AU Park/Tenleytown Studio

Academy quality in a smaller setting.
  • Small group classes, designed to enhance appreciation of the art form.  
  • Short-term options or ongoing classes.  
  • Private home studio, state-of-the-art sprung floor, lovely bright space, just three blocks from the Tenleytown Metro and Janney Elementary.
  • Call for rates, more information, and to arrange days and times: 202-244-3512
Ballet Technique
  • Ballet technique for children age 5 (Kindergarten) and up.
  • Examination-track Cecchetti syllabus classes and coaching for students.  To supplement training at the student's primary studio.   Take the exams, or strengthen understanding and technique through syllabus work.
  • Try-it-out classes for interested adults of all ages.   Always wondered how they DO that?  Give it a try (as you are able)!   Dress comfortably.   Traditional ballet class dancewear optional.
  • Get-back-into-it classes for adults.  Been  away from ballet class for a while?   Get back into the swing of it in a small setting.
  • Cecchetti syllabus coaching for teachers.
Dance Appreciation
   Be a smart ballet-lover!  Enhance your understanding through:
  • Learning and activity sessions about a particular ballet, for children
  • Directed reading-and-learning-about dance series, for older children and teens. 
  • Video and mini-lecture sessions, introductory or in-depth, for adults.

Have a question, or an idea for a course?   Is there something dance-related you'd like to understand more fully?
  • Let us know what you're interested in!  
  • Contact Barbara Gaskill -- 202-244-3512

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  • See pictures and videos of the children in action, both from  the original outreach program and the new private program.
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