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Log Cabin Decorations

log cabin decorations
  • Ornamentation
  • (decorate) make more attractive by adding ornament, colour, etc.; "Decorate the room for the party"; "beautify yourself for the special day"
  • The process or art of decorating or adorning something
  • A thing that serves as an ornament
  • (decorate) deck: be beautiful to look at; "Flowers adorned the tables everywhere"
  • (decorate) award a mark of honor, such as a medal, to; "He was decorated for his services in the military"
    log cabin
  • A log cabin is a small house built from logs. It is a fairly simple type of log house. A distinction should be drawn between the traditional meanings of "log cabin" and "log house.
  • a cabin built with logs
  • The Log Cabin at present-day 805 Hancock Street in Bellevue, Nebraska was built in the 1830s, and is commonly acknowledged as the oldest building in Nebraska.

Log cabin in the Alps
Log cabin in the Alps
An old log cabin with traditional skis as wall decoration. Taken in the Austrian Alps at the Aflenz Kurort ski resort in Styria (Steiermark).
Reversible table runner - log cabin and green plaid
Reversible table runner - log cabin and green plaid
Super cute reversible runner that I made with a log cabin print on one side and green plaid on the other. Looks great on the table.

log cabin decorations
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