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Ballet Folklorico De Carolina

Mission Statement
Dance Academy and the Ballet Folklorico de Carolina's mission is first to foster and encourage self-esteem, self-worth, pride and cultural education in the community, especially in the youth, through the arts of dance and music.  Second to empower the community by promoting discipline and commitment to the arts.  And finally, to teach and present art to all audiences, enveloping the richness and beauty of all cultures.
Our Vision
We strive to offer the entire community, particulary the children, an opportunity to learn that discipline, a key to being a successful individual, can be acquired through the arts of dance and music and through knowledge of and appreciation for history and culture.  We also encourage all participants in our programs to learn about community service and teamwork.  We strive to foster in everyone a strong sense of accomplishment, high self-esteem and empowerment.  We believe that we must especially continue to encourage the youth of the community and demonstrate to them that there are alternatives to violence, gangs and drugs.  We believe that this is our responsibility.  It is through dance, music, richness, history, and tradition that we can work at building pride and respect amoung the people of our community by fostering this pride and respect in the programs that we offer and in the cultural and artistic awareness that we promote.

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