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Primitive Easter Decor

primitive easter decor
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Up for your consideration is Blossom. She is made from a Veenas Mercantile pattern. She roughly measures 10 inches tall and is made from painted, stained, sanded and baked muslin. Blossom has hand-painted eyes,eyebrows, nose and mouth. Her ears are wired and poseable. Blossom has moveable arms that are hand-painted a deep gold color ith white polka dots and green trim around arms. her body is painted like an easter egg with white and black stripes, white and green dots and 2 vintage pink buttons sewn to the front. Blossom does need something to sit her in so I gave her an antique pie plate filled with Spanish moss and grubby eggs. To finish her off, Blossom comes with 4 grubby easter eggs in pale yellow, pale blue, pale green and pale pink, a grubby tag which reads "Spring Thyme" and some sprigs of sweet annie. What a great set for the holidays and beyond......
annie wreath 2
annie wreath 2
Made from muslin the dolls are about 11 and 6 inches tall. They have hand-embroidered faces and hair is attached by hand. Their eyes are vintage buttons. Their legs have hand-painted stripes. The mom raggedy wears a red and white striped dress and the girl raggedy wears a red and white stars dress. She sits on a wooden swing that is wired to a vintage REAL barbed wire wreath! Great for the prim home, raggedy collector and more. Pattern by Catnap...

primitive easter decor
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