Returning Families

  • Re-enrollment packets are distributed in the spring. 
  • Re-enrollment period runs May 1 through June 15.  Deposit of $50 toward annual tuition required along with individualized re-enrollment.   This enables us to build a definite schedule before school begins, so that all families may plan appropriately.   As of July 1, tuition rates may increase and the schedule is adjusted to reflect actual enrollment of returning students.
  • Have issues related to scheduling?    Let us know your specific needs, and adjustments in days and times may be possible.  Be in touch before the June 30 deadline.  

New Registrants:

  • Parent and child must visit together, to see our studio space and learn about our program.  
  • "Open House" visiting dates in September 2017: to be determined 
  • Classes begin right after Labor Day.   Register between July 15-August 31 to enroll in classes at The Ballet Studio for the new season.  
  • Class sizes are small, and availability of openings is limited.
  • From all returning families are due with re-enrollment, no later than June 15.   After that date, spaces will not be held; class schedule will be adjusted to reflect actual enrollment and any special requests expressed by re-registration deadline regarding class days and times for your child.  
  • New students:  Minimum $50 deposit required, with remainder due by August 31.  (See tuition document attached below.)
  • DEPOSIT REFUND POLICY for all:   The deposit represents your firm commitment to enrollment in a specific class, so that we may effectively build a schedule.  All of the families involved -- returning families and potential new registrants -- need to be able to rely on the class schedule and make appropriate plans.   Thus, deposits are non-refundable.   (Note: If the Studio must make a change in the class schedule for any reason, and the changed class schedule does not work for your schedule, we will of course refund your deposit!   Otherwise, deposits are non-refundable.) 
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