3. Primary Level Ballet and CCA Children's Grades

Pre-ballet, Primary-level ballet..... what's the difference?
Generally, pre-ballet classes introduce a few basic ballet steps in a somewhat creative-movement-style environment.   
Primary-level ballet classes address true ballet technique and introduce the young elementary-school child to the formal structure of a traditional ballet class.   While consideration is given to the still rather short attention span of early elementary-school-age children and special caution is taken with their young bodies in the Primary-level ballet classes, this approach and this level of concentration are not appropriate for children who are not yet in Kindergarten and/or who are not yet age 5.     
At The Ballet Studio we follow the three-tier Primary-level syllabus as set by the Cecchetti Council of America.  These build up gradually to the more demanding Children's Grades (1-4) for ages 8 and up, and these in turn prepare students for the Professional Grades (Elementary Grade 5, Intermediate Grade 6, Advanced Grade 7).    For more on the Cecchetti Council of America, see  http://www.cecchetti.org