Friday 23rd June 2017

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  • New 'view from my room' at the bottom of this page;
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  • Effects pedal removed from that page.

This is the recent picture (2/1/2017) of Mars, top left and Venus, bottom right.
[You may need to click on the image, to enlarge it, to be able to see Mars.]
Taken from Aberystwyth sea-front, facing South-West.
Photographers interested in the method should email me.
Jupiter to the right of the brighter Venus.

I haven't seen many cats here.
I suspect the Welsh may put them in pies... What is Welsh Rarebit, anyway???
[Answer: it's basically cheese on toast, almost no cat whatsoever.
I think they add Worcester sauce.]

This is Where I Live...
Here is the view from my window. It extends from the Royal Pier on the left to
open sea on the right. You do need to allow for the combined effect of the wide
angle lens and the panorama tool, which both introduce distortion. So, I don't
live on a curve but on a straight road ~ a curved horizon would have been far
more disconcerting.

Remember to click the image if you would like to see a bigger version.