in pies... What is Welsh Rarebit, anyway???
[Answer: it's basically cheese on toast, almost no cat whatsoever. I think they add Worcester sauce.]