PB, choc, and banana Smoothie

one cup vanilla yogurt

one medium banana (as brown as possible) - sliced

1/4 serving chocolate protein drink (more if you're a chocolate addict)

1 Tbsp peanut powder (optional - I'm a PB addict)

Blend in a blender, shake in a big cup, do whatever you would do to get a smoothie. Some people like ice. I prefer not because it makes my teeth hurts and makes me grumpy. If you're grumpy even without the ice add cooled coffee. Or your physician-prescribed morning meds. #justsayin.


calories: 295 (WHAT?!)

grams fat: 3.5 (WTCardiology?)

grams PROTEIN *drumroll*: 21 (mic drop)

grams carbs: 41 (from yogurt and banana)