About the Director

Founder and Director Barbara Gaskill has been teaching dance in the Washington area since 1973.   Her early training was in Buffalo, NY with CCA Examiner Norma Ferrara Gelose, supplemented by summer studies at the National Ballet of Canada and in NYC with Thalia Mara, Yurek Lazowski, Arthur Mahoney and others.   Since moving to the D.C. area she has studied in Maryland under Pamela Moore in the Cecchetti work, through the Professional Diploma level. 
Mrs. Gaskill ("Miss Barbara" to her students) performed in solo roles with The American Contemporary Ballet Company (now The National Ballet, in Maryland) and, in conjunction with her graduate studies in Dance/Education at The George Washington University, directed the historical dance company Primavera which performed her reconstructions of Renaissance dance works from original 16th-century Italian manuscripts.   She served for many years as director of the Liturgical Dancers of Metropolitan Memorial United Methodist Church, and has created choreographies for other area churches.

As a Fellow of the Cecchetti Council of America (CCA www.Cecchetti.org), she is certified in all the Children's Grades and through the Advanced Professional level; she is also a full member of Dance Masters of America.  Mrs. Gaskill has taught at The George Washington University, George Mason University, Wesley Seminary, The School of the Washington Ballet, and for 17 years lectured in dance history and appreciation at the University of Maryland/College Park.   

She is an approved volunteer in the D.C. Public Schools, having passed all of the requisite background checks, and via The Ballet Studio's outreach program she takes dance into classrooms for all ages at Brightwood Education Campus (Head Start through 8th Grade).   

In addition to her work with The Ballet Studio, Mrs. Gaskill serves as Conference Principal for workshops held by the CCA's local branch (East Coast Committee www.EastCoastCommitteeCCA.org), and is a co-founder of The Cecchetti Institute.
Barbara Gaskill,
Nov 7, 2013, 8:10 AM