Student Resources

The library media center staff wants to help you in any way possible. Use the links below to access various resources. If you can't find what you are looking for, please ask Mrs. Dovre or one of the library assistants for help. 

SIC: The Student Input Committee (SIC) meets once a month during advisement. Talk to Mrs. Dovre if you'd like to be a part of this important committee dedicated to helping the Media Center better serve you.
Iowa Teen Awards 2012-2013
                           Artichokes's Heart                    Suzanne Supplee
                          The Big Field                                Mike Lupica
                          Chains                                           Laurie Halse Anderson
                          I am Number Four                     Pittacus Lore
                         Incarceron                                    Catherine Fisher
                         Leviathan                                     Scott Westerfeld
                         Lockdown                                     Walter Dean Myers
                         Lost in the River of Grass        Ginny Rorby
                         Maze Runner                               James Dashner
                         Out of My Mind                         Sharon Draper
                         Payback                                       Carl Deuker
                         Ruined                                          Paula Morris
                         The Running Dream                 Wendeline Van Draanen
                         The Truth About                        Dori Hillestad Butler
                         Truman School                         
                         Virals                                           Kathy Reichs
    Iowa High School Awards 2012-2013
                        By The Time You Read This,                 Julie Ann Peters
                        I'll Be Dead                                                
                        Center Field                                             Robert Lipstye
                        Gentlemen                                               Michael Northrop
                        Hate List                                                   Jennifer Brown
                        Hush, Hush                                              Becca Fitzpatrick
                        Look Again                                              Lisa Scottoline
                        Matched                                                   Ally Condie
                        Rot & Ruin                                               Johnathan Maberry
                        The Sky is Everywhere                        Jandy Nelson
                        The Weight of Silence                          Heather Gudenkauf
                        Willow                                                     Julia Hoban
                        Wish You Were Dead                           Todd Strasser

Want to find a good book?

Teens Read - watch the book the book! This site highlights award winning books including YALSA Best Fiction for Young Adults, YALSA Teen's Top Ten, Iowa Teen Award, and Iowa High School Award books.

Blogger - reviews of books students enjoyed.

YALSA to check out what books make their booklists.
Barnes and Noble Studio: Interviews with authors. to find a book on a variety of topics from realistic fiction to historical ficiton. Watch some of your favorite authors speak about their books on the webcasts!
Digital Library- Check out stories in different languages from around the world.
Can't find a book in our school library? Check the Huxley Public Library.
Have you read a book that's so good you want to own it? Check Barnes & Noble or Borders to see if they have it in stock!
Homework Help:        
  • Need some help with Language Arts or Math? Click on Classzone to choose your subject area and grade level to get some additional help.
  •  Take at look at the U.S. Geological Survey site for info about earthquakes, geology, and other Earth Science topics.
  •  What happened On this day in history? Click on the link to find out!

Research Resources          
Research requires information literacy, which is the ability to locate and use information. You must develop these skills to:
1. Determine when a need for information exists.
3. Use the information (read, view).
4. Analyze and synthesize the information.
6. Evaluate.
Depending on your stage in the research process, you will require different resources. Click the stage above for resources.
Locate Information:
Once you determine your need for information, you must locate quality information. You have many options for doing this, including:
 Media Center resources - visit the Online Catalog
Search Engines (not as reliable as databases, but better than the basic search engine):
Create a Product:

Use a variety of graphic organizers, diagrams, and thinking maps to brainstorm and organize your notes, thoughts and ideas from Webspiration or Mindmeister.
Organize and centralize your activities in one place and access them from any computer with your own website using iGoogle or My Yahoo.
Bookmark your favorite websites and share them with your friends with, Diigo, or Digg.
Product Ideas:

Video Presentation:




iMovie (mac)

MovieMaker (pc)


PBWorks or Wikispaces share your research with classmates and friends. You can also use a wiki to share information with your group for group projects.


Create a website to display your information with Googlesites, Edublog or Wordpress.

Citing Your Sources:

Don't forget to give credit to your sources throughout and at the end of your presentation.

Tools for help with citing:

Help with citing Images/Videos:
1. Create an entry in the Works Cited page. Use for help with this.
2. Give credit to these sources by in your Project: include near the image, the first item that appears in the Works Cited entry that corresponds with the image citation. This might be author name, article name, website name, film name, etc.
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Apr 4, 2012, 11:24 AM