Closings: Studio Schedule vs. DCPS Schedule

We follow the D.C. Public School calendar for

 We are not closed on DCPS

  • parent conference days or teacher in-service days
  • early dismissal days (such as teacher in-service days of various kinds)
  • late-opening days due to snow/ice/etc. or on days when DCPS decides mid-day to cancel classes or after-school activities. (also see Closings: Inclement Weather Policy page)

For special Monday holidays (such as MLK Day, Presidents' Day, Memorial Day) and similar (such as Veterans' Day), and for Fridays & Saturdays attached to long weekends:

  • For these, the studio schedule may vary, although most often our classes meet as usual on the Fridays and Saturdays preceding the Monday holidays.
  • As these dates approach, information is provided in multiple locations, including: *the monthly newsletters that are sent home with the children, *displays in the studio dressing room, and *on this website (See main "Newsletters & Updates for Parents" page.) 
  • If you plan to be away on one of these occasions, please advise Miss Barbara well ahead of time (2 weeks in advance is the most helpful) so we can make the best decision for everyone in the class as to whether or not to be open or closed, and to give everyone proper notice either way.