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Case update - Cosido & the People vs Malou Loot over improper dismissal - 25 September 2012
This article was originally published elsewhere & is republished here for the information of our readers

A legal case relating to alleged actions of retribution that led to the improper dismissal of Jeronimo Cosido by Daanbantayan Mayor Malou Loot in 2003, has proceeded further during a hearing session on Thursday 20 September 2012. The Sandiganbayan court in Manila heard arguments from the state prosecution lawyer Atty Ibora, who requested a Preventative Suspension Order be issued against Mayor Malou Loot, so she would be stood down as the Mayor of Daanbantayan for the duration of the court hearing, to ensure she did not interfere with witnesses or evidence in her capacity as Mayor.
The defence lawyer for Malou Loot also submitted a request to the court asking for a fifteen day period in which they could prepare & submit comment on the request for suspension. This is seen by observers to be a delaying tactic, as the defence team were well aware of the request for suspension, it having been made a few days after the arraignment hearing that took place on 23 August 2012. The defence clearly had ample time in which to prepare any comments they wished to submit (ie approximately a month).
The court did not rule upon or grant the request of the defence lawyers, but instead retired to consider the information before them. It is expected that a decision will be announced before the next hearing date on Thursday 27 September 2012, where the presentation of witnesses & evidence begins in detail. Witnesses from Daanbantayan etc have previously been subpoenaed to attend the court sessions in Manila. The court has also scheduled the hearing to continue the next day on Friday 28 September 2012.
The Sandiganbayan has booked numerous dates on which to hear this case swiftly, those dates being 27 & 28 September, then a few days later on Tuesday 2nd October immediately followed by 3 & 4 October. Then there is a final "rally" or "marathon" court sessions to be held on the dates of 5, 6, 7, 14, 21, 22 & 23 November 2012. This is a total of twelve hearing sessions allocated to the case, which indicates the Sandiganbayan is keen to live up to their tough reputation for dispensing justice & dealing with lawbreakers swiftly.
This matter has previously been heard in the courts a few years ago & the case against Malou Loot was dismissed. Under the new government of the current President elected in 2010, who won the election on a strong anti corruption platform, the previous legal decision was challenged, and the court granted permission for a new trial to "re-hear" the matter. Onlookers believe a gross miscarriage of justice was previously done by dismissing the case against Malou Loot, as it appeared from original records that Jeronimo Cosido had in his possession, that there was indeed an "improper dismissal" carried out by Malou Loot, who allegedly improperly exerted her influence following a personal dispute with Jeronimo Cosido's brother, Bartoleme. Rumours abound that Malou Loot allegedly bribed the outcome of previous trials to be in her favour, as corruption of court officials was allegedly prolific during previous Presidential administrations.
Onlookers are anticipating a verdict will be issued in November or December 2012. If Malou is found guilty on even one of the multiple charges, then she faces permanent dismissal from her government role as Mayor, & would be unable to hold a government job again. This would clearly exclude her from running for election as Mayor or any other position in the Daanbantayan Council in the forthcoming May 2013 elections. A guilty verdict will end the political career of Malou Loot for ever more, much to the joy of her opponents who allege she runs the council using corrupt & illegal means in order to profiteer for herself & increase her families wealth by stealing from the people.

Cosido & the People vs Malou Loot over improper dismissal - 19 September 2012
This article was originally published elsewhere & is republished here for the information of our readers

A legal case having its beginnings in 2003 following actions of retribution allegedly carried out by Malou Loot against Jeronimo Cosido, has finally commenced in the Sandiganbayan Court in Manila on 23 August 2012.
This followed an 18 month delay while legal objections were submitted by the accused Malou Loot & her legal team.
All these objections were ruled against one by one, culminating in Malou lodging a 220 page submission to the Supreme Court, which was also dismissed by the Supreme Court for having no merit.
To further delay proceedings Malou also did not show up due to ill health on occasion, much to the annoyance of the Manila based Sandiganbayan court officials who convened especially in Cebu City so that Malou could not avoid attending.

Malou Loot was arraigned in Manila on 23 August 2012 where she pleaded not guilty to the charges involving the allegedly wrongful dismissal of Jeronimo Cosido & withholding of his pay, as well as an administrative graft charge over her allegedly wrongful & improper actions.
She looked very sour faced & spoke meekly & was unable to look her accuser Jeronimo Cosido in the face.

A pre trial hearing took place in Manila on 6 September & procedural aspects of the forthcoming legal court hearings case were sorted out, which Malou also attended.

The court has set aside numerous dates for the hearing on 27, 28 September, 2, 3, 4 October & 5, 6, 7, 14, 21, 22, 23 November, a total of twelve hearing sessions, ample time in which to hear all the evidence submitted & determine the case & even deliver a verdict.
Whatever the outcome, the court appears keen to resolve this matter in marathon hearing sessions over a relatively short period of 3 months, when compared to the time that other legal matters take to be resolved in the Philippines.

Furthermore the court has called a hearing session on Thursday 20 September 2012 to hear the previously lodged request by the prosecution lawyer Atty Ibora, for a Preventative Suspension Order against Malou Loot,
which would see her stood down as the Mayor of Daanbantayan for the duration of the trial.
It is believed the court will most likely grant this request, as this is an administrative related case involving Daanbantayan council records & employees, over which Malou has control in her position as Mayor.

The case & charges against Malou appear strong, & ample evidence exists as the prosecution has in their possession original council records that relate to the alleged wrongdoings carried out by Malou.
It is believed there are three charges & as each of these comes under the Philippine graft code, then if found guilty on even one charge, Malou faces permanent dismissal from her government role as Mayor,
& furthermore would never be able to hold a government job again, not even as a lowly clerk.

This case could be the beginnings of the downfall of the Loot family reign over Daanbantayan, a town where Malou refers to herself as the King.

A final verdict is expected in November 2012, well before the pre-election cut off date for legal action in February 2013.

Malou bribes official for Agujo site development approval to allow quick sale to overseas investors - 15 September 2012
This article was originally published elsewhere & is republished here for the information of our readers

This article contains allegations about the activities of Mayor Malou Loot of Daanbantayan. The allegations are based on confidential information received from reliable and credible sources, which cannot be named for security reasons. Readers are advised to reach their own conclusions about the merits of these allegations. This article is published to expose the allegedly fraudulent activities of Mayor Malou Loot to show the people the true character of the leader they elected.

Following recent revelations about corrupt aspects of her development plans for Malapascua & Maya in Daanbantayan, which have stopped Malou from proceeding with those plans, Malou has in desperation turned her attention to a scheme she is emotionally attached to, & this is the development of a large scale condominium type tourist resort accommodation on the beachfront at Agujo.

Malou already owns a small resort there, and further along the beach Mariquita Yeung owns a larger up market resort. Both these are 10 and nearly 20 years old respectively, and certainly due for a major update at least. So rather than update, there is a plan to sell up for a big time development project, based on a bogus and fictitious development approval, which has been obtained by Malou Loot using bribery.

In order to quickly bring this project to a stage where she can sell a fully approved development package to foreign investors & developers, Malou has done a very corrupt action.

Malou has bypassed all the normal development application and approval processes in the council, and gone straight to the final approving authority. She has bribed this person to approve her development plans without the council having assessed or discussed the proposed development. Malou has done this so she can sell a complete “ready to start building” project with development approval, so all the purchaser has to do is pay their money to her and start building. She plans to sell this to overseas investors & developers who she already has lined up. Malou is very concerned that something may go wrong with the deal and is trying to line up a third buyer or participant, just in case. She has planned an overseas trip in October to finalise these financial dealings, cleverly disguised as a trip to Rome to witness the canonization of a Filipino Saint.

Malou is very keen to make a sale of land in Daanbantayan and to profiteer by illegally obtaining the land of other people. There are questionable and allegedly illegal practices involved in obtaining other nearby parcels of land required in order for the development to proceed. Intimidation, thuggery & plain brute force “sign or else” tactics will and are being used with the assistance and advice of her husband General Vic Loot. “Just force them to sign over the land and their rights”, Vic has advised Malou.

Malou is desperately short of cash and needs to build up her funds for the election in 2013, so she has large amounts of ready cash to buy herself a successful election outcome, a win by bribery. It is essential for her to sell this property to rake in the cash to fund her future corrupt political plans. There are tens of millions of pesos profit in this deal for Malou, perhaps even reaching to 100 million pesos or more.

There are numerous things wrong with the development application or proposition, namely incorrect zoning for the purposes she intends, there are also issues with insufficient infrastructure to support such a large resort eg water suppliers, sanitary and garbage disposal, and also that some of the development is to be built on land that has been polluted by dumping of toxic chemicals.

Most importantly there has been no development approval process, no discussion by councillors regarding the merits or appropriateness of the development, and there are no grounds currently existing for this proposal to be instantly approved.

The development approval Malou acquired by bribery, is simply a “rubber stamping” of her plans, by the last person in the chain, who was bribed big money to commit this fraud and approve and stamp Malou’s plans without questioning the procedure or requiring the correct procedures to have been followed. This person was offered a smaller bribe to commit a much smaller fraudulent act, but Malou waved a huge stack of money under his nose, twenty times that she was offering for the smaller “job”, and said he would get the lot if he approved her plans with his “rubber stamp”, no questions asked. He succumbed to the big money and stamped her plans as approved, even though they were never examined or discussed etc.

Malou has also acted secretly to cover up her involvement of interest in this project, by selling or transferring her ownership to another person, so it appears that she personally is not involved as an owner in this project, and therefore cannot be accused of having vested interests when ensuring that it goes ahead. Also the plans that she had “rubber stamp” approved, are in a different persons name, again so she cannot be accused of being the person who has committed a fraud by bribing an official to approve the plans without having undergone the proper and regular approval process. Malou has realised from earlier stories published on the Internet about her corrupt development plans for Malapascua & Maya, to be very careful to disassociate herself from developments or fraudulent actions, but nonetheless this latest fraudulent action is of her own doing.

Malou has secreted the plans away in a safe deposit box in a large vault, believed to be a bank vault, so that no one can gain knowledge of her plans. She has done this so the whole project can be sold to overseas investors & developers and the whole deal completed without anyone in Daanbantayan even knowing about it.

In her political capacity as Mayor, Malou plans to assist the developers with all the required permits and approvals so that the whole project will run smoothly and be fully implemented without objections from council officials etc. She will make lot’s of money also by bribes paid to her to facilitate the various steps in the building works & issue necessary permits etc associated with this very large project.

People of Daanbantayan wake up, you are being hoodwinked by Malou again, she is doing this to fill her own pocket with money, with the express purpose of funding yet another corrupt election campaign where she intends to buy peoples votes using cash, fear and intimidation. This development project in Agujo beach is the start of her election campaign for May 2013.

The questions to ask are so simple. Where is the development planning & discussion process ? Where are the committee meetings of the people who assess this project ? Where is the required zoning to allow this type of large scale commercial hotel resort accommodation development ?

It is assumed that Malou intends to put all these matters into place at a later date by the creation of fraudulent and fake documentation that will make it appear the development application underwent proper assessment etc. Search the records now and see if there is a development application yet issued, the records may or may not show any development as being approved in Agujo. No doubt Malou will force something through either sooner or later, as she has already sold or nearly sold the project, so the real & legal approval will have to be obtained somehow.

The plans show futuristic and modern condominiums or apartments stagged back at the front all along this large stretch of beachfront land at Agujo looking out at the sea, possibly involving dozens of units. Nearby there will be some shops to service the tourists and close by only a short distance inland will be the revamped and upgraded Daanbantayan airport. Parties believed to be involved in thjs development are Mariquita Yeung, and posssibly Benhur Salimbangon who has been providing political support and promotiong various of Malou’s projects with officials in Manila and elsewhere & liaising with overseas dignatories & investors.

It may be that Malou plans for the bulldozers and cement trucks & cranes to arrive suddenly one day in Agujo and start work on the site, much to everyones surprise and shock, as they knew nothing of any development project for the area, it having been kept a closely guarded secret by Malou. That way the building works would already be happening before anyone knew anything about the development & building plans. It would be a “fait accompli” in Malou’s mind, something that was too late for anyone to stop.

Governor Gwen Garcia, DILG authorities, even the President of the Philippines, we the people of Daanbantayan need your help now. Malou is poised to rip off the people big time in one way or another and make much personal wealth & profit, based on a bogus and illegitimate & illegal development approval that she has bribed a government official to issue.

Please help us immediately, for we are little people who are poor and too lowly to challenge Malou Loot either physically or in the courts. She has control of the police force to trample our demonstrations and objections, & she has much money (over 100 million pesos in the last SALN) to beat us with legal challenges. Without the assistance of our government leaders who are above reproach & above corruption, the people of Daanbantayan do not stand a chance against this evil scheming woman, Mayor Malou Loot. She has made a mockery of the law manipulating it with bribery to achieve whatever she wants, even if it is illegal.

Malou lamblasts Vic & his whore wife over health leak story - 13 September 2012
This article originally appeared on another site but is republished here for the information of our readers

This article contains allegations about the activities of Mayor Malou Loot of Daanbantayan, Cebu. The allegations are based on confidential information received from reliable and credible sources acting legally, which cannot be named for security reasons. Readers are advised to reach their own conclusions about the merits of these allegations. This article is published to expose the allegedly fraudulent activities of Mayor Malou Loot to show the people the true character of the leader they elected.

A recently published article titled Malou Loot Health Update – 16 August 2012, broke the news that Malou had undergone a Laparoscopy of her lower abdomen, and the results of that investigative operation indicated she needed a Hysterectomy. As a result of this article Malou was extremely angry that her private health situation had become public knowledge.

Malou was so furious after having been informed of the article. Apparently Malou has someone watching the various websites and Facebook pages, as she is so paranoid about anything appearing in writing about her and her activities and dislikes immensely people talking about her behind her back. Her ego is just so huge. She wants to know immediately something is published & has people monitoring the sites at all times. One of her main reasons for this “monitoring”, is so she can get on the phone and order & pay one of her black magician contacts to hurt, harm, make sick or attempt to kill the author(s) who have written the article. She does not really know who the people are who are writing the articles published on various Internet sites, but the black magician has an ability to “supposedly” target the author or authors and send them bad energy. So Malou is always attacking her perceived Internet opponents via the black magician, whenever any articles are written.

In this case she also immediately contacted Vic Loot by phone. In her opinion she knew the only person who could have told anyone about her medical condition and medical operations was Vic Loot himself. The conversation was overheard. Malou was so loud on the phone it was easy to hear what she was saying. Even Vic answered back strongly and his words were also overheard. She was so furious & angry that people would know about her ill health as she had been covering up her illnesses, particularly the cancer she has. Without hesitation she accused Vic of telling people, and the information had then leaked from these people to her opponents and those responsible for publishing news on the web sites.

Vic denied all the allegations. “I told no one”, he shouted back at Malou. “You must have told someone, how else would they (her opponents) know”, Malou screamed back at Vic. “No I did not tell anyone”, Vic shouted. He was quite surprised and taken aback by Malou’s tirade at him.

Malou continues screaming into the phone, “Well if you did not tell anyone then it must have been that whore of a wife you are sleeping with (in Samar). You have been talking to her in the bed or while you are asleep, and she is the one who has told someone else, you stupid idiot. You should keep your mouth shut when you are in bed with that whore”. Malou was so angry and furious at Vic as she believed he was the source who had leaked the news about her Laparoscopy and planned  Hysterectomy,

“You and that whore, tell her to keep her mouth shut, and you Vic had better stop talking too much in bed with her”, Malou continued on incessantly.

It has been previously published that Vic allegedly married a young Thai girl on one of his secret overseas trips, while supposedly attending military conferences overseas. Vic has also purchased a small resort south of Bangkok in Thailand with money he skimmed off larger amounts obtained from Malou on the grounds of needing more cash to pay contacts in Cebu City to keep quite and pay for favours. Vic planned to leave Malou when he retires and live a pleasant life in Thailand with his young teenage bride who is now about 25 yrs old, with whom he has a small child, a boy who is now about 8 or 9 years of age. Vic secretly told a close friend before his death, that he had married a Thai girl and that he intended to leave Malou, he said there is no way I would stay with that old cow in my old age. He said he hated Malou’s guts and the sight of her disgusts him, & the sound of her whinging & moaning and barking orders at him all the time is too much to bear. Vic had had enough of Malou and found a young bride to have a more pleasant life with. This friend passed on this information before dying, so that’s how this precious secret of Vic’s is known about. More recent news indicates that Vic has brought his Thai wife closer to his location in Samar so he can see her more often. With the various investigations being conducted by authorities over the last few years going on around him & Malou, he was unable to secretly go back to Thailand to see his young wife, so he had her move closer to him, so as to avoid raising suspicions in her mind.

The question remains, who did tell someone about Malou’s health problems, was it Vic, was it someone close to Malou, did Malou let it slip out accidently, was it a medical person, was it a councillor or a housemaid, was it Zenas Dublin, there are so many possibilities. Our sources cannot be revealed.

Well not only do these actions by Malou reveal a lovers tryst with Vic and a woman Malou refers to as his “whore wife”, but it also implies that Malou & Vic’s marriage has irretrievably broken down. Malou is simply unable to keep her man. Malou means nothing to Vic as a woman. Malou is only a money making machine as far as Vic is concerned. There are other far more attractive women that Vic prefers to be with and live with on Samar or abroad.

Malou admitted in public at a council meeting that she was a prostitute and had made lots of  money from prostitution. It’s a shame that even with her obvious talents in the bed she cannot even keep her own husband or man happy. He has wandered to someone else better than Malou.

It looks like Malou is a “has been” and is past her “use by “ date.

Malou allegedly bribes Sandiganbayan court official to adjourn case against her - 12 September 2012
This article originally appeared on another site but is republished here for the information of our readers

This article contains allegations about the activities of Mayor Malou Loot of Daanbantayan, Cebu. The allegations are based on confidential information received from reliable and credible sources acting legally, which cannot be named for security reasons. Readers are advised to reach their own conclusions about the merits of these allegations. This article is published to expose the allegedly fraudulent activities of Mayor Malou Loot to show the people the true character of the leader they elected.

In the second half of 2012, Malou was obliged to appear in the Sandiganbayan (SB) court in Manila for an arraignment hearing and later for a pre trial hearing, & on both days she did finally appear. For legal reasons, no further specific case details will be mentioned.

Malou had apparently paid a bribe to an official to have the matter postponed or adjourned to a later date, but instead the court set many dates on which the matter would be heard. Soon after these hearings, Malou was talking on the phone to a person believed to be a SB court official.

Information has been received about what was said during that phone call. The conversation has been re-written for clarity & understanding, but the following is a true representation of the conversation that took place.

Malou was very furious & angry & expressing her severe annoyance in a very agitated manner over the outcome of the court appearance.

Malou: You said this matter would be adjourned. I paid you a lot of money to have this case adjourned, now look at the mess I am in.

SB court official: I tried but was not able to do it.

Malou: You said you would be able to get it adjourned, I paid you and I get nothing for my money. You take my money but you do not do what you promise me. You are just doing nothing for the money I pay you.

SB court official: Well I’m sorry, I tried to do it but was not able to.

Malou: You just ripped me off for my money and gave me nothing in return for what I paid you. I have been ripped off.

It seems that Malou’s money is no longer capable of buying anyone & everything.

Since that time Malou has been very “on edge” & agitated, and apparently is very very worried about the outcome of this case. She is suffering nervous anxiety and tension and has been telling her supporters that everything will be OK & that even if she is dismissed she will still be in charge of Daanbantayan (Council) through her Vice Mayor, who is her own political team member.

The SB has set a very definitive timetable for hearing this matter, so Malou does indeed have a big reason to be worried. She had hoped to delay this cased further with an adjournment, hoping to buy time to get political support to have the matter delayed indefinitely or at least until the May 2013 election cutoff period in February 2013 onwards, but was not successful in her corrupt attempts.

It is also expected that when the court commences hearing the case, that a preventative suspension order will be put in place against her, and Malou will have to stand down as Mayor pending the outcome of the hearing.

If the SB court finds her guilty on either of the charges she faces, then Malou may be barred from holding any political office or government position indefintely. She would also be sacked from holding the position of Mayor of Daanbantayan, so it can be seen why Malou was so keen to bribe officials to dismiss or delay this matter.

Malou allegedly bribes Supreme Court Judge to dismiss case against her - 11 September 2012
This article is republished here for the information of our readers
This article contains allegations about the activities of Mayor Malou Loot of Daanbantayan, Cebu. The allegations are based on confidential information received from reliable and credible sources acting legally, which cannot be named for security reasons. Readers are advised to reach their own conclusions about the merits of these allegations. This article is published to expose the allegedly fraudulent activities of Mayor Malou Loot to show the people the true character of the leader they elected.

In the first half of 2012, Malou lodged an application with the Supreme Court (SC) to dismiss a legal case that had been brought against her. For legal reasons, it is better that the specific case details are not mentioned, readers can draw their own conclusions.

The SC reviewed that request & a determination in the matter was made in mid 2012, which resulted in the objections submitted by Malou being overruled.

Soon after that determination was made, Malou was talking on the phone to a person believed to be a Supreme Court Judge. Malou had apparently paid a huge bribe to the Judge to persuade the other Judges to have the case against her dismissed for lack of merit.

Information has been received about what both parties involved said. The conversation is reproduced below, & while having been translated, abbreviated & rephrased for clarity & understanding, it nonetheless is still a true representation of the conversation that took place and goes like this.

Note that Malou was furious during this conversation & was expressing herself in a very angry & agitated manner.

Malou: You said this matter was a sure thing that it would be dismissed

SC Judge/Official: Yes but I could not persuade the other four (other four Judges) to see my point of view, they felt the evidence against you is so strong.

Malou: I paid you big money to make sure this case would be dismissed and that my legal objections would be upheld, you promised me it would be OK.

SC Judge/Official: I tried but the others would not see it my way. They said it was too obvious, there is just too much evidence against you, what else could I do.

Malou: But I paid you and you guaranteed it would happen. You have double crossed me, how dare you double cross me. You took my money on false pretences. I paid you and now you have ripped me off by not providing me with the result I paid for.

SC Judge/Official: Well there was nothing else I could do.

Malou: You double crosser. You took my money and I got nothing for it. I have been double crossed.

Since that time Malou has been very angry & agitated & lamblasting just about everyone she passes by in the street or in the municipio.

The matter has proceeded further and Malou looks to be in serious trouble should the outcome of the related court case be unfavourable to her.

Malou masterminds Ludoc escape plan, but is thwarted by authorities - 10 September 2012
This article originally appeared on another site but is re-published here for the information of our readers

This article contains allegations about the activities of Mayor Malou Loot of Daanbantayan, Cebu. The allegations are based on confidential information received from reliable and credible sources acting legally, which cannot be named for security reasons. Readers are advised to reach their own conclusions about the merits of these allegations. This article is published to expose the allegedly fraudulent activities of Mayor Malou Loot to show the people the true character of the leader they elected.

In mid 2012, Cebu City gaol authorities uncovered a daring escape plan by Moises Ludoc. The escape plan was masterminded by Malou Loot & used contacts inside the gaol that had been bribed, & people associated with Vic Loot. Malou used a male go between to cover up her direct involvement in the plan, so she could not be charged over the matter. He carried the money from Malou to another person in the gaol. Prison guards were implicated in the matter and have been dealt with by authorities. The plan was to be carried out under the cover of the 2012 Independence Day celebrations in Cebu City, when the attention of people was focussed on the parades & celebrations. The escape plan was thwarted and Ludoc remains securely in gaol, with great credit being due to the gaol authorities for his continued incarceration.

Malou’s involvement in this escape plan goes back to before the murder of Gogong Arrogante.

Malou Loot is believed by many to have allegedly ordered the murder of Renerio (Gogong) Arrogante following a heated discussion in her Poblacion residence in early 2008. Many people believe she is one of the masterminds of Gogongs murder in March 2008 (along with her husband now General Vic Loot). Gogong threatened to expose various illegal & corrupt plans of Malou Loot, & in the opinion of Malou he had to be eradicated. These corrupt development plans have been coming to the public attention over the last year or two, and again in recent months.

A military man, Moises Ludoc was allegedly engaged by Vic Loot to murder Gogong as he was known to be cool under pressure and a cold blooded killer. Many local policemen and others had attempted to murder Gogong, but when confronted with the happy & jovial Gogong, they did not have the guts to pull out their gun & go ahead with the shooting. Funds for the murder were allegedly provided by Malou Loot. Following Gogongs murder in March 2008, Moises Ludoc was arrested in mid April 2008 by the NBI in a clever & extended manhunt in Daanbantayan, where Ludoc had been hiding out under the protection of the Loots in various safe houses.

Malou had promised Ludoc that he would get away easily from the murder and did not expect the concerted effort by they NBI. So Malou had to then promise Ludoc that she would “get him off” from the murder charges & provide legal support to him. She was really more interested and motivated by the need to “save her own neck”, so had no choice but to support Ludoc with legal aid & provide ongoing financial support for his family. The subsequent court case being held in Bogo City Court, has slowly dragged on for over 4 years now, with many delays allegedly caused by Malou Loot who bribed court officials & other high level government officials to delay the case, anyone in fact she could use who was in a position to affect the process or outcome of the court case. That was until a change of government and it became much harder to manipulate the court & the judges. One judge told Malou that there were too many people watching the case, and that the Australian government was watching the case, so he was not able to throw the case and find Ludoc not guilty. There was simply too much circumstantial evidence and very strong eye witness testimony that clearly identified Ludoc as being the gunman. Note that Gogong had dual Australian & Filipino citizenship, so the Australian government have been continuously monitoring this case.

The only option really open to Malou was to delay the matter, and she has regularly used the services of Atty Rey Caayon, the Clerk of Bogo Court, who she bribes to interfere in various ways with the smooth functioning of the court in this matter. It has also been learnt that Malou even made judges and lawyers sick by the use of black magic, purely to delay & disrupt progress of the case, so that hearing dates would be cancelled due to the inability of the judge and lawyers to appear in court on scheduled hearing days. She simply did not want any court verdict before the next election in 2013 and before she implements her various personal money making develoment plans in Daanbantayan.

Malou has also been funding Ludoc’s family while he has been in gaol, providing cash to them on a regular basis, the idea being that if the family are kept in reasonable comfort and not starving etc, then they will tell Moises to keep his mouth shut and not turn against the Loots. Apparently Ludoc has been very homesick and missing his family & missing seeing his young children grow up. Ludoc is very concerned that he will not see his young boy grow up into a man, as Ludoc realises that the court case against him is not appearing favourable to him, and that he is likely to be found guilty and serve a long gaol term, at least 20 years based on some other recent court verdicts re killing of a Cebu lawyer by a Sumabong brother. Ludoc had been assured from day one, that this would be an easy killing and that he could just walk away from it and take his payment of P200,000 and live a good life, so Ludoc never thought he would end up in gaol. He had the assurances of the Mayor of the town Malou Loot and the support of a senior ranking police official, namely Superintendent Vic Loot that he would get away free after committing the crime of murder. Vic had even arranged with local Daanbantayan police officials, in particular Police Chief Canlapan, to fabricate other evidence and fabricate totally incorrect eye witness facial sketches of the murderer, who committed the shooting in broad daylight, etc, so as to totally cover up the real murderers identity. No one ever anticipated that the NBI would get involved and that they would “catch their man”.

Nonetheless the case is “still hanging over Malou’s head” and it is believed that one word from Ludoc could incriminate both Malou & Vic in the murder of Gogong. Sources close to Malou have revealed she is very worried about the outcome of the Ludoc trial, as it may affect her political standing and affect her plans for various large scale developments in Daanbantayan. If the Judge were to rule that Malou was somehow involved or implicated in the murder and that she should be further investigated, then this would be very damaging to her and more or less bring to a halt any political credibility or “so called” popularity she has.

In order to once and for all remove all possibilities of Ludoc turning against them or giving evidence that would incriminate them, and to ensure that Ludoc and his family are reunited and kept happy, the Loots came up with an escape plan for Moises Ludoc, to get him out of the Cebu gaol he had been held in for over 4 years now, and to also relocate him and his family to some far away distant place where they could never be found by the law.

This was the plan to have Ludoc escape from the Cebu City gaol during the 2012 Independence Day celebrations, with assistance from bribed gaol guards & other insiders. The whole plan cannot be revealed, but in essence the guards were going to let him out of the front door late in the evening, leaving enough evidence to suggest he had escaped of his own doing, and at the same time as he escaped his family would leave Daanbantayan, never to return.

The plan was discovered by authorities, and when Malou found out that authorities were onto the plan, it was quickly cancelled. Word was passed to Ludoc that the plan was not to go ahead, and that another attempt would be made at a later date when the heat was off the current situation. So Malou is currently waiting for another opportunity to have Ludoc escape from the gaol. No doubt she is working on some part of her future plan now, starting to make connections with & bribe corruptible individuals & authorities, who can bring her plan to fruition.

Be careful Malou, people are watching & you will get caught !

In the days following the foiled escape plan in early July 2012, Malou handed Vic large wads of money, in small notes so it could not be easily traced, believed to total tens of thousands of pesos, and Vic was the “trusted” courier who then arranged for Ludocs family to receive this cash. It is believed this was a payment to keep the Ludoc family quiet, as they were led to believe they would be moved out of town with Moises Ludoc to a new life in a new location. They had to be paid off for their ongoing “suffering” of being without their husband & father for the forseeable future.

It’s ironic how criminals and their associates & family members think they are hard done by when the law catches up with them.

In this case they seem to conveniently ignore the suffering of Gogongs family, his wife & four children, two of whom witnessed the murder. It is alleged that Moises Ludoc murdered Gogong violently by shooting him six times through the heart, head & neck with a 9mm handgun at point blank range.

While it is sad that the Ludoc family is without their husband & father, it is a result of Moises Ludoc choice to do the murder, after having been led astray by the devilish Malou & Vic Loot, all for the sake of money & greed.

It is even sadder though for the family of Gogong, whose life should not have been taken by this murderer, he was an innocent victim of the evil Malou Loot, he did not choose to do anything evil or corrupt, he was only trying to do good for the townsfolk of Daanbantayan.

So many lives ruined by greed. This story will not have a happy ending. Ludoc is still in gaol awaiting his fate. Malou is still awaiting her fate too, which will be for sure at the hands of God, and possibly even sooner at the hands of law enforcement authorities in the Philippines.

Malou Loot plans another land grab fraud in Maya - 16 August 2012
This article was originally published elsewhere & is republished here for the information of our readers
This article contains allegations about the activities of Mayor Malou Loot of Daanbantayan. The allegations are based on confidential information received from reliable and credible sources, which cannot be named for security reasons. Readers are advised to reach their own conclusions about the merits of these allegations. This article is published to expose the allegedly fraudulent activities of Mayor Malou Loot to show the people the true character of the leader they elected.
As part of her overall development plans for Daanbantayan, Malou also has a plan to develop a Marina complex with wharves and moorings for yachts and other water craft, as well as Tourist Resort accomodation both on the wharves and on the land, and shops to serve the tourists. Malou has been negotiating this development with interested parties in Manila at secret meetings held all through 2012 till the present and already has drawings prepared of the intended development, this being the reason why these details are available. She has overseas investors lined up who are from the countries of Palau, Japan and China, and has politicians from Manila & Cebu interested to back her proposals, based on the supposedly good benefits they will bring to Cebu & the country. Some of the investment companies are bogus, as they are just fronts for companies that are actually owned and backed by funds coming from Malou Loot herself. So Malou is pushing this project to primarily benefit herself as one of the main investors, albeit disguised as a foreign investment company. A number of large cash transactions have been made by Malou where cash has been transferred out of the Philippines to overseas bank accounts. She intends to avail of the use of corrupt political figures in the Palau government to turn a blind eye to the sources of these funds. Palau has adopted a policy of allowing offshore financial institutions/banking to operate in their country, which inherently makes it a target for criminal and money laundering activities. Malou's Japanese associates are involved with organised Asian crime gangs and some of the investment funds are proceeds of criminal activities associated with drug trafficking. The ultimate plan is to develop, promote and run a Casino on Malapascua Island to facilitate the laundering of money from crime activities, to be returned to the pockets of the "so called" investors as legitimate profits from the Casino business. The crux of the matter is that punters or gamblers who are actually associates of the organised crime gangs, will be deliberately loosing "dirty" money in the Casino, so therefore the Casino makes a large profit, which then goes back to the investors (the criminals and Malou) as legitimately earned income. This whole process generally speaking, is the definition of money laundering.
Malou has recently been thwarted twice in her attempts to start up underhanded developments by using fraudulent means.
The first was the Elementary School site Shopping Mall project, where she had forged land titles to change the land dimensions and square meter areas, so that her development application would satisfy statutory requirements, and therefore be passed without question by her "rubber stamp" council. This ploy was discovered and revealed publicly and Malou's stated "sure thing" project suddenly fell through and never happened as the developers Gaisano & another consortium both pulled out, with rumours mentioned of them having been double crossed by Malou.
Another more recent attempt by Malou to acquire land on Malapascua Island was also exposed. Malou had been unable for some time to acquire the additional parcel of public land land needed to build a large Tourist resort & Casino complex on Malapascua, so she forged a land title based on the adjacent piece of land she did own, so that it included the additional piece of land she did not own. It was a relatively simple matter for her to forge the document on her computer, and she just changed the land dimensions on the forged Title to show her parcel of land was much bigger than it actually was. Malou then planned to split up the ownership of this larger parcel of land in smaller lots to her relatives and supporters so her ownership was disguised, and sometime later would then announce that a consortium of land owners had got together to propose that their land be developed, thus purporting to show that Malou was not involved and had no vested interest in the development. Again this matter was leaked and knowledge of it made public. Malou very quickly did not proceed with her plan, saying privately that she would come back to it later, when feasible.
This is the second serious attempt Malou has made to acquire by illegal means this parcel of public land on Malapascua Island. Approximately two years ago (late 2010) she was planning the same Casino/Resort complex, and was simply going to build a smaller version on paper, have that development application approved, and then swap the approved plans with another set of plans that showed the boundary line of the development site had been moved to include the desired piece of public land, and then issue that as the current approved plan. This plan was also uncovered when opponents obtained details of the amended plans and were able to reveal the fraud publicly. Malou also very quickly dropped that plan and did not proceed with it.
Malapascua was never mentioned again by Malou until recently (early 2012) when her "rubber stamp" council applied to regain control & management of Malapascua Island from the Province asking to nullify the Memorandum of Agreement that gave control to the Province. Malou was desperate to get the development going again on Malapascua because time was running out and the investors were getting impatient.
So not to be beaten by setbacks caused by her opponents, Malou has now turned her attention to the mainland based coastal components of her overall development plans for Daanbantayan which are in Maya, & in particular the Marina development, Tourist accomodation, shops & relocated RoRo port. To support this scheme, Malou ensured that the main road to Maya was upgraded and re-routed past land owned by her & other local investors in the project eg Mariquita Yeung. Malou is still trying to rob the rightful owners and steal the lands from them. Malou has tried to foreclose mortgages on these lands she wants in Maya, she has had Vic Loot put pressure on the landowners to sell their properties or suffer duress and hardship and harrassment by goons associated with the Loots, and even proposed a government takeover of the land she wanted by way of forced resumption of the land supposedly for government projects. These government projects are bogus and do not exist, but Malou believed she would be successfull in obtaining the land after sufficient coercion and intimidation was applied to the owners.
Malou is now getting desperate to obtain the land so she can tell the developers that they can start at least one part of the overall project for Daanbantayan, so she is now trying to directly steal these lands by again using forged documents. It is believed that she is creating a forged copy of a Tax Declaration for the land in question, based on her actual Tax Declaration for an adjacent piece of land she already does own.
So she has a real copy of a Tax Declaration to use as a template from which she will create a forged copy, but in the process will change the land details to include the parcels of land she requires to satisfy development requirements in that area. The real owners have been reluctant to sell their lands as they have suspected Malou is up to dirty tricks again, there is also a dispute on some parcels of land regarding Malou's improper foreclosure of mortgages on loans made from her company Eigado Lending to the land owners. There are numerous inconsistencies and improper application of rules and requirements in the foreclosure process, where Malou has blatantly ignored the following of required procedures, and is simply grabbing the land from the real owners without allowing the provisions of the lending contract to be fulfilled by the land owners, which would normally entitle them to retrieve ownership of their lands upon making the required payments etc.
The reason for Malou needing to act quickly & desperately like this, is that she is now on a time deadline from the developers. They have been stalled by Malou for over a few years now and they have really had enough of waiting around for her to come up with the promised Land Titles to all the parcels of land they require for the developments to proceed. The developers now believe that Malou is double crossing them, as they have provided significant sums of money to Malou to assist her in obtaining & amalgamating these smaller parcels of land into one large parcel under one title, but Malou has spent this money on other personal matters, ie fighting elections, fighting legal challenges eg the Graft & Corruption case brought on her & Vic by the NBI, fighting the Ludoc case, fighting the Cosido case & numerous cases involving water systems and other matters, and funding of her very expensive medical costs for cancer treatment over the last 18 months since her bout of "near death causing" pneumonia in December 2010 etc.
Malou must come up with the title to at least one piece of land so that at least one development can be sold to the developers and that part of the project building works can be started in order to keep the developers happy and quiet.
As Malou has been unable to obtain the land by legitimate means or by negotiation or even by coercion from Loot goons & Vic Loot himself, Malou will now simply steal the land by forging the Tax Declaration document.
Malou plans to go to Cebu City and present the forged Tax Declaration (which being based on the date of her real land Tax Declaration and unique ID number, will appear real, but it is for a larger piece of land than what she actually owns), so therefore she can apply for the land title and obtain it almost immediately, for the much larger piece of land than that which she actually legitimately owns. This is therefore a legally issued land title, but is based upon a forged and illegal Tax Declaration, so the Land Title is really bogus. To someone who did not know how she obtained the Land Title it will appear to be a legally valid document.
This is nothing less than criminal fraud, forgery, theft and deception, and she is abusing the trust bestowed upon her by her position of power as Mayor.
Authorities please take notice, this woman is up to no good, she has bad intentions and her long range plans starting now and intended to be complete within two years, will bring much criminal activity to Cebu which will spread and take hold in the Philippines forever more, to the detriment of our children and their children for generations to come. Now is the time to act to stop this fraud and theft by deception, that is being carried out by an elected government representative, the Mayor of Daanbantayan, Cebu, Maria Louisa Loot. Note her election victories are also claimed to be the product of vote rigging, vote buying, voter manipulation & intimidation, bribery and corruption of voting officials in the polling booths and in the provincial center in Cebu City and in Manila, where high level officials were bribed to ensure the voting result was in her favour.
Would the Governor, Gwen Garcia & the DILG in Cebu and Manila please act now to stop the ongoing and seemingly never ending tirade of fraud that this woman continues to carry out against the people of Daanbantayan and Cebu. Despite a change of government at the Presidential level, Malou also still bribes and uses high level and high ranking officials in Manila to "get her out of trouble" when necessary, and has many legal challenges and matters dismisssed or put into abeyance for prolonged periods of time (eg years), so they never affect or impact upon her political position. This includes past Presidents and Military leaders eg Generals, and even a current Supreme Court Judge, as well as many lesser officials in all areas of government, legal and law enforcement agencies.
The current President is slowly cleaning up these rotten officials, but there are still enough corrupt officials in powerful positions from whom Malou can continue to buy favours. Corruption is just so deeply entrenched in Philippine society and officials are still willing to accept large monetary bribes from Malou in return for favours. It will take many more years, maybe decades, to clean up & eradicate, meanwhile the likes of Malou Loot & Vic Loot escape prosecution for gross misdeeds to mankind.
The people of Daanbantayan ask God to intervene on their behalf and stop this evilness.
Everyone please pray daily and ask God to heal Malou Loot of her evil ways.
In your prayers ask God to enter into Malou's heart so that she is filled with goodness, compassion and a true desire to serve the people of Daanbantayan, rather than serve her own financial interests and well being.
The people hand this matter over to God, and also ask God to enter into the hearts of the elected government officials to guide them to "do the right thing", and use their power to control corrupt politicians like Malou Loot.
Would everyone in Daanbantayan please pray daily to God and ask that Malou change her ways & serve the people instead of herself, and ask that the wealth of the land & seas which is rightfully the wealth of the people, stays with them to provide for their livelihood, sustenance and daily needs.

Malou Loot Development plans for Daanbantayan - 16 August 2012
This article was originally published elsewhere & is republished here for the information of our readers
This article contains allegations about the activities of Mayor Malou Loot of Daanbantayan. The allegations are based on confidential information received from reliable and credible sources, which cannot be named for security reasons. Readers are advised to reach their own conclusions about the merits of these allegations. This article is published to expose the allegedly fraudulent activities of Mayor Malou Loot to show the people the true character of the leader they elected.
Malou Loot has many development plans pending for Daanbantayan that she has not been able to "get off the ground" thus far. A series of political mishaps, change of political leadership in the country, public exposure of her plans, murders gone wrong, ineffectiveness of other attempted murder plans of her opponents by conventional and black magic means, and even her own and her husband Vic's ill health, have delayed the implementation of her large scale development plans. Malou has even fell foul of her own plans to double cross developers and seek out the highest paying developer, which caused her to have two developers vying for the same project both pull out of the deal, namely the "sure thing" but "ill fated" Elementary School Shopping Mall project. There was also a deal to sell off land adjacent a cemetery to a developer, but this also "fell through" due to her inability to deliver the title to the parcel of land following the debacle that surrounded her forced closure of most of the cemeteries in Daanbantayan. Again ownership abnomalies were publicly exposed and the developer pulled out of the deal at the last minute. The cemetery closures were supposed to be a "cover" for Malou to falsely obtain land, which she then onsold to a developer.
The main components of her large scale development plans for Daanbantayan involve a Club Med style Tourist & Casino Resort on Malapascua Island. This is the "crown jewel" in her development plans, but there are other mainland based components to form part of the whole development scheme to create the infrastructure to support the Malapascua Resort.
The other main component is a relocated RoRo port, in the Maya area, but in a different location than currently proposed or approved for the RoRo port. This development is also believed to include a large Marina with wharves and moorings for yachts and water craft of all descriptions. Part of this Marina development is also a mainland based Tourist Hotel accomodation and large shopping center. Some accomodation is to be built out over the water on the wharf structures and some on the land.
Other projects in the Bateria area have been put on hold, following Malou's inability to obtain and amalgamate smaller parcels of land into a larger lot. One plan touted is a fishing port & fish processing plant, but locals caught on to the development plans and were unwilling to sell their lands for a low price. They realised the price Malou & her associates was offering them was low compared to the value of a development site. There are also rumours and claims of inappropriate transfers of land titles and land ownerships, whereby Malou was effectively stealing land from owners who did not have the financial ability to fight Malou in the courts over their land. For the time being projects in Bateria are on hold.
There were also activities around lands along the Daanbantayan creek in Poblacion. The Loots own some parcels of land in the area, and have been actively trying to buy or obtain for a price below market value, various other parcels of land along the creek. Pressure has been applied to landowners to sell up cheaply for various reasons. Malou even has her eyes on land owned by people that was previously the subject of court action to determine the rightful owners, ie legal action carried out by previous Daanbantayan councils. Malou plans to grab ownership from existing owners by again mounting a legal challenge in the courts, and this is for property that the court has already decided who the legal owner is, ie the actual landowner in question and not Malou or the council. Malou has also put pressure on shop owners and driven away renters to force owners to sell up cheaply. She coerces shopkeepers to rent properties that she owns, in order to create financial difficulties for other property owners with empty shops not earning rents. Malou has had other persons acting secretly on her behalf try to buy properties along the creek, to disguise her involvement as the real purchaser, as there would be no way that certain owners would ever sell directly to the Loot's. Malou really wants all the land alongside both sides of the creek so she can do some serious town market developments etc, and make a lot of profit by selling the cheaply acquired lands to the council for a high price as a development site. It seems that these plans may be in the "too hard" basket at present and Malou is trying other ways to develop and profiteer in Daanbantayan. You could say she has "met her match" in Poblacion as most of the residents there do not support Malou Loot.
Another main component is a Hotel/Apartment.Condominium project in the Agoho area, facing the waterfront beach, with a nearby shopping center as part of the complex. This particular project is believed to connect directly with the new airport, that has been talked about for many years now by Benhur Salimbangon. The purpose of requiring the enhanced, enlarged and modernised airport facilities is to fly in tourists and gamblers to attend the Resort & Casino on Malapascua. Part of the planned customer base for the Casino are big time Asian gamblers from nearby Asian countries, but also people affiliated with Asian crime who come to the Casino to "launder dirty money", ie proceeds from crime. Some problems with this area are ground toxicity & poor water quality, caused by illegally dumped rubbish & chemicals which Malou allowed to happen for payment (bribe), without regard to the consequences of pollution to the area.
Other parties involved in this are Benhur Salimbangon and Mariquita Yeung, who are either offering political support and promotion and/or have land ownership in the areas of the proposed developments that will form part of the land parcel required. They may not be aware of the underhanded dealings Malou plans for these developments, so she is also double crossing them for her own personal financial benefit.
One of the issues confronting these large scale development plans, is a lack of suitable basic infrastructure to support the number of people who will use these new facilities. Herein lies one reason why Malou Loot has been trying, desperately and at times quite overbearingly and allegedly illegally, to obtain the smaller Barangays water system works. She needs to combine all the water systems in Daanbantayan and combine their total water availability, so that the water can be piped to these high end tourist resorts. The water is needed to satisfy the big use demands that washing, showering, cleaning as well as toilet flushing activties of tourists and gamblers will generate. The problem is that the water supplies are barely enough to provide water for existing local use.
Furthermore Malou has caused various projects on Malapascua to be delayed, projects for a small tourist resort backed by the Provincial government should have been completed a few years ago, as long ago as 2008, but Malou has delayed these by various means so as not to compete with her private future planned resort & casino.
Also the RoRo port at the officially authorised location in Maya has also been delayed by Malou, this was reported in the press by a provincial official, that Malou Loot herself was responsible for causing the delays that have prevented the new RoRo port at Maya from being built, again as long ago as 2008.
It is now clear that all these delays have been deliberate actions by Malou Loot so as to allow her versions of these projects to go ahead at a time of her choosing & in a location of her choosing. Her choices will be different to the officially sanctioned versions, as she will by then have illegally obtained land where these projects will be built, for the reasons of economic benefit to herself & her associates, particularly those with connections to organized crime.
She claims or will claim to not have any financial interest in these projects, but in fact there will be many funds invested into these projects which have come from her own pocket, disguised by being touted as funds belonging to foreign investment companies, but these are companies that she has set up in other names using funds that have been "illegally or inappropriately moved out of the Philippines" into off shore bank accounts.
Malou will try to convince the general public of the benefit these development projects will have to the people of Daanbantayan, but most of the benefit will return to her or her associates as profit on the money she & they put into the offshore investment companies. One such country being used to channel these funds is Palau, where corruption is rife, even in high ranking government officials.
Furthermore, other funds will come from Asian crime gangs with whom Malou has had some association during her time living in Japan. These criminals plan to money launder funds from drugs and crime through the Casino that is built on Malapascua Island, thus turning illegally earned monies into legitimately earned income from the Casino, ie the criminally associated gamblers will deliberately loose "dirty" money while gambling, as the gamblers are really front men for the criminals, and as the Casino will make vast profits from the gambling losses, then these profits become legitimate income.
The Philippine Government Anti Graft & Crime Division really needs to look into the intentions of Malou Loot, as the creation of this Casino will open Cebu to the influx of much illegal money, and also the ongoing effects of criminals who are intent at getting what they want at the cost of the local people.
Supposed income from even building these projects by employing local builders, will not eventuate as the workers will be brought in from overseas eg from China and other parts of Asia, who will build more cheaply and quickly than the local Filipinos workers can.
Malou plans any time now, maybe even this week or certainly within the month of August 2012, to start a Public Relations (PR) campaign telling the people about her planned development projects for Daanbantayan and all the good things it will bring to the local economy and how good it will be for the people etc etc. It is all a ploy to cover up and disguise where the real big money and benefits will go, that is straight into the pocket of Malou Loot herself via secret company structures and overseas bank accounts. This whole project or projects are about nothing more than Malou reaping huge profits from her "hidden" investments and working in cahoots with organised crime in south east asia to create a new Casino that can be used for money laundering, that is the whole and sole reason for these developments.
So far Malou has been thwarted in getting the Malapascua Island scheme underway, so she is tackling the mainland component at Maya, and once people see a successful development there, then Malou hopes the people will be more tolerant and accepting of a big development happening on Malapascua.
Remember some of the land for these projects is not owned by Malou so she plans to steal the land from both the public and other rightful land owners, by means of forged documentation and fraudulent actions. Malou seems to feel she has a right to simply take the land because she wants it. She does not even want to pay fair value or development value to the owners, she wants to steal the land rather than pay for it. Even in carrying out her fraudulent actions Malou is still a kuripot.
It is up to the people to decide whether Malou is telling the truth or not, and thus far Malou has a track record of not telling the truth and of being dishonest. There are so many court cases currently pending against her, including the case of improper dismissal of Cosido for which Malou is required to appear in Court in Manila next Thursday 23rd August 2012. The case against Malou is very strong & a guilty verdict could result in her dismissal as Mayor and her being barred from holding any government position ever again.
Also the NBI secretly investigated Malou & Vic for Graft & Corruption and found sufficient evidence to find them guilty of corrupt acts, which are all criminal charges. The secret undercover lifestyle investigation determined guilt in the eyes of the NBI based on the hard paper evidence they uncovered by looking at official records etc, and that evidence was found before Malou was able to stop them or tamper with the evidences. That case is still pending with the Ombudsman in Manila for 3 years now, but has been put on hold allegedly due to Malou having made a large payment (bribe) of millions of pesos to a leading barrister handling the case in the Ombudsmans office, to put the matter on hold indefinitely. Investigations uncovered this, and it was supported by advice from another leading barrister that it would take a payment (ie a bribe) of 8 million pesos to get that case moving again & into the court, a payment which is higher than what Malou paid to stop the case. Of course no payment was made because it is illegal to stoop to bribery like Malou does. The possibility was simply investigated and an answer was obtained, a rather incriminating answer too. So it is really just money that buys favours as far a Malou Loot is concerned. She will tell any number of lies and then pay people to get out of trouble.
The claims of fraudulent behaviour made in this article are not bogus, the money trail can be traced, the money transfers that Malou has made out of the Philippines can be traced, so any investigation will easily uncover the vested interests that Malou has in these development projects.
Malou Loot is trying to hoodwink the people of Daanbantayan with her false proposals and propositions about her development plans, and introduce asian crime syndicates into Cebu, where they will stay for generations to come. Do not believe Malou, as she will be telling lies about these developments and covering up and denying all personal financial involvement with the projects and denying any involvement with crime gangs and money laundering.
Remember the old adage when assessing Malou's proposals, "If it's too good to be true, it probably is not true".

Malou Loot Health Update - 16 August 2012
This article was originally published elsewhere & is republished here for the information of our readers
Information obtained from a source very close to the Loot family has advised that Malou has recently undergone a surgical Laparoscopy of her lower abdomen, to investigate the causes of ongoing serious pain in her upper and lower abdomen.
The doctors made a small incision in her navel, to allow the laparoscope to be inserted in order to examine the female reproductive organs, without requiring major surgery to do so.
From a gynecological perspective, diagnostic laparoscopy is used to inspect the outside of the uterus, ovaries and fallopian tubes, where there may be issues of female infertility or inflammation or even cancer of the reproductive organs.
Unfortunately for Malou, the diagnosis is not good, as she is required to have a further surgical operation to perform a hysterectomy.
Hysterectomy is the removal of the uterus, and can be partial or complete. A complete removal will include the ovaries, where cancer of the ovaries exists or a serious threat or risk of cancer exists.
Hysterectomy is a major surgical procedure that has risks and benefits, and affects a woman's hormonal balance and overall health for the rest of her life. Because of this, hysterectomy is normally recommended as a last resort to remedy certain intractable uterine/reproductive system conditions.
Malou is scheduled to have this operation soon, or may already have done so by the time this article is published.
Despite all the above, Malou still insists she is not sick, and that all stories published so far about her supposed illnesses ie cancer, and now hysterectomy, are fictititous and lies, just designed to give her a bad name.
It can only be said that the only person telling lies is Malou, she is indeed very unwell, she has received chemotherapy for advanced lung & systemic cancer, and is now receiving ongoing post chemo palliative treatment, primarily consisting of white blood plasma to give her energy and reduce the symptoms of gross fatigue she regularly experiences. Now she has been diagnosed as requiring a hysterectomy, which is usually required due to serious inflammation or disease of the female reproductive organs.
Even in sickness Malou cannot be honest with her constituents. The reason for this is that she does not want to show weakness, she is very fearful of her opponents or even her own political team members taking over power, and taking away the Mayorship from her control. Malou does not really have the physical strength or fortitude to withstand a prolonged battle for leadership that may be carried out against her by her own team members or others.
She still has the regular bicycle riding sessions around the Barangays of Daanbantayan, to supposedly show the people that she is healthy and well, but it is easy to see a pattern to these bike riding sessions. She is only really strong enough to do this physical effort immediately after having received blood transfusion treatment, which appears to be on a monthly basis. So whenever she returns from an extended few day or longer period away from Daanbantayan, it is because she has been to the big city to have the white plasma transfusions needed to give her the energy to continue on. Malou can no longer sustain her own functional health without serious and continuous medical intervention and ongoing treatment. Without these advanced forms of medical treatment, she may have already died. Even Malou herself has admitted to those close to her that she only has 5 years maxmium lifetime left on this planet as the cancer will eventually kill her, and that's why she is pushing ahead now with her corrupt development plans. It's a case of now or never, as her physical strength & health will gradually deteriorate further to a point where she cannot do any work at which time her death will be imminent.
If ever there was a time for Malou's "opponents" to overthrow her, now is the time !

Malou Loot to control Freedom of Information in Daanbantayan & limit access to council records with secretly enacted legislation - Mayors approval needed to search records - 12 July 2012
Malapascua Island land fraud involved behind the scenes & is catalyst for new legislation, intended to "cover up" forged land titles & illegal land transfers by Malou Loot
This article was originally published on Facebook

This article contains serious allegations of forgery & illegal & fraudulent activity by the Mayor of Daanbantayan, Maria Louisa Loot. The allegations in this article are based on information obtained from credible sources. These sources cannot be revealed publicly due to the possibility of retaliation by Malou Loot or persons associated with her. The information is believed to be accurate, otherwise it would not be published. Readers are encouraged to reach their own conclusions about the veracity of the claims. This article is published in the best interests of the people of Daanbantayan to keep them informed of issues in their town.
The Mayor of Daanbantayan, Malou Loot, plans to secretly & unilaterally enact legislation without consulting other councillors or officials, that will limit or severely control access to council records, particularly records involving land dealings, land titles and land ownership. Malou plans to rush this legislation through without anyone even knowing she has done it, as she considers this a form of operational procedures for council staff and therefore within her rights to enact.

This legislation will force requests to access council records to be submitted to the Mayors office for approval, & Malou herself will review the requests, and decide to grant or deny access. The ability to obtain details from council records by general application or under Freedom of Information laws, will be severely hindered by this new legislation, in effect Freedom of Information in Daanbantayan will no longer be a public right as it will be subject to Malou Loot's decision.

It is believed the intent of this new legislation is for Malou to generally disallow access to council records involving illegal land dealings that she wishes to cover up, so her opponents do not get proof of fraudulent dealings that she intends to do or has already done.
Ultimately if Malou does not approve a persons request then they will not be able to review land titles and land ownership records etc. This is a very undemocratic decision and designed to hamper and hinder the general publics ability to review council records under Freedom of Information laws. In effect Malou will nullify any rights that citizens have to obtain information under Freedom of Information laws. Malou is acting like a dictator in making this law.

Malou plans to implement this legislation any time now, she may even be already preparing the documents for signing & approval by herself. It is believed she will do this when she returns from Manila after receiving white blood cell transfusions as part of ongoing treatment for cancer of the lungs. This treatment reduces her nausea & fatigue, so she will be “full of energy” to process & force through this legislative change, and to also carry out other planned land and property manipulations under the protective cover of this new "anti information" law.
The legislation will be put into law by herself without any involvement or approval of councillors or government officials, with no discussions about this change, and will be signed off by herself immediately, therefore becoming law without anybody even knowing what she has done. Suddenly one day in the future, when people try to access council records, they will discover what she has done, but it will be too late to do anything about it then.
The end result is that Malou herself will have the final say on who can access information and records about land dealings and land title changes, especially those relating to land that Malou or Malou’s relatives & supporters own on the mainland and on Malapascua Island.

This legislative change is part of a larger illegal scheme that Malu has planned to defraud the people of Daanbantayan. She wants to steal a parcel of public land on Malapascua Island by making it legally appear as if she, her relatives or her supporters own the land. There is a piece of land she already legally owns, & next to that there is a piece of public land that she desperately requires in order to go ahead with a development plan to build a Resort & Casino on Malapascua Island. She has previously tried to amalgamate her parcel of land and the public parcel of land into one parcel under one title, but has been refused use of this public land by government officials. So now she has come up with an idea to simply steal the land by forging land titles & subsequently manipulating public records, based on this fake land title.

This manipulation of land ownership has been carried out by using a forged (fake) land title that Malu herself has personally forged, by copying all the details from her real land title onto a near identical forged land title, but in the process she altered & overstated the land size & dimensions to include the adjacent piece of public land.

Using this forged land title for the now much larger piece of land, she will follow up by transferring the new larger parcel of land to her relatives and supporters in a number of small lots, thus attempting to disassociate herself from the property and make it difficult to trace previous legitimate or other ownership of the total land area, which now includes a piece of public land. At a later date these new landowners would amalgamate their lands to allow the Resort & Casino complex to be built. To any government official who later looks at the various land titles involved, including officials in Daanbantayan council & Land office, they would appear legitimate, & be processed as apparently legally acceptable documents for any Development Application.

We now know of course, that these land titles for the smaller parcels of land, are all based on a fake & forged land title for a “legally fictitious” larger parcel of land, part of which is still actually public land. Therefore all transactions involving that larger parcel of land are bogus, fraudulent, illegal and without legal merit.

Without going into further detail in this article, this forgery & fraud is the reason Malou is implementing the legislative change to prevent people viewing the council records of land holdings and land transfers etc in Daanbantayan, and particularly Malapascua. This legislation will allow her to control or limit access to pertinent records that she does not want anyone to see, as a proper investigation of historical ownership & dealings will uncover the fraud.

The perpetuation of this fraud needs to be stopped immediately, people of Daanbantayan, you should be in uproar now and object strongly to Malou and make your concerns heard loudly. Hopefully by exposing this fraud, Malou will have to back down from proceeding. No doubt she will deny any knowledge of this legislation or intended land fraud and claim this article is just propaganda, released by the “opposition” to try & discredit her by any means they can. Please be assured this is not unjustified propaganda. This is a real life exposee of serious fraud by the Mayor of Daanbantayan, Malou Loot, who is only intent on feeding her greed for personal wealth & money, at the expense of the people of Daanbantayan.

Malou’s strategy is to slowly & secretly implement changes to effectively make it “impossible” to undo what she has done, thus making her future proposed development schemes a "fait accompli" or have an irreversable outcome. Wait & see. One day Malou will start to make public announcements, as she is now getting desperate to make these projects happen, as her time in political power is rapidly coming to an end, and her physical health is deteriorating rapidly also. Thus she has a limited time frame in which to achieve her greedy goal of putting a Resort & Casino on Malapascua Island.

Malou, via her “rubber stamp” council, has recently laid claim to the control of Malapascua Island despite a Memorandum of Agreement being in place that gives Cebu Capitol control. So it is now apparent that Malou is “making her moves” and really wants to take charge of Malapascua to allow her own development plans to be approved & built, and will do whatever is necessary to “get her way”.

This is nothing less than premeditated FORGERY, FRAUD & DECEPTION and is a criminal offence.

Would authorities in Cebu City please do something about Malou Loot ! She treats Daanbantayan & the people of Daanbantayan like she is a dictator and they must bow to her every command. She is continuously rorting & cheating the system, simply because no one bothers to look at what she is doing and stop her before the event. Governor Gwen Garcia, please come on board and bring Malou Loot into line, DILG authorities in Manila please investigate Malou Loot, and stop her corrupt & illegal ways. The truth has been revealed so please do something about it for the sake of the people of Daanbantayan now and all future generations who will be afflicted by the scourge of evilness that Malou Loot wishes to inflict on this part of the Philippines. Thank you in anticipation. May God work wonders to stop this evil, pray everyone for God to exorcise the devil from Malou’s soul, so she works for the people rather than for herself.

Malou Loot health update - 12 July 2012
This article was originally published on Facebook

This article contains information about the health status of the Mayor of Daanbantayan, Maria Louisa Loot, and allegations of illegal activity. This information has been obtained from credible sources that cannot be revealed publicly due to the possibility of retaliation by Malou Loot or persons associated with her. The information is believed to be accurate otherwise it would not be published. Readers are encouraged to reach their own conclusions about the veracity of the claims. The information is published here as a public service to the people of Daanbantayan who have a right to know about the health of the Mayor of their town, and her ability to perform her duties in an effective & productive manner, and have a right to be  informed of corrupt & illegal activities the Mayor is involved in.

Despite continued denials by the Mayor of Daanbantayan, Malou Loot, she is seriously ill with lung cancer and other complications associated with the disease and caused by the treatment she is receiving, in particular aggressive chemotherapy.

It is believed she now receives ongoing treatment every month from a private medical clinic in Manila. She has had aggressive chemotherapy during most of 2011, which has seriously damaged her liver as well as left her in a very weakened physical, mental and emotional state. Her doctors have advised her to rest all the time, but Malou insists on working in her role as Mayor and also attending to her own private development projects & money making ventures. So Malou is not following her doctors advice, and the cancer is slowly taking over her system. At present she is not improving, she is not even holding steady, but instead there is a slow worsening of her health and the cancer is slowly creeping throughout her body. Malou is her own worst enemy, as she does not heed the medical advice given, despite having expensive treatments at private clinics paid for out of her own pocket. She is effectively undoing the good effects of the treatment by not allowing her body to rest, recuperate & restore a healthy & vital function free of cancer.
Malou is now believed to be receiving intravenous medication and blood supplements to reduce her nausea and fatigue, so she is boosting her energy levels artificially. Without this treatment she would not be able to be physically active, such as doing her publicity seeking  bicycle riding sessions in different Barangays. This is a standard type of post chemo treatment protocol, but something only available from oncology (cancer) treatment clinics.
One of the ingredients in her IV drip is white blood cells or white plasma, which is good for boosting the immune system. She has been having this follow up post chemotherapy treatment for the last few months, and following these treatment sessions her energy levels are improved, so she usually feels energised sufficiently to attend to her role as Mayor and other private business matters she wishes to pursue. After a while though the effects of this medicine “wear off”, thus the need for ongoing intravenous treatment at the specialized clinic.

The problem with this approach, is that while it appears to onlookers that Malou is full of energy & vitality, there are periods in between her public appearances where she is absolutely exhausted and sleeps and rests all day in bed. At times she has difficulty breathing, and has recurring lung congestion, coughs and a mild form of pneumonia. These symptoms are caused by the lung cancer “flaring up”. Malou hides these symptoms from the public and even her own councillors and associates, as she is very fearful of being undermined politically by either her opponents or even her own councillors who want to take over the reigns of the Municipality when she is weak. So for Malou it is critical that she does not show weakness, thus the massive public relations facade of bicycle riding sessions around Daanbantayan for the last 6 months to show people that “all is well “ with her.

In actual fact everything is far from well, Malou is barely holding on and only just getting through every day without collapsing and becoming violently ill. There are times when she clutches her stomach in pain, and suffers extreme nausea, both of which debilitate her totally, as well as suffering serious & gross fatigue regularly. At those times she has to stop all forms of activity, even doing light duty paperwork is too much for her to manage. She is hiding all this from people as she does not want to step down from her role as Mayor. Her ego and her greed & the potential to earn money from alleged illegal activities such as fishing, property deals etc and future large scale developments, using her influential position as Mayor, are factors that keep her going, despite medical advice to stop all work activities.

Malou is a very, very sick person, but simply will not admit it publicly. She knows within herself though, that the cancer will probably kill her sometime in the next year or two or three as it is simply not being fully eradicated using current treatments. Doctors have told her there is nothing more they can do. As her time on this earth is limited, she is now hurrying to push through plans to develop Malapascua Island & associated mainland infrastructure, while she still has some physical strength and political power to push these fraudulent & illegal plans through. Refer to other articles for more details of these plans. Malou still wants to hold on to the office of the Mayor for another term or two, her health allowing, so she can implement all her personal money making plans. She has been desirous of developing Malapascua for many years now, so she is trying to make this her last big “achievement” in life, albeit a very corrupt one.

Malou Loot holds secret meetings in Manila - 16 May 2012

Malou Loot has been holding a number of planning & promotional meetings with businessmen, politicians, project planners & designers in Manila in recent months to develop strategies for her future political aspirations, development projects & money making ventures.

The meetings & business activities are being held in Manila to stop her own people from finding out the information being discussed & leaking it. She believes one of her councilors in Daanbantayan has been leaking information to the opposition, and she no longer trusts any of her close associates in the town. The clandestine meetings in Manila have taken place in the middle of the night with military personnel accompanying her to these meetings, for protection & authority should problems arise, and in an attempt to "cover her tracks".

Some of these "trips" to Manila lasted for 2 weeks. Her "cover or modus operandi" was that she was having treatment for her health problems at a specialized spa & resort that uses alternative non-traditional therapies. While it does appear she has been attending a health spa in regard to her health problems and physical fatigue, her primary purpose for these trips was to attend to a variety of underhanded business activities.

One of the activities was calling up favours from high ranking politicians to gain entry to a major political party using the unofficial "back door" approach. Malou had been kicked out of "One-Cebu" party by Gov. Gwen Garcia, and has since had difficulty gaining membership to other political parties in Cebu. Malou had already approached Atty. Hilario "Jun-Jun" Davide, Cebu Liberal Party Provincial Chairman, to assist her in gaining membership, but was told she must get the approval of Celestino "Junnie" Martinez Jr, Mayor of Bogo City, who also happens to be the "Liberal" Party Chairman in the 4th District of Cebu. The Martinezes and the Loots are known political enemies, and have been at odds for many years now. To most observers their political bickering appears irreconcilable, so it was no surprise that "Junnie" refused to approve Malou to become a member of the Liberal Party.

So having had her ego dented by expulsion from "One-Cebu" party, & unable to join the Liberal party, Malou was keen to get membership of another major political party. She desperately wanted to prove to her former political ally, Gov Gwen Garcia, that she still has some political strength & "connections", and after having been ousted from the "One-Cebu" party, that she would still be able to easily gain membership of another major party.

So Malou's secret trips to Manila also involved discreet liaisons with Vice President Jejomar Binay, purportedly arranging her membership to the "PDP-Laban" party. Malou even announced during a political gathering, that Vice President Binay would come to Daanbantayan and personally officiate over her and her group's oath taking and induction ceremony as new members of the Vice President's "PDP-Laban" party.

Unfortunately for Malou, Gov Gwen Garcia had been designated by Vice President Binay, as Chairman of the "PDP-Laban" party's Cebu Provincial Directorate. As Gwen & Malou are known political enemies, then Malou's "back door approach" misfired on her, as Gov. Garcia did not approve of Malou's membership and the much bragged about oath taking ceremony did not take place. Malou was extremely angry that her trickery had been circumvented. More recently "PDP-Laban" and "One-Cebu" have forged an alliance, and Gov. Garcia is one of the Senatorial bets for Vice Pres. Binay's party, in the 2013 midterm elections.

While in Manila Malou also held planning meetings for a new development project for Daanbantayan, attended by herself, local & foreign investors, & politically oriented supporters. The project is a "joint venture" with foreign investors, & indications are that the funds come from a country supporting offshore financial institutions & illegal money laundering, & that the "apparently legitimate" investors are bogus. It is a country where corrupt officials & politicians will turn a blind eye if "generously rewarded". This project is just another personal money making venture for Malou. Before making any public announcement, Malou even wants to gain support from Gov. Gwen Garcia, to push the project through, no matter how hard it would be when considering they are publicly known political enemies. Malou will tout the "so called" benefits to Cebu, while disguising the corrupt elements as being legitimate. The project is in the advanced preliminary stage & building plans & drawings etc have been been prepared by a company in Manila, in an attempt to ensure secrecy.

Malou's desire to gain membership of the "Liberal" party or the "PDP-Laban" party, is not only related to the furtherance of her political career, but also has a practical purpose. For the new development project to go ahead, she needs a large parcel of land in
Daanbantayan to be rezoned for commercial use, for which it is not currently zoned. She wants to "force" surrounding landholders to amalgamate their lands into one parcel & support her project, & then they jointly lobby her political party associates to have the land rezoned. These surrounding landowners will be "coerced" by Malou's ever reliable henchman Vic Loot, and they will be given only one option, support Malou or "suffer the consequences". This approach is subject of course to Malou gaining membership of the Liberal Party or PDP-Laban party, either of which is questionable if not impossible, so she may be forced to try another approach to have the land rezoned.

The information in this article, whilst intended to be kept secret, has come from confidential sources proven to be reliable. It is released in the public interest of residents of Daanbantayan & Cebu.

Adolf Malou Hitler

Xekreto Lang posted this photo of Adolf Malou Hitler to Facebook's Ang Parola sa Daanbantayan page, obviously making a statement about the alleged dictatorial tendencies of Mayor Malou Loot.
It caused a lot of controversial comments to be made both for and against Malou Loot. See and (January 31 2012)

This article was originally published on Facebook by Ang Parola Sa Daanbantayan

Subo kaayong' palandungon nga ang BANTAY DAGAT SUGBO ANTI-ILLEGAL FISHING TASK FORCE walay nahimo sa nagpadayon ILEGAL nga PANAGAT sa Lungsod sa Daanbantayan. Ning ulahing pip...ila na ka buwan, napanid-an nga nisiaw na pud ang pagkuyanap sa ubay-ubay nga mga HULBOT-HULBOT ug PURSE SIENERS nga libreng nag daro sa kadagatan sa Daanbantayan. Nagtuo ang katawhan nga ang pagdagsang niining dagkung' ilegal nga panagat adunay pagtugot sa namunuan kay preparasyon kini sa pagtigum ug fundo gikan sa "tong" ug "protection money" alang sa nagsingabot nga piniliay sa sunod tuig.

Nangayupo ug kinasingkasing hangyo sa mga Daanbantayanon ngadto sa BANTAY DAGAT SUGBO ANTI-ILLEGAL FISHING TASK FORCE - Palihug ipakita nga kamo ANAA ug TINUOD. Palihug kaluy-i NINYO ang libuan ka katawhan nga wala nay laing kadangpan ug bugtong gisaligan nga adunay kahimuan aron MAUNDANG na ILEGAL nga PANAGAT sa kadagatan sa Lungsod sa Daanbantayan. Please DO SOMETHING. — with Rory Jon Q. Sepulveda and Gwendolyn Garcia.

Reader comments:
Snowty Geecrisnick - 26 January 2012 - mao nay dakong problema sa daanbantayan, dili cla kabadlong sa mga hulbothulbot. bacn sir naa pud bahin ang taga bantay dagat mao dili cla kabadlong. kadakhanan naman karon kwarta nay padaganon para dili madakpan. onsa man diay gibuhat sa atong mga pinalanggang mayor ug iya mga kauban
Rey Condrillon - 27 Januray 2012 - kung dili molihok ang taas dili sab molihok ang naa s ubos, ang tanan anaa s kontrol s itaas, iya jud ipakita ang kaayohan ug ang dli gusto s katawhan iya paminawon kay tao pud ang nag pili s iya, iya kini huna-hunaon, mga ka lungsoranon s daanbantayan nkita niyo ang tanan, hangtud kanus-a p kita mag antos aning tanan

Palau the country (800km east of Philippines). Why is Malu Loot interested in Palau ? A haven for money launderers ? - 4 December 2011
This article was originally published on Facebook by AP

Please read this site for details about Palau, an independant island country:

Note these comments:

Legislation making Palau an "offshore" financial center was passed by the Senate in 1998. In 2001, Palau passed its first bank regulation and anti-money laundering laws. The USA agreed to give Palau additional aid in January 2010.

Palau had rejected an earlier aid package of $156 million. The new aid package was for $250 million. President Toribiong asserted that the increase in aid was unrelated to Palau agreement to host the Uyghurs.

In November 2006, the Palau Saving Bank officially announced bankruptcy. On December 13 of the same year the Palau Horizon reported that there were a total of 641 depositors that had been affected by the event. Among the 641 accounts, 398 held less than $5000 USD, with the remainder ranging from $5000 to 2 million USD. On December 12, 79 of the affected people received compensation, one was Taiwanese, while the rest were Palauan, Filipino and US citizens. Mr. Toribiong said, "The fund for the payout came from the balance of Palau government's loan from Taiwan." From a total of $1 million USD, which originally was for assisting Palau's development, there was $955,000 USD left at the time of bankruptcy. For the $955 thousand, Toribiong requested the Taiwanese government use it to repay its loans. Taiwan agreed to the request. The compensation will start its paying to depositor, who held less than $4,000 USD in the account.

The population of Palau is approximately 21,000, of whom 70% are native Palauans, who are of mixed Melanesian, Micronesian, and Austronesian descent. Many Palauans also have some Asian ancestry, which is the result of intermarriage between settlers and Palauans between the 19th and 20th centuries. Palauans with mixed Japanese ancestry accounted for the largest group, and some also had some Chinese or Korean ancestry. Filipinos form the second largest ethnic group.

The official languages of Palau are Palauan and English, except for two states (Sonsorol and Hatohobei) where the local language, along with Palauan, is official. Japanese is also spoken widely amongst older Palauans, and is an official language in the State of Angaur. Tagalog is not official in Palau, but it is the fourth largest spoken language.

Also see this site:

Note the comments:

The Senate passed legislation making Palau an "offshore" financial center in 1998. Opponents to the legislation voiced fears that the country would become a haven for money launderers and other sorts of criminal activity.

Palau flag

Japan flag

Philippine flag

Loot supporters & some DB townspeople fooled by cover ups & pretence of decency - 1 December 2011
This article was originally published on Facebook by LC & has been edited with grammatical corrections

It seems that many people in DB (Daanbantayan) who are Loot family supporters, or can only believe an official court verdict, are unable to identify evil from good, and truth from lies, the Loots have totally fooled them with their pretence or facade of decency. There is NOTHING decent about the Loots, I am so ashamed to be related to them. At least I'm doing something & trying to educate the people of DB to the TRUTH about the Loots, they have ruined so many peoples lives by their greed & evil actions. I really wish others would speak out about what they know, there are so many people who do know about the bad things the Loots have done, but are keeping quiet because they are scared of repercussions from Malou & Enting. The Loots control the courts by bribing Atty Caayon in Bogo, & buying corrupt politicians in Cebu City & Manila. At least Gov Gwen is now showing an interest to look into the wrongdoings of Malou, & they are discovering so many wrong things Malou has done. The Loots (especially Tiya Malou) control & kill people by using sorcerers & kulam, that's disgusting, & now Enting has started to use kulam. Now they both have terrible diseases, I'm just showing people of DB the connection between their behaviour & the result of the Wrath of God (or karma) that has struck them both down. God bless them both because they really need help to stop their evil ways.

Tiyo Enting (Uncle Vic Loot) is also using kulam (black magic or witchcraft) - 1 December 2011
This article was originally published on Facebook by LC & has been edited with grammatical corrections

When Enting got sick with the prostate (ailment), he phoned a sorcerer to do kulam to people he thinks are doing magic on him to make him sick, that's what a bad person he is. He doesn't know for sure (if it is black magic or who is doing it), be believes what the sorcerer tells him, but the sorcerer just wants to earn more money doing kulam. Enting is not able to accept his disease is the wrath of God (that is punishing Vic) for all the bad things he has done. I have heard how many times he has humiliated people, now he is the one being humiliated by his own disgusting disease. That's why I told you all about his "smelly" medical condition (in a previous posting). It may be unpleasant to some Loot supporters, but it is true.

Capitol to file admin raps against Loot for closing cemeteries - 26 November 2011
This article was written by Carmel Loise Matus & originally published in Cebu Daily News & Inquirer News at

DAANBANTAYAN Mayor Ma. Luisa Loot may face administrative charges for allegedly ordering the closure of at least 25 cemeteries in the town. Cebu Provincial Legal Officer Marino Martinquilla said yesterday that the Capitol would file the charges against Loot before the Provincial Board. The move came after the Nov. 21 meeting with Cebu Gov. Gwendolyn Garcia, officials of the Daanbanytayan Roman Catholic Church, Department of Health in Region 7, Commission on Human Rights in Region 7, Cebu Provincial Police Office (CPPO) and the complainants – parish priest of Sta. Rosa De Lima Parish Fr. John Jonah Orat and some residents of the town. Martinquilla, however, said that they still had to gather more affidavits of complainants who were affected by the closure order.

The complainants sent the letter of complaint to Garcia’s office prompting the governor to call last Monday’s meeting. The Cebu Provincial Legal Office sent a copy of the findings of the governor’s meeting to Loot last Tuesday. Loot allegedly ordered the closure of 25 cemeteries last month for violating the municipal ordinance in maintaining a cemetery in the town. The findings, however, showed that the closure is “illegal, null and void” in violation of Section 99 (b), in relation to Section 101 (c) of Presidential Decree No. 856 or otherwise known as The Code of Sanitation of the Philippines. It reiterated that the “power to close cemeteries belongs to the Regional Director of DOH and not to local governments whose actions relative thereto is subject to the approval of the DOH Regional Director.”

Cebu Daily News sought for comment of Mayor Loot but text messages and calls were left unanswered.  Correspondent Carmel Loise Matus

Due to closure of Cemeteries Mayor Loot faces PB inquiry - 26 November 2011
This article was written by Gregg M. Rubio/MIT & originally published in The Freeman at

CEBU, Philippines - For closing around 25 cemeteries in her town, Daanbantayan Mayor Ma. Luisa Loot is facing an administrative investigation before the Sangguniang Panlalawigan of Cebu where her son, Provincial Board Member Sun Shimura, sits as a member.

The owners, operators and administrators of the said cemeteries and some concerned sectors led by Rev. Fr. John Jonah Orat, parish priest of St. Rose of Lima Parish in Daanbantayan, recently aired their complaint to Cebu Governor Gwendolyn Garcia. The group claimed that the closure is illegal, immoral and insensitive to the sentiments, beliefs and feelings of the faithful in the municipality.

Acting on the said complaints, Garcia called a meeting last Monday with officials of the Daanbantayan Roman Catholic Church, Department of Health, Commission on Human Rights and the Cebu Provincial Police Office. It was during the meeting that complainants manifested their intent to file appropriate actions against the officials of Daanbantayan which shall include the filing of the appropriate administrative complaint before the Cebu provincial board relative to the closure of said cemeteries which have greatly prejudiced their rights and interests. Capitol lawyers also informed Loot about the planned action in a letter dated November 22, 2011 which states all the findings of the meeting called by Garcia. It was also found out that the closure is in violation of The Code of Sanitation of the Philippines which provides that “the power to close cemeteries belongs to the regional director of the DOH and not the Local Government Unit whose actions relative thereto is subject to the approval of the DOH Secretary.”

However, Loot insisted her right being the local chief executive of the town and not just a puppet. “Unsa naman lang diay ta ani, tawo-tawo nalang ta,” Loot said. Loot hopes to get a fair investigation from the PB members and not be politicized. “Kung politika man ni, okey lang, hinaut ang provincial board dili unta magpagamit,” Loot further said.

During the meeting, the CPPO has agreed to maintain peace and order in the area and not to implement the closure of the said cemeteries nor assist in its implementation. The DOH-7 is now conducting a status inventory of all cemeteries in Daanbantayan and will recommend to the Governor appropriate actions relative thereto.

In a letter dated October 13, 2011, Loot directed Municipal Administrator Mamerto Rodrigo to cause the closure of some cemeteries in the municipality by virtue of her Notice of Closure Order dated October 2011. The closure order states that maintaining unauthorized cemeteries violate Section 4 of Municipal Ordinance 13-2003, which provides that all applicants that want to operate or establish cemeteries are required to secure the proper development permit and license to sell cemetery lots from the Housing and Land Use Regulatory Board. Section 5 of the ordinance provides that burials shall be made only inside a duly licensed cemetery.

Investors to inspect Daanbantayan & Agoho Tourist Hotel/Airport development site, but Malu allegedly plans huge ripoff - 21 November 2011
This article was originally published on Facebook

Malu Loot is allegedly planning a huge development in the Agoho beachfront area, consisting of a Tourist Resort Hotel & shops possibly linked to a new airport. As part of this process Malu is arranging anytime now for a special inspection of Daanbantayan & Agoho areas by a delegation & representatives from overseas investors, which will include local political figures who are also investors.

Allegedly Malu will claim a government sanctioned official land resumption order is in place which allows the Daanbantayan Council to resume the land for supposedly official government use. This is allegedly a lie because there will be no official use or no official land resumption program. The people will be intimidated into believing this. Once the land is under the control of the Council, Malu will be able to allegedly manipulate the sale of the land to the developers and by using corrupt dealings, she will allegedly personally pocket a huge amount of money (millions of pesos). Effectively she allegedly plans to steal the land from the rightful owners so that she can profiteer from the sale of the land to the developers.

There are many problems associated with this proposed development plan that effectively make the project illegal & unachievable, some of which are, improper ownership of the land by ripping off the people, inadequate infrastructure for water supply, sewerage & drainage requirements, incorrect land zoning for the proposed use, & the recent discovery of toxic waste materials illegally dumped in the area (allegedly sanctioned by Malu Loot for a fee). Malu wants to keep this plan secret because the value of the land will go up dramatically if landowners become aware of this project, and landowners will naturally demand a higher sale figure when approached by Malu Loot to sell or have their land resumed by the government.

There is soon to be a special inspection of Daanbantayan & Agoho area by a delegation & representatives from overseas investors, which will include local political figures who are also investors. The local political figures will assist the project through any political hurdles it may face. Those politicians or politically influential people have vested interests so they plan to force the project through, despite any real and valid objections that local people have. Malu allegedly plans to only show this delegation of investors the good points about Daanbantayan and cover up or hide any bad points or negative matters. She is very fearful that her opponents will somehow find out about this delegation and secretly inform them of the many bad "goings on" in Daanbantayan and of any problems with this particular development proposal. The investors have been led to believe it is all good and all above board, but Malu is allegedly planning so many dirty tricks that the investors do not know about, in order to make this project come to fruition. There is a very big profit in this for Malu and her local supporters. There is a consortium of foreign interests from Chinese/American/English speaking representatives with American dollar financial backing, so it is a very large consortium who want to develop the area, as there is also a significant profit in it for them.

People of Daanbantayan you have been warned, this is really just another huge ripoff against the current legal landowners.

MALU LOOT HEALTH UPDATE - Tiya Malou Loot admitted to hospital for more cancer treatment - 20 November 2011
This article was originally published by LC on Facebook wall of Ang Parola sa Daanbantayan & is republished here.
The poster obviously has some connections with medical people & the Loot family who are aware of Malu's health situation.

Dis is something dat happened around 29 October 2011, but I just got around to writing it now. My dear Tiya Malou was put in hospital at d same time dat Tiyo Vic Loot was in hospital for his prostate disease operation. Yes dey were both in different hospitals in Cebu City at d same time. Inday Malou had to undergo more therapy for d cancer she has. She was sitting in a big lounge type chair & had a intravenous drip in her arm. Dis apparently was d chemotherapy drugs dat she has to regularly hav for her lymphatic cancer. Apparently d cancer is spreading around her body & getting worse rather than getting better. There are more sites of d cancer appearing all d time. Dey even said it has gone into some of her bones. I'm really really concerned for my Tiya Malou. Her other very close friends are really worried about her, dey say she is so sick nearly all d time now, & are worried she is going to die from d spread of cancer.

I heard she has been complaining of more severe stomach pains, & dis apparently is d cancer spreading into her stomach area. There was even talk dat she had severe pains in her bowel and was undergoing bowel examination where dey stick tubes up her anus to examine d bowel. Dey say there was some cancer there also. Dis is very very bad news for Inday Malou. Now I realize why her close friends are so worried. I don't think she is gong to make it somehow, dis cancer disease has spread so much & I can see she is getting weaker all d time, despite pretending to people dat she is OK.

I even heard dat Tiya Malou was writing down orders for others to follow after her death, as she was even thinking herself dat she is going to die from dis disease. Dis is really sad dat I hav to tell u all dis news. I know dat Malou is trying to hide her illness & telling people dat there is nothing wrong with her, but it is so obvious to everyone in town who sees her, she looks very sick & very unwell. She is emotionally unstable nearly all d time now & always lamblasts everybody she sees, even people in d street get told off for just looking at her. She even had old photos of herself (taken when much younger) published in d town fiesta program so dat people would not see her unwell face. These r all signs of a person who is very very unwell, & not coping well with their disease. Maybe she has just got another "reality check" with d news dat Vic is sick too wid prostate cancer, so now she realizes dat both of their lives r "in d balance" so to speak, & subject to d will of God. Maybe dis is d "Wrath of God" striking dem both down for all d cruel things dey have done to people in dis town. I like dem both as my Tiya & Tiyo, but I can't help but think of all d bad things dat I know dey hav done to many different people in town, just so dey can get richer & richer. D greed has really taken over both of their lives, & now look what it has done, d karma of their actions has gone back to them as serious life threatening diseases. I don't think having all d money in d world is worth being so sick as dey both r now. Dis is really sad for both of them. God bless dem both, as I think dey r really going to need help from God.

VIC LOOT HEALTH UPDATE - Tiyo Enting (Vic Loot) hospitalized with prostate ailment - 20 November 2011
This article was originally published by LC on the Facebook Wall page of Ang Parola sa Daanbantayan & is republished here.
The poster, LC, obviously has some connections with medical people & the Loot family who are aware of Vic's health situation.

Dis is from 27 October 2011. It is true dat my Tiyo Enting (yes dats Vic Loot) has been admitted to Perpetual Succour Hospital in Cebu City with a severe prostate ailment. Apparently Enting has been operated on for cancer of his prostate. He was not able to urinate & had to have a catheter inserted into his penis, he smelt of urine in his hospital bed, it was so very smelly. It's a big shame dis has happened to him, his manhood has been "damaged", he always wanted to show off & be a big man, now look what has happened to him, he has turned into an impotent wimp. Dat's wot my Tiya Malou calls him, an impotent idiot.

Dis is a mans disease, & we always knew dat Vic was a womanizer, as he liked to sleep around with so many young teenage girls. His sexual infidelity has got the better of him & brought on dis cancer disease of his prostate. I heard he has another girlfriend & she is disgusted with him & has dumped him mainly because of dis. So Tiya Malou is his wife, but I heard he had another secret Thai wife & a 7 yr old child, & also he has a local Filipina girlfriend. It seems like Tiyo Enting cannot get enough of women, but dis prostate disease has really stopped his sexual escapades now, as d Doctors hav said it will be many many months before he recovers physically from d operation, & in many cases d man is left impotent. Oh dear !

Worse than dat, d Doctors say d cancer might even spread as dey are not sure how successful dey hav been to get all d cancer out. Oh dear, it seems like both Vic & Malou have cancer now, what a surprise turn of events, it does seem like d wrath of God is hitting dem both for all d supposed bad things dey hav done to other people in DB town.

GMA charged with electoral fraud, under arrest in St Lukes Hospital, Manila - 19 November 2011
Will Malu Loot be next ?
LOOK, this story has even appeared in overseas newspapers, so the international press are watching !
Philippine ex-president charged with electoral fraud - 19 November 2011
Hrvoje Hranjski - 12:35PM

Former Philippine President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo has been arrested in her hospital room on electoral fraud charges in a high-profile tug of war set off by her attempts to leave the country ostensibly for medical treatment. Arroyo becomes the second ex-Philippine president to face trial, after her ousted predecessor Joseph Estrada was sentenced to life in prison for corruption and later pardoned by her.

Arroyo denies any wrongdoing and accuses the government of political persecution when it stopped her from leaving the Philippines for overseas medical treatment for a bone ailment. Gloria Arroyo wore a neck brace as she arrived at an airport in Manila for a flight to Hong Kong earlier this week, but was not allowed to leave the country. Gloria Arroyo wore a neck brace as she arrived at an airport in Manila for a flight to Hong Kong earlier this week, but was not allowed to leave the country.

Her lawyer, Ferdinand Topacio, said on Friday the government had filed fabricated charges with "indecent haste". The Supreme Court earlier in the day upheld her right to travel, but a lower court where the formal charges were filed later issued an arrest warrant that effectively bars her from leaving. Arroyo, 64, has been recovering in a hospital since her failed attempt to leave the country on Tuesday, and Justice Secretary Leila de Lima said she will remain confined to her hospital room. "They are not going to, let's say, handcuff her and take her out of the room," de Lima said. "We will not object to hospital arrest." In a drama that has galvanised the Philippines, Arroyo, sitting in a wheelchair and wearing a head and neck brace, was turned back on Tuesday night from boarding a flight out of Manila. Authorities said she was still under investigation and might become a fugitive.

Her successor and staunch critic, President Benigno Aquino III, was overwhelmingly elected on promises to rid the Philippines of corruption and has said he wants to start with Arroyo. The former president sought help from the Supreme Court, which issued a temporary clearance for her to travel and reaffirmed it on Friday. But the government ignored the order, saying national interest and uncovering the truth were more important than an individual's right to travel. "It is our desire that truth and accountability prevail and that the Filipino people be given the justice they truly deserve," de Lima told reporters. "Justice has been served. It's very relieving," she said.

The election fraud charges filed on Friday by the Commission on Election carry a maximum penalty of 40 years in prison. Arroyo legal spokesman Raul Lambino said the case against her "is a high form of injustice". The charges stem from allegations that Arroyo conspired with officials to tamper with results of 2007 congressional polls to favour her candidates. She was accused of having direct knowledge of massive cheating in an autonomous Muslim region in the southern Philippines, the country's poorest and notoriously corrupt region, where ballot boxes are switched en masse and voters paid or threatened to abstain. A probe this year by the Senate Electoral Tribunal found an Arroyo ally, Miguel Zubiri, benefited from fake ballots. He resigned his Senate seat and made way for an opposition candidate. Two witnesses - an election supervisor and a former governor of the Muslim region - have alleged that Arroyo and her husband ordered election rigging to favour administration candidates such as Zubiri.

Also charged on Friday were ex-election supervisor Lintang Bedol, who is in government custody and wants to turn state witness, and Andal Ampatuan Sr., the former Muslim regional governor and patriarch of a powerful clan. Ampatuan, a former Arroyo ally, is on trial for allegedly ordering the 2009 massacre of 57 people, including 32 journalists and political opponents, in the country's worst political bloodbath. During her tumultuous nine-year presidency from 2001 to 2010, Arroyo ranked as the country's least popular leader and faced down several coup and impeachment attempts over corruption allegations. Her most serious crisis came a year after she was elected in 2004, when a wiretapped recording surfaced of her talking to an election official allegedly about securing a vote margin for herself. She later apologised but said she did nothing wrong.

After stepping down last year, Arroyo, 64, was elected to the House of Representatives and immediately faced at least half a dozen legal complaints, including allegations that she diverted state funds for her campaign effort and benefited from foreign contracts. The Justice Department is still investigating the other complaints. AP

LAND SCAM in DAANBANTAYAN - 20 October 2011
Republished by APSD & AP at!/notes/arturo-polo/relaunch-of-north-cebu-airstrip-to-spur-interest-in-malapascua-island/234005249989981
Relaunch of North Cebu airstrip to spur interest in Malapascua Island - originally published 20 December 2007
Originally online at (although this link appears to be broken at Oct 2011)
This story which originally appeared in Cebu Daily newspaper in December 2007, is of significant interest now in October 2011, as whispers coming from DB suggest that this project is about to be relaunched. There are external/foreign investors interested in funding this project, and there are also local politically influential investors involved, who will assist to "get this project through" any political hurdles that may be experienced. Whispers allege there are serious problems with this project and there will be a "cover up" to make everything "look correct" to the investors.!/notes/arturo-polo/relaunch-of-north-cebu-airstrip-to-spur-interest-in-malapascua-island/234005249989981
North Cebu airstrip spurs interest in Malapascua Island - 20 December 2007
CEBU CITY, Dec. 19 (PNA) - Work on the planned P30 million airstrip in Daanbantayan town in northern Cebu will start once the master plan for Cebu’s 4th district is completed. Rep. Benhur Salimbangon of the 4th district said he wanted the airstrip to complement the master plan of the district. The master plan will become the bible for development in the 4th district. Any development to sprout in the district has to jibe with it, otherwise it will not have a significant impact to the public, Salimbangon said. He said the Department of Tourism (DOT) is working on the master plan, which is expected to be finished by the first quarter of next year.

The airstrip in Daanbantayan has generated interest from some property developers to look at Malaspacua Island and its neighboring towns as potential sites for tourism-related investments. One of the developers is Cebu-based MSY Holdings Corp., which is building a P500 million six-star hotel in Barangay Agujo, Daanbantayan which is expected to be finished middle of next year. Other government agencies also supported the development of the airstrip. The DOT, the Department of Transportation and Communications and the Cebu provincial government pledged to help fund the project. The airstrip will be designed to accommodate chartered planes. Salimbangon said he was optimistic that the project would make Malapascua island more accessible to local and foreign tourists. Another development that will complement the positioning of Malapascua Island as a premier tourist destination is the construction of the roll-on roll-off (Ro-Ro) port in Maya which is targeted to be completed on April next year. After the RORO port in Maya, a similar RORO port will also be built in Malapascua so that it could accommodate the seacraft from Maya.

Daan Bantayan is the northernmost town of Cebu which is around 129 kilometers away from Cebu City. Malapascua Island is a 45-minute pump boat ride from Maya, Daanbantayan. Cebu’s 4th district is made up of Bogo City, the towns of Daanbantayan, Bantayan, Tabogon, Tabuelan, Sta. Fe, San Remigio and Madridejos. (PNA) Article source: Positive News Media

"Nobody is above the law", says Loot, who allegedly broke many laws. Townspeople ask Malu to repent now to save her soul - 22 October 2011
This article was originally published on Facebook  by AP & APSD at

Can Malu Loot save her soul ?
"Only by choosing God", say the people of Daanbantayan. "Choose between God or the Devil", they ask.
Malu Loot said "nobody is above the law", except that she thinks she is !   
Malu Loot is recently quoted as saying "...I want the laws to be followed by everybody. Nobody is above the law”.

How is it then Malu that you believe you can get away with allegedly murdering Gogong and many other of your opponents, and believe you can get away with four serious CRIMINAL Graft charges laid by the NBI. We know you allegedly pay people to delay the murder trial of Ludoc and allegedly use black magic to make the Judges, Lawyers & complainants sick, and that you have allegedly paid people millions of pesos to delay the Graft case in the Ombudsmans office.

Why are you above the law Malu ?
We know you allegedly buy the votes of people in Daanbantayan at every election in order to win, and that you allegedly buy favours from Palace officials to delay election protest results so you can sit in office for the whole term. You are allegedly the worst offender at law breaking in the whole of Daanbantayan, as you have allegedly committed the most heinous crimes imaginable and are allegedly a serial repeat offender.

You are right to say "Nobody is above the law", as you will soon find out when the law comes knocking on your door to arrest you.
God will also soon be knocking on your door and drag you screaming with vitriol to your Judgement Day. You cannot use money in Gods court, so you will not avoid his cross examination and verdict, which will undoubtedly be a few lifetimes in hell until you finally repent for your evil ways on this earth.

The cancer you have is eating away your life energy from the inside out, it is slowly but surely spreading through all corners of your body into every cell, into every organ & into your bones, so your doom is assured, it is just a matter of time. God has delivered his punishment or karma to you already, as evil begets evil. You cannot escape from this sickness, as it has been created by your actions and attitudes towards yourself & others, and it is now too late for medicine or a change of attitude to halt the physical spread of cancer.

Allegedly you are so full of resentment, so full of anger, so full of self righteousness, so egotistical, so full of pride, so full of hatred, so vindictive, so retaliatory, so revengeful, so lacking of compassion, so abusive of power, so greedy, so controlling & dominating of others, so unforgiving, so self centered, and only care about yourself instead of others. You have allegedly forcibly taken on the role of service to others in your capacity as Mayor, yet you allegedly have no understanding at all of what service to others even is. You allegedly see the Office of Mayor as being a service to yourself, to benefit yourself, to make a good life for yourself with total disregard of your duty to your constituents.

You are allegedly the most evil person in Daanbantayan, you are allegedly the lowest form of life, you are allegedly no better than a worm or insect, which is the opinion you allegedly hold of most people in Daanbantayan (your very constituents). Why is it that you are the richest Mayor in Cebu, yet there are so many people living at or below poverty in your Municipality, who do not know where their next meal will come from ? It is allegedly because you have put the wealth of the people into your own personal pocket (eg kickbacks from illegal fishing have plundered the oceans, so there are insufficient fish left to feed the local people, & many other indiscretions etc).

Malu, you have a lifetime of bad attitudes to deal with & correct, & there is such a short time in which you will still be alive to try to correct these. Unfortunately the Universal Laws of Manifestation created by God will most likely prevent you from being able to undo all the bad things you have done, while still alive in this lifetime. But you can start repenting now, you can start changing your attitude immediately, today.

Firstly find compassion within yourself for all those around you and demonstrate caring for them rather than abusing & harming them.
Secondly start being a responsible leader and exercise the correct use of the position of power & authority you have, you must immediately stop abusing your office of power, you need to learn the responsible use of power.
You are a human soul being, born from God just like all the rest of us, you are a spark of light that is a representation or a manifestation of God on this earth. You allegedly chose the path of evil, you became greedy and sought adulation and respect from others, but as you were incapable of earning that respect and adulation, you used your greed for money to enable you to force people to admire you and "do what you tell them".

Your forced adulation (upon others) is worthless to your soul, you know this, even your own family members hate you, so this pattern of behaviour has not really gained you the respect and adulation that you desired. Others in this town have truly earned respect by their honest actions and achievements, and real generosity that comes from their hearts as a true concern for their fellow human beings. This is the type of real respect that you want also. Your problem is you have allegedly never done anything honest and decent in your whole life, all you know is to cheat and lie, so you will never earn true respect from people (and never will either if you keep following this path of deceit).

In the eyes of God it is never too late, he is just waiting for you to turn towards the light, and do good towards your fellow mankind, to be kind and generous to them, to use power wisely to help all those around you. For it is through these actions that you will be adored by the people and respected by the people, but your actions must be honest and truthful, there can be no pretence or "partial implementation" about this. Give all your wealth to the people, give them everything you have stolen, use the Office of the Mayor to implement programs to empower the people and lift them out of poverty, let go of your greed, give everything to the people and you will for sure earn their honest respect and adulation. Remember that God is just waiting for you to turn to the light and do good deeds to all mankind over whom you have power and influence, he will scoop you up into his arms and forgive you, it is NEVER too late. The choice is yours Malu, you have a small and short window of opportunity left on this earth in which to do good for all the people of Daanbantayan. What are you going to do now ?

Remember Malu, you cannot take a single peso to heaven, but you can arrive there with dignity and self respect if you so choose. Of course your physical life on earth will dramatically change if you implement the changes suggested above, and you will have to tolerate those changes and any flow on effects they may have. Do not forget that you are doing this to "truly earn" the respect of the people, and to show God that you have learnt the biggest lesson of your whole life, and undoubtedly the lesson you were given the opportunity to learn throughout this incarnation on earth. God put you in this position for a reason, it is not a fluke or chance, it is pre-ordained, those around you that you see as "opponents" are just helping you to see the light and goodness in all things, as we know that you have gone very much astray from the path of God and the path of light. The error of your ways has been that you allegedly chose to live a life of evil & used the forces of evil to get your way.

Both the people of Daanbantayan and God will respect you forevermore if you voluntarily turn to a life of light and goodness and live honestly and decently for the rest of your days. The people of Daanbantayan wish you well Malu, you are a strong adversary to them, but you are not as strong as God, and the Devil is not as strong as God. The people of Daanbantayan now ask you to choose God or the Devil, which is ultimately the most important choice you will make in this lifetime. Choosing the Devil will only mean you will have to repeat this lesson over and over in further incarnations on this planet until you do realise that God is the only way. By choosing God you will free yourself of all the negativity that your karma has collected and be welcomed to Heaven.


25 sementeryo sa Daanbantayan, Cebu, ipinasara - 11 November 2011
Originally posted by Tingog Tapilon on Facebook
Please watch this News TV video regarding the Daanbantayan cemetery issue. Mayor Maria Luisa Loot is interviewed about the issue.
Click this link.!/photo.php?v=221117821290102&set=o.160895743941436&type=2&theater

Closure order to cemetery owner, "Your continued defiance will be dealt with", says Loot ! - 22 October 2011

Loot demands all Daanbantayan burials only in Bitoon & Talisay cemeteries, Loot demands bereaved pay for Pasaka (truck) fuel ! - 22 October 2011

Loot to Rodrigo, close those illegal cemeteries - 22 October 2011

Daanbantayan mayor closes 25 cemeteries - 18 October 2011
Originally published in Sun Star Cebu by Elias O Baquero at

MAYOR Ma. Luisa J. Loot of Daanbantayan, Cebu yesterday issued a closure order against at least 25 unauthorized cemeteries, based on the findings and recommendation of the Department of Health (DOH) and the Department of Environment and Natural Resources. Loot said too many cemeteries in her town could land Daanbantayan in the Guinness Book of World Records, and if not stopped, the number could increase, because almost all big-time landowners and families who belong to the upper class want their own cemetery. Loot said she even discovered that a rich family buried their deceased member and constructed a tomb inside their house.

In her closure order, Loot said unauthorized cemeteries violate Section 4 of Municipal Ordinance 13-2003, which provides that all applicants that want to operate or establish cemeteries are required to secure the proper development permit and license to sell cemetery lots from the Housing and Land Use Regulatory Board. Section 5 of the ordinance provides that burials shall be made only inside a duly licensed cemetery. Loot also cited Presidential Decree 856, which states “it is unlawful for any person to bury remains in places other than those legally authorized.”

DOH 7 Director Susana Madarieta wrote a letter to Loot last October, informing her that they found out during inspection that private lots, including household front yards and back yards or lots owned by private persons adjacent to the existing cemeteries, are used as burial grounds even without the DOH clearance, as mandated by the Sanitation Code of the Philippines. Madarieta recommended that the local government unit (LGU) stop burials in unauthorized burial grounds and order the closure of unauthorized cemeteries that pose imminent danger to public health.

Loot said two religious groups, the Roman Catholic Church and Iglesia Filipina Independiente, also operate unauthorized cemeteries in the municipality. Aside from the closure order, Loot also wrote a letter to Engr. Peter Señeres, the general manager of the Cebu II Electric Cooperative Inc. based in Malingin, Bogo City, requesting him to refrain from connecting electric power supply to the illegal cemeteries during All Souls’ and All Saints’ Days on Nov. 1 and 2. Loot told Señeres that the illegal cemeteries are located in Barangays Calape, Agujo, Bateria, Bagay, Malbago, Bakhawan, Tapilon, Maya, Poblacion and Bitoon.

The illegal cemeteries owned and operated by the Roman Catholic Church are in Sitio Malocbaloc, Barangay Agujo, in Barangay Bagay, in Barangay Tapilon, and in Barangay Maya. “Closing these illegal cemeteries may cause a backlash to my political career, but I don’t care because I want the laws to be followed by everybody. Nobody is above the law,” Loot said.

Loot's are criminals who abuse their positions of power for self gain - reprinted from September 2008
This response/story was originally posted by the author bantay at
in response to the story regarding the Loots being charged with Graft by NBI. The content is the personal opinion of the author & is posted here for the general information of readers, townspeople & investors, but the comments are allegations.

Let's not pretend that the Loot's are just regular politicians who get a bit of tong (bribe) money. They are serious criminals who deliberately use their positions of power for their own wealth generation purposes. Yes it's common practice in the Philippines, but these people ie Malu Loot, her husband Police Supt Vicente Loot and their son Sun Shimura are "devils in disguise". This site lists a few examples of corrupt activities of the administration in Daanbantayan headed by Malu Loot Corruption

Anyone who gets in their way is trodden on, and ends up getting sued by Malu, removed from any job they have in Daanbantayan, and even sent to jail on concocted charges fabricated by Malu Loot and her team of gangsters who are supposedly called the "Municipal Council". They are all crooks and cheats & liars who only support the Loot's because there is money in it for them. Anyone who crosses Malu politically or in any way opposes her publicly incurs Malu's wrath, and an extremely vindictive attack commences. Malu just doesn't let go until she has annihilated her opponents, that can be by running them out of town, denying them access to government services, having them sacked from their jobs and even coercing others not to do business with them, thus stifling their ability to earn a living in Daanbantayan. Here's the outcome of one case against Jeronimo Cosido where he lost his job in the Municipio after undue pressure was applied to him by Malu Loot. His brother Bartoleme crossed Malu over the illegal implementation by Malu of new tax laws without approval from the Cebu government. Malu's response was to attack family members who were vulnerable ie Jeronimo Cosido, as he was a town employee, see

If you really get in the Loot's way, then you will end up being murdered, of which there are numerous cases to quote such as Gogong Arrogante in March 2008.
See this site for more details re Murders

Many residents have understandably become compliant and no longer attempt to oppose the Loot's. At least that way they can still survive at the meagre poverty level. So many people have had their own and their families lives "destroyed" by the Loot's that the locals see there is no point in trying to oppose them anymore. It's more like a military dictatorship that is controlling the town.

Many supporters of Itok Corro are unable to get services from the Council offices and have to travel to Bogo City and Cebu City to do normal transactions that are usually done at the local Town Hall.
Others do not get water and garbage services, even though they pay rates for these etc, as Malu has ordered that certain residents are not to be provided with essential services. It's not surprising to know that these certain residents are political opponents who support the opposition team. Complaints to the Ombudsman and local police fall on deaf ears, as both these government bodies are seemingly "under the control" of the Loot's, usually by payment of bribes etc to do what the Loot's want done, or to block any cases that have the Loot's name on them.

The Loot's get millions of pesos from bribes to turn their eye to illegal big time fisherman, who decimate the waters off Daanbantayan and make it difficult for the small rural self sufficient fisherman to make a meagre living anymore. See Illegal Fishing in Daanbantayan waters & Protection bribes

Malu uses the influence of her senior policeman husband who is currently Chief of Staff of Cebu Provincial headquarters, to exert pressure on local Daanbantayan policeman, and other policeman who have families living in Daanbantayan. Virtually the whole town of Daanbantyan lives in fear of the Loot's and their regime as there are many henchmen with guns who carry out Malu's wicked orders without hesitation. These goons are impervious to arrest from local police as they have exemption from prosecution, as ordered by the Mayor and Vice Mayor.

There are many reports of Vic Loot threatening and intimidating people in the lead up to elections. Opposition candidate Itok Corro lodged a case with the Ombudsman alleging interference in the May 2007 council election by Vic Loot during vote counting procedures. Vic Loot should have been no where near the ballot boxes when votes were being counted, yet he was directly outside the glass walled room, banging on the wall in a threatening and intimidating manner. Scrutineers were scared not to do the cheating that had already been arranged with Malu Loot & Vic Loot. If they don't do what they are told, then they are out of a job, get run out of town and may even get murdered.
See this story for more details Election interference case against Vic Loot lodged with Ombudsman

That case is still pending and no action has yet taken place about the complaint, nearly 2 years later. The Ombudsmans office in Cebu is effectively under control of associates, friends and "so called" relatives of the Loot's. Malu Loot herself publicly brags that Aniano Descierto (ex Ombudsman) fixes all matters for them. She has publicly stated that no one has enough money to beat her and that Descierto fixes all issues in the Ombudsmans office for them. There are many other cases lodged over 2 years ago that have had no action take place. The Loot's use the strategy to just delay and delay all cases pending against them until the next election comes around. As many matters are of an administrative nature, then they never get heard within the elected term, so Malu escapes prosecution under the Aguinaldo doctrine. If any matter does somehow become escalated, then they just pay someone to "fix it".

The murder of an dual Australian/Filipino citizen Renerio "Gogong" Arrogante III on March 9, 2008 was the beginning of an uprising against the Loot's. Many townspeople were angry that their local hero had been murdered by the Loot's as payback for his rising political popularity and the fact that he emotionally hurt the Loot's when he sued them for bigamy, a case based on official records Gogong had acquired. The Loot's supposedly had official records sanitized as well as bribed the judge, and the "altered documentation" presented as evidence in court showed a different story to the "original" records. Gogong lost that case and also lost his life for his trouble. Vic Loot stated he was "hurt to the bone" by the actions of Gogong and never forgave him. Retribution raged in his & Malu's minds for nearly a year until the order to assassinate Gogong was issued for a reported fee of P200,000.

Over 3,000 people attended Gogongs funeral in Daanbantayan, there had NEVER been a funeral that big in the town. Townspeople formed the Justice for Gogong Movement (J4G) and have held monthly vigils and memorial services at his grave on the 9th of every month since his murder. On the one year anniversary on 9th March 2009 over 700 people attended the memorial service at his Mausoleum in Balingasag, Daanbantayan. Many supporters attend the memorial service held every month, attendance ranging from 100 to 500 people. Malu Loot gets particularly mad and lamblasts the organisers and supporters over the local Bantay Radyo station immediately after the gathering. She is so angry that the murder of Gogong is being kept at such a high profile in local peoples minds and in Cebu newspapers reports. Why doe she get so angry ? Because she is scared that one day those who know of the direct involvement of the Loot's will succumb to the ongoing display of public sympathy and turn against her & her husband and start talking to the NBI. That will be the day the Loot's get arrested for murder. Read more about Gogong here Renerio Mongaya Arrogante III (Jun or Gogong) - murdered 9 March 2008

The recent Graft case against Malu & Vic Loot lodged with the Manila Ombudsman by NBI on 3 April 2009, is the start of their downfall. NBI have obviously taken an interest in the Loot's and discovered in routine examination of official SALN,s that there were serious discrepancies. The Loot's are crying foul, and claiming that due process was not given to them as they were unaware of a lifestyle check being carried out. That's nonsense as Vic Loot is a policeman, and he well knows that there is an official "No Contact" policy during lifestyle check investigations. This is to prevent interference or coercion being applied to investigators and their familes and friends etc, in an attempt to pervert the course of the investigation. The Loots say they should have been told before charges were laid, but again that's nonsense, the first thing the Loots would have done is to try and bribe someone, and failing that to then threaten to have them murdered, and if that still didn't work, then the investigator would probably have been murdered. This is not fanciful imagination either, there are many cases in Cebu of investigations getting too close to individuals, and the investigator suddenly got murdered. There was one story about an official investigation into illegal fishing practices in Cebu, an activity that Malu Loot was very vocal about as it involved investigators coming onto her "turf" ie the waters of Daanbantayan. She was very annoyed that someone actually arrested an illegal fisherman who had already paid the Loot's "protection" money, and this was therefore affecting her income from illegal fishing "tong". Soon after this event, the Government investigator was murdered.

There are serious Graft & Corruption charges which are supported by lot's of documentary evidence in the complaint lodged by the NBI, and the Loot's should be very worried as this could be the downfall of both their careers. The Loots are pretending that the matter is nothing and that they can overcome it just like all other legal matters & charges they have previously faced. They are claiming that senior officials in the Government will help them "fix the case". Quite the opposite is the real truth though, as reports from "insiders" tell that Malu and Vic are very, very worried, and are arguing constantly and no longer living in the same residence in Daanbantayan. She stays at the "white house" in poblacion, and he stays at their holiday house in Pajo near the beach. Their pattern of behaviour has changed quite significantly and there have been many unusual changes in their mannerisms. Malu has been "rallying the troops" at various urgently called meetings, to try to tone down negative morale amongst her supporters over the many and serious charges that have been laid against them in the last month, both by the NBI for Graft and now the Capitol re gross negligence and dereliction of duty charges. Only time will tell who will "win" this matter, but the Loot's are likely to be the big losers !

Loot couple in graft raps - reprinted from April 2008

THE National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) has recommended the prosecution of two Cebu public officials, finding an “unexplained increase in their assets.” Daanbantayan Vice Mayor Ma. Luisa Loot and her husband, Police Senior Supt. Vicente Loot, allegedly violated the anti-graft law and the Code of Conduct for Public Officials and Employees, and falsified public documents. “The increase in net worth is not proportionate with the annual taxable income declared by the subjects,” the NBI said in a letter-complaint the Office of the Ombudsman in Manila received last April 3 (2008). “There is no sufficient explanation on the exorbitant increase,” added the document, signed by NBI Deputy Director for Special Investigation Services Victor Bessat.

Senior Supt. Loot believes the complaint has political backing. He told Sun.Star Cebu there were some items they did not include in previous statements of assets and liabilities because these were not required then. The vice mayor, in a separate interview, described the matter as “political harassment.” She told Sun.Star Cebu by phone that they went to the NBI central office last Wednesday to ask about the case. She also pointed out that as early as 1998, she already declared some P82 million in assets. Loot said they are updating their records at the Bureau of Internal Revenue, so they can correct any deficiencies in their taxes.

Other than the anti-graft law, the code of conduct and the Revised Penal Code’s provision against falsification, Bessat’s letter-complaint also cited Republic Act (RA) 1379. The law sets the procedures and commands the forfeiture, in favor of the state, of any property unlawfully acquired by any public officer or employee. “Whenever any public officer or employee has acquired during his incumbency an amount of public property which is manifestly out of proportion to his salary... other lawful income and income from legitimately acquired property, said property is presumed prima facie to have been unlawfully acquired,” Section 2 of RA 1379 reads. Bessat, citing the findings of Atty. Allan Contado, chief of the NBI’s anti-graft division, said the Loot spouses had a total taxable income of P611,214 in 2005, P612,548 in 2006 and P604,680 in 2007. The figures were based on their tax returns and took into account their salaries and income from their businesses—the Gallera de Mandaue, a cockpit; Eigado Mini Mart; Eigado Lending Investors; the Mandaue Sabungan Canteen; and the Eigado Real Estate Lessor.

Meanwhile, in the joint Statement of Assets, Liabilities and Net Worth (SALN) that the Loots submitted to the Office of the Ombudsman-Visayas for 2005, 2006 and 2007, the spouses declared their net worth as P83,075,143 for 2005, P87,645,800 in 2006 and P106,701,628 in 2007. The NBI letter-complaint cited the sharp increase in the Loot couple’s net worth between 2005 and 2006 (about P4.5 million) and between 2006 and 2007 (P19.05 million). “How could there be an increase in the amount of P4,570,657 in the year 2006 if the only taxable income earned during that year was only P612,548 (based on the annual tax returns)?” Bessat said in his letter. Bessat said the spouses attributed the 2007 increase—about P19 million—to their construction of houses within Mandaue City’s Mango Green Village, worth P12,272,000, and the acquisition of a Quezon City condominium worth P4.9 million. They indicated that the value of the Mandaue City property supposedly increased by P23,772,000 from the original P12.2 million, said Bessat.

The couple also indicated that they made additional investments amounting to P6,485,728. Still, Bessat said, the increase “could not justify or explain the abrupt increase in income.” Likewise, Bessat said, the couple already factored in the Mandaue City houses in their 2006 SALN. Senior Supt. Loot acknowledged there was a difference but explained that recently, there were “new baseline declarations” that did not require some items in previous years. He noted that some items such as insurance and investment policies like pre-need plans were acquired in the 1980s yet and had to be included in the new forms. Loot added that in previous years, they were not required to itemize all their assets.

No due process
He said he was ready to answer the allegations, but questioned why he and the vice mayor were immediately being charged. “If they had approached us earlier to ask us about it (the increase in net worth), we would have explained. Dili na unta maabot sa ingon ani. But we are ready to answer that,” Loot said in a phone interview. He added that a pending case before the Office of the Ombudsman was designed to affect his plans to pursue a promotion. Loot felt that they were not accorded with due process because they were not asked to explain before it was decided that a complaint be filed against them. “My question is, why us? Kadaghan diha ga-casino nga mga pulis, mga pulitiko nga mopusta ug tig P500,000. Kami, asa man mi makit-an? Unsa ma’y mga bisyo namo? (There are police and politicians who spend time in the casinos. Have we ever been accused of doing any of that?),” he said.

He added that with their declared sources of income, one could not doubt that they would be able to afford the assets they have declared. Loot was at the main headquarters in Camp Crame yesterday and admitted many friends have contacted him regarding the impending charges. Bessat’s letter-complaint also stressed the couple failed to reflect certain properties and holdings in their SALN. The couple, he said, only declared ownership of two parcels of land and two buildings. However, the NBI found, the couple actually has six parcels of land in Daanbantayan. Vice Mayor Loot said they are ready to face any inquiry, to show political detractors they acquired these legally. She lamented the “personal attack on my private life” and described the case as part of “dirty political tricks” to get back at them. (KNR/With MEA & GMD)

5 nga `nangdinamita’ gibuhian sa pulis - 23 Septembre 2011
Ni Sheila C. Gravinez
Gipatik sa mantalaang SuperBalita Cebu

PIPILA ka mga pulis sa Daanbantayan Police Station gireklamo sa usa ka barangay kapitan nga mibuhi sa lima ka mga tawo nga nadakpan gumikan sa ilegal nga pagpanagat sa Barangay Malbago sa maong lungsod. Si Kapitan Virgilio Misa sa Barangay Malbago sa Daanbantayan nisumbong ni Capitol Consultant Jose Mari Gastardo, coordinator sa Cebu Provincial Task Force on Anti-Illegal Fishing kagahapon nga gibuhian sa mga pulis ang mga dinakpan nga iyang naaktohan nga nipabuto og dinamita sa baybayon nga sakop sa ilang barangay niadtong Lunes sa buntag.

Matod niya nga pasakaan unta nila og tukmang kaso ang mga dinakpan nga pulos taga Calape, silingang barangay sa Barangay Malbago apan gibuhian kini sa mga pulis niadtong Miyerkules sa buntag. Nakuha gikan sa mga suspek ang gibanabang upat ka kilo sa nagkadaiyang mga klase sa isda, usa ka compressor ug motor banca nga gigamit sa illegal fishing. Duda niya nga dunay nagpaluyo sa mga dinakpan gumikan kay giingong di kini mahadlok nga mag-dynamite fishing bisan og kadaghan na gibadlong sa mga opisyal sa duha ka mga barangay. “Mura duna gyud kay tan-aw nako kay inosente man. Dili mahadlok taga adlaw man gyud sila sige og labay dapit sa baybayon nga duol gyud kaayo sa nga tanan.” padayag ni Misa sa pakighinabi sa mga tigbalita kagahapon.

Apan si PO2 Alfredo Mandal, usa sa tulo ka mga pulis nga niadto sa lugar ug nanguha og mga hulagway diin nahitabo ang dynamite fishing mipasabot nga ilang gibuhian ang lima ka mga tawo tungod kay napupos na ang reglamentary period. Matod niya nga miscommunication lang ang nahitabo tungod kay makadaghan sila nanawag sa kapitan sa radyo ug cellphone pagpahibawo nga kinahanglan kini moduso og affidavit isip complaining witness. Si Mandal sa pakighinabi sa Sun.Star Superbalita nagkanayon nga andam na ang complaint sheet ug ubang mga ebidensiya sa pagpasaka og kaso batok sa mga dinakpan.

Si Misa nga nahinabi ni Sr. Supt. Patrocinio Comendador, director sa Cebu Provincial Police Office giawhag nga ipadayon ang pagkiha sa mga dinakpan bisan og gipangbuhian na kini sa mga pulis sa Daanbantayan.

Barangay captain complains about Daanbantayan town police for release of suspects - 23 September 2011
This article was originally published in Sun Star by Davinci S Maru & Rizel S Adlawan at

A BARANGAY official of Daanbantayan questioned the northern town’s police for releasing the five men he arrested for alleged illegal fishing. Malbago Barangay Captain Virgilio Misa said he had intended to file a formal complaint against the fishermen. Misa went to the governor’s office yesterday, where he discussed the matter with Capitol consultant Jose Ma. Gastardo, chairman of the Provincial Anti-illegal Fishing Task Force. Gastardo admitted the police committed lapses. Misa said it was not the first time town police released men he had arrested.

Seized items
Several years ago when he was still a barangay tanod, he said the police also did the same. The fishermen were arrested off the coast of Sitio Suba around 8 a.m. last Monday. They were identified as Rommel Pepito, 26; Mendez Mercader, 34; Julius Martinez, 19; Ruel Pormentera, 34; and Tiburcio Casas, 37. Seized from their possession were a bottle of improvised explosives, a motor banca, a compressor and four kilos of fish. Misa said he told the town police he would be filing a case against the five men. He said he waited for the police to get in touch with him, but they never did. He said he was surprised to find out last Wednesday that the five men had been released. Misa said the fishermen hail from the neighboring barangay of Calape. Cebu Provincial Police Office Director Patrocinio Comendador explained that what happened was a result of “miscommunication”

He said Misa waited for the station chief after he brought the five men to the station, but the station chief was at a budget hearing. Misa ended up going home. Comendador said Calape Barangay Captain Victor Agipo arrived and told police Misa would not be pressing charges. He said police still waited for Misa to file his affidavit, but he didn’t show up because he was waiting for police to call him. PO2 Alfredo Mandar of the Daanbantayan Police Station told Sun.Star Cebu they had to release the fishermen because the reglementary period had expired. Mandar said they will still charge the five men with violating Section 88, Paragraph 2 of Republic Act 8550, or the 1998 Fishery Code of the Philippines. The law stipulates that fishing through explosives, noxious or poisonous substance and/or electricity will be punishable by imprisonment ranging from six months to two years.

‘Lack of cooperation’
In a related development, Joeffrey Merencillo, coordinator of the task force’s action team Eskina, complained in a letter to Gov. Gwen Garcia that the Carmen Police Station failed to help them during an operation last July. Merencillo said they apprehended three fish cars in the vicinity of the Danao City fish port. They confiscated five boxes of mixed tuloy (sardines) and mangsi (herring) and three boxes of assorted reef fish. After they were done documenting, he said they decided to have lunch and brought the boxes to the police station on the “presumption that the police station was the safest place.” When they returned, Merencillo said they were shocked to find three boxes open and half-empty.
Commendador said the task force should coordinate with police in their operations.

Illegal fishers gibuhian - 23 September 2011
This article was originally published in Banat by Lesley Caminade-Vestil/EIM at

CEBU, Philippines - Midangop sa buhatan ni Gov. Gwendolyn Garcia ang kapitan sa Malbago lungsod sa Daan Bantayan ug mireklamong gibuhian sa kapolisan ang lima ka mga ilegal fishers nga ilang nadakpan. Si kapitan Virgilio Misa, mibutyag sa Banat News nga nakugang nalang siya niadtong Miyerkules sa buntag nga miadto na sa ilang panimalay ang lima nga dinakpan kay nagpasalamat nga wala sila kasuhi. Kini mao silang Rommel Pepito, 26, Mendes Mercader, 34, Julius Matinez, 19, Roel Formentera, 37 ug Tiburcio Casas, 37 nga puros molupyo sa barangay Calapi sa maong lungsod.

Matud pa ni Misa gikatakda unta nilang pasakaan og kaso ang lima. Midugang si Misa nga giingnan lang siya ni PO2 Alfredo Mandal nga hapiton unta siya sa ilang panimalay apan gikatahong mibutyag ang ilang hepe nga dili una ipasaka ang maong kaso. Tungod niini, nakadesider si Misa nga ipaabot ang maong problema ngadto sa buhatan ni Governor Gwendolyn Garcia ug sa hepe sa kapolisan sa lalawigan sa Sugbo Sr. Supt. Patrocinio Comendador.

Sumala pang Misa si Comendador mitambag na kaniyang ipadayon ang pagpasaka sa kaso samtang gipasalig niining susihon ang pasangil ni Misa. Si PO2 Mandal dihang gikahinabi sa Banat News mibutyag nga ilang gibuhian ang lima ka dinakpan tungod kay walay complainant ug milapas na ang reglamentary period. Nasayran nga niadtong Lunes sa buntag nasikop ang lima human kini gikatahong naaktuhan ni Misa uban sa iyang duha ka tanod nga naglabay og dinamita sa kadagatan.

Police release illegal fishers without filing charges - 23 September 2011
This article was originally published by Gregg M Rubio & Ria Mae Y Booc/JPM  in The Freeman at

CEBU, Philippines - A barangay captain in northern Cebu was dismayed after his effort to arrest illegal fishermen in his area turned futile when policemen released them without filing any charges. Malbago, Daanbantayan Barangay Captain Virgilio Misa is suspecting that somebody is protecting the illegal fishermen. “Murag naay nihangyo nga dili kasohan,” Misa told reporters at the Capitol yesterday. Misa himself apprehended five fishermen after he personally saw them throwing dynamite at the seawaters of their barangay. He was assisted by two members of the Barangay Intelligence Network. He confiscated assorted fishes, unused dynamite bottles, a compressor, flashlights and the pumpboat and reported it to the Daanbantayan Police Station. Misa said that after the incident was recorded in the police blotter, PO2 Alfredo Mandal and two other policemen went to his barangay and took some pieces of evidence. Misa said that he and the police agreed to file the case the following day and he will just wait for them in the barangay in going to Cebu City. He waited several hours, prompting him to check with the police station on why nobody came. “Naanad man gud ko nga hapiton ko nila paingon sa province pero wala man,” he also said.

Misa said he was told by Mandal that they returned to the police station after their chief, Insp. Roseller Paller, called them and told them to file the case later. Misa was asked to wait for Paller at the station but he left after several hours of waiting. Last Wednesday, Misa said he was surprised to see the suspects on board a multicab of the neighboring barangay of Calape where the suspects live. The suspects even thanked him for not filing a case against them and asked for their fishing paraphernalia but Misa said he refused. Misa visited the Cebu City Police Office (CPPO) yesterday to ask what to do with the illegal fishing equipment that they have confiscated and how to go after the suspects who were already freed. The fishermen were Rommel Pepito, 26; Mendez Mercader, 34; Julius Martinez, 19; Roel Formentera, 34 and Teburcio Casas, 37.

Mandal, for his part, claimed that they sent communication to Misa through radio and called him several times in his cellular phone but the barangay captain failed to appear at the police station. “Sa sige namo og contact niya wala man gyud muari paminaw namo disinterested siya sa kaso,” Mandal said. Mandal added that they could not file a case unless Misa, as the arresting officer, will execute an affidavit as well as his two barangay tanods Danilo Villegas and Luciano Malinao. The fishermen were released because the reglamentary period had lapsed, he said. “Kung moingon siya nga hapiton siya sa una ra man na. Karon lahi na man ang hepe dapat siya gyud muari ngari,” he said.

CASE UPDATE - Criminal Case No. SB-11-CRM-0025 People vs Maria Luisa Judal Loot for Violation of Sec 3(e) of RA 3019 - 17 September 2011

This article was originally published by Ang Parola Sa Daanbantayan at!/notes/ang-parola-sa-daanbantayan/case-update-criminal-case-no-sb-11-crm-0025-people-vs-maria-luisa-judal-loot-for/233143686734913

Wala gihapon mopatim-aw si Malu Loot sa gikatakdang Sandiganbayan arraignment alas 8:00 sa buntag kagahapon, Huwebes, Septiembre 15, 2011. Kagahapon pud maoy ika 54 ka tuig nga kasumaran sa adlawng natawhan ni Loot. Apan dili kini maoy hinungdan nganong` wala siya makatambong sa naasoyng` arraignmenrt. Nasayran nga si Loot pinaagi sa iyang abugado nga si Atty. Ortega, nipasaka ug Motion to Defer the arraignment hangtud dili maresolbar ang unang Omnibus Motion nga ilang gipasaka niadtong Julio 21, 2011 dungan sa primerong gitakdang arraignment sa akusadong` si Malu Loot. Mahinumduman nga wala pud mopakita si Loot sa maong higayon nga mipadala lang sa iyang abugado nga nagbitbit ug Medical Certificate nga maoy ilang gihimong kalig-onan nga nagmasakit si Loot sa hilanat ug grabeng` ubo hinungdan nganong dili siya makatambong naasoyng` arraignment.

Si Jeronimo Cosido nga maoy kihante ning maong kaso nag-ingun nga kining mga Motion nga gipasaka sa kampo ni Loot ug ang pagdumili niini pagtambong sa duha na ka gitakdang arraigment, delaying tactic nga maoy kasagarang pamaagi nga himoon sa akusadong nakalantaw nga pildihunon sa ilang kaso.

Si Cosido usa ka kanhi empleyado sa musipyo sa lungsod sa Daanbantayan. Siya maoy Community Affairs Officer sa maong lungsod gikan sa tuig1998 hangtud nga giihig-ihig siya ni Loot ug wala na hatagi sa iyang sweldo niadtong tuig 2004. Nagsugod ang dili maayong pagtagad ni Loot kang Cosido dihang gikiha si Loot sa igsoon ni Cosido nga si Bartolome gumikan sa ilegal nga pagpahamtang ug dili makatarunganong buhis sa lungsod sa Daanbantayan. Niulbo ug nisamot ang kasuko ni Loot dihang mibalibad si Cosido sa hangyo ni Loot nga himoon siya ug ang iyang inahan nga testigos batok kang Bartolome. Gumikan niini, gibalhin ni Loot si Cosido gilkan sa opisina sa Mayor ngadto sa DSWD. Bisan pa man sa dili maayong sitwasyon, nagpadayon gihapon si Cosido pag report sa munisipyo matag adlaw ug nagkobra sa iyang sweldo matag buwan. Wala tingali makontento, nihimo ug memorandum si Loot nga nagmando sa Tresorera sa Lungsod nga dili hatagan sa sweldo ang bisan kinsang empleyado kon walay pirma ang DTR sa Department Head. Basi sa maong memorandum ug tungod kay under man sa Opisina sa Mayor si Cosido wala na hatagi si Cosido sa iyang sweldo kay wala na man mopirma si Loot sa DTR niini. Mao kini hinungdan nga sa tuig 2005 gikiha ni Cosido si Loot. Ang maong kaso gisang-at ni Cosido sa Visayas Ombudsman. Human sa gihimong investigation, nasuta nga adunay lig-ong kapasikaran ang reklamo ni Cosido. Ang maong opisina mirekomendar ngadto sa Sandiganbayan nga pasakaan si Loot sa tukmang kaso.

Niadtong Octobre 2006, daku ang kadismaya ni Cosido sa dihang nakadawat siya ug DECISION gikan sa Sandiganbayan nga gi dismiss ang maong kaso bisan walay arraignment o gihimong hearing ang maong opisina. Tataw ug klaro kaayo nga adunay maniobra ug dakung tinonto ang maong desisyon. Nasayran nga nigasto si Malu Loot ug dakung kantidad aron lang mapalusot ang maong desisyon. Nagdaku lang ang hunahuna nga ireklamo ang maong desisyon apan walay nahimo si Cosido niadtong higayona gumikan sa ka walay salapi nga ikasugakod pagpadayon sa maong kaso.

Kumbinsido nga anaa siya sa katarong ug katarungan, dinuyugan sa suporta sa iyang mga igsuon ug mga higala, naaghat si Cosido nga ipadayon ang iyang pakigbisog alang sa pagkab-ot ug hustisya`g katarungan. Nidangop ug gihatagan ug Legal assistance si Cosido sa usa ka inilang Law Firm sa siyudad sa Sugbo. Tuod man, human sa gihimong reinvestigation, gidungog ug giaprubahan sa Sandiganbayan ang Motion to reopen the case nga gipasaka sa mga abugado ni Cosido. Sayo ning tuiga, nimando ang Sandiganbayan pag abli sa maong kaso. Niadtong Marso 25, 2011, nipagawas dayon ang Sandiganbayan ug Warrant of Arrest alang kang Malu Loot. Pinaagi sa usa ka Hold Departure Order, nimando pud ang Sandiganbayan sa Bureau of Immigration nga did-an ang akusadong si Loot nga makagawas sa nasud samtang wala pa maresolbar ang kasong iyang giatubang.

Ubos sa pamunuan ni Presidente Noynoy Aquino, malaumon si Cosido nga sa kaulahian iya rang makab-ot ang hustisya ug katarungan.




Ontog off to Crame - 7 September 2011
This article was originally published in Cebu Daily News by Carmel M. Matus at

Chief Supt. Ager Ontog will soon relinquish his post as director of the Police Regional Office in Central Visayas (PRO-7). Ontog  will be moving to  Camp Crame, where he is reportedly set for a promotion.
Ontog assumed his current post last Aug. 14, 2010, replacing Chief Supt. Lani-O Nerez. In a news conference yesterday, Cebu Gov. Gwen Garcia said Ontog “will be a big loss to the region.”
“He has been  very hardworking and very cooperative with the province especially in our campaign against all forms of criminality—illegal fishing, drugs—but we cannot be also a hindrance to his promotion,” Garcia said.
Garcia recently turned over the chairmanship of the Regional Peace and Order Council in Central Visayas (RPOC-7) to Bohol Gov. Edgar Chatto. During her term, Garcia appointed Ontog as vice chairman of the RPOC-7.

Being floated as Ontog’s possible replacements are Chief Supt. Carmelo Valmoria and Chief Supt. Marcelo Garbo. Governor Garcia said  she would welcome the appointment of Valmoria  because of his “professionalism” and “principled performance”. “We hope that he may be considered. We would be very elated if Camp Crame will consider Gen. Valmoria for the PRO-7 post,” she said. The turnover of command is set on Sept. 9.

Garbo has served as deputy regional director for operation under former PRO-7 director Ronald Roderos. Garbo is a graduate of the Philippine Military Academy (PMA) Class 1981. Some of Garbo’s classmates has served in Cebu province such as Chief Supt. Valmoria and Chief Supt. Vicente Loot.

TARWASA sa Tapilon - 21 August 2011
This article was originally published in Banat Opinyon - RENBOR PATROL Ni Rene U Borromeo at

Nakadungog ko nga dunay mga taga barangay Tapilon, Daanbantayan nga giputlan og koneksyon sa tubig kay wala mobayad direkta ngadto sa mga opisyal sa barangay nga gitugyanan ni Daanbantayan Mayor Malou Loot pagdumala sa water project. Nangutana ko ni Claro Benatiro nga maoy chairman sa Tapilon Rural Waterworks Sanitation Association (TARWASA) ug gitug-anan ko niya nga tinuod nga dunay mga konsumidor og tubig nga wala mamayad sa mga opisyal sa barangay kay giisip nila nga illegal ang ilang pagdumala sa water project. Si Mayor Loot diay maoy nagtudlo sa mga opisyal sa barangay Tapilon nga mao ang modumala sa water system nga iya sa TARWASA. Nahibulong si Claro kun nganong naingon man kini niini?

Ang korte sa Bogo dunay “status quo” order nga giluwatan nga nagpasabot nga dili usa hilabtan ang water system samtang wala pa maresolbar ang kaso nga pending pa sa hukmanan. Gikiha sa TARWASA si Mayor Loot tungod sa pagpasirado niya sa water4 system kaniadtong Abril bisan ug duna pay status quo order. Naninguha ko nga makapangayo ug contact numbers ni Mayor Loot aron maklaro ni. Unya, angay na tingali nga paspasan sa huwes nga nadistino sa Regional Trial Court (RTC) sa Bogo ang paghusay sa maong kaso nga naglambigit sa TARWASA kay daghan ang apektado niini.

Nakasabut ko sa sentimento sa mga konsumidor sa TARWASA nga kun mobayad sila sa mga opisyal sa barangay nga tinudlo ni Mayor Loot, maisip ra nga miila sila nga legal ang ilang pagkatudlo. Nagsugod man gud kining maong isyu kay sa sinugdanan nangangkon si Mayor Loot nga may katungod ang munisipyo sa Daanbantayan pag-isyu og business permit sa TARWASA ug kay wala man sila mokuha’g permit, iyang gipasirad-an.

Apan ang chairman sa Local Water Utilities Administration (LWUA) nga si Daniel Landingin mitataw man g’yud nga ubos sa balaud ang mga waterworks system dili na angay’ng mokuha’g business permit ug mobayad og buhis sa lungsud diin kini mag-operate. Balikon nako, kun malangan pa kining maong isyu pagkasulbad, basin modaku pa kining maong kaso nga lisud na hinoong sulbaron.

LWUA to Loot: Rural waterworks need not get business permit - 15 August 2011
This article was originally published in The Freeman by Rene U Borromeo/JPM at

CEBU, Philippines - Local Water Utilities Administration (LWUA) Administrator Daniel Landingin has reminded Daanbantayan town Mayor Ma. Luisa Loot of an existing law that exempts rural waterworks and sanitation associations like the Tapilon Rural Waterworks from paying business permits. Landingin’s letter to Loot was his response to her query about the operations of the Tapilon Rural Waterworks System Association (TARWASA) in barangay Tapilon, which did not secure a permit from the municipality.

Loot’s letter to Lan-dingin asked clarification on whether local government units can collect business permits from the Rural Waterworks and Sanitation Associations (RWSA). Her letter was dated April 19, 2011 but even before Landingin could make a reply, Loot on that same day issued a closure order to TARWASA for operating without business permit. Loot claimed that aside from the failure of TARWASA officials to secure business permit, the TARWASA did not have a certificate of franchise from the LWUA and certificate of public convenience or franchise from the National Water Resources Board (NWRB).

Landingin told Loot Section 33 (b) of Executive Order 869 issued in February 2, 1983 which states that “The RWSAs shall be exempt from all national government, local government and municipal taxes and fees, including any franchise filing, recordation, license or permit fees or taxes.” There is a case pending before the Regional Trial Court (RTC) in Bogo City because TARWASA officials headed by their chairman Claro Benatiro sought the help of the court when Loot shut down their waterworks system. “It is our opinion that RWSA are exempt from the requirement of securing a mayor’s permit, but RWSA are required to secure water permit from the National Water Resources Board in accordance with the provisions of the Water Code,” said Landingin. The LWUA official, however, did not make further comments about the alleged illegality of the operation of the water system in Tapilon, Daanbantayan because of the pending case.

TARWASA sought the help of President Benigno Simeon Aquino III to intervene and to give final solution to their conflict with Mayor Loot. Benatiro claimed that despite of the court-issued order directing Loot and the municipality of Daanbantayan to maintain a status quo, she continued to defy the order and refused to return the operation of their waterworks system to TARWASA officials. He said Loot entrusted the waterworks system to the officials of barangay Tapilon because they are her political supporters who, Benatiro alleged, have not been paying their monthly water bills since the start of the controversy in 2009.

Warning to opponents of Malu re mobile phone use, you are being monitored by Malu Loot - 31 August 2011
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Opponents of Malu Loot are warned to keep conversations on mobile phones short, ideally less than 2 minutes, and to code all their conversations with non descriptive words, times, dates & names etc, as Malu allegedly is listening in with new electronic eavesdropping equipment that she illegally imported into the country by bribing a customs official. Text messages are also believed to be being intercepted, and it is possible to locate the physical location of a mobile phone user, in order (for example) to attempt to murder that person.

So a necessary warning is issued to opponents of Malu. Use your mobile phone for short duration calls only, less than 2 minutes is ideal, which makes it difficult for someone monitoring your calls to lock onto the signal as well as hear substantial amounts of your conversation. Each time you hang up and start a new call, the electronic scanner eavesdropping equipment has to rescan to find the new cellular connection your phone has established. To protect yourself and the information content of the voice phone call, you should code your conversations, with code names, coded dates and times, and coded information eg place names are different to their real names, people have secret nicknames etc. The code can be discussed and agreed upon in person when you meet prior to making confidential phone calls. This way even if your call is allegedly intercepted by Malu, it will be very difficult for her to interpret what you are talking about.

It is also a good idea to switch between different phones and make calls from different mobile phones and numbers, rather than making all your calls from the same phone & number. Using different phones makes it more difficult to intercept new calls quickly.

Furthermore switching off the mobile phone does not guarantee you cannot be located by this spy equipment. Most mobile phones send out a small signal to the cellular network periodically, even when switched off, and this momentary signal pulse can be used to identify your location. The only absolutely safe way to avoid detection is to remove the battery from your mobile phone, temporarily of course until you next need to use it, but in a life and death situation you should remove the battery from the phone until you are in a safe and secure location again.

You have been warned, Malu is allegedly desperate to listen in on your calls and gather whatever information she can, so be careful when using your mobile. Try not to discuss sensitive or secret information via the mobile phone.

Malu allegedly bribes customs official to import illegal mobile phone electronic eavesdropping equipment - 31 August 2011
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Whispers from the Loot camp allege that Malu has bribed a customs official a couple of months ago to allow the import of an illegal piece of electronic eavesdropping equipment. Malu allegedly wanted to hear what her opponents are up to and she has apparently been using this equipment to intercept & listen to mobile phone calls. The equipment can also track and locate a user of a particular mobile phone, so that someone who Malu is allegedly searching for, can be physically located when they use their mobile phone. It is also believed that the "spy" equipment can intercept text messages sent & received by phones being monitored.

One reason Malu allegedly wanted this equipment is to track the whereabouts of someone she wanted to have murdered, and she planned to locate them via their mobile phone signal, and once located, she would send in a gunman to kill the person. Malu is also allegedly trying to find out which people in her organization, are leaking information to the opposition, especially about her secret corrupt plans etc. Malu wants to silence whoever is leaking information & will use this eavesdropping equipment to track possible suspects & the calls they make & receive. To the best of our knowledge Malu has been unable to establish who, if anyone, is leaking information about the Loot's activities, despite sacking many staff & security people and downsizing her organizations staffing levels to only very trusted persons, usually relatives. Malu even suspects that there are listening bugs hidden inside her houses, placed there by her opponents. Malu has become paranoid about security.

Allegedly Malu has previously used spy & surveillance equipment prior to the 2010 election, when her Keeper of Security, Boy Tambok allegedly stole an opponents phone and had a voice transmitter fitted, then returned the phone, so that Malu could listen in to any conversation the opposition person was having in the same room the phone was located. So this "spy" mentality is allegedly not new to Malu, but she has stepped up her ability to eavesdrop by allegedly importing this high tech electronic equipment. This equipment is illegal to own & use in the Philippines, unless it is authorised police usage, which in Malu's case it is not. Malu is breaking the law by importing, owning & using this type of equipment. She is further breaking the law by intercepting electronic communications. This is very unsatisfactory behaviour from a town mayor who is supposed to serve the people, not spy on the people. It has also been revealed that Malu allegedly has a person sitting in a telephone exchange monitoring calls that her opponents make. This is believed to be related to fixed landline phones. In one case the office phone line of one of her political opponents was being monitored.

So a necessary warning to opponents of Malu. Use your mobile phone for short duration calls only, less than 2 minutes is ideal, which makes it difficult for someone monitoring your calls to lock onto the signal as well as hear substantial amounts of your conversation. Each time you hang up and start a new call, the electronic scanner eavesdropping equipment has to rescan and takes some time to find the new cellular connection your phone has established. To protect yourself and the information content of the voice phone call, you should code your conversations, with code names, coded dates and times, and coded information eg place names are different to their real names, people have secret nicknames etc. The code can be discussed and agreed upon in person when you meet prior to making confidential phone calls. This way even if your call is allegedly intercepted by Malu, it will be very difficult for her to interpret what you are talking about. Furthermore switching off the mobile phone does not guarantee you cannot be located by this spy equipment. Most mobile phones send out a small signal to the cellular network periodically, even when switched off, and this momentary signal pulse can be used to  identify your location. The only absolutely safe way to avoid detection is to remove the battery from your mobile phone, temporarily of course until you next need to use it, but in a life and death situation you should remove the battery from the phone until you are in a safe and secure location again.

Tch, tch Malu, these allegations just show how desperate and despicable you are.

Malu says School Mall project a "done deal", Loot insiders say it is all wrong - 31 August 2011
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Malu Loot recently announced at a meeting that the Daanbantayan Elementary school site will be sold off to developers to build a huge modern American style Shopping Mall. The school will be moved to another vacant site as a sort of "swap deal" so the mall can be built on the prime real estate site occupied by the current school. Malu told parents and concerned citizens that this project was a "done deal" and that nothing will stop this plan from going ahead, and that she is very adamant that the development project will go ahead "no matter what". Parents were told to sign a document indicating their agreement to this project. Many signed out of fear of Malu, but others said they refused to sign as it was wrong to force this project ahead with such little notice and without public input or consultation. Malu has stated that school & Dept of Education officials have agreed and signed documents that will allow transfer of the land.

Exactly what the status of this project is at present on an official level is unsure, but it has certainly stirred up the ire of townspeople who are opposed to this massive scale of development in the town. The general public has not yet seen the development plans or application so it is hard for locals to make comment. One very big consideration is that many small vendors will be forced out of business as shops in the mall will compete for business & sales. Others say that a large shopping mall will be good for the town and boost business and tourism. Others say that for sure, this development will allegedly put lots of money into the personal pocket of Malu Loot.

Behind the scenes though, this project has lots of sour notes. Insiders say it is full of holes, and that Malu has allegedly ordered fake documents and forged land titles be created to facilitate the passing of the development plans when they are submitted to council for approval. Insiders allege that there are many things wrong with the development plan. "It is like trying to fit a square peg in a round hole", says one person. Others have allegedly said to Malu that "the pieces do not fit together". Malu allegedly ordered them to keep their mouths shut and to not tell anyone. "Shut up", she shouts at them, "shut up, shut up, shut up & keep your mouths shut". Despite the objections of her own people, Malu has allegedly turned a blind eye to the errors and inconsistencies in the project plans and documentation.

For example, Loot insiders have advised that certain parcels of land allegedly do not conform to technical requirements for size and dimensions and square meter areas etc. In response to this Malu Loot allegedly ordered a whole box of forged documents be supplied from her long term forgery connections in Cebu City. These documents apparently relate to the correct parcels of land that will be amalgamated to make up the proposed development, but details and particulars have allegedly been altered to state something different to what the land really is, and in so doing the development requirements now appear to be satisfactorily met. Unfortunately this "satisfaction" is only on paper, and they are on paper that has been forged too, as the original land has not altered in any way and still does not allow the development to conform to requirements. Size and dimensions and square meter areas have been altered so the land parcels referred to, now appear to satisfy technical requirements. Cross checking against original source public record documents will show that significant deviations from real factual data has been recorded on the fake titles etc, so as to allegedly be misleading and to allow Malu's proposals to fit development requirements. She has allegedly made square pegs fit round holes, and round pegs fit into square holes, simply by cutting pieces off here and there and adding pieces on here and there, ie to force the pegs to fit into the holes (or literally force the parcels of land to fit the development requirements).

Apparently Malu has had difficulties acquiring some land and having titles put into appropriate names etc, in time for this development to go ahead. So Malu ordered forged documents to be created so that anyone examining the development application would approve it, based on the information contained in the supporting land title documents etc.

It seems that the investors, Gaisano, have told Malu that there is a October 2011 deadline, and that if this project is not given the go ahead by that time, then the investor will pull out of dealings with Malu & Daanbantayan. Malu has had no choice but to create forged documents so she could purport to the investor/developer that the project will go ahead. As always, the alleged lies, deception and cheating do not matter to Malu, she believes that can all be sorted out by legal challenges and legal delays later, as she knows so well how to allegedly buy the legal system and get the outcome she wants.

To the Authorities, Governor Gwen Garcia and the townspeople of Daanbantayan, you need to carefully review the documents that are submitted with this development application. Check the documents against original land title records, check all the small details for errors or inconsistencies, as there will be many, and it will be seen that this project is technically & legally not allowable. Furthermore this school mall project is allegedly part of the larger Malapascua Island Resort & Casino project, and this school mall will allow the investor/developer to get a "foot in the door" in Daanbantayan, so to speak. A successful development of a mall will put Malu in apparent good standing with the community, and the developers and investors will make many friends in the town and gain strong political support. Further projects when proposed, ie the Malapascua Resort and Casino are then likely to get more favourable treatment, despite claims that this Malapascua project is really a front for moneu laundering from organised crime in south east Asia, and allegations that Malu has connections with these crime figures. Malu allegedly still hopes to "cover up" these allegations.

The investors have also told Malu that something must be finalised by October 2011 or else they will pull out of investing in Daanbantayan. They have waited a long time for the much delayed Malapascua project to begin, and this school mall project is Malu's way of giving the developer something to satisfy them in the meantime, while "other issues and difficulties" associated with the Malapascua project are overcome. Malu still has some significant land acquisitions to finalise before she can go ahead with these plans. She has also been allegedly trying to silence vocal critics of her Malapascua Island plans, by having them murdered, but she has not been able to achieve that outcome. She even allegedly ordered her husband Vic Loot to use his police resources to track down certain persons and have them murdered to stop their criticism of Malu's Malapascua plans and other matters, and it has been apparent that Vic has allegedly been involved in these activities by improperly using police resources & supervising the search & employing professional gunmen etc.

Townspeople of Daanbantayan, you have now been warned of the devious intent that is behind Malu's school mall plans. The plans are technically not viable as is, and Malu has resorted to using forged documents to "get her way" and cover up any gross errors in the development plan submission. She is allegedly just a BIG LIAR AND A CHEAT and deserves to be publicly exposed as such. Malu is now poised to bring development to the town through her Malapascua Island Resort & Casino plan, but this is allegedly a BIG SCAM, that will only help her get wealthier, as the cash flow & huge profits will allegedly be derived from drug & crime activities in south east Asia. DO NOT BE FOOLED BY THIS WOMAN.

The allegedly corrupt sell off of the Elementary School in Daanbantayan for a new Shopping Mall, announced in August 2011, is allegedly stage 1 in the Resort & Casino development, as it will open the doors for the rest of Malu's allegedly evil & corrupt plans to follow. It will facilitate her & the investors ability to make these corrupt developments happen, by having more money, more political clout, more influence around the town, and a track record of a successful Mall development etc. Allegedly the plans for this school mall project are all wrong, the supporting documents are all wrong as they are fakes, Malu has allegedly manipulated land particulars & details to make it appear that the development conforms to legal requirements, but these land titles and supporting documents are allegedly fakes. A comparison of the development application supporting documents against the original source public records will indicate that Malu has allegedly made changes and had fake land titles etc produced, so as to ensure her development plans have a smooth flow through council and will be approved, without any apparent technical reasons to refuse the approval. Townspeople & authorities should not accept the development plans' supporting documents & supporting land titles for the amalgamation of lands etc as being legitimate, as they are allegedly fakes or forgeries. When the real land titles are looked up in official source records, the alleged changes that Malu has made will be uncovered, eg land dimensions and areas etc have been altered to fit in with the development application requirements, and Malu herself will be seen allegedly as a BIG CHEAT AND LIAR.

Townspeople of Daanbantayan, stand up now & oppose Malu Loot, before she commits this town to allegedly further rape & prostitution at the hands of allegedly the biggest whore the town has, Maria Luisa Loot herself.

As part of the mainland based development plans for a relocated port, hotel & airport etc, which allegedly relate to the Malapascua Island Resort & Casino plan, Malu allegedly plans to use more black magic to get her way & manipulate land owners with disease & ill health, and when they are in financial difficulty due to health care costs, she will then "persuade or coerce" them to sell off their lands. She also allegedly plans to involve her husband General Vic Loot, to use his now much more powerful & autonomous military & police influence, to coerce landholders in the vicinity of Maya & Daanbantayan airport, to part with their lands as part of a government ordered land resumption program. This is allegedly a totally fictitious land resumption program, and police and military personnel under orders from Vic, will allegedly be used  as "standover men" to intimidate landowners to hand over their lands. The alleged plan of Malu is, that the landowners in question will "in ignorance" blindly accept that the order or advice given by police & military officials to handover their lands, thinking it is actually legitimate. There are other "key or important landowners" in the area, who will allegedly get special treatment from Malu, as they will be sickened and diseased by black magic attacks and will then be in financial distress, and will therefore more easily "succumb" to offers to sell their land. Malu has allegedly already targetted five landowners, and will initially attack the two most important ones with black magic, so as to weaken the resolve of all parties involved & prevent them from resisting her corrupt land resumption and takeover attempts.

These development projects are only designed to allegedly make Malu even richer than what she already is, with hundreds of millions of pesos profit and graft money allegedly going to her personal bank account, which is essentially coming from the proceeds of organised crime in Asia. Malu is touting these projects as legitimate and "above board", whereas they allegedly are really inherently corrupt and based on immoral activities and corrupt planning procedures. Malu allegedly does not care for her constituents, she only cares for herself and how much wealth and power she has.

People of Daanbantayan it is now time to stop this allegedly evil woman, before she damages the town beyond redemption by letting organised crime into Daanbantayan and Cebu, which will ultimately spread to other parts of the Philippines. LET MALU KNOW YOU DO NOT WANT BLOOD MONEY IN THIS TOWN.

Malu distracts Garcia with minor issues, but major corrupt developments are proceeding unhindered - 31 August 2011
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A clever ploy has been uncovered which Malu Loot has allegedly tried to pull off. Numerous small actions have been carried out against her constituents over the last few months which appear improper & unreasonable. These activities raised the ire of many people, and have attracted the attention of Governor Gwen Garcia & others to help "fix them up". From Malu Loot's point of view, this ploy has allegedly worked well, as the attention of authorities & townspeople are now focussed on these smaller issues rather than the bigger issues and alleged dirty tricks that Malu is involved with.

Malu's main focus at present is to bring the Daanbantayan School Mall project to fruition, and also allegedly finalise issues and problems with landholdings etc that are required to allow the various components of the Malapascua Island Resort & Casino development to go ahead unhindered. Malu allegedly hopes that authorities will not discover all the allegedly corrupt land dealings, all the forged land titles, all the improper amalgamations of land and other elements etc that Malu has allegedly been putting into place to make these development plans work, despite their non compliance with technical requirements, or corrupt & improper implementation.

Congratulations to you Governor Garcia for the stance you are taking regarding these many inequities that Malu has allegedly carried out against her constituents, but with respect, you are advised to shift your focus to the serious allegations made about the School Mall project and the Malapascua Island Resort & Casino project and associated mainland developments ie hotel, airport, and relocated port at an alternate site near Maya. There is allegedly a critical October 2011 deadline which Malu must meet for the School Mall project to be approved otherwise the investor/developer will pull out of the deal. Malu does not want to lose this deal as there is allegedly so much personal income potential for her at stake.

With respect Governor, you have lost sight & overlooked the opportunity to study these allegations carefully and pull to pieces the alleged corrupt plans of Malu Loot for these projects. Please Governor, refocus your attention on the large issues & allocate resources to examine those, as Malu is busily working right under your nose to pull off the biggest personal money making double scam of her whole career. These developments will open the door for organised Asian crime gangs to launder money in Daanbantayan, Cebu, Philippines, and you are now sitting around doing nothing about this, and are busy chasing minor (albeit important) local issues. Please look into this school mall development as a matter of urgency, as the approval of this project will let the investors & developers get a "foot in the door" in Cebu, and pave the way for the allegedly even more corrupt Malapascua Island Resort & Casino plan & other associated mainland works that Malu allegedly plans.

Governor Gwen, please refer to articles on this site & elsewhere about these other projects, and start serious investigations immediately before it is too late. Malu Loot is allegedly very busy bringing all the final pieces together to make all these plans come to fruition. She must be stopped, as these plans, while seemingly good for the local economy on the surface, are indeed allegedly full of fraudulent claims, forged documents, and the whole "reason for being" is linked to organised crime. Do not wait until Malu announces these projects as it may be too late to do anything then, Malu will have committed people both legally & financially, and it will take a very brave politician to break contracts that have already been signed and sealed, so to speak. Malu has been for some time now seeking support from politicians in Manila so she can make her version of the Malapascua Island development go ahead. Whatever the outcome, Malu will allegedly for sure cause delays and fight the matter in the courts if necessary, but in the meantime the project(s) may have been completed, a "fait accompli" so to speak.

Please save the people of Daanbantayan from the alleged evil intentions of Maria Luisa Loot.

Authorities ask Daanbantayan citizens to lodge any complaints against Mayor Malu Loot - 31 August 2011
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In a show of support for the alleged inequities of governance that are taking place in Daanbantayan Cebu, authorities have requested anyone who has a gripe against Malu Loot or has in any way been unfairly treated by her, to come forward and lodge an official complaint. "We will help you legally with these complaints" say the authorities. Governor Gwen has already invited anyone in Daanbantayan who has a gripe with Malu to come forward and lodge a complaint with her & the SB/Provincial Board. "If you lodge the complaint" said Gwen, "I will do the rest". It is believed that the Governor will provide legal assistance to anyone who is poor and cannot afford a lawyer etc.

The message coming from higher authorities in Cebu and Manila is for the townspeople of Daanbantayan to complain, complain, complain, and then you will get the action you want. You will need to initially stick your head out and make your complaints known, so do not fear Malu, stand united together and stand in defiance of her and any alleged evil or corrupt plans she has for this town. Get yourselves organised and stand strong as a group and support each other and protect each other against retribution type attacks allegedly coming from Malu & her goons. As a united group you will be "a force to be dealt with" that Malu & her goons will have difficulty suppressing.

To the people of Daanbantayan, please do something about this allegedly evil woman, stand up against her and oppose her. Demand openness in governance of this town. Demand an end to murders using guns, knives, poison and black magic. Demand an end to the intimidation and standover tactics that the Loot regime allegedly uses. Demand an end to the quasi dictatorial rule that Malu Loot allegedly imposes on the citizens of Daanbantayan. Demand that Malu Loot be accountable for ALL her actions. Demand open governance where the people are consulted and are involved in the processes of local government rather than being excluded and trodden on and treated as scumbags, as Malu now allegedly does.

Ask the President of Philippines Noy Noy to step in and do something about Malu. Ask the Governor of Cebu Gwen Garcia to do something about Malu. Ask the Cebu & Manila based bosses of DILG to do something about both Malu & Vic. Ask the PNP Chief in Manila to do something about Vic Loot and his underhanded involvement in assisting Malu behind the scenes to achieve her corrupt policies. Write letters, send emails, send text messages or even visit their offices personally to lodge your complaint about Malu and all the wrong things you feel or know she has allegedly done in Daanbantayan. It is only by complaining that you will get action. Officials need complaints in order to act upon, officials cannot just take action themselves on unofficial complaints or hearsay information. The political scene has changed in the Philippines since the last election in 2010, and there is a BIG move to eradicate corruption at all levels of society, even in far away isolated Daanbantayan. Authorities are ready & willing to listen to you. Malu is allegedly already in serious trouble in many ways and has a bad record with high level authorities. Authorities just need your complaints to start more official & legal action against Malu & her cronies that will ultimately "bring her regime down". Authorities want your complaints to add to the ever growing list of complaints they already have about her. Authorities want to bring down anyone who is corrupt, so give them enough reasons to do this to Malu Loot & her regime.

If you remain scared & fearful of Malu & do nothing, then Malu will continue to get richer & the poor poverty stricken people of the town will become even more disadvantaged & remain in poverty. More of your friends and relatives who oppose the Loot's will allegedly get murdered in time by this evil Loot regime.
For the sake of your town, for the sake of your grandchildren, for the sake of your great grandchildren & great great grandchildren, please ACT NOW. Think ahead about what your great great grandchildren will say, "This town is full of corruption and crime, why did our great grandparents not do something to stop all this corruption getting so bad, why were they so scared to stand up to Malu, why did they do NOTHING, now we have to suffer the consequences !"

Rey Buena allegedly victim of Malu Loot ordered black magic murder, for disloyalty - 30 August 2011
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The previous boss of the Daanbantayan Lands Office, Rey Buena died suddenly a few months ago of heart attack. Rey Buena was a career public servant, who held a strong neutral stance in the political arena, and choose deliberately not to associate himself with Malu Loot and her political party. He simply did his job and kept to himself in a political sense. A year or more prior to his death, Rey had been a relatively healthy man, with no particular health problems. He was strong and robust and did not get sick easily. About a year before his death, he started to become unwell with diabetic tendencies etc, and this began a slow but steady downfall in his health. Eventually he became weak enough and he suffered a fatal heart attack. The above is how his health record and death would officially appear. Information has been received which indicates a quite different scenario.

Rey Buena as boss of the Daanbantayan Lands Office, would have been aware of the NBI enquiries into Malu & Vic Loot's land holdings in Daanbantayan around 2008 - 2009. Perhaps not known to him at the time would be the reason the NBI was investigating, ie as part of a lifestyle check on the couple. Eventually in March 2009 both Malu & Vic were charged by NBI with four criminal charges relating to undeclared income, assets and other matters. These charges are still with the Ombudsman in Manila awaiting the issue of  a subpoena for Malu & Vic to appear in court. The charges were laid after very compelling evidence was uncovered by NBI investigators. See these links for more details of the "Crimes Committed" by Malu & Vic.!/photo.php?fbid=197379973652509&set=p.197379973652509&type=1&theater!/photo.php?fbid=197380353652471&set=p.197380353652471&type=1&theater!/photo.php?fbid=197381293652377&set=p.197381293652377&type=1&theater
It is alleged that Malu has since bribed barristers & officials in the Ombudsmans office to ensure the case never went to court. With the recent resignation of the Ombudsman in Manila (for alleged corruption), and an acknowledgement by President Noy Noy strongly stating that he wanted all persons involved in corrupt and illegal activities brought to justice, then it is hoped that the recently appointed new Ombudsman will make the case against the Loots move to the courtroom, at long last.

With regard to the NBI investigations, Malu & Vic took great personal offence at being investigated by NBI and as the evidence shows, having it revealed publicly that they committed criminal acts relating to undeclared income and assets in their joint SALN. Malu allegedly considered the action of Rey Buena to not advise her that the NBI was investigating, as a form of disloyalty, and allegedly decided (effectively making her the Judge, Jury & Executioner) that Rey Buena should be punished by death for not being loyal to her. In actual fact Rey was just doing his job. As far as we can conclude he had been requested by NBI to supply details and told to keep quiet about it. He had no political agenda or association with Malu, so did not deem it necessary to break his code of confidentiality as a Public Servant doing his job.

Malu allegedly finally decided it was payback time after she won the 2010 election (allegedly by massive vote buying, vote shaving and voter intimidation), and she allegedly ordered her black magicians to kill Rey Buena to make it look like a natural death. Obviously Malu did not want attention drawn to her as being involved in Rey's death (or murder actually). Rey Buena was a strong man and the black magicians were not able to kill him outright. He did not easily react or suffer from the attacks imposed by the black magicians. So the black magicians had to steadily work away at Rey, introducing  a diabetic condition which gradually weakened him. After nearly a year, Rey Buena had been weakened sufficiently to allow a severe black magic attack to kill him. The black magician attacked Rey's heart and caused a massive and fatal heart attack. The pain Rey felt moments before his death was immense as it ached in his heart muscle and he felt the pain rising up in his throat as the heart attack suddenly took his life. Rey Buena died from heart attack, but the heart attack was allegedly induced by a black magician acting under the orders of Malu Loot to kill Rey.

Malu allegedly finally got her payback for Rey not being loyal to her. To most people Rey's death appeared natural and sudden, and possibly exacerbated by health complications involving his diabetic condition. Allegedly Malu knew otherwise though and gloated over another "kill" as she paid the black magician for the murderous services rendered.

This is a classic scenario of how black magic is used to kill people. When someone is strong and not susceptible to black magic attack, then the black magician will slowly work away at the victim over a period of many many months, little by little weakening the victim until they finally are in a state of poor health and energy depletion where the black magic attack can get through the victims natural defenses and cause serious harm and a fatal heart attack. How evil is Malu, how wicked is she to allegedly order this murder to be carried out. She allegedly knew it would be too obvious if Rey Buena was murdered by conventional means ie gun, but a medically caused death would go unnoticed as murder, and would in no way implicate her. Now we have advice which allegedly does implicate Malu Loot, and publicly reveals another recent murder she has allegedly paid for to be carried out by this evil and ancient form of retribution that the black magicians of Sequijor Island & the surrounding region are capable of doing. You are allegedly evil and wicked Malu.

The family and friends of Rey Buena should be extremely angry to hear that you allegedly murdered their relative and friend.

To the people of Daanbantayan, please do something about this allegedly evil woman, stand up against her and oppose her. Demand openness in governance of this town. Demand an end to murders using guns, knives and black magic. Demand that Malu Loot be accountable for ALL her actions. Ask the President of Philippines Noy Noy to step in and do something about Malu. Ask the Governor of Cebu Gwen Garcia to do something about Malu. Write letters, send emails, send text messages or even visit their offices personally to lodge your complaint about Malu and all the wrong things you feel or know she has done in Daanbantayan. It is only by complaining that you will get action. Officials need complaints in order to act upon, officials cannot just take action themselves on unofficial complaints or hearsay information. The political scene has changed in the Philippines since the last election, and there is a BIG move to eradicate corruption at all levels of society, even in far away isolated Daanbantayan. Authorities are ready & willing to listen to you. Malu is already is serious trouble in many ways and has a bad record with high level authorities. They just need your complaints to start more official & legal action against her & her cronies that will ultimately "bring her regime down".

Governor Gwen has already invited anyone in Daanbantayan who has a gripe with Malu to come forward and lodge a complaint with her & the SB/Provincial Board. "If you lodge the complaint" said Gwen, "I will do the rest". It is believed that the Governor will provide legal assistance to anyone who is poor and cannot afford a lawyer etc. The message coming from higher authorities is for the townspeople of Daanbantayan to complain, complain, complain, and then you will get the action you want. You will need to stick your head out and make your complaints known, so do not fear Malu, stand united together and stand in defiance of her and any evil plans she has for this town.

If you do nothing then more of your friends and relatives will get murdered in time.

Commercialisation of Black Magic a disgrace says masseuse, Corrupt town developments affected - 30 August 2011
This article was originally published on Facebook

An albularyo or hilot (masseuse) says that Malu Loot allegedly uses Black Magic sorcerers from Sequijor Island & surrounds to carry out black magic spells on her opponents. "This is a disgrace", says the person, "to use money like Malu does to pay these people to do evil deeds to others". It is alleged that Malu uses black magic sorcerers to injure, maim and even kill her opponents or anyone who opposes her. The hilot said, "Black magic was never meant to be used in this commercial way, where an influential and wealthy person can use their money to pay black magicians to murder people". Furthermore the hilot stated, "It is an ancient tribal custom used to settle personal disputes between individuals where a true grievance exists, rather than a personal or political vendetta. It should now be outlawed and made illegal in this modern age", says the hilot.

Malu has allegedly commercialised the use of black magic for political gain by having a team of black magic practitioners or "specialists" at her disposal whom she can select from and phone up to order the type of  murder she wants done. There are both male and female black magicians that Malu allegedly uses, and sometimes she uses more than one black magician at a time to "get her way". She has recently allegedly used an old toothless woman, who is bent over and uses a walking stick, and a man known as a warlord, and another man known as the guru of all black magicians, and another set of four old women who simultaneously attack from different directions, so the victim (supposedly) does not stand a chance of survival, these are a few of the many black magicians that Malu has allegedly used over the years.

When Malu has an opponent that she allegedly cannot easily kill or murder by conventional means, or where their murder would implicate Malu or be too obvious, she allegedly pays money to a black magician to carry out the murder. The black magician makes the death look like a natural occurrence, where the victim suffers a heart attack or serious organ disease or serious and rapid onset of pneumonia or sepsis etc and dies as a result of the disease condition, although the condition was deliberately instigated by black magic activity. Malu is allegedly very resentful & vindictive, and sometimes, "as a form of payback for the trouble they caused Malu", the black magician is ordered to physically impair someone, by giving them pain and suffering as a form of punishment eg causing them to have a serious joint problem that requires surgery or other medical conditions that are expensive to resolve etc. The "modus operandi" of Malu, is allegedly to do anything to hinder and debilitate her opponents both physically & financially. The alleged aim of Malu's actions is to stop that person opposing her ever again in the future and paying them back with some pain, suffering & financial hardship for their efforts in opposing her. Sometimes also, Malu will allegedly order that the black magic attack to be made against relatives or family members of her opponent, thus deliberately "emotionally hurting" her opponent by harming their loved ones. This also has the flow on effect whereby the opponents family member will request the relative to stop fighting against Malu, as their actions are only bringing disease & financial difficulty to the family. Usually the pressure from relatives makes the person "back down" in their opposition to Malu, and this allegedly is exactly the outcome that Malu is wanting.

Malu also allegedly uses black magic to make her opponents extremely tired and exhausted, so they are unable to continue their political actions against her. Her opponents are often unaware that they are victims of black magic and just think they are suffering from gross fatigue or even chronic fatigue because they are so busy, or that perhaps they have some other debilitating illness. This "fatigue" usually causes them to back down from or lessen their political involvement, and in so doing, Malu no longer has that person as a strong opponent. This type of black magic attack can go on for many days, weeks or even months. Malu allegedly has a pattern of behaviour where she orders these debilitating attacks on her opponents whenever she is taking other types of action against them, or trying to murder them either conventionally or with black magic, or when she is planning to launch a new corrupt scheme or project etc. This is done to allegedly weaken her opponents to stop them from discovering or interfering with her plans, whatever they be at any point in time

Malu allegedly even has black magic sent to many people at the same time, so that more than one person receives the same black magic spell (eg to cause gross fatigue or pneumonia etc). Spells are even put on family and friends associated with her main opponents, in order to allegedly create problems and difficulties, bad health and financial hardship for her opponents, the object being to cause a situation to develop where her opponent can no longer afford to oppose her due to other large financial problems or costs eg health care for sick relatives. Some black magic spells are designed to cause family members to have emotional conflict (anger, fighting, arguing etc), and the intention is to cause the marriage or relationship or friendship to break up or split up, thus that family will no longer allegedly be a threat to Malu. These are all very evil ways to use black magic and are allegedly designed to cause maximum havoc to Malu's opponents. It is even alleged that Malu has had black magic spells put on the whole of Daanbantayan, in order to keep the people compliant and force them to loose their own free will and follow her demands and standover tactics without opposing her. It is indeed a fact that many townspeople are scared of Malu and have adopted a "do as Malu says attitude" in order to not incur Malu's wrath etc, so the townspeople have indeed been suppressed and their own free will has been replaced by fear & inaction. This "compliance" is alleged to be the result of long term & continuous black magic spells that Malu has allegedly had put onto the people of Daanbantayan, so that she can "get her way" without opposition to her plans & ideas. Without opponents Malu is free to get her way, which in many cases means she is allegedly only serving her greedy interests to make more money, and in the process of doing this Malu demonstrates she has no concern or care about her poor constituents.

It is also alleged that Malu paid a black magic woman to teach her how to cast spells, so Malu herself is an evil black magic sorcerer. Malu has allegedly been seen chanting spells and throwing special concoctions into a small fireplace that she has had built into a wall. Her spells and ability are very limited, so Malu does not have the skill set of a long time black magician. Many black magicians are born into a family of sorcerers and the tradition and knowledge is passed down from generation to generation. One practitioner has said, "Killing people is how I make my income". Another said, "I have killed many people over the years for Malu and received payment for the service". Payment is typically P10,000 to P40,000 for murder. In most cases, victims of black magic are not even aware they are being attacked, and unfortunately many do not live to tell the tale of how they were attacked. This article will act to inform townspeople of the seriousness and deviousness of this issue, and the evil dirtyness & underhandedness to which Malu Loot will allegedly stoop to get her way, all via the alleged use of black magic on unwitting & usually innocent victims. In most, if not all cases, the victims have done nothing illegal or in any way harmed Malu directly, as they have simply acted in political opposition to Malu, who then allegedly uses black magic to kill, main or injure them, and bring financial hardship & emotional stress upon them & their families.

For Malu, the alleged use of black magic at all times is her ultimate weapon. It is a very important tool she has in her fingertips, which she has allegedly needed to use in order to stay in political power. Without the alleged use of black magic, Malu Loot would not have been able to hold on to power in Daanbantayan for so many years, even with the help of her allegedly corrupt policeman husband Vic Loot & their various goons etc. The reality of this whole situation is, if there was no one to pay to have murders done using black magic, then the black magic sorcerers would soon be out of business, so it is allegedly only the wealth, greed and evilness of people like Malu Loot that keeps this age old practice of black magic going. In Malu's case she allegedly uses black magic as a tool to keep her in political power in Daanbantayan when all other methods have failed.

Malu has also allegedly affected court trials and the health of judges and attorneys who are involved in hearing cases against her or her associates or people who have carried out crimes on her behalf and who have been caught by the law. There is also information to hand that alleges Malu has used black magic to interfere with the health & political power of politicians in Manila who oppose her, in order to bring them down & therefore remove any serious political obstacles that Malu faces in her progress towards the corrupt plans & endeavours she is involved with.

To the people of Daanbantayan, please wake up and accept the fact that this woman, Maria Louisa Loot, is allegedly an evil person addicted to the ways of the devil, who allegedly uses these ancient tribal customs to annihilate her enemies when other ways or methods fail. For any of you to say these allegations are nonsense, is simply ignoring your own common sense, as you all know within your hearts and minds what this woman is capable of, how evil & despicable she allegedly really is, and how she will allegedly stop at nothing to get her own way. This allegedly even means using black magicians to kill, main and injure your fellow townspeople who have had the guts and courage to stand up to her.

Malu is allegedly nothing short of an egomaniac and a murderess, who will use any means to kill her opponents, including black magic and more conventional means such as guns, poison, stabbings & bashings etc. Allegedly Malu is a very sick woman, who does not know what honesty and decency is. She is extremely skilled at putting on a facade, a fake appearance & attitude that can easily fool people into thinking she is a good human being of good character. She has learnt these skills from her early days allegedly as a prostitute & a whore, she knows how to "give the customer what they want", so she continues to use these skills today to fool politicians, investors and the people of Daanbantayan into thinking she is only doing good for the town and the people. She is still allegedly acting as a prostitute by selling out her integrity and selling out the people of Daanbantayan in return for payment of money, to make her one of the richest Mayors in the Philippines. She has allegedly even fooled herself into thinking she is doing good deeds for the town, but it is only a form of self justification & validation for the evil & corrupt deeds she allegedly does, something she personally needs to hear from herself in order to validate & "make acceptable" her attitudes & her whole existence.

She is allegedly evil incarnate in the worst possible way. Wake up now people of Daanbantayan, and do something about this allegedly evil bitch of a woman. If you do nothing, then more people will die, this alleged "Military Dictatorship disguised as elected governance" will never stop, more of your family, friends and relatives will be allegedly murdered or have their lives ruined by this woman.

Malu is now poised to bring development to the town through her Malapascua Resort & Casino plan, but this is allegedly a BIG SCAM, that will only help her get wealthier, as the cash flow & huge profits will allegedly be derived from drug & crime activities in south east Asia. DO NOT BE FOOLED BY THIS WOMAN. The allegedly corrupt sell off of the Elementary School in Daanbantayan for a new Shopping Mall, announced in August 2011, is allegedly stage 1 in the Resort & Casino development, as it will open the doors for the rest of Malu's allegedly evil & corrupt plans to follow. It will facilitate her & the investors ability to make these corrupt developments happen, by having more money, more political clout, more influence around the town, and a track record of a successful Mall development etc.

Allegedly the plans for this school/mall project are all wrong, the supporting documents are all wrong as they are fakes, Malu has allegedly manipulated land particulars & details to make it appear that the development conforms to legal requirements, but these land titles and supporting documents are allegedly fakes. A comparison of the development application supporting documents against the original source records will indicate that Malu has allegedly made changes and had fake land titles etc produced, so as to ensure her development plans have a smooth flow through council and will be approved, without any apparent technical reasons to refuse the approval. Townspeople & authorities should not accept the development plans' supporting documents & supporting land titles for the amalgamation of lands etc as legitimate, as they are allegedly fakes. When the real land titles are looked up in official records, the alleged changes that Malu has made will be uncovered, eg land dimensions and areas etc have been altered to fit in with the development application requirements, and Malu herself will be seen allegedly as a BIG CHEAT AND LIAR.

Townspeople of Daanbantayan, stand up now & oppose Malu Loot, before she commits this town to allegedly further rape & prostitution at the hands of allegedly the biggest whore the town has, Maria Luisa Loot herself.

As part of the mainland based development plans for a relocated port, hotel & airport etc, which allegedly relate to the Malapascua Resort & Casino plan, Malu allegedly plans to use more black magic to get her way & manipulate land owners with disease & ill health, to then "persuade or coerce" them to sell off their lands. She also allegedly plans to involve her husband General Vic Loot, to use his now much more powerful & autonomous military & police influence, to coerce landholders in the vicinity of Maya & Daanbantayan airport, to part with their lands as part of a government ordered land resumption program. This is allegedly a totally fictitious land resumption program, and police and military personnel under orders from Vic, will allegedly be used  as "standover men" to intimidate landowners to hand over their lands. The alleged plan of Malu is, that the landowners in question will "in ignorance" blindly accept that the advice given by police & military officials to handover their lands, thinking it is actually legitimate. There are other "key or important landowners" in the area, who will allegedly get special treatment from Malu, as they will be sickened and diseased by black magic attacks and will then be in financial distress, and will therefore more easily "succumb" to offers to sell their land. Malu has allegedly already targetted five landowners, and will initially attack the two most important ones with black magic, so as to weaken the resolve of all parties involved & prevent them from resisting her corrupt land resumption and takeover attempts.

This is nothing other than a gross manipulation of reality & the free will of individuals, involving the commercialisation of black magic, all at the whim of an allegedly corrupt & money hungry Mayor, her husband & their associates.

Jun Abucay found "real" Malapascua resort plans, Malu allegedly paid black magician to murder him - 23 July 2011
This article was originally published on Facebook

Councillor Jun Abucay suddenly & unexpectedly took ill in late May 2011. Within 4 days he was dead from serious internal sepsis and infection. He complained of sudden onset fever, but due to the high cost of medical treatment decided not to seek medical attention immediately. After two days he got so unwell and had a seriously high and dangerous fever, and he was taken to hospital in Cebu. He was extremely weak when he was admitted to hospital and died a day or so later. The infection in his body was so prevalent and Drs were at a loss to treat him adequately in order to save his life. Perhaps if he sought medical attention when he first had a fever, then he may have been able to be saved with antibiotic treatment etc. 

His death has been reported as natural (caused by disease) with complications caused by his diabetic condition, but this type of rapid onset serious & deadly disease has all the hallmarks of death by black magic, and it is alleged that Malu Loot ordered one of her black magicians to murder Jun Abucay, as he was going to expose Malu's alternative & corrupt Malapascua Resort plan.  

It appears that Jun Abucay found the alternate plans for the Malapascua Island Resort & Casino development & associated ferry terminal locations, that was reported on these pages last December 2010, where Malu Loot was accused of having a publicly approved set of plans which was going to be replaced by an alternative & different non approved set of plans. It was alleged that there was serious fraudulent intent behind these alternative set of plans, and should the public be aware of what Malu intended to do, there would be a huge outcry & opposition to her development scheme.  

Jun Abucay being a gentle and mild mannered man, quietly raised his concerns with Malu Loot, but Malu was allegedly not going to entertain his objections, and without realising it, Jun sealed his fate.  

The Abucay family own properties and businesses in Maya, and Jun discovered that Malu Loot plans to allegedly move the land based RoRo port site from it's current approved location to another site nearby that benefits her. The new site is sufficiently far away to destroy all the business and trade that islanders currently do at the Abucay family marina/wharf complex and at their provisions store, and probably ruin the business & livelihood of other nearby stores and store owners as well.  

Malu allegedly took this as a serious threat that her non approved and underhanded plans would be revealed, and saw this as a major threat to the viability of her allegedly corrupt project going ahead. The project allegedly involves a money laundering scheme from overseas drug, crime & gambling interests with strong connections to organised crime in Japan & Asia. Someone respectable & reliable who was outside of her close circle of "absolutely trusted people in the know" (ie particularly Malu Loot, Zenas Dublin and vested interested parties), now had hard paper based evidence & knowledge of her deception to swap plans and carry out the development based on the non approved plan rather than the approved plan. The general public would be non the wiser until the development was well under way and it would then be too late to stop or change.  

We have recently heard that Malu has allegedly received many forged documents relating to land titles and ownership which form part of this overall scheme, involving a land component and ferry terminal on Malapascua Island, as well as a ferry terminal and a land resort component on the mainland. These are allegedly in the vicinity of Maya and the current Daanbantayan airport, which the Loots plan to acquire using forced land takeovers & forged title documents etc.  

Shame on you Malu, how wicked are you to allegedly kill one of your own Councillors to protect your allegedly corrupt & illegal scheme.
This is disgusting & evil behaviour and so terrible it is difficult to comprehend someone could be so callous to allegedly kill one of her own Councillors who supports her political party.  

Malu certainly knew how to allegedly placate the trauma & upset that the Abucay family experienced, as she was very quick to allegedly offer a payment to the Abucay family of P100,000 (one hundred thousand pesos) to cover the costs of his funeral etc.  

Allegedly in Malu's opinion she can buy anyone off and stop them creating a fuss about someones death. She also allegedly knows this family is now indebted to her for "giving" them this huge sum of money, and that they will probably be reluctant to complain about Juns death, as Malu would no doubt demand the repayment of the 100,000 pesos.   Malu appears to be so caring and generous, but she was allegedly just placating the family and in her opinion allegedly paying for Jun's death with money. She allegedly believes that she was very generous to the family by giving them this amount, because allegedly in Malu's opinion, Jun Abucay would not have earned that amount of money in his future lifetime, so the family is actually better off financially than had he still been alive.  

Oh Malu you are allegedly so crude, callous and evil.  

People of Daanbantayan, it's time to do something about this allegedly evil woman, she must not be allowed to allegedly continue doing these evil acts unchallenged. She will allegedly kill more people using both black magic & other conventional means to get her way, more of your friends, more of your acquaintances, more of your family members will die in time, if you continue to do nothing and allow her to stay in power.  
Rise up now and stand firm against her.
Demand answers, demand fair & honest governance. Demand an end to the corruption and murders, especially those using black magic which are often passed off as death by natural causes.

Malu Loot too sick to attend court over Cosido matter on Thurs, but plans to attend Vic's party on Sat night - 23 July 2011
This article was originally published on Facebook

The accused Maria Luisa Loot failed to show up for her arraignment hearing in Sandiganbayan at Manila over the Cosido matter, where she is alleged to have unlawfully withheld Cosido's pay in 2003. She was to have appeared in Sandiganbayan at 8:30am on Thursday 21 July 2011, but Loot sent her lawyer to attend, who presented a medical certificate to explain Loot's non attendance on medical grounds.

Loot through her lawyer filed an Omnibus motion, details of that motion will be obtained and published here when available.

So it appears that this is the first admittance by Malu in some time that she is sick, despite many assertions from her over the recent months that she is well and fit for duty in the Municipio.
Now only two days later, will she be well enough to attend Vic's birthday and thanksgiving celebration party for his promotion to General ? It's not like Malu to miss a chance to brag and show off, so we expect she will attend, and guests can get a chance to see how healthy or unhealthy she really is.

Loots celebrate Vic's bithday & promotion to General - his promotion is an alleged scam though - 23 July 2011
This article was originally published on Facebook

Tonight Saturday 23 July 2011, Malu has arranged a big party in the Daanbantayan town Plaza/Cultural Center, a sort of  double celebration for Vic Loot's birthday and "thanksgiving" for his promotion to a one star General.
Malu wants to make sure that everyone in town is well aware of Vic being a General, and has already held celebrations a few weeks ago in the town, where banners were hung all around the town announcing Vic's promotion to General.  

His promotion though is allegedly a "scam", and most people in Daanbantayan would say he is not worthy of this promotion, because he is allegedly a person of bad character, of poor morals, and is highly unethical. Many people in Daanbantayan also claim he is allegedly a murderer who has arranged, planned and masterminded many murders of political opponents of his wife Maria Luisa Loot, to prevent them from interfering with her career as a Mayor. It is alleged by many people that Malu Loot provides Vic with large sums of money (on an ongoing basis over many years) to pay these killers, and to pay a large network of professionals, media, forgers, gangsters, politicians, police, military officials & people from all walks of life, who "protect" Malu & Vic by ignoring their underhanded actions over the years, in exchange of course for cash payments totalling millions of pesos over the years. There is alleged corruption, allegedly used by the Loot's, existing at the lowest and the highest levels of the police force, military force & political scene in Cebu & Manila, even extending right into Malacanang Palace.  

Hopefully with the new political regime in place in Manila since the 2010 election result, these corrupt "connections" will rapidly disintegrate as old cronies loose their jobs or retire to avoid criminal convictions. It has even been alleged that Malu & Vic used "their friends" Sec Puno and ex President Ramos to cheat the system at the highest levels of government, all of course for exchange of money, in what would appear to be legitimate transactions eg donations of millions of pesos to the Kampi party etc, but which most people consider and allege to just be bribery.  

Vic claims an unblemished record during his career. Others claim that there have been many poor actions & incompetence carried out by Vic over the years which should have been on his police record. Allegedly Vic has engaged people over the years to "totally rewrite and fabricate an unblemished record of his career in the police & military". This forger (who was allegedly employed by Vic) rewrote the whole record book, and in the process removed all the bad entries that had been made about Vic Loot, common knowledge of which has been lost in the course of time, and Vic also allegedly made sure that any paper works associated with such poor actions and incompetence were conveniently lost and/or destroyed.  

Vic's promotion had been "on hold" in Napolcom for over 2 years, as he was under investigation for a number of various corrupt & illegal activities, including four serious criminal Graft & Corruption charges as determined by a very thorough investigation done by NBI. It is alleged that Malu bribed lawyers in the Ombudsmans office in Manila to "bury the case" and stop it from proceeding to a court where and when Malu & Vic would be subpoenaed to attend, to prove their innocence, if they could. The Graft case against them was very strong and compelling to find them guilty, so they had to allegedly stop the matter proceeding at any cost.  

Malu allegedly used her contacts in Manila to have a Senator change the laws to allow officers under investigation for over 2 years without any activity having happened regarding the investigation, to be allowed to be promoted. Malu allegedly argued that Vic's failure to have been promoted, was a "political action" and done purely for political purposes to harrass her & Vic, rather than there being anything factual in the charges against Vic. Malu & Vic then allegedly used their collective "clout & friendship" to have the current PNP Chief propose that a certain level of PNP Admin Directors in various regions be promoted to Generals.   This was clearly a ploy to allow Vic Loot to be promoted, as he just so happened to fall into the category & rank of Directors being recommended for promotion. As the new law now allowed him to be promoted, then the current President was "obliged" to sign the all encompassing order that promoted many people to Generals.

You could say this was allegedly a "con job" at the highest level of Philippine law, politics & governance of the whole country. It paints a sorry picture for the status of the Philippine nation when alleged crooks & criminals such as the Loot's are allowed to dictate policy to lawmakers, politicians & leaders, allegedly for the exchange of money for favours.  

Malu allegedly has ulterior motives, as she is again instilling the "fear factor" into people, and asserting her power is even bigger & stronger than before, because her husband is now a General. Townspeople of Daanbantayan know a General can function autonomously and carry out operations that he devises etc, so with a large degree of official power instilled in Vic by his rank, the townspeople tend to fear the combined team of Malu & Vic. Is this true in reality ?  

Well the reality is that Malu has allegedly been ordering Vic around & telling him what to do as a General to help her carry out her allegedly corrupt and illegal plans in and around the town of Daanbantayan. Malu believes that Vic has great power as a General, and that no military or police officials would dare to disobey his orders, no matter how suspicious or inappropriate or invalid & contradictory to the law of the land, that any of these orders would be. Malu allegedly wants Vic to use military & police personnel, supposedly acting in an official government capacity, to "assist" in achieving her takeover of various landholdings, and "assist"  to track down opposition team members & intercept their communications, & do even worse evil deeds.  

Vic you had better be careful, you just finally got to be a General, and straight away you are risking to loose being a General. People are watching how you perform as a General, you better be careful, it may be better for you to have nothing more to do with Malu, she will only take you down with her when she falls from power.  Get out now Vic while you still can, and have nothing more to do with Malu. You allegedly have a young Thai wife & child, go and spend your time with her, instead of arranging to kill more people for Malu, or to harass and hinder constituents of Daanbantayan to handover their properties etc.

Malu allegedly illegally spies on opponents using electronic equipment - 23 July 2011
This article was originally published on Facebook

This may be a one year old story, but is still relevant today (at July 2011). It is derived heavily from the Daanbantayan Secrets & Revelations document, with additional information.

In the lead up to the 2010 elections, Malu's Keeper of Security, Boy Pepito Tambok, was allegedly involved in organising the theft of a opposition team members mobile phone, and placed a miniature electronic listening & transmitting device into the phone. The phone was then returned a few days later to the owner under the pretext it had been found in the street & was being returned as a "good samaritan act". The phone had in reality allegedly been stolen by a traitor & handed to Boy Tambok for the implanting of a bug. This was a deliberate act of treachery & deceit planned and instigated allegedly by Malu Loot. She had allegedly ordered her people to "get more information" regarding the oppositions contact people, their plans & activities etc. She wanted any information about the oppositions activities so she could thwart their attempts to win the election by any means, including allegedly illegal activities such as attempted murder, bashings, intimidation & bribery.

This type of electronic eavesdropping is illegal under Philippine law, not even Mayors are allowed to do this. Police etc with suitable warrants and permissions from a Judge may be able to "tap into peoples phone calls" but there was no warrant and no official legal police or similar investigation being carried out here.

Further to this it is alleged that Malu Loot was seen wearing small red headphones and listening to the intercepted voice conversations, so she was actively aware of "what was going on".

We will not elaborate on details here, but the opposition "smelt a rat" immediately, and played along with Malu by making many phone calls with misleading & false information being mentioned. Malu was aghast at what she thought the opposition was going to do, she even had one critical member of her team, Zenas Dublin, ordered to stay inside and he was given a number of security guards to supposedly protect him from what Malu "thought" was going to happen. Malu thought she had the upper hand, but it was the other way around, the opposition were playing with her with this big "reverse sting" that backfired on Malu.

Why is this matter still relevant today, because Malu is allegedly enagaged in such activities again, but on an even bigger scale. Unfortunately for Malu, the opposition know about it, and "whispers" from the Loot camp, indicate that the attempts to intercept & gain information by allegedly illegal means using electronic eavesdropping equipment, has not been very successful. More to come in follow up reports.

Request to Mayor Maria Luisa Loot, the Vice Mayor, Councillors & Barangay officials of Daanbantayan, to resign - 23 July 2011
This article/letter was originally published on Facebook

Dear Maria Luisa Loot & the current Councillors of Daanbantayan & Barangay officials who are members of the Loot team  

We represent the people of Daanbantayan, and we hereby call upon you all to resign immediately from your positions of Mayor, Vice Mayor, Councillors & Barangay officials.
We believe you all have no legitimate claim to these positions of public office.
We believe you all have allegedly acted illegally & corruptly to obtain these positions, by means of allegedly buying and rigging the election vote and intimidating voters to vote for you, and apart from that have allegedly not carried out your duties in an honest and trustworthy and decent manner.
We believe you all have allegedly not upheld the position of trust that being a member of a governing body of a town implies & imposes.

Furthermore it has been proven beyond the doubts of the National Bureau of Investigation Anti Graft Division (NBI), that Maria Luisa Loot and Vicente Loot are allegedly guilty of four criminal counts of Graft and Corruption and as such should be deemed unfit persons to hold public office.
Furthermore the fellow Councillors & officials who hold office alongside Ma Luisa Loot, go along with her allegedly corrupt activities & turn a blind eye to them, of which tolerance of illegal fishing is one of the towns biggest complaints, coupled with the allegedly huge amounts of bribe money that is paid to Ma Luisa Loot and her representatives, allegedly in particular Zenas Dublin.  
There are many other matters that could be cited, allegedly such as: ineffective management, standover tactics, lying, cheating, falsifying records, corrupt land dealings & development, misappropriation of funds, alleged murders or accessories to murder and generally speaking utilising the power vested in the positions you hold in an inappropriate way to benefit yourselves & your personal gain, rather than acting absolutely in the total interests of the people and for the people of Daanbantayan.  

We call upon you all to resign immediately.  
Do you have the guts to be honest with the people of Daanbantayan ?
Do you have the guts to tell the people of Daanbantayan all the evil & corrupt things you have allegedly done during your term or terms of office ?
Do you have the guts to be decent citizens ?
Do you have the guts to be honest with your neighbours & friends ?  
We the people of Daanbantayan are not fooled by your pretence of acting correctly, when you are allegedly acting corruptly. By continuing to act the way you do, you are only putting yourselves to more shame !  

In the name of God and common decency, do the right thing and step down and pave the way for new open, independent, unbiased and honest governance of this town.  

Yours Faithfully
Seventy thousand concerned citizens of Daanbantayan 

This article was originally published on Facebook

Malu has learnt some black magic spells from an old “black magic woman”, who is toothless & walks with a stick that has charms dangling from it. Malu has been observed throwing concoctions into a small fire she has in a wall. She uses black magic to make her enemies sick & stop them opposing her. She even uses powerful black magicians to kill people that have refused to "do what Malu says". Big money is paid to various black magicians, mainly from Sequijor Island, to do her evil bidding. She has used black magic many times in the past to “get her way” with people, and "do away" with people. This old black magic woman has killed many people for Malu over the years. These deaths appear "natural", but are the result of black magic attacks. This demonstrates the evil intentions of Malu, to force her will on other people by any means possible. She has forgotten that GOOD always overcomes evil, that GOD will always overcome the devil ! It is time for God to strike you down Malu.

Zendu, Wanna be Priest turned greedy
- 20 July 2011

This article is an excerpt from​alitabantay/Home/downloads/Daa​nbantayan-Secrets-9-May-2010.p​df 
Zenas has been planning Malu’s 2010 election strategy, what image to present to the people for the best gain. Some things are not being revealed by Zenas before the 2010 election, and will only be revealed after the election. If the people found out about some development plans that Zenas has created for Malu, then Malu’s team will loose massive support and there would be a huge swing of voters away from Malu. Zenas even acknowledges to himself that he is a bad person. From wanting to be a Priest, he dropped out of life in the seminary to become Malu’s right hand man. He has sold his soul and used his brain for evil doings. He observed that even the church was corrupt, so he decided to really become corrupt and reap the financial benefits of being with Malu. It is easily observed that Zenas drinks a lot. He does so to cover up the internal pain and remorse that he suffers when he does all the evil and nasty and corrupt things for Malu. The drink numbs his system and allows him to have some sort of saneness, although he is often foggy and fuzzy in his head with all the alcohol he consumes. Zenas is the manipulator of figures, Gogong discovered this about him. Gogong found out that Zenas was changing titles on beach front land to ultimately benefit Malu. Zenas has secretly supplied us with information about a land release that only he and Malu knew about and were keeping secret. Malu plans to sell off some land cheaply, and this will really upset the people that it got sold off so cheaply. Zenas was the one who told the opposition where the plans are kept inside Malu’s office, he said they were in her metal filing cabinet, they are plans for redevelopment of a site. Both Zenas and Malu know that if the public knew about this plan, it would cause Malu to loose the 2010 election. Zenas has realised the harm and damage that this development on Logon Island will do to Daanbantayan. On the surface it looks like a good thing, but it is simply making a lot of money for Maluyang. She plans to change the approved public plans, with an altered set of plans and give the developer a large chunk of public land for virtually free, just by moving a boundary line on the drawing plans. This development also involves corrupt crime money laundering from overseas and Zenas knows that this will not be good for the Philippines, as it will allow foreign crime to get a foothold in the Philippines, all because of Malu’s greedy intentions. Zenas is very scared of Malu and is hoping his involvement in leaking this information will not be revealed. Sorry Zenas, but it had to be made public for the good of the people of Daanbantayan and Cebu. There is also another set of plans for a big development at Bateria that involves a Fishing and Port complex. No one knows about this, but Zenas has been secretly and quietly changing titles on land in the area, so parcels of land can be amalgamated, to come under the ownership of the Municipality, and sold to the developers. Again on the surface it looks legitimate, but there are underhanded actions going on to bring this about. In 2010 there have been some problems with how it is all coming together. Malu is very bothered by these difficulties, as she thought the matter had been previously resolved. Malu planted a listening device into an opposition team persons phone in the lead up to the 2010 election, and she overheard a conversation about this subject. She lamblasted Zenas severely, but Zenas denied that he leaked the information. Zenas was the person who told our informant where to find the plans and what it was all about, but Malu moved the plans after she learnt of our knowledge about them. Zenas has had enough of this lifestyle that he has been leading, doing Malu’s dirtywork and scheming. Zenas was also involved in assisting with Gogongs murder, indirectly. Zenas more recently has been manipulating the budget figures. The problem is they simply do not balance. A rigorous analysis of the budget figures shows they are very, very wrong. The opposition team has been attacking the budget book that Malu gave councillors, so this issue has already been partly exposed, but those discoveries are only the “tip of the iceberg”. There are many more irregularities to be discovered if a professional accountant were to review all the figures thoroughly.

This article was originally published on Facebook

Malu cannot tolerate people whispering about her, even her own people are talking about her & the articles they are reading on Ang Parola sa Daanbantayan Facebook & website. Malu is so egotistical she feels no one should talk about her, & anyone publishing stories should be punished. She has ordered her "on call" black magicians on Sequijor to attack & debilitate those she believes are responsible. Malu does not really know who is behind these websites, she is just guessing. Despite these efforts, she has not been able to stop the website stories from being published. Obviously hearing and reading the uncensored truth about her wrongdoings is bruising her ego & reducing her credibility amongst her supporters & financiers. Shame on you Malu ! It seems like the truth hurts !


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Heard more whispers that only a week after being promoted, General Vic was spotted in a compromising situation with a woman. It was not his wife Malu that he had been in bed with, but allegedly his other young Thai wife in her early 20's. He was seen putting his "Generals pants" back on after being in bed with her. Malu thought she had "bought" Vics loyalty by allegedly using her contacts in Manila to have him promoted to General, despite him being denied a promotion by Napolcom. Vic is double crossing Malu, but Malu seems to go along with it because she is using him by allegedly ordering Vic to carry out corrupt activities to help her acquire more landholdings & carry out murders of her opponents. Looks like they are using each other for whatever benefits they can each get. Are they two fools on a road to doom, you decide ?

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Heard whispers around DB that Malu is getting a very, very big diamond ring, supposedly to protect her from black magic attacks. She is really very scared because she is having so many problems, she is scared of dying of cancer, she is scared of being arrested, she is scared of being caught for her evil illegal deeds, she is scared of loosing all her wealth. She blames black magic for everything that has happened to her, and wants a bigger diamond to give her more protection & make all the "bad things go away". These happenings are your karma Malu, that you have manifested by your actions, you cannot change the will of God. Better that you atone for your sins before it is too late. We have not heard of anyone doing black magic to Malu, but we have heard of Malu doing black magic to many people she wants to destroy simply because they oppose her & her evil ways. How wicked is she ! How scared is she !

Malu Loot health worsens, cancer is spreading, & now has aortic aneurysm - 17 July 2011
This article was originally published by LC on Facebook & is republished here with grammatical corrections

My medico friends have told me that Malou has what appears to them to be an Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm, that is a large blood vessel that could burst & cause instant death.
Also Malou has complained of pain in the neck & this appears to be the lymph system where cancer has spread, called a lymphoma. This is a sign of further spread of the cancer in her body.
It seems Malou will die from the cancer soon because it is rapidly spreading through her body.
She might die first from the aorta rupturing, my medico friends said if the aorta ruptures she will bleed from every hole in her body & die suffering, but quickly.
It seems Malou wants to keep her serious health condition a big secret, but everyone in DB (Daanbantayan) knows about it, so who is she fooling, only herself !

Daanbantayan Mayor Maria Luisa Loot, & at least 10 others face admin raps - 17 July 2011 (first published 9 June 2011)

CEBU, Philippines -Daanbantayan Mayor Maria Luisa Loot and several other municipal and barangay officials have been charged administratively before the Office of the Ombudsman-Visayas for closing the waterworks system in Barangay Tapilon, Daanbantayan last April 25. Claro Benatiro, chairman of the Board of Directors of Tapilon Rural Waterworks and Sanitation Association (TARWASA) Incorporated, alleged that Loot violated the law when she insisted to padlock their waterworks system despite a status quo order from the court. Benatiro said Loot and the other respondents ignored the status quo order issued by the Regional Trial Court (RTC) in Bogo City for Loot to refrain from implementing the cease and desist order against TARWASA pending resolution of the case, which is pending before the court. The other respondents in the administrative case before the Ombudsman are municipal Councilor Zenas Dublin, municipal administrator Mamerto Rodrigo, Tapilon barangay captain Arturo Conejos, barangay councilmen Sauhl Dionne Punay, Prospero Alalim, Expedito Dualos, Tiburcio Monzales, Rodelio Eturma, Paquito Diano, Mark Anthony Luche and several municipal employees who implemented the mayor’s closure order.

Loot claimed earlier that the water system lacks the certificate of franchise from the Local Water Utilities Administration (LWUA), the government agency tasked to supervise the operation of rural waterworks and sanitation associations. The system also allegedly failed to secure franchise from the National Water Resources Board. But Benatiro argued that Loot should comply with the court’s order and her move to close the waterworks system last April 25 is a “clear display of arrogance, tyranny, grave abuse of authority, oppresive conduct and violation of the property rights.” Benatiro claimed that under Executive Order 869, the rural waterworks are exempted from obtaining national and local permits, including national and local taxes.

Loot said the closure of the barangay waterworks system in Tapilon is due to the failure of its officials to secure the necessary authority to operate and had no permit from the municipality. Benatiro, a former police official, asked the graft investigators to place Loot and the other respondents under preventive suspension so they could not use their position to intimidate and harass the complainants TARWASA officers and employees, much more to their witnesses.

Because the complaint of Benatiro was filed only last Tuesday, the respondents have not yet received copies of the complaints. A similar case is also pending before the RTC in Bogo City. Benatiro said the acts shown by Loot and the other respondents that resulted to the untimely stoppage of the water distribution of the water supply is a clear violation of the law. In an interview with The FREEMAN, Loot said the case against her is political harassment, considering that a case on the same issue is still pending in court. She insisted that the municipal government was simply exercising its responsibility to deny the operation in the absence of a certificate of franchise. She said she will answer the charges when directed to do so by the Ombudsman, but warned she will get back at those who had subjected her to unnecessary hassle. “Ako ra na tubagon. Didto makita kung asa ang administrative (violation)…. Klaro kayo… purely harassment…kung wala silay mai-prove nako, panilngon nako sila sa tanang kahasol nga ilang gihatag nako,” Loot said.

Malu Loot ordered to appear at Sandiganbayan over Cosido matter - 17 July 2011

Gimanduan si Malu Loot sa SANDIGANBAYAN nga mopatim-aw sa naasoy nga hukmanan didto sa kauluhan, alas 8:00 sa buntag karong, Hulyo 21, 2011, alang sa gikatagdang' pagpahigayon sa "arraignment" sa kasang' "Illegal Withholding of Salary" nga gipasaka ni Jeronimo M. Cosido batok nii Loot.


Refer to this article reproduced below for further details:

Cebu Mayor posts bail for graft case - 31 May 2011

CEBU, Philippines - Daanbantayan Mayor Maria Luisa Loot posted a bail of P30,000 after a warrant of arrest was issued by the Sandiganbayan against her for an anti-graft case.

Judge Victor Teves sign the order of release of Loot last April 28, 2011.

It was the Sandiganbayan 1st Division that issued the warrant of arrest against Loot on May 25, 2011.

Division Chairman Associate Justice Efren dela Cruz and members Rodolfo Ponferrada and Rafael Lagos found probable cause after they evaluated the resolution made by an anti-graft prosecutor of the office of the Ombudsman.

“After personally perusing the information and evaluating the resolution of the prosecutor, its supporting evidence and the records of the preliminary investigation attached thereto, it appears that sufficient grounds exist for the finding of probable cause for the purpose of issuing the warrant of arrest against Loot,” the order of justices read.

Loot was charged after allegedly taking advantage of her position in refusing to sign the Daily Time Record of Jeronimo Cosido, a permanent employee of Daanbantayan, starting July 16, 2003 resulting to the withholding of the salaries of Cosido.

The unpaid salaries and allowances of Cosido from July 16 to October 8, 2003 amounted to P17,806.35.

Malu Loot very worried about future, consults leading Clairvoyant - 4 July 2011
This article was originally published on Facebook

News coming from Malu Loot is that she is very worried about her future. A few months back, Malu went to see a famous clairvoyant in Cebu, to seek advice about what the future held for her. The information she received was not good and various warnings were given to her.


Apparently Malu had not previously consulted with clairvoyants, as she was always so self assured of her plans and direction in life. As far as she was concerned, she did not need anyone to tell her what was going to happen, because she was in control and she would be the only person to decide what was going to happen. Her usual style is to allegedly buy whatever outcome she desired, so she didn’t need advice from clairvoyants. As far as she was concerned money can allegedly buy anything or anyone. But now she is concerned and fearful about her future, she wanted to see for herself what the future held, so she could do something to change the outcome. Many things have not been going the way Malu wanted them to, and she has even discovered that money cannot buy everything.

PNP needs to "clean up" their ranks - 2 July 2011
This article was originally published by AP on Facebook & is republished here with legal corrections

PNP needs to clean up their senior ranks too - In my opinion huh. They need to clean the upper ranks starting with the allegedly "fake" General Vic Loot. By allegedly following orders from his allegedly evil & corrupt wife Ma Luisa Loot, he has allegedly done more criminal activity & wrongdoings than probably any other PNP policeman in the whole of the Philippines. He is allegedly akin to a professional criminal, aided and abetted by his senior rank in the PNP, and his network of bribed officials who turn a blind eye to his illegal activities. Who is Vic's boss, is it Camp Crame ? No way, it is allegedly Maria Luisa Loot who issues orders to him to carry out her dirty work.
More information that relates to these comments can be found in this article

Malu Loot "in denial" about cancer - 25 June 2011
This article was originally published by LC on Facebook & is republished here with grammatical corrections

My medico friends have told me that Malou is in denial about the spread of cancer to the bones in her leg & back. They said Madam is saying things like, "It is not supposed to be this way", and "This is not how it is supposed to be working out". Madam has also been having headaches and eyesight problems lately & my medico friends said there is a tumour in the back of her brain. Malou also has severe stomach pain, because the cancer is now in her stomach.
They are telling me that this is very serious, as the cancer has now spread to many places in Malou's body, (called metastasis) & the treatment she is having is not stopping the spread of cancer.
When this happens my medico friends say the patient usually dies within 1 yr or less as the immune system is weak & other diseases will happen. This is your karma Malou. God bless you, please start atoning for your sins, your time left on this earth is short.

What makes this matter worse is that Malou should have gone overseas for more aggressive medical treatment, but she wanted to stay in Cebu so she could keep control of the political situation in Daanbantayan. It seems that holding on to power in DB is more important than her health. At the rate it is progressing, this disease will kill you soon Malou, you will not be a Mayor anymore then, so what's wrong with your thinking ?

Here is a link to metastasis

Ma Luisa Loot lamblasts Hiram Benatiro & TARWASSA Board of Directors on Bantay Radyo - 11 June 2011
This article was originally published on the Facebook page of Ang Parola sa Daanbantayan & is republished here with corrections

Loot has been heard on Bantay Radyo berating & lamblasting Col. Hiram Benatiro and the TARWASSA Board members regarding the recent case filed against her relating to the forced takeover of Tarwassa by Ma Luisa Loot and her supporters.
Loot is obviously hurt & scared by this recent case, following her arrest and subsequent bailing in late April 2011 over another matter from 2003 involving Jeronimo Cosido. Loot thought the TARWASSA matter was "under control" in the courts, but it has come back to haunt her just when she does not want any political "bad news" or problems in the lead up to announcing her controversial plans to develop a Resort and Casino on Malapascua Island.

Loot decided to take matters into her own hands and ignore a court order that she did not take any action against TARWASSA. Loot continues to justify her actions by quoting laws and statutes that do not apply to the TARWASSA situation, and she carefully and deliberately chooses to ignore the claims by TARWASSA that it is exempt under the law from needing various permits & other requirements. As is usually the case, Ma Luisa Loot quotes the law as it suits her requirements, rather than stating the real truth of the matter. In this case it appears that Loot has blatantly taken over the TARWASSA water system without authority, right from day one when this whole debacle of standover tactics began, and Loot continues to ignore the law throughout the whole length of time this saga has been running. Hopefully the courts will eventually render a just and fair verdict in favour of the current and longstanding and legitimate TARWASSA water system owners (the people), and dismiss Ma Luisa Loot's claims of ownership.

Sun Shimura & his new wife are unhappy with Malu Loot's dominating behavior - 10 June 2011
This article was originally published on Facebook

Since late 2009, we have had many indications from Malu's supporters that they are very unhappy with the way she does business & runs the Daanbantayan Council.
Now it seems that Malu's erratic & dominating behavior is even causing rifts among family members.

Whispers have been heard coming from Malu's most beloved son from her earlier marriage, Sun Shimura, that he has apparently "had enough" of Malu's bad & dominating behavior & does not really want anything more to do with her.
He has indicated that he wants to stay away from all the stress & problems that Malu causes the people around her. It seems that Sun is under too much pressure from his dominating mother. Since his recent marriage, even his new wife wants him to have less to do with Malu and is demanding he stay away from Malu. Sun has told us that there is some sort of stress induced fertility or sterility problem that is interfering with with the couples ability to conceive a baby.

We have also learnt that Malu herself is unhappy with Sun having recently married, and does not approve of the new wife. Malu is very annoyed that she has lost "possession" of her son and now has to concede that Sun's new wife will take up much of his time, leaving Sun to give less attention to Malu's demands. It sounds like the typical "jealous mother in law scenario", where the new daughter in law is despised by the mother.

Come on Malu, not only are you you are allegedly wrecking havoc on the people of Daanbantayan with your allegedly corrupt & dictatorial leadership style, but you are also interfering with the personal life of your dearly beloved son & his new wife. Wake up Malu, you are very sick with cancer that is not responding well to all the treatments you are having. At the present rate of progression of the spread of cancer throughout your body, you may not see another year alive on this planet before the disease claims your life, so leave the couple alone to get on with their life. If you are not careful, you may be carried out in a coffin before you get to see a new grandchild. You should really step down from the position of Mayor and concentrate on fighting the serious life threatening disease you now have, rather than making life difficult for Sun Sun & his new wife. Look what you have done now, you have even turned Sun Sun away from you.

Malu Loot lamblasts Cosido family on Bantay Radyo - 8 June 2011

This article was originally published on the Facebook page of Ang Parola sa Daanbantayan & is reproduced here with additions

Malu has been heard on Bantay Radyo berating & lamblasting Ronnie & Bart Cosido, Itok Corro & Rossani Luche, following her April 2011 arrest for an anti graft case involving the withholding of salaries of Jeronimo Cosido in 2003.
The original case was dismissed allegedly following a P1million payout by Malu to affect the outcome, but on appeal, the Sandiganbayan 1st Division found probable cause after re-evaluating the evidence & records of the preliminary investigation. They found sufficient grounds existed for the finding of probable cause for the purpose of issuing the warrant of arrest against Loot.
Malu, stop blaming others for your wrongful deeds, you have been caught out now, so start accepting that the person to blame is yourself, you were the one who vindictively attacked the Cosido family following their complaints about your unjust & unlawful increase in taxes way back in 2003.
See previous posts here on the topic.

Vic & Malu marriage allegedly over - 8 June 2011

This article was originally published on the Facebook page of Ang Parola sa Daanbantayan

Revelations were made about Vic Loot's marriage to another woman in a document titled Daanbantayan-Secrets-9-May-2010.pdf which was released publicly in October 2010. A copy is available here,

Vic & Malu's relationship as a traditionally married couple is allegedly over. He allegedly hates & despises her & considers her to be an ugly old cow who talks too much & shouts orders at him all the time. He allegedly cannot tolerate listening to her anymore & is absolutely disgusted by her.

Vic only stays with her for the power & the money, as she allegedly gives him the money to pay the people in their extensive protection & bribery network. Vic has double crossed Malu, as he has allegedly been siphoning off money to his own secret overseas bank account for his own plans in retirement without her. She wondered why so much more money was needed to keep their protection network under control, and this is the reason why.

Vic has a secret he only told to one person (who has since died of natural causes), but before they died that secret was passed on to others. Around 2003 or 2004 Vic travelled overseas on military police business & ended up in a south east Asian country, that has been experiencing political turmoil with their leader. Despite already being supposedly legally married to Malu, Vic allegedly met & married a young slim petite teenage girl, who had his child, a boy, who is about 6 or 7 years old (in 2010). Vic purportedly became a citizen of that country due to his marriage & has a passport, so effectively he is a dual citizenship holder. His other wife only knows that he is a businessman involved in importing & exporting & that is why he is away for long periods of time. His life in the Philippines as a policeman is unknown to his other wife & son. Vic purportedly purchased a small upcoming tourist resort in a town south of the capitol city, in an area that is a tax haven, & with the money he has allegedly siphoned from Malu, he plans to build a much larger tourist resort and live a happy retired life with his young wife & family. Vic is believed to use a secret phone to regularly call his other wife. He used to visit her when he travelled overseas on military police business, by flying to another major south east Asian city on his Philippines passport, & then flying out on his other nationality passport, so that his path could allegedly not be traced. Vic had not seen his other wife for 2 years or so (as at early 2010), perhaps because of problems that stemmed from Gogongs murder, and the need to “keep an eye on developments” to ensure that he is not implicated in the murder.

Vic purportedly has no intention of retiring with Malu, he plans to go to the south east Asian country to live with his other wife & son & never be heard of again. He already has a small fortune put away in the overseas bank account so is ready to go anytime. In Vic's words, "There is no way I would want to stay with that old cow Malu in my old age."

Vic wants to distance himself further from Malu, and will try to shift blame from himself over Gogongs murder and only implicate Malu.

Following the public release of the Secrets and Revelations document in October 2010, Vic & Malu argued furiously about the allegations made. Vic strenuously denied that he had a wife & child overseas, & while it appeared that Malu may have accepted his denials, Malu privately believes that Vic is lying & that he does indeed have another wife & child, and that he has been secretly stashing away her money into his private overseas bank account.

Further information has been obtained which indicates that since Vic was forcibly moved to Samar for his career policeman job in mid 2010, he availed of this opportunity to be away from the prying eyes of Malu, and was able to bring his alleged young second wife closer to the Philippines, so Vic could more easily travel to meet up with her from time to time, to keep their relationship alive.

Vic is leading a double life. He believes he has fooled Malu into accepting that he does not have a second wife (& young child). Malu knows otherwise though, as she believes the allegations are true. She was initially deeply hurt to learn that Vic deceived her, but her tough nature quickly resolved to punish Vic when the "time was right".

Malu threatened Vic, and allegedly coerced him to keep assisting with her "dirty work" requirements, in particular the alleged planning & carrying out the murder of one of Malu's most vocal critics. Numerous murder plots allegedly arranged by Vic Loot & Malu, both seperately and in conjunction with each other have been unearthed. Malu threatened to expose Vic regarding various alleged underhanded activities he had been previously involved with, if he did not continue to assist Malu with her "dirty work" requirements. Vic had no choice but to obviously comply with Malu's "orders".

Malu plans to "pay Vic back" for his deception. It has been discovered that after Vic allegedly has Malu's critic murdered by conventional means, Malu allegedly intends to have Vic murdered using Black Magic. Malu is very angry that Vic has deceived her and "in effect" stolen large sums of money from her. Vic had better watch out for himself, as the whispers coming out of the Loot camp say that Malu is currently very busy using Black Magic against those who have "crossed" her in one way or another, it may be Vic's turn soon.

While Vic & Malu have been seen in company at various functions & when travelling on plane flights to Manila etc, this is just a public relations exercise, designed to make their marriage still appear bona fide. Vic was extremely upset that his promotion to General has been put on hold indefinitely, and it is alleged that some of their trips to Manila have been to seek favours from political friends to have Vic promoted, despite the fact that there are many legal cases outstanding against Vic, and under those circumstances he cannot be promoted. Vic blames Malu for missing out on his promotion to General, stemming from the furor created politically & publically after Gogongs murder, as well as other matters.

From information received, Vic & Malu have allegedly not lived as a couple since early 2010 (or even earlier), their marriage is effectively over, and there is much animosity & hatredness held by each towards the other. Based on the reports that Vic has married another woman, then he is allegedly a bigamist.

Malu is not happy about the revelations made that Vic has double crossed her financially & emotionally, and has such a low opinion of her, and hates and despises her.

Regarding the future viability of the Loot couple to hold on to power in Daanbantayan, and suggestions by Malu that Vic run for Mayor in the next election in 2013, these are very fanciful imaginations of Malu. There is no solidity or stability in their relationship that would in any way suggest this couple could have the emotional stability or ongoing power base to manage and hold on to the position of Mayor of Daanbantayan.

In addition, Malu is reportedly suffering advanced cancer, which has progressed through her body to a stage of being life threatening, so it may be that Malu is dead from this disease by mid 2012. The present rate of progession of the disease and the lack of success of the extremely strong medical treatments she is having (chemotherapy & radium) to eradicate the cancer, are not good signs for her long term survival. This illness has put more pressure on the relationship between Vic & Malu.

Although so far Malu is publicly denying that she is ill, recent appearances by her in public show that Malu is looking extremely unwell and very pale & sickly, which do support the allegations that she is gravely ill.


This article was originally published by LC on the Facebook Wall page of Ang Parola sa Daanbantayan & is republished here with minor grammatical corrections.
The poster, LC, obviously has some connections with medical people who are aware of Malu's health situation.

"My friends are medicos in Cebu City & Manila. They told me that Madam Loot is very sick with cancer of the uterus. They said the cancer has spread into the bone in her back & now the bone in her leg. They said it does not look good for Madam & this illness may kill her as it is getting worse. I heard she has been complaining of headaches and eye troubles, it could be that the cancer has spread to her brain. I feel sorry for her that she may die of cancer, I heard it's a slow painful death. Maybe God is punishing her for all the bad things she has done. God bless you Inday Malou for you truly need his blessing now. Your salvation will be achieved soon when God takes you."

Loot posts bail for Cosido graft case - 31 May 2011

Daanbantayan Mayor Maria Luisa Loot posted a bail of P30,000 after a warrant of arrest was issued by the Sandiganbayan 
against her for an anti-graft case. Judge Victor Teves sign the order of release of Loot last April 28, 2011.

It was the Sandiganbayan 1st Division that issued the warrant of arrest against Loot on May 25, 2011.

Division Chairman Associate Justice Efren dela Cruz and members Rodolfo Ponferrada and Rafael Lagos found probable cause after they 
evaluated the resolution made by an anti-graft prosecutor of the office of the Ombudsman.

After personally perusing the information and evaluating the resolution of the prosecutor, its supporting evidence and the records 
of the preliminary investigation attached thereto, it appears that sufficient grounds exist for the finding of probable cause for the 
purpose of issuing the warrant of arrest against Loot, the order of justices read.

Loot was charged after allegedly taking advantage of her position in refusing to sign the Daily Time Record of Jeronimo Cosido, a permanent 
employee of Daanbantayan, starting July 16, 2003 resulting to the withholding of the salaries of Cosido.

The unpaid salaries and allowances of Cosido from July 16 to October 8, 2003 amounted to P17,806.35.

See the downloads page for a memorandum from Mayor Loot removing Cosido from the employee roll.


This article was originally published on the Facebook Wall page of Ang Parola sa Daanbantayan

Malu told staff at the Munisipyo that she was going to Tapilon to have a meeting and talk to people. Here is what happened.

Tingog Tapilon April 26 at 9:11pm Report


Ulahing kalambuan kabahin sa panglawas ni Malu Loot (Malu Loot "Health Bulletin") - 20 April 2011
Nigrabe ug mikuyanap na sa ubang parte sa kalawasan ang CANCER ni Malu Loot

This article was originally published on the Facebook Wall page of Ang Parola sa Daanbantayan. The content of the article is the opinion of the original author & is based on the authors sources of information & investigations. It contains serious allegations that have not been independently verified. It is republished here as an information service to the people of Daanbantayan, and readers should make their own conclusions.

Usa ka kasaligang’ tinubdan nga haduol kang Malu Loot nag-ingun nga naigo ang “right ovary” ni Malu sa cancer ug nga kini miapekto na sa tuong bahin sa iyang buko-buko ug kabukugan. Dili kini maayo nga kalambuan kay mikatay ug miigo na ang cancer sa ubang parte sa iyang lawas nga maoy hinungdan nga lisud o imposible na kining mamamayo. (metastasis - Kasagaran, sa ingung sitwasyon, inanay kining mokatay sa kalawasan ug moresulta sa kamatayon sa hingtungdan.

Daghang mga lungsuranon ang nag-ingun nga “karma” na kining gidangatan ni Malu Loot ug nga kini bayad sa iyang mga kasal-anan sa katawhan. Aduna puy manghinaut nga siya maghinulsol na sa iyang mga sala basin pa lang mapasaylo pa siya sa Kahitas-an.

Gimanduan ni Malu Loot ang Sangguniang Bayan nga Mopalabang ug Balaudnon alang sa pagpalig-on sa Bantay Dagat sa Daanbantayan ?? - 20 April 2011

This article was originally published on the Facebook Wall page of Ang Parola sa Daanbantayan. The content of the article is the opinion of the original author & is based on the authors sources of information & investigations. It contains serious allegations that have not been independently verified. It is republished here as an information service to the people of Daanbantayan, and readers should make their own conclusions.

Dakung milagro? Kahibulungan?  Tungod sa pagkatarantar kay pwerting pagkabistoha sa iyang pagkamkam ug minilyong salapi gikan sa tong o protection money sa mga ilegalistang mananagat ug pagkabunggo sa iyang pagpakigkunsabo sa maong sindikato nagplano si Malu Loot paghimo ug usa ka "moro-moro" o usa ka "pasundayag" pinaagi sa pagmando sa iyang kontrolado nga Sangguniang Bayan sa Daanbantayan nga mopalabang ug balaudnon nga mopalig-on kunuhay sa Bantay Dagat sa maong lungsod. Dungan niini, mopogawas usab siya ug Executive Order nga magmando sa mga hingtungdan opisyales, kapulisan ug sa nagkalainlaing ahensya o mga kawani sa gobiyerno sa paghimo ug mga lakang aron kunuhay maundang sa labing daling panahon ang ilegal nga panagat sa lungsod sa Daanbantayan.

Dakung milagro? Kahibulungan? Apan kini buhaton gayud ni Malu Loot tungod sa iyang paninguha o pagtuo nga ang pagbuhat sa ingun, makapawagtang sa nagdilaab nga kalagot sa mga lungsuranon sa iyang pagpasagad ug sa paghimo niyang gatasan sa kadagatan sa lungsod sa Daanbantayan. Gawas niini gusto usab niyang agnihon o linglahon si Gov. Gwen Garcia sa pamasin nga molukmay kini sa iyang kalagot ngadto kaniya pinaagi niining kunuhay nga pagsuporta sa krusada sa Kapitolyo sa pagpuhag sa ilegal nga panagat.

Apan walay kapuslanan kining iyang "pasundayag" kay bisan magtuwad pa si Malu Loot o bisan unsa pay buhaton niyang' milagro wala na gyuy motoo pa kaniya. Bisan pa ug lumsan pa sa dagat si Malu dili pa igong'  bugti sa  iyang pagluib sa katawhan ug pagpakig-anib sa sindikato sa ilegalistang mananagat nga maoy hinungadan sa kadaut nga gidangatan sa  kadagatan sa Daanbantayan.

Nawad-An na ug gana o interest ang mga investors sa Daaanbantayan - Tuesday 19 April 2011

This article was originally published on the Facebook Wall page of Ang Parola sa Daanbantayan. The content of the article is the opinion of the original author & is based on the authors sources of information & investigations. It contains serious allegations that have not been independently verified. It is republished here as an information service to the people of Daanbantayan, and readers should make their own conclusions.

Tungod sa pagpunay ug saad ni Malu ug sa nagkahanaap nga kasiguruan sa ilang gibubo nga puhunan, naka desider ang mga investors nga bawion kining salapi nga ilang gigahin alang sa nagkalainlaing mga proyekto nga gisaad ni Malu Loot alang kanila, sama pananglit sa Malapascua Resort Casino ug uban pa. Gikapuy na sila sa pagpaabot apan wala gyuy gipakitang bisan gamay nalang nga gingi nga matuman ang saad ni Malu mao nga  mobiya na sila sa Daanbantayan ug mangita ug laing lugar o nasud nga kabubuan sa ilang puhunan.

Nabalaka pud ang mga investors sa nag anam ka gubot nga sitwasyon sa pamunuan sa Daanbantayan tungod sa nagkagrabing balatian ni Malu Loot uban sa nagkadaghang wala na makauyon sa iyan pagpadagan sa lungsod lakip na gani sa nagbagolbol ang iyang mga sakop ug mga kaalyados. Diha pay higayon nga miangkon si Malu Loot nga katapusan na lang kining termino alang kaniya ug ang iyang bana nga si Vicente Loot mao nay mopuli kaniya ug maoy molansar pagka Mayor sa piniliay sa tuig 2013. Usa kini ka dili maayong timailhan alang sa panan-aw sa mga investors. Nagpaila lamang kini nga huyang ug wala nay klaro ang pamunuan sa mga Loot. Gawas pa sa nahaunang mga katarungan, dili pud maayo sa negosyo ang nalantawang umaabot nga dagkung inbestigasyon kabahin sa mga kasong nag akusar sa mga Loot sa pangurakot.

Dili gusto sa mga inmvestors nga mabutang sa walay kasiguruan ang minilyong puhunan mao nga nakadesider na silang kalimtan na lang ang mga haw-ang nga saad ni Malu ug mangita na lang ug laing lugar ug kabutangan sa ilang puhnan ug negosyo.

Adunay laraw si Malu Loot nga mosuborno sa mga opisyales sa Kapitolyo - Monday 18 April 2011

This article was originally published on the Facebook Wall page of Ang Parola sa Daanbantayan. The content of the article is the opinion of the original author & is based on the authors sources of information & investigations. It contains serious allegations that have not been independently verified. It is republished here as an information service to the people of Daanbantayan, and readers should make their own conclusions.

Adunay mga hungihong gikan sa kampo sa mga Loot nga nagplano si Malu nga mogasto ug dakung kantidad sa salapi para isuborno sa usa ka opisyal sa Kapitolyo nga suod ug adviser ni Governor Gwen Garcia aron maoy iyang himuong taytayan nga magkauli ang maayong kabubut-on sa Gobernadora ug sa iyang pamilya. Namasin si Malu nga kon mahitabo kining maong pana-uli, molukmay na unya si Gov. Gwen Garcia sa iyang pagtinuod sa pagpuhag sa illegal nga panagat sa kadagatan sa tibuok lalawigan sa Sugbo. Nakita sa mga tigpaniid nga lisud o imposible na nga aduna pay kahigayonan nga mahitabo pa ang gipangandoyng panag-uli ni Pamilyang Loot. Nakabatyag na tingali sa kahapdos si Malu kay sukad nga nagsugod kining kampanya batok illegal nga panagat ni Gov. Gwen, daku-daku gyud ang natibhang sa minilyon ka pesos nga kita sa mga Loot gikan sa "tong" o protection money gikan sa mga ilegalistang mananagat.

Aron mapalapdan ang iyang krusada batok sa ilegal nga panagat, giaghat ni Gov. Garcia ang mga gobernadores ug mga Mayores sa tibuok Visayas nga moapil sa maong tinguha ug maghugpong aron mapuo kining sindikato nga nakahimo ug dakung kadaut sa kadagatan sa ka bisay-an. Mayoriya sa mga punuan sa kabisay-an ang nisanong sa hangyo ni Gov. Garcia ug daling nahulma ang "Visayas-wide Campaign" batok sa Ilegal nga panagat. Aduna puy mga punuan nga wala gayud mopakita ug interest sa maong panawagan. Usa niini si Mayor Malu Loot sa Daanbantayan diin nabaniog nga maoy lungsod sa tibuok lalawigan sa Sugbo nga pinakagrabe ang problema sa illegal nga panagat. Tungod niini, gibubo sa Bantay Dagat Sugbo Task Force ang ilang pwersa sa maong lungsod aron sa pagukod sa dagkung illegal nga mga panagatan nga gipasagdan sa namunuan nga managat sa kadagatan sa maong Lungsod.

Tuod man, nilampos ang Bantay Dagat Sugbo sa maong kampanya ug nimenus na ang mga purse seiners ug hulbot-hulbot nga kanhiayng libre nga magbadhas sa kadagatan sa Daanbantayan. Gihatagan ug deadline ni Gov. Garcia ang BDS Task Force hangtud sa katapusan niining tuiga nga mapuo o mawagtang na ang illegal nga panagat sa tibuok probinsya sa Sugbo.
Mapasalamaton ug malipayon ang mga lumulupyo sa Daanbantayan nga nahatagan na gayud ug pagtagad ang dugay na nga suliran nga gipasagdan sa pamunuan. Labaw nga naghudyaka mao ang libuan ka mga mananagat nga nakasinati na karon ug dakung pag-umento sa ilang panginabuhi gumikan sa pagbalik na sa kaabunda sa kadagatan sa Daanbantayan.

Nagmasulob-on ang mga Loot ug ang ilang mga alipores nga nawagtangan sa minilyon ka pesos nga kita gikan sa "protection money" sa mga ilegalistang mananagat.

Nasayran nga usa sa naapektuhan niini si Konsehal Zenas "Zendu" Dublin, ang iladong Tong Collector sa mga Loot.
Napanid-an nga nikibra na ang iyang buraska nga ginastuhan ug nihinay pud ang iyang pagpanugal kay panagsa na lang makit-an sa buwangan ug tigbak ayan. Nasuta sa pakisusi nga gipahigayon sa mga nagpakabanang mananagat sa Daanbantayan nga mokabat sa dili momenus sa P4 Milyones nga "tong" matag buwan ang kanhi kitaon sa mga Loot. Tungod sa dakung kantidad nga nawagtang kita sa mga Loot, dili ikahibulong nga mogasto pud ug minilyon si Malu para lang mahibalik ang napurnadang minilyong kita tungod sa tinuorayng kampanya batok illegal nga panagat nga gipasiugdahan ni Gov. Gwen Garcia.

Kinahanglang magmatngon ug mangandam si Governor Gwen Garcia kay adunay gihan-ay nga mga plano ginamit ang iyang salapi aron siya makalingkawas siya sa mga problemang iyang gisagubang. Ang Reporter nagsulat niining maong lindog nagtoo nga dili gayud madala sa suborno apan si Malu Loot dili gayud moundang ug mogamit sa iyang naandang mga pamaagi sa panghulga ug salapi aron matuman ang iyang gustong mahitabo. Ang maong Reporter nagkanayon nga, Ako nakasiguro nga adunay mga inpormasyon si Malu Loot nga may kalabutan sa Gobernadora, ug nga iyang hulgaon ang naulahi nga iya kining ibulgar kon dili niya
makuha ang iyang gipangayong tabang ug kooperasyon.

Sa nag-unang namantalang balita, nahisgutan nga modangop na si Malu Loot sa pag gamit sa "Black Magic" o ipabarang o ipapaktol niya si Governor Garcia gumikan kay giapiki siya sa naulahi nga nakapatay-og sa iyang pagka Mayor sa lungsod sa Daanbantayan. Mahin umduman nga nigrabe ang panagbingkil sa duruha nga nisangko sa pagpalagpot kang Malu Loot isip miyembro sa One Cebu Party. Natan-aw pud sa mga tigpaniid nga tuyo nga gitukod sa Gobernadora ang Bantay Dagat Sugbo aron masugpo ang grabing illegal nga panagat sa lungsod sa
Daanbantayan diin maoy gihimong gatasan sa mga Loot pinaagi sa pagkolekta ug protection money gikan sa mg ilegalistang mananagat.

Si Malu nagpabilin dakung masakiton ug kanser gumikan sa pneumonia - Monday 18 April 2011

This article was originally published on the Facebook Wall page of Ang Parola sa Daanbantayan. The content of the article is the opinion of the original author & is based on the authors sources of information & investigations. It contains serious allegations that have not been independently verified. It is republished here as an information service to the people of Daanbantayan, and readers should make their own conclusions.

Nikatap sa tibuok lungsod ang tabi-tabi nga si Malu adunay grabeng kanser sa uterus. Niadtong Desiyembre sa milabayng? tuig, migawas ang balita nga natakbuyan sa sakit nga pneumonia si Malu nga hapit niyang
ikamatay. Wala igkita si Malu sa pipila ka mga semana aron magpatambal sa usa ka hospital. Gigamitan na ug tubo nga gipasok sa iyang baga aron pag haw-as sa tubig nga maoy hinungdan sa iyang sakit nga
pneumonia. Gitambalan pud siya ug isog nga nga antibiotics aron pagpatay sa kagaw nga miatake sa iyang lawas. Nagpakita na si Malu sa naghinapos na ang Disyembre 2010 ug iyang gipanghimakak ang tabitabi
nga siya masakiton ug nga siya lagsik ug walay sakit. Iya kining gibandilyo atubangan sa ilang mga bisita nga naglakip sa mga sakop sa Media sa usa ka party nga ilang gipahigayon sa ilang panimalay sa Mango Green sa Mandaue City niadtong Desiyembre 28, 2010.

Apan nakita sa kadaghanan nga nahaduol kaniya nga nikibra ang iyang gidak-on ug nga adunay mga timailhan nga siya masakiton. Sukad sa buwan sa Enero inanay nga naayo ang iyang sakit nga pneumonia ug nga gikinahanglan nga siya mopahuway ug sobra sa usa ka bulan aron magpaalim sa maong balatian.

Subo alang kang Malu, kay nasuta sa iyang mga Doctors nga nigrabe ang iyang sakit ug nisangpot sa kanser. Iyang gililong ang maong balatian pinaagi sa pagpakahilum kabahin sa iyang kahimtang. Apan dili maayo pagkahipos ang maong sekreto kay dayag ug nahibaw-an na sa katawhan sa Daanbantayan nga siya adunay kanser. Nahipos pud sa nagkalainlaing tinubdan nga ni konpirmar nga si Malu adunay kanser ug nga siya nidangop na sa chemoteraphy ug radium treatment. Nisamot ang iyang sakit sa buwan sa Pebrero niining tuiga ug nagpunay ug suka didto sa tambalanan gumikan sa epekto sa chemotherapy.

Adunay mga higayon nga dili na siya makasulti kay naapektohan ang iyang ubol-ubol. Hayan nga ang iyang kanser niabot na sa iyang ubol-ubol gumikan sa iyang pagpunay ug suka hinungdan sa chemotherapy. Si Malu usa ka chain smoker sa dugay na nga katuigan ug dil...i ikahibulong nga mokuyanap pud ang kanser sa iyang baga. Adunay mga tawo nga niingon nga ang nahiaguman ni Malu usa ka karma ug pagbuot sa kahitas-an ug nga kini bayad sa iyang mga hiwing binuhatan sa iyang isig ka tawo.

Sa ulahing kasayuran, si Malu nag patambal na pinaagi sa radium treatment ug kinahanglang mohigda sa usa ka special tunnel diin tirahan siya ug radium aron mahunong ang pagkuyanap sa kanser sa ubang parti sa iyang kalawasan. Apan dili kayo epektibo ang maong paagi mao nga nagplano si Malu nga mogawas sa nasud aron magpatambal sa mga eksperto ug banggiitang mananambal.

Apan ang iyang mga problema sa politika maoy nagpugong kaniya ug kinahanglang magpabilin siya sa Daanbantayan aron mangunay paglili sa iyang mga sakop tungod sa kahadlok nga matibhangan kini ug mamalhin sa oposisyon. Iya pung gipanggukod ang mga oposisyong nibarug batok sa iyang
pamunuan. Nahadlok si Malu nga ubay-ubay na unya ang katawhang mobatuk kaniya kon siya mobiya sa Daanbantayan mao nga naglisud siya pagpangta ug saktong higayon nga magpatambal sa laing nasud.
Luyo sa nagkagrabe niyang balatian, padayon ang pagsigwar ni Malu nga siya himsug ug nga andam niyang sagubangon ang mga buluhaton isip pamuno lungsod sa tuig 2011. Iyang gipanghimakak ang gipalakaw nga
tabi-tabi nga siya masakiton ug nipasingan sa iyang mga kontra sa politika nga maoy nagpaluyo sa pagpakatap sa maong sayop nga balita.

Apan ang dayag nga kamatuoran, nag kalanog ang mga hungihong nga adunay posibilidad nga manaug si Malu sa iyang katungdanan ug mapugos pag retiro isip Mayor sa Daanbantayan tungod sa iyang nagkagrabeng balatian nga daw sa wala nay kaayuhan. Dili na siya makasu gakod sa iyang mga buluhaton tungod sa pagkibra sa iyang paminsar ug sa grabeng epekto sa iyang panglawas nga nagumikan sa iyang sakit.

Salikwaot,nga imbis unta mokalma si Malu tungod kay siya masakiton, nag-anam hinuon kini kabagsik ug kabangis. Bisan sa gagmay nga bikil o bisan sa walay igong hinugngdan, mosinggaak o mangasaba dayon kini sa mga kawani sa munisipyo o ni bisan kinsa nga iyang masugatan. Nigara pud kini sa pagpanggukod sa iyang mga kontra sa politika. Tungod niini nag-anam kadaghan ang naaning kaaway ni Malu niining ulahing mga adlaw.

Bisan ang iyang mga sakop o mga kaalyado nagbagulbol lang sa hilum ug wala na makauyon sa iyang gipakitang lihuk. Nisamot ang pagtoo sa katawhan nga dakung masakiton si Malu.

Wala nay alibyo pa nga mamaayo ang kahimtang sa panglawas ni Malu Loot. Wala na puy kasiguruan nga magdugay pa siya sa iyang paghupot sa katungadanan isip Mayor sa lungsod sa Daanbantayan.

Gipasiatab ni Malu nga na promote na pagka General ang iyang banang si Vic Loot - Monday 18 April 2011

This article was originally published on the Facebook Wall page of Ang Parola sa Daanbantayan. The content of the article is the opinion of the original author & is based on the authors sources of information & investigations. It contains serious allegations that have not been independently verified. It is republished here as an information service to the people of Daanbantayan, and readers should make their own conclusions.

Niadtong Desiyembre 2010 iyang gianunsyo sa mga kawani sa munisipyo nga, oadto siya sa Manila aron motambong sa graduation ceremony sa iyang banang si Vicente Loot kay kini napromote na sa pagka General.
Unya sayo niining tuiga, sa katapusang semana sa Enero ug sa primerong semana sa Pebrero, gi sigwar na pud ni Malu nga mobalik siya sa Manila aron motambong sa graduation ug promotion ceremony ni Vic Loot tungod kay napromote na pagka General ang iyang bana.
Niadtong higayona, adunay gipangpromote nga mga opisyales sa PNP nga gi anunsyo ni Presidente Aquino apan ang pangalan ni Vicente A. Loot wala malakip sa listahan sa gipang promote.

Niadtong hinungatunga sa milabayng tuig 2010, gipanabi pud ni Malu Loot nga na promote pagka General ang iyang bana apan ang pagka tinuod, gibalhin si Vicente Loot sa Samar, ug nga kini usa ka paglahugay ug dili promotion.

Si Vicente Loot nagloblob sa Cebu sulod sa 19 anyos ug ang iyang pagka balhin sa Samar gitan-aw sa mga tigpaniid nga usa ka demotion kay ang Cebu mas maayo ug inilog nga lugar kumparar sa Samar.
Adunay nakutlo nga inpormasyon gikan sa Manila nga gipugngan pa ang promotion nga gitinguha ni Vicente Loot. Kining pagka banga sa iyang promotion nagumikan sa nagpatongpatong nga mga kaso nga gipasaka batok kaniya, ug nga base sa sumbanan sa promotion, dili mahatagan ug promotion ang usa ka opisyal kon adunay mga kaso nga wala pa maresolbar. Ang NAPOLCOM ug Presidente nga maoy mo aprubar sa
promotion adunay kasayuran mahitungod niining mga kaso. Nasayran nga adunay 24 ka mga pending nga mga kaso si Vic Loot. Bisan usa lang ka kaso, makahimo nang mapugngan ang promotion sa usa ka opisyal.

Adunay dakung kasong kabahin sa Graft and Corruption batok sa magtiayong Loot nga gipasaka sa NBI nga nagpaabot na lang sa aksyon sa opisina sa Ombudsman Manila. Adunay inpormasyon nga nigasto ang magtiayong Loot ug ubay-ubay nga salapi nga gisuborno sa mga dagkung opisyal sa Ombudsman Manila aron mapugngan ang pag proceso sa maong kaso. Ang gihimo sa mga Loot usa ka dakung tamparos sa hustisya sa atong nasud.
Hangtud karon wala pay gihimong aksyon ang Ombudsman Manila. Apan natay-og na ang maong opisina tungod sa lanog nga yangongo sa nasud Pilipinhon pagpuhag sa kurapsyon. Gipaabot nga sa dili madugay malihuk na ang Ombudsman Manila ug mo isyu ug subpoena sa magtiayong Loot.

Sa higayon nga mapagawas na ang subpoena, mohatag na sa ilang tubag ang magtiayong Loot batok sa mga kasong gipasaka batok kanila. Kung mapalgan sa Ombudsman nga adunay lig-on nga kapasikaran ang kasong
gipasaka sa NBI, isumiter dayon kini sa Sandiganbayan ug didto dunggon na ang mga kasong criminal ug administratiba batok sa mga akusado. Ang naasoy nga kaso nag lakip sa upat ka mga kasong criminal nga maoy resulta sa lifestyle check sa magtiayong Loot nga gihimo sa NBI.
Masabtan nga sa kasong gipasaka sa NBI batok sa magtiayong Loot, gideklarar na nga sad-an ang naulahi ug nga kinahanglang mosumiter ang mga gi akusar ug mga lig-ong ebidensya o pruyba aron pagpakita nga
sila inosente.

Ideklarar nga sad-an ang magtiayong Loot Kon mapakyas sila paghimo niini. Hayan nga sa kaulahian mataktak unya sa ilang katungdanan ang managtiayon ug pagkapriso maoy ilang mahiaguman.

Tataw ug klaro kaayo nga gilingla ra ni Malu ang katawhan sa Daanbantayan ug gipatoo nga siya ug ang iyng bana nagpabiling gamhanan ug walay giatubang nga mga problema. Iyang gustong ilarawan sa publiko nga
tungod sa ilang gahum siya ug ang iyang bana usa ka pwersa nga kasandigan. Si Malu nagpatoo-too nga ang iyang bana san a ka General ug naghupot ug halapad nga gahum ug makahimo sa iyang gustong mahitabo
tungod sa iyang pagka General sa kapulisan. Apan kini dakung bakak ug usa ka pagpanglingla sa katawhan sa Daanbantayan. Iyang gi kondisyon ang hunahuna sa katawhan nga siya ug ang iyang bana mga gamhanan nga angayan nilang kahadlukan o yukbuan.

Pagmata na katawhan sa Daanbantayan! Si Malu ug si Vic Loot mga criminal! Dayag kaninyo ang ilang mga salaud nga magbutang unta kanila sa bilangguan. Panahon na nga kamong adunay nahibaw-an ug kasayuran kabahin niini mogawas ug mosumbong sa mga awtoridad. Kita gigamit ug gipahimuslan ra ni Malu ug Vic aron magpadayon ang lang pagwarta ug pagpadatu apan ang kinabag-an sa katawhan nagpabiling nagilaid sa kapit-os ug kakabus.

Adunay plano si Malu nga maghimo ug minaomao nga PR Campaign aron mahibalik ang naguba niyang credibilidad - Monday 18 April 2011

This article was originally published on the Facebook Wall page of Ang Parola sa Daanbantayan. The content of the article is the opinion of the original author & is based on the authors sources of information & investigations. It contains serious allegations that have not been independently verified. It is republished here as an information service to the people of Daanbantayan, and readers should make their own conclusions.

Kining mga kasayuran o inpormasyon nakutlo gikan sa mga "insiders" sa kampo sa mga Loot ug dinhi atong Makita kon usa na ka desperado si Malu Loot.

Alang sa mga lumolupyo sa lungsod sa Daanbantayan, nawad-an na sila sa pagsalig ug pagtuo sa ilang Mayor nga si Malu Loot. Aron maayom-ayom kining nadaut ug nagusbat niyang imahen, si Malu Loot nagplano nga
mopahibalo sa daghanay kunuhay nga mga programa nga makaayo sa katawhan ug sa lungsod, apan kini dili matuman ug magpabiling pulos lang saad. Iyang tinguha nga maalim ang tanan inig labay sa panahon pinaagi sa paghatag kunuhay ug mga pabor sa katawahan sa lungsod, ug siya nagalaum nga sa maong higayon iyang puohon o puhagon ang mga tawo nga mibarug ug mibulgar sa iyang mga hiwing binuhatan ug padayong
miyagyag sa iyang illegal nga mga kalihukan.

Walay matuman sa iyang gisaad nga mga programa, ug kini iyang gihimo aron lang paglugway sa panahon. Adunay nakutlo nga kasayuran nga si Malu Loot nagplano nga puhagon ang ilang mga kontra pinaagi sa iyang
bana nga si P/SSupt. Vicente Loot. Inig ka puo na sa oposisyon, mawala na ang mga tunok ug babag sa ilang agianan nga naghatag kanila ug labad sa ulo, padayon ang ilang hinakog nga binuhatan ug mohimo ug mga
paagi nga makadugang sa ilang katigayonan, mentras ang mga kabus magpabiling mag-antos sa kapit-os. Aduna puy inpormasyon nga nidangop si Malu Loot sa paktol o barang aron mapuo o madaut ang mga tawong
kusganon nga misupak kanila. Usa sa iyang giplano nga programang pagahimoon mao ang Malapascua Casino & Resort complex.

Ang balita kahin niini nigawas niadtong Desiyembre 2010 apan nagpabiling tak-um si Malu labot sa maong proyekto hangtud karon. Ang mga tinubdan sa kasayuran nag-ingon nga tungod kay nabulgar man ang maong plano, mao nga giangan-angan o gihiklin lang una sa pagka karon ang pagpatuman sa maong proyekto. Ang maong resort mahimo unyang "front" sa "money laundering" pinaagi sa mga sindikato sa Asia, ug dinhi mosapi ug minilyon ka pesos ang mga Loot. Ang atong "insider" nidugang nga palno ni Malu Loot nga mapahibalo sa publiko sa maong plano sa hinapos ning tuiga, u gang nahisgutang petsa mao ang Oktobre 2011, apan naghuwat lang siya nga mapuo ug mapuhag na ang mga oposisyon (pinaagi sa pag papatay kanila) una pa niya ipadayaon ang pag anunsyo sa maong kaugmaran.

Gipahimangnoan ang katawhan sa Daanbantayan nga dili mosalig kang Malu Loot kay siya bakakon ug tikasan, ug kini maoy iyang pamaagi aron magpabilin siya sa gahum ug padayon ang pagkamkam ug salapi. Ang mga programang gisaad ni Malu usa ka pagpanglingla sa katawhan kay walay matuman niini. Dayag na sa katawhan sa Daanbantayan nga maayo lang sa saad si Malu Loot ug diyutay ra ang iyang? nahimo alang sa katawhan.

Mayor of Daanbantayan misses official council Christmas party - Saturday 18 December 2010

The Daanbantayan Council (Sanggunian Bayan) held it's annual Christmas party on Friday 17 December 2010, but noticeably absent was the Mayor, Ma Luisa Loot (Malu). People were sent to look for her in Daanbantayan but she was nowhere to be seen. This is indeed unusual that the Mayor did not attend the official year end Xmas party.

Despite no official news on her health condition, readers will no doubt be aware that Malu was taken seriously ill over a week ago and was hospitalised (purportedly in North Cebu General Hospital) with severe life threatening pneumonia. Recent information obtained from a close relative of Malu, said that she is still in hospital and has moved into the recovery stage of her illness, but that she is still very unwell & severely physically weakened by the severe infection in her lungs.

Rumours were going all around Daanbantayan that she would be attending the council meeting on Friday 17th Dec 2010, but clearly this was a fabricated rumour released to convey a message that everything is OK with her.

This is the second major engagement that Malu has missed this week, she was also unable to attend the funeral last Saturday of her "Keeper of Security", & her Uncle, Boy Tambok Pepito Jr, who died suddenly from a heart attack.

The following two messages related to Malu's illness, were doing the rounds of mobile phones in Daanbantayan over the last few days, they have also been posted on the Daanbantayan Gossip site.

Malu seriously ill in hospital

Text message circulating Daanbantayan. MALU wala na igkita sulod sa usa ka semana kapin. Kini nagpamatuod lamang sa balita nga anaa siya sa hospital dakung’ masakiton ug grabe ang iyang kahimtang. Nahibaw-an pud nga pneumonia ang sakit ni Malu ug nga ang mga doctor nag-ingun nga niapekto kini sa iyang baga ug kasingkasing nga kon dili matabang, mao unyay hinungdan sa iyang kamatayon. Aduna puy inpormasyon nga anaa siya ma admit sa Cebu North Gen Hospital apan gitago lang sa maong tambalanan ubos sa hangyo sa pamilyang Loot.


Text message circulating Daanbantayan. GABA o KARMA? Kining mga pulong maoy posibling mosantop sa imong hunahuna kon kamo nasayod sa mga nanglabayng’ panghitabo palibot sa pamunuang Loot. Mga hinanaling kamatayon sa mga sakop ni Malu Loot. Marlet Bartolaba, Eman Visda, Boboy Tambok Pepito… (May they rest in peace) KINSAY SUNOD? Tsk! Tsk! Tsk! GABA o KARMA? Hinaut nga DILI unta.

The second txt message seems to imply or allege that Malu was involved in murders and that her current illness is a form of retribution, be it directly by the hand of God or by the law of manifestation ie Karma, "what you sow, so shall you reap". That may be an esoteric explanation as to why Malu was suddenly struck down with a severe life threatening illness.

One thing is for sure, Malu would have been at her Council's Xmas party to brag and show off and be the center of attention, something she desperately craves for as she lacked attention and caring from her own parents. The only reason she did not attend, was because she was unable to attend , as she was still too sick to leave hospital.

Malu Loot health update
- Thursday 16 December 2010

A source close to Maria Luisa (Malu) Loot, current Mayor of Daanbantayan Cebu, has provided the following information regarding her hospitalisation & health condition at late Thursday 16 December 2010. Malu Loot was admitted to hospital late last week with serious life threatening fever & pneumonia with complications to the heart. Doctors have worked hard all week to drain fluid from her lungs and kill the rampant infection with antibiotics. Malu has slowly responded to medication and treatment and has finally been allowed to sit up in bed. She had to lie on her side for most of the week confined to her bed, as the doctors needed to drain excess fluid from her heart and lungs. She is still on an intravenous drip (IV) and is receiving continuous IV antibiotics medication to kill the rampant infection. The infection was apparently very virulent & Malu was in a very serious life threatening situation for many days. 

As soon as she was allowed to sit up, Malu started using her phone to issue orders to her team. One of the first calls she made was to a man, and she ordered him to "get" her most hated opponent & critic, allegedly an order to have the critic murdered was again issued. Get that bastard S......, I want him silenced, she was heard to scream, very angrily. Malu is apparently very very concerned that critics will derail her soon to be announced Casino Development plan for Malapascua Island, that she will promote as a legitimate business providing income for the local people and of great benefit to the local economy and tourism in general in Cebu, thus the hurried desire to silence the most vocal critic of them all.

While on the surface there may be an element of benefit to the local economy & people, the Malapascua Casino complex profits will come from deliberate gambling losses, using money that has been carried and smuggled into the Philippines. Illegal proceeds from organised crime in SE Asia & Japan will be heavily lost at the gambling tables, thus becoming a legitimate business income for the Casino. This income will generate legitimate profits which will then go back to the crime syndicates via "supposedly legitimate investors", who actually have links to the organised crime sources that the money originated from. A classic case of money laundering, planned to be done right under the noses of the people of Cebu & the Philippines, under the alleged auspices of the Mayor of Daanbantayan Maria Luisa Loot. Investigators working secretly in Daanbantayan uncovered this complex plan that allegedly involves International drug & crime gangs from Japan, and proceeds of crime from places as far away as Monte Carlo Casino in France.

This illness that struck Malu down, could not have come at a worse time for her, as the public announcement for this massive Tourist Resort & Casino Complex on Malapascua Island is now planned for the start of January 2011. Malu will have a lot of work to do convincing the people that this scheme is not fraudulent, as so much information has been revealed about it. She is desperate for the project to go ahead as she has spent the last few years planning it, and putting all the laws & planning legislation into place, with the assistance of Congressman Benhur Salimbangon, who in 2008 pushed for laws to allow land on Malapascua to be owned and sold off by private owners. There has been a lot of behind the scenes manipulation of "the system" to bring this clever but fraudulent plan into being. Many people involved with investing in the project, believe it to be a legitimate business investment project offering good returns. The good returns to investors and local people will come at a cost though, as it is BLOOD MONEY earned from the suffering & drug addiction of millions of people elsewhere in SE Asia, who are pawns in the drug & crime running empires of Japanese gangs.

It is not yet known when Malu will be allowed to leave hospital, rumours are circulating Daanbantayan that she will be attending the Council session this Friday, but our source does not see that as being likely, given the still fragile condition of her health. She is only just starting on recovery, and it would be too soon for her to take up active duties as the Mayor. It may be some time yet before her health fully returns and setbacks in her strength and vitality are quite probable, given the grave seriousness of her condition all this week.

The Loot camp has been doing a good job of covering up the truth, virtually no information about her health has been available, and very few people were allowed to see her. Publicity campaigns and press releases in the media have made it appear that Malu Loot is active and busy in her job. There was a report of her being on televison, but that was obviously old footage. She had also been busy releasing press releases complaining about the policemen who were removed from Daanbanatayn police station in late October, and the physical mess and stench that is now in the police station. She also issued statements that she would be suing Police Chief Digal for improperly removing her key police "goons" from Daanbantayan. It would have been highly improbable for Malu to be issuing those statements and press releases says our source, as she was so weak and ill all this week. She was lucky to survive and avoid dying as the pneumonia & infection was so severe. The Loots were trying to project an image that "everything was OK in Daanbantayan politics & leadership, but clearly everything was NOT OK !

Maria Luisa (Malu) Loot seriously ill with pneumonia & complications - Monday 13 December 2010

A private source close to Maria Luisa Loot (Malu) leaked the following. Malu lies in a hospital reportedly on the outskirts of Cebu City in a very serious condition. She has a high grade fever and pneumonia. Doctors have had to lay her on her side and have tubes inserted in her lungs to drain excess fluid. There is also a problem with fluid on her heart & high blood pressure. Her condition is considered very serious. There are two security guards stationed at her room to prevent people from seeing her. Despite a wall of secrecy going up about her condition & location, an anonymous source close to Malu has provided details of her condition. The prognosis is not good and doctors are struggling to stabilise her condition and are concerned that she may worsen. There were rumours that she had been flown to a Manila hospital for treatment but the seriousness of her condition excluded an aeroplane flight which pressurizes the cabin at 10,000 feet, too thin for people with breathing difficulties.

Doctors are perplexed by her condition that seems to have no rational explanation. It started out as a sudden onset fever that rapidly turned into a serious live threatening pneumonia with other complications ie to the heart. Some people in Daanbantayan are saying it may be a curse put on her by relatives of people she has allegedly recently had murdered, but claim Malu has a large diamond embedded under the skin near her belly button, to supposedly ward off evil spirits. Malu has been under a lot of pressure lately trying to bring her fraudulent Malapascua Island Casino money laundering scheme to finality, to be announced any week now, & the immense pressure this caused her has severely weakened her immune system. The "official" word is that she was taken to Manila, but this is just an attempt to cover up her real condition.

Maria Luisa (Malu) Loot struck down with mysterious fever
- Saturday 11 December 2010

Maria Luisa (Malu) Loot was rushed to hospital suffering a high grade fever on the eve of the funeral of her Keeper of Security, Boy Tambok Pepito Jr. The fever had been troubling her for four days, on and off, but had become so serious & debilitating that she was unable to attend the funeral of her Uncle & Chief of Security. Other reports indicate she had very high blood pressure suggesting other complications with organs ie the heart. Malu is undergoing treatment in hospital and Doctors are reviewing her lab tests to establish the cause of this sudden onset disease.

There has been a secrecy clampdown imposed on Malu's condition & the location of her hospitalization, this may indicate her condition is worse than expected. Associates close to Malu report that the shock and trauma over the death of her Uncle Boy Tambok, have triggered an emotional imbalance in her and this has allowed the infection to take hold. Locals report that Malu was extremely sensitive and agitated about her Uncles death all this week, and whenever she spoke to anyone she lamblasted them severely over his death, even though they had nothing to do with it. That seems rather puzzling behaviour. It's almost as if she had some sort of guilt complex over his death and that in some way she felt responsible for his death. There are indications that she may have pneumonia, as that disease is known to be prevalent just at the moment in Cebu City, in areas close to where Malu lives. There have been a few cases reported to Watchdog of sudden onset fevers with pneumonia & complications, although those cases have had a favourable outcome. Malu may or may not be as fortunate as others who have recently suffered similar disease conditions. We will keep readers updated as more news of her condition becomes available.

Daanbantayan - Secrets & Revelations 9 May 2010 -
Tuesday 7 December 2010

An in depth report prepared by undercover investigators into key personalities and events in Daanbantayan, called Daanbantayan - Secrets and Revelations as at 9th May 2010, was handed to a small group of people in town in the lead up to the recent Barangay elections on 23 October 2010. The report contained very revealing information about key personalities in the town, and painted a very incriminating picture of the alleged corrupt activities of certain people.

Malu Loot was reportedly furious about the information contained in the report, and was reportedly cranky with everyone she talked to, and she has remained extremely agitated & vexed until the present day (early December). Her anger over the revelations made has not dissipated, and her associates in the Munisipyo describe Malu as being ten times angrier than she had ever been before.

Leaks from inside the Loot camp, indicate that Malu is extremely perplexed about how investigators were able to uncover the information revealed in the report. Zendu received a terrible lamblasting from Malu for revealing secrets about her alleged Casino fraud scheme on Malapascua Island, insiders reveal this was her highly secret "ace card" which only a handful of people knew about in her organisation, and this was the project that was going to make her the richest person in the Philippines, at least in her opinion. There were also shocking revelations about the marriage of Malu & Vic Loot, as Vic was alleged to have committed Bigamy by marrying another woman in SE Asia & has a 6 yr old son to this woman. Reports are that Malu & Vic were arguing ferociously about this, and that Vic strongly denied the allegation. Apparently Malu does not believe Vic, & she has concluded that Vic is lying & does in fact have another wife. On the same weekend the document was released, Vic left Daanbantayan rapidly, reportedly for fear of his life, despite Malu having requested his presence to help manipulate & control the election outcome in her teams favour.

There was information about Vic & Malu's cronies in senior government whom they bribed for favours, there was information about Gogong Arrogante's murder, there was info about Malu bugging opposition members phones, and even about Malu using black magic to wear down her enemies, rumours have often circulated town about this, but the document appears to confirm that Malu does practice black magic. There was also information about Vic Loot's protection racket, where he paid off a wide circle of people in Cebu City to keep problems away from him or Malu, anything they wanted done or fixed was carried out by these cronies they had on their payroll.

Individual stories on the revelations made will be posted on this site as the information becomes available.

Watchdog has tracked down a copy of the document and publishes it here for your reading pleasure.

It indeed paints an allegedly sordid tale of anger, deceit, corruption, standover tactics & murder over a many year period from the Municipal authorities in Daanbantayan. 

Here is a link to the 4 page document:

Malu promises alleged BLOOD MONEY to Cebu
- Tuesday 7 December 2010

Malu Loot is allegedly poised to launch the biggest fraud ever committed in her life. A privately funded Resort Casino on Malapascua Island is touted as a legitimate development project, but is allegedly really a front for high level International Asian crime & drug gangs. The project is designed to launder drug & crime money from gangs in Japan (going via Hong Kong), who have connections to money laundering schemes in Monte Carlo Casino in France & elsewhere. Malu plans to say that profits from the operation of the Casino Resort will benefit local people, but this is allegedly tainted BLOOD MONEY, acquired at the expense of the lives & suffering of other people in SE Asia. Do the Cebuanos really want BLOOD MONEY on their hands ?

Zenas Dublin (Malu’s project co-ordinator) allegedly leaked information about this corrupt plan, as he knows it will allow International crime to establish legitimate business in Cebu, & detrimentally affect the lives of millions of people in the coming years. His conscience got the better of him & he revealed secret details of the scheme despite knowing that Malu will be very angry with him. He said he has to face up to his worst demons, and that revealing information about this scheme, was the way he felt he could cleanse his soul for all the evil things he has allegedly done for Malu over the years. He also told investigators that he turned to being a heavy drinker to dull the ongoing mental pain & anguish of the alleged life of deceit & cheating he had adopted since becoming Malu's right hand man.

Investigators have held subsequent private interviews with Zenas Dublin, where explicit details were allegedly provided about the scheme & the bona fides of earlier information he provided. Zenas said that Malu's scheme allegedly is an elaborate fraud to entice International investment into a supposedly legitimate business, which in fact will be a front for a slick money laundering scheme run by SE Asian (Japanese based) crime & drug gangs, turning illegal crime money into legitimate profit from a Resort & Casino complex.

Malapascua Island Casino Resort plan of Loot consortium allegedly a fraud - Monday 6 December 2010

An informer inside Daanbantayan Council has confidentially revealed that the Mayor, Maria Luisa Loot, plans to announce soon (most likely this December), a huge “Club Med style” Tourist Resort & Casino Development project on Malapascua Island, near Daanbantayan. The informant said this announcement is intended to garner favourable support for the plan by showing it will bring income & wealth to the local economy of Daanbantayan & Cebu, & Mayor Loot intends to promise improved infrastructure projects for the town eg schools, hospitals, employment, welfare etc, as a flow on effect from this injection of profits into the local economy. Her intention is to make the project very appealing to the people as it will benefit them greatly, but will also make her look good politically. Based on the cash flows indicated, there will be big profits from this Casino Resort complex, and millions of pesos will flow into the local economy. On the surface this scheme appears very good & something that any progressively minded person would embrace.

The informant alleges that Mayor Loot has attracted a consortium of 12 overseas & local financial backers, and cites the recent "private business trip" to China by Loot & senior members of Daanbantayan Council including the Accountant, to promote the scheme & gain financial investors. The informer also says that these investors will bring political pressure on the Philippines government to give the go ahead to this project, a move designed to stifle any legitimate objections from locals.

Unfortunately this project appears to be a case of "too good to be true".

The following information has been obtained by private undercover investigators working for the people of Daanbantayan for the last 2 years, and their sources are known to provide credible information. The information involves serious allegations of fraud and misrepresentation by the Municipal Council of Daanbantayan Cebu, and alleges involvement with International criminals. This information has been discreetly supplied to Provincial Authorities in Cebu & to the Governors office for further investigation. It is believed that Justice authorities in Manila are looking into the alleged involvement of local personalities in International crime.

The information is published here to pre-empt the proposed official announcement & inform the general public so that they have another point of view to consider, when determining the bona fides, benefits & legitimacy of the project. This information will also allow the people of Cebu to decide if they wish to be involved in a project that allegedly derives its profits from the proceeds of criminal activity, suffering & addiction of hundreds of thousands or even millions of people throughout SE Asia. This connection to organised crime is allegedly covered up by the proponents of the scheme.

The informer alleges, that for some time now, Malu Loot has deliberately delayed the official Provincial sponsored tourist resort project & associated works slated for Malapascua Island. This allegation is supported by this press release from Atty Sepulvida –

This & other delays, have put the Provincial project way way behind schedule, allegedly allowing time for the Loot proposed scheme to be planned & implemented. It is a simple question to ask, why has Mayor Loot delayed the project for nearly 4 years now, the Memorandum of Agreement was signed in 2006, so the official Provincial Resort could have been completed by now, and have already been earning income for the local economy.

Citizens of Daanbantayan, Provincial officials & Gov Gwen Garcia, have been puzzled why Loot has apparently deliberately blocked works and driven contractors away, citing lack of funds, but since the plan was backed by the Province, then that excuse is invalid. What is her reason then ? With this pre-emptive release of information about the alternative Casino based plan, it is now apparent why, Mayor Loot wants her own plan to prevail, allegedly for her own "behind the scenes" financial profiteering.

Further leaks from a senior official who has seen documentation about this scheme, indicate that the "legitimate" business side of the project, is a cover for a behind the scenes illegal International money laundering project backed by SE Asian crime & drug gangs based in Japan.

The senior official, who did not want to be named for fear of reprisals, has alleged that the Mayor, in her capacity as the final approving authority, will quickly approve the development plans submitted to Council, without proper public scrutiny.

The official further alleged that other underhanded actions will take place to make the deal even more favourable to the developers, resulting in a Resort & Casino complex much larger than the original plan indicated. The official alleged that after the publicly released approval, the original approved plan will be quietly & secretly changed to include a large parcel of public land. It was said that this will be achieved by simply altering a boundary line on the drawing plans & replacing earlier copies of the plans. This parcel of public land will allegedly be sold to the developers "on paper" for a cheap price & it is further alleged that Malu Loot will profit greatly from kickbacks of money as a result of this "bogus transaction".

The senior official has indicated that the reason "they" leaked this information publicly was to prevent this allegedly corrupt scheme from proceeding, as in the long term it would be a bad thing for the Filipino people and detrimentally affect the lives of millions of people in the coming decades. "They" said it would allow organised International crime to get a strong hold in the Philippines, and they ultimately could not have these long term bad effects for their own people on their conscience.

The official said that for a long time "they" have been unhappy with the way matters are handled in the Council, citing allegedly unjust application of laws & regulations & allegedly dictatorial like control & overbearing dominance of the constituents, & said there is still some decency left in "them", despite having turned their eye to alleged wrongdoings for many years. The official said: "It's about time some decency came to this area".

A pdf file can be downloaded from here:

Malapascua Island Casino Malu Loot fraud – Insider Information - Monday 6 December 2010

Insider information has revealed that an alternative Resort Casino scheme on Malapascua Island near Daanbantayan, planned to be announced this December by Mayor Malu Loot, will be promoted as a legitimate enterprise & a boost for the local economy as well as being of great benefit to the local people. Insiders close to the Loot family, advise that the plan is actually a front for an illegal Asian crime gang money laundering scheme, to convert the proceeds of organised crime & drug gangs in Japan & SE Asia into legitimate business income & profits.
Insider informants have revealed the following information about the activities leading up to the impending announcement, and the real reason for the creation of the scheme.

This Resort & Casino development plan is a different & alternative plan to the official Provincial backed Resort plan for Malapascua Island. Malu & her illegal connections to Japanese crime gangs, have created this complex alternative plan, & Malu Loot actively delayed works for the official plan, such that it is way way behind schedule, with not a sod of earth turned. It is now easy to see why Malu delayed the official plan.

There is a legitimate company associated with the alternative development project. Malu is touting this project as an investment opportunity that is clean and above board. Even Benhur Salimbangon is involved as an investor as he thinks this is a legitimate investment opportunity, thus the Salimbangon family will be strongly pushing for this development to go ahead. Malu has been scheming for years with Benhur to build infrastructure ie airports & hotel to service the tourism boom they want to happen in Daanbantayan. Malu & Vic Loot have been acquiring numerous parcels of land in Malapascua, Bateria, Poblacion & elsewhere, to profiteer when the boom arrives. Some of these land acquisitions are underhanded & have been obtained by false dealings & improper changes of land ownership. Vic has told Malu to get rid of property that is evidence of their wrong doings, but Malu insists it will be OK & wants to retain ownership.

Behind the legitimate company are 2 other men, one of whom Malu has been dealing with behind the scenes. He is Japanese & has a grey moustache. He is the one pushing hard for the Casino Resort to go ahead. Malu met with him in Cebu & also at a Western Cowboy USA themed Bar Restaurant to the north of Manila. Other people were at that meeting whom she was trying to get involved in the scheme. They discussed the modus operandi needed to bring the underhanded scheme to fruition. The Japanese “businessman” has direct connections to Yakuza in Japan, although he is a peripheral person & not an actual Yakuza himself. He believes he is not a bad person, it’s just that he deals with people who are. He sees himself as a respectable businessman & has another partner, a man. This first man has been in Hong Kong for a while, but he is a traveller & will return to Japan soon.

The men behind the scheme are eager for the project to get underway as it has been significantly delayed. Money has already been paid to Malu to fund startup costs for the development project, but Malu used that money for other purposes eg funding the election & legal challenges to the Graft case against her & her husband Vic Loot, fighting the 2007 election protest by Corro in the courts, & other costs of running & maintaining her corrupt empire etc. Winning the May election was a very expensive exercise for Malu & to be sure of a win she paid dearly via bribery of electoral officials.

The money given to Malu came from this first man in Hong Kong, although it originally came out of Japan. The money trail had to be covered up to avoid creating suspicion with authorities in Philippines. The money went as Yen from Japan to Hong Kong & then as Dollars from HK to Philippines. Malu is in big debt to the Japanese, who think she may have doublecrossed them, so she may be murdered if the project does not go through.

The Japanese man was on the phone earlier this year berating Malu, saying that the drilling of the coral should have started already & they were way behind schedule (referring to the drilling of foundation pillars into the coral seabed, to build a semi submerged building hanging over the water with a view of the sea life below). Malu is in trouble over the slow progress as promises were made to the Japanese & broken. She is scared that the project will not succeed due to ongoing problems with her tenancy as Mayor. She is aware of investigations by senior officials into her callously fraudulent win in the 2010 election, & is hurrying to get this plan implemented while she is still in power. There are millions of pesos financial gain in this for Malu & Vic, as profit from improper land title changes & sales, percentage take of the project budget, income from business profits & income from the Asian crime & drug gangs money laundering scheme.

The money laundering scheme is the fundamental reason for this whole development being in existence. This is big time crime involving serious International criminals from SE Asia with connections around the world to other money laundering schemes in Monte Carlo Casino in France. Authorities need to start investigating this plan before it develops any further. The proceeds of Japanese based big time Asian crime & drug rings is to be smuggled into the Philippines, via fishing vessels & a trading port created & controlled by Malu, potentially in Bateria, Daanbantayan. Gogong Arrogante, discovered & threatened to expose Malu’s underhanded plans for development in Bateria & Malapascua, & for this Malu had him murdered. Gogong himself was planning to build a fishing port, wharf & trade complex with a large market place & shops in Bateria, & other shops in Poblacion Daanbantayan beside the creek, which conflicted with Malu & Vic’s long term plans.

Malu bribed people to provide information about Gogongs plans, & this knowledge became the catalyst for his murder. Malu’s delay causing tactics to the official Provincial backed Resort project is now understandable, as she wanted her alternative plan to be implemented instead, as only one huge Club Meditteranean style mega Resort & Casino was viable on the island. Malu fears that strong opposition from opponents, will derail her plans & loose her hundreds of millions of pesos from profiteering. Malu wants one critic silenced & issued multiple murder contracts to hitmen & to her senior policeman husband Vic Loot to murder the critic. She is very fearful of the knowledge & influence the critic has about her plans & activities in the town. She said “I can control anyone in this town except him”. Malu is so desperate, she has even resorted to using black magic spells to stop her opponents from interfering in the biggest money making fraud she has ever done in her whole life.

Available as a pdf file download here:

Malu makes offering at Simala amidst Birthday Bash Blues -
Wednesday 16 September 2009

Malu Loot held her birthday party on Tuesday 15 September 2009, but it was a much less extravagant affair than in previous years. Only selected "staunch supporters" were invited to the gathering, which resembled a political party assembly, held at her opulent home in Mango Green, Mandaue, Cebu City. She was also seen at Simala making offerings to the church to help atone for her sinful deeds.

Townspeople speak of big birthday bashes in previous years, where nearly everyone was invited or ordered to attend either her home in Daanbantayan or in Mango Green, but this year the big raft of celebrations was noticeably absent. People say that Malu is usually so braggard about her birthday, but this year the situation is very different and virtually a "non event" in comparison.

Many Daanbantayan townspeople who had attended big birthday bashes in previous years were not invited to this years gathering, and this has caused a serious rift amongst some of those who support the Loot family. By limiting the invitations to certain persons only eg Barangay leaders, Malu has ostracised many of her secondary supporters, so much so that some of them have been humiliated by their leaders shunning of them, and rumours are circulating that they plan to stop supporting the Loots in the coming election. In short, Malu has "hurt their pride".

For whatever reasons Malu limited the invitations, she has created some serious "bad vibes" towards herself. Was she just "saving costs" in the light of all the expensive legal matters now facing her family, was she trying to limit attendees to only her most trusted supporters to stop information leaks ? Townspeople say both.

One thing is for sure, Malu and her family members are "on edge" about the current affairs going on in Daanbantayan regarding numerous graft, abuse of power, falsification, dishonesty & other administrative complaints against her and Sun Shimura, as well as the dropping of support by Governor Gwen Garcia for her & the Daanbantayan council administration.

Malu has reportedly been seen at Simala, making offerings to the church, rather than living it up big with lavish birthday bashes. Locals says this is a sure sign of insecurity, and say that Malu has finally admitted her sins to herself and is trying to seek atonement for those sins by making offerings to the church. Locals say there is no other reason for Malu to go to Simala and make an offering, other than to try and "pay off God" for the sins she committed.

Townspeople also mention the most recent damning findings against the Daanbantayan administration by the Commission on Audit (COA), which found serious irregularities in many areas, one of which involved P180 million of equipment not able to be adequately accounted for, amongst other issues. Where has all that money gone ? It is expected that COA will lay charges against the administration. Townspeople allege that Malu has bribed COA investigators in previous years, as there has never been any untoward findings in previous COA investigations. Serious irregularities have only been seen in the last two COA reports, and Malu was in a very cranky and irritated mood immediately after the last report was released. She knew this was serious "bad damage" to her and the Daanbantayan administration. It would appear that Malu is no longer able to allegedly "buy people off" and get away with alleged serious misuse of government project funds.

Unfortunately it is not likely to be a good year ahead for Malu either. Her popularity in Daanbantayan is at an all time low, as news of all the charges against her, and her son Sun Shimura and her husband Vic Loot, have circulated town like wildfire. Everyone knows about all the serious charges against them, and the townspeople now publicly display their utter hatred towards the Loots. Only recently townspeople confronted the infamous Toyota Hilux GLZ333 owned by Malu, as the goons inside were driving around town annoying and spying on locals. Townspeople came out in force and gave the driver and the goons inside the "F you" sign. Needless to say, the vehicle sped off as those inside knew they had incurred the anger of the townspeople and were too scared to stay around in case their own security or safety was compromised. So now the goons are scared of the locals !

Malus horoscope for the year does not look good either. Here is what one official online site says.

IF SEPTEMBER 15 IS YOUR BIRTHDAY: You may chafe under restrictions and
limitations during the next several months. This may be because you are
working extra hours or because you aren't quite at your best in some way.
Because you are more ambitious than usual, or stressed, others might find
you less loving -- and a key relationship could feel some strain. Look
forward to the end of the year when your charm can work its magic and put a
romantic relationship back on steady ground or when a new job opportunity
might lighten your load. Next July is the very best time to begin any new
and ultra-important new project or undertaking.

VIRGO (Aug. 23-Sept. 22): You aren't at your best for a few hours today, so
sidestep public appearances. Impulsive actions or words can throw a wrench
in plans.

In summary, the year ahead does not look particularly good for her.
There are so many restrictions and limitations upon her in the next few months eg
legal cases.
She could have a new less demanding job next year, perhaps after losing the election.

One townsperson said: "Malu has so many problems facing her right now, this would have to be the worst
bithday she has ever had".

Loot pretends dispute with Garcia is over - Wednesday 2 September 2009

A press release has been published in the Freeman newspaper on 2 September 2009, where Malu Loot suggests the dispute between her and Governor Garcia is over.

That statement is about as far from the truth as could be.

See the article here:

This is another blatant attempt by Malu Loot to try and cover up the serious political rift that has developed between Malu and Governor Garcia. This press release is outright manipulation of the news media, and is  written to present a false version of reality to the general public. The need to do this indicates that Malu Loot is desperate to regain her shattered public image, a result of the now very public loss of support from Governor Gwen Garcia over numerous charges laid against Shimura & Loot.

Malu very conveniently only refers to charges laid with the Provincial Board in May 2009, and does not mention what could be considered even more serious charges against herself and her son Mayor Shimura, stemming from the "arrest of the plumber incident" at Bateria on 18 July 2009.

With direct assistance from Governor Garcia, who authorised the resources of the Provincial Attorneys Office be made available to Bateria Barangay Captain Luciano, Malu Loot has been charged with Gross Misconduct, Conduct Unbecoming, Abuse of Authority and Oppression.

Furthermore with direct assistance from Governor Garcia, four Daanbantayan policemen, including Chief of Police Almirante, have been charged with Gross Misconduct, Conduct Unbecoming, Abuse of Authority, Persecution/Oppression and Grave threats. This relates to the arrest of the plumber, and the Chief of Cebu Provincial Police, Col Gacquing, himself investigated and found that the police were ordered to arrest the plumber by Malu Loot, without proper process.

Following further investigations, the Governor gave more direct assistance so that charges could be laid against Mayor Sun Shimura for Abuse of Authority, Oppression, Conspiracy to Commit Falsification of Public Documents and Dishonesty. These charges relate to the allegedly forced takeover by underhanded means of the Bateria waterworks system, where actions of Shimura have been deemed to be illegal.

The latest charges against Loot & Shimura were lodged with the Provincial Board on 10 & 17 August 2009, definitely an indication of the Governor's current attitude towards the Loot's.

Despite the above charges having been laid, Malu Loot is trying to pretend there is no dispute with the Governor, but in fact the Governor is intent on making the Loots face up to the laws of the land for their alleged illegal & criminal activities.

Come on Malu, time to wake up and face reality, and stop your "infantile antics".

Townspeople identify Zendu as Zenas Dublin - Tuesday 1 September 2009

The Kinoykuyan newsletter distributed in Daanbantayan recently, carried gossip type stories that identified a number of characters in the town by nicknames for purposes of legal anonimity. The newsletter, affectionately called KNN, has been very popular with local people, and locals have correlated all the nicknamed characters with real persons.

One person in particular has been targetted by locals, who are now calling out to him in the street, much to his dislike. His nickname is Zendu, and in the newsletter he was involved with tong (bribe) collection in regard to illegal fishing in the town and barangays.

Lately as one of the town councillors Zenas Dublin walks the streets of Barangay Tapilon, he is called out at from afar, "Zendu, Zendu, hey Zendu". Others call out "Palukso 1, Palukso 2", a reference in KNN to the fisherman who have to pay bribes to Zendu in order to keep fishing.

Previously townspeople would call out "Councillor" as a sign of respect to Zenas Dublin, but now they call out "Zendu", a sign of their disrespect at his alleged involvement in illegal fishing bribe collection.

See these links to the original KNN articles referred to:

Malu Loot announces Inday Malu Health Card - Tuesday 1 September 2009

Breaking news 1 September 2009 - Inday Malu Health Card scam

In a move designed to gain public support in response to her administration's falling popularity due to recent Graft and corruption charges, Malu Loot has come up with another scheme called the "Inday Malu Health Card". The card supposedly promises the recipient significant health care benefits amounting to approximately P1,000 for medicine plus free accomodation in hospital or clinics. The card is supposedly valid in both public and private clinics. Malu plans to announce this initiative starting September 2009. Reportedly there will be 20,000 cards issued to townspeople.

Observers believe this is another scam, allegedly designed to trick the townspeople into believing that Malu is a very generous leader in giving such significant medical help to poorer individuals. The real truth they say, is that by law, only 1,000 cards are allowed to be issued, and therefore the other 19,000 cards are bogus and worthless.

Malu is targetting distribution of these cards in political problem areas, where the opposition candidates have a strong hold, in an attempt to sway voters opinions towards Malu's team in the 2010 election.

Locals recall a similar health card scheme called the Benhur Health Card, that was previously issued in the town. The Benhur card was a "bad experience" for many of the people who received it, as many cardholders were refused service or benefits when the time came for them to use it for their medical needs. Only a limited number of cards were legally allowed to be issued and were valid, but many more than that number were distributed. Therefore only a limited number of card recipients were able to receive benefits. Due to the high cost of medical care in Daanbantayan and the poverty of the people, many recipients treated the card as a real treasure, and the card made Benhur very popular around town at that time. It was only later when people started using them and were refused treatment, that the deception became evident. It was a scam designed to impress people and get their vote, but it was extremely underfunded and much of the promised benefit was never provided due to limited funding.

Locals claim the "Inday Malu Health Card" is another such scam, and there will be many disappointed recipients when the time comes for them to make a medical claim and they are refused benefits. The latest card supposedly has even greater benefits than the earlier card, so matters will only get worse when it comes "time to make a claim".

In reality 1,000 recipients will get the benefit they are entitled to, as there is legal funding for that many cards, but the other 19,000 recipients will be refused benefits as there is simply no legal funding for cards for that many people. It will really be a "first come first served" scenario where ONLY the first 1,000 users will get served (ie get a benefit). All cards are technically valid, so anyone can receive the benefit if they have a card, but after the first 1,000 people have presented their cards, no one else will get any benefits.

Political opposition members say this is another scam designed to defraud the people of supposed entitlements, and is simply an attempt to buy votes by deception. They also claim it is an attempt to counteract the negative publicity and damage caused by numerous graft and corruption charges against town leaders and Loot family members.

Malu Loot seeks help from Pabling Garcia & Vice Gov Sanchez - Monday 31 August 2009

A serious political rift has developed between Daanbantayan Vice Mayor Malu Loot and Cebu Governor Gwen Garcia, stemming from the April Graft charges against the Loots and complaints sanctioned by the Governor against Shimura & Loot over Provincial aid programs.

In an attempt to resolve this dispute, Malu Loot has sought help from both ex Governor Pabling Garcia and current Vice Governor Greg Sanchez. Malu has asked them both to intervene and influence Governor Garcia to re-establish cordial relations, but these attempts have resulted in no favourable outcome.

In an initial attempt to regain favour with the Governor, Malu Loot approached Gwen's father, ex Governor Pabling Garcia, and asked for assistance to influence his daughter to drop her "anti Malu" stance. Pabling's reply was short and sweet, and basically said that he does not interfere with the way his daughter runs her role as Governor. He said his daughter makes the decisions that she chooses to make as Governor.

Following the refusal to help from Pabling Garcia, Malu Loot has recently turned her attention to Vice Governor Greg Sanchez.

In a further attempt designed to gain favour with Governor Garcia, Malu is trying to build ties with Sanchez. Vice Governor Sanchez has initially accomodated Loot's approach to him, but observers report that Sanchez's alliance is with Governor Garcia and they doubt very much that Sanchez will do anything to help Malu, as that will affect the strong ties that already exist between Sanchez and Garcia.

Malu has pointed out to Vice Gov Sanchez, as well as stating publicly in Daanbantayan, that she provided support to Governor Garcia during the 2004 election, which assured Garcia of a victory. Malu is now saying that the Governor is a "persona non grata", as Garcia has "turned her back" on Malu and forgotten the support that Malu previously provided. Observers report this is a common tactic used by Malu to gain sympathy, particularly from the general public.

Recently Malu Loot has been openly admitting that "things are not good" between her and the Governor. For the last few months though, Malu has constantly claimed that there was no problem beween her and the Governor, and repeatedly denied there was a political rift.

Even as recently as the last week of August, Malu was bragging that Governor Garcia would attend the Daanbantayan Fiesta Coronation Night on 29 August, in an attempt to imply that she was still in "good favour" with the Governor. In fact Garcia shunned the event and did not attend, indicating to the people her negative stance towards Loot. Many local people also boycotted the event in disgust, following revelations of allegedly corrupt activities by the town administration, made in newsletters that have circulated Daanbantayan like wildfire.

To further "hurt Malu's pride", Governor Garcia attended the Haladaya Festival activities held on Sunday 30 August 2009, which the Governor herself promotes, and during speeches etc, only mentioned Haladaya and nothing else.

The loss of support from Governor Garcia, follows the celebrated Graft case against Malu Loot & her husband Cebu Police Supt Vicente Loot, brought by the NBI in April 2009. Since then the Governor has "turned her back" on providing political support to the mother & son team of Mayor Shimura & Vice Mayor Loot, and reprimanded them both for their alleged wrongdoings towards the people of Daanbantayan. The Governor has instigated official complaints against Shimura & Loot over non implementation of Provincial aid programs, and also assisted local people to lodge official complaints against Shimura, Loot and Daanbantayan policemen regarding the alleged takeover & mismanagement of local watersystems. See seperate stories about these charges.

Mariquitta tricks Gwen into visiting Malu's PayPay Resort - Saturday 30 August 2009

In a move designed to expose Gov Gwen Garcia directly to the Loot family, an associate of the Governor, Mariquitta Salimbangong-Yeung, allegedly tricked the Governor into visiting the Loot's PayPay resort following the Haladaya Festivities in Daanbantayan on Sunday 30 August 2009.

This was designed to bring Governor Garcia, Malu & Vicente Loot and their son Sun Shimura, together at the same time, in an attempt to resolve the serious political rift that has developed between Gov Garcia & the Loots.

The situation arose after the Governor unwittingly agreed to travel from Cebu City with Mariquitta, who is the wealthy sister of Congressman Benhur Salimbangon, a Loot ally. The Governor agreed on the pretext that both woman were attending Haladaya and would be company for each other during the long return road trip. It is believed that the Governor had no intention of spending time with the Loot family, and in fact avoided attending the Daanbantayan Fiesta Coronation night on Saturday 29 September, the very day before Haladaya, as she did not wish to be seen publicly or privately with Malu Loot.

Following the culmination of the Haladaya Festivities, which is an initiative of the Governor herself to promote tourism in the northern Cebu region, Mariquitta apparently wanted to visit some friends & have a rest before leaving town and returning to Cebu City. It was difficult for the Governor to object as both woman were travelling in the same vehicle provided by the Governor, and it would have been seen as bad etiquette for the Governor not to oblige her travelling companion. Much to the surprise of the Governor, the friends that Mariquitta visited were the Loot family at their PayPay resort complex.

Mariquitta & Garcia ended up spending 3 hours at PayPay, and all parties did retire to private rooms for apparently "informal discussions". Obviously the major issue was the political climate involving the disagreement primarily between Malu Loot & Gwen Garcia. No doubt Sun Shimura, Vicente & Mariquitta all had something to say about the fall out resulting from the Governors sanctioned actions against Malu Loot & Sun Shimura, and the lasting effects of Administrative decisions by the Provincial Board. The upcoming 2010 election was also an issue for discussion, particularly in light of the effects of ongoing bad publicity against the Loots & Shimura over all the various charges that have been brought against them since the serious Graft charges announced by the NBI in April 2009.

The following day Monday 31 August, Malu Loot was very quick to announce that Governor Garcia had came to her PayPay resort and implied that the dispute was resolved. A press release in the Freeman newspaper also reported that Malu & Garcia were on friendly terms at the Haladaya event, and that they had "kissed and made up", a reference to the resolving of their differences regarding the Governors actions against Malu & Sun. That article is deliberately misleading and an "abuse of the press media". It is a very one sided statement, allegedly instigated by Malu, with only Malu Loot herself claiming everything was OK, without a single comment from the Governor.

Malu has been heard to say she is desperate to regain the support of Garcia, as Malu knows that without the Governors support, both the political careers of herself and her son Sun Shimura, are over.

The actions of Mariquitta Salimbangong-Yeung are believed to have been instigated by Malu Loot as a "last ditch" attempt to regain the Governors support. Malu had already approached ex Governor Pabling Garcia, but he refused to interfere with the decisions of his daughter, now Governor, Gwen Garcia. Malu had also aproached the current Vice Governor Greg Sanchez, who initially entertained Malu's approach, more so in a manner of being openly friendly and approachable, but insiders say the Vice Governor also refused to help Malu as soon as he turned her back on her. So Malu had no choice but to allegedly use underhanded trickery to try and "wiggle her way" to a meeting with Garcia and attempt a reconciliation.

The news coming out of Daanbantayan & Cebu City suggest the Governor has not changed her mind, with regards to the stance she has taken against Malu Loot & Sun Shimura. The Governor has previously stated she has had enough of the Loot family's "anti people" stance, and is very annoyed with Malu's strategy of spending time, money and effort constantly attacking & bringing down her political opponents, rather than getting on with the proper administration of the Municipal Council for the benefit of the people of Daanbantayan.

Evidence of this is provided by a report from the Governors office about a follow up meeting between Sun Shimura and Gov Garcia regarding the Barangay Bateria waterworks issue (reported elswhere on this site). In early August 2009, Gwen Garcia told Sun Shimura to tell his mother (Malu) to stop her anti people stance and to also tell his mother Malu to have the case against the arrested plumber Mr Tampas withdrawn.

Since the Garcia sanctioned administrative charges against Shimura & Loot in May 2009, the Governor has shunned both Malu Loot and Sun Shimura at a number of public engagements. These charges relate to non implementation of Provincial programs. Since then the Governor has also assisted a Daanbantayan Barangay Captain to lay further serious charges against Malu Loot, Sun Shimura & Daanbantayan policemen, over the alleged forced takeover of the local waterworks by improper use of authority and falsification of documents, and related issues.

Malu Loot now knows that since not getting any support from Pabling Garcia and Greg Sanchez, "the writing is on the wall", and that her chances of remaining in power in Daanbantayan are now very slim.

No doubt she is laying awake at night thinking, "we're done for" !

Garcia shuns Daanbantayan Fiesta Coronation night - Saturday 30 August 2009

The culminating event in the 10 day Daanbantayan Fiesta program, the Coronation night, was held on Saturday 29 August, but the 2009 event was poorly attended by dignitaries and only 200 specatators. Local people say official events were boycotted, a reaction to the "bad vibes" surrounding the Daanbantayan Municipal Council over serious charges against the Shimura & Loot administration regarding alleged corrupt activities.

All week long Vice Mayor Malu Loot had been publicly bragging that Governor Gwen Garcia would be in attendance. As it turned out, the Governor shunned the event by not attending, the only notable dignitaries present were Congressman Benhur Salimbangon and Provincial Board member Mondigo, both allies of Loot.

Malu herself has publicly admitted that there is a serious and unresolvable rift between her and Gov Garcia that cannot be repaired.

Locals claim Malu has said that Gwen Garcia is now a "persona non grata", as the Governor has turned her back on Malu despite the support given by Loot to Garcia in the 2004 election. Malu claims without her backing, Garcia would not have become Governor and has "forgotten the help" she received from Loot.

Townspeople claim the Loot family is "really bothered" by the collapse of the political relationship with Gwen Garcia, as they know this support is needed in order for them to hold onto the positions of Mayor & Vice Mayor and remain "in power" in Daanbantayan.

Complaint made against Bgy Cap Luciano - Tuesday 18 August 2009

Captain Arsenio Luciano of Barangay Bateria, Daanbantayan is again on the "receiving end" of an administrative complaint against him regarding activities associated with the Bateria waterworks. The Municipal Council informed Luciano of the complaint in a recent letter, which stated he had disconnected the water of residents without authority. The complaint also states that the operation, supervision, and administration of the waterworks, was by law properly turned over to the Municipal Government of the Municipality of Daanbantayan.

Luciano alleges this administrative complaint is just another "payback" for his actions of opposing the Shimura & Loot administration and asserting ownership and control of the waterworks as Barangay Captain. This followed his discovery of an allegedly fake resolution by the former Barangay Captain Jorge Malinao which handed over the waterworks to Mayor Shimura, Vice Mayor Loot and the Daanbantayan Municipality. Further resolutions/Executive Orders made by Mayor Sun Shimura have now also been found to be illegal as due process was not carried out.

The real issue here, is a long running dispute between local Barangays/owners of the water systems and Vice Mayor Malu Loot, who pushed for the takeover of all local waterworks systems. In many cases locals refused to either hand over or be taken over, which is their legal right. Despite this refusal Mayor Shimura, Vice Mayor Malu Loot and the Municipal Council allegedly under the instigation of Malu Loot forced the takeover of a number of local water systems by alleged underhanded means, which involved conspiracy to create fabricated documents and illegal Executive Orders and the deliberate dishonest covering up of these transactions from public scrutiny.

Luciano sees the complaint against him as a means of putting him under hardship, as he expects the Municipal Council will again suspend him without pay. Luciano states though that the Council claims of ownership of the Bateria waterworks are fictitious, as Provincial Atty Martinquella has advised Luciano he still has legal authority to control the waterworks in his role as Bgy Captain, as no offical or legal handover ever took place. This is despite assertions and claims to the contrary from Mayor Shimura, Vice Mayor Loot and the Municipal Council.

Luciano previously lodged a complaint with the Ombudsman over the fake resolution by Jorge Malinao, which matter is still pending.

Luciano has this week lodged a complaint with the Provincial Board against Mayor Sun Shimura regarding illegal Executive Orders relating to this matter, wherein Shimura has been charged with Abuse of Authority, Oppression, Conspiracy to Commit Falsification of Public Documents and Dishonesty.

Luciano approached Governor Gwen Garcia, who after listening to Luciano's story, was very disappointed with the actions of the Daanbantayan Council leaders. The Governor arranged for the full resources of the Provincial Government including legal assistance, to be used to assist Captain Luciano to resolve the dispute with the Municipal Council over the Bateria waterworks.

In a letter of response to the Daanbantayan Municipal Council, Luciano warned the Council of his pre-emptive complaint againt Shimura that had already been lodged with the Provincial Board (Sangguniang Panlalawigan of Cebu), and that he had the full support of Governor Gwen Garcia and the Provincial Attorneys office. He also advised of complaints he had lodged against Malu Loot herself with the Provincial Board and also against local Daanbantayan police with the Ombudsman over an alleged improper arrest relating to the waterworks ownership & control issue.

Indications are that there is a looming battle developing between Governor Gwen Garcia and her adminstration "in one corner", and Malu Loot and her administration "in the other corner".

Sugbo Online carries Garcia & Luciano meeting story - Tuesday 18 August 2009

The official online website of the Cebu Provincial Government, "bag-on panlantaw Sugbo" has published the story of the meeting between Governor Gwen Garcia and Daanbantayan Barangay Captain Arsenio Luciano.

The website which calls itself "Sugbo - Cebu Provincial News Center" is located at

with the article about Cap Luciano located at

The publication of this story, which refers to the complaints lodged by Cap Luciano against the forced take over of the Bateria waterworks and other matters, gives credibility to claims made by Cap Luciano. This is despite denials by the Loot & Shimura administration, and the blantant way in which Mayor Sun Shimura called Luciano a liar in a recent press article.

Quoting from the site:

"In response to the appeal for help sought by Brgy. Bateria Chief, Arsenio Luciano, the provincial government promised to provide all legal assistance the barangay captain needs in the waterworks conflict he had with Daanbantayan Mayor Sun Shimura."

"Luciano ... said he asked the advice of Provincial Legal Officer Marino Martinquilla if it is legal to cut off the water supply of the delinquent water consumers. Martinquilla confirmed that it is lawful for the barangay, who owns the right of the water system, to cut off the water supply of the delinquent payers."

"According to Martinquilla, the governor did not order the municipal government to take the management of the water system since the barangay used its right to refuse the order to turn over the water system."

"The governor, who frowned on what the police did, ordered the Prov’l. Legal Office to re-evaluate and review the arrest of the plumber."

Shimura charged with Abuse of Authority, Oppression, Conspiracy to Commit Falsification of Public Documents and Dishonesty - Monday 17 August 2009

17 August 2009 - Balita ni Bantay breaking news

Stemming from an incident involving the arrest of a 70 year old plumber in Barangay Bateria on 18 July 2009, a complaint was  lodged against Daanbantayan Mayor Sun Shimura with the Provincial Board on 10 August 2009. The complaint charges Shimura with Abuse of Authority, Oppression, Conspiracy to Commit Falsification of Public Documents and Dishonesty.

Barangay Captain Arsenio Luciano lodged the complaint after he approached Governor Gwen Garcia about the unjust arrest by the police, who were instructed to do so by Shimura's mother, Vice Mayor Malu Loot, allegedly without proper arrest procedures.

Gov Garcia took a strong interest in the matter as Cap Luciano narrated the background story involving the forced takeover of the Barangay's waterworks system, a factor which ultimately led to the arrest. Garcia then ordered the Provincial Attorneys office headed by Atty Martinquella to assist Luciano in lodging further complaints, including this complaint against Mayor Shimura.

Luciano claims that a Barangay resolution handing over the waterworks to the Municipal Council, was allegedly forged by the previous Barangay Captain Jorge Malinao in 2007. Flowing on from this, further resolutions were passed by Mayor Shimura in 2008 which officially took control of the waterworks. Luciano says that during these processes the Mayor allegedly kept the matter quiet, ignored protocols and did not seek approval of the Municpal Council, which in turn allegedly did not advertise and seek public comment. The whole process is therefore deemed illegal, and effectively null and void, due to the actions of the Mayor who allegedly conspired to falsify official documents and was dishonest in his dealings.

In fact the first time that Cap Luciano knew of this "so called offical handover", was in January 2009 when he was sent copies of various documents by the Municipal Council following a complaint against him for administrative wrongdoings in regard to collection of water charges & issuance of receipts. He was advised he had no authority to do so as he was not in charge of the waterworks system. It was Luciano's understanding that the Barangay Captain had always historically been in charge of the waterworks, and as it had never been handed over to new owners to the best of his or other peoples knowledge, he was in fact acting with the correct authority. That stance was supported by the legal opinion of Provincial Atty Martinquella, which was obtained on 16 July 2009 by Luciano, before he proceeded to disconnect delinquent payers. The disconnection event & subsequent arrest of a plumber, has also resulted in serious complaints being lodged against Malu Loot and four Daanbantayan police.

An earlier complaint was previously lodged by Luciano with the Ombudsman against Jorge Malinao over the fake resolution and that matter is still pending.

Following that complaint, Luciano was suspended for 3 months over supposed administrative wrongdoings, but he claims the suspension was "payback" orchestrated by Malu Loot for his action of opposing her by lodging a case with the Ombudsman against her crony Jorge Malinao.

In August 2009 Provincial Atty Villa pepared the current complaint against Shimura which related to the Executive Orders he issued, and  this was lodged with the Provincial Board last Monday 10 August 2009, along with numerous supporting documents relating to the matter which go back to mid 2007, when this saga of alleged deception first started taking place.

Luciano claims that Vice Mayor Malu Loot has a personal & egotistical desire to take over all local waterworks systems in Daanbantayan municipality, and that she claims she was authorised to do so by Governor Gwen Garcia. Luciano said that Loot "orchestrated" the takeover, as the local owners resisted attempts to be taken over. Loot then allegedly forced the takeover by having her crony and then Barangay Captain, Jorge Malinao, allegedly create a fake resolution & other documents that would effectively allow her & Shimura to "legally" take over the waterworks system.

The circumstances surrounding this takeover are certainly very suspicious and do appear to indicate that illegal actions by the Loot & Shimura administration and their crony Jorge Malinao & others have occurred, with the end result being to effect a forced takeover, rather than a legal handover.

Click the following links to read the complaint submitted by Captain Luciano

Luciano vs Shimura Complaint page 1 

Luciano vs Shimura Complaint page 2

Governor Garcia shuns Loots at Pasigarbo sa Sugbo Queen competition - Friday 14 August 2009

13 August 2009 - At the recent Pasigarbo sa Sugbu festival queen competition, held at the Cebu International Convention Center (CICC) in Mandaue City, Jey Ann Avenido representing Daanbantayan, was announced the winner and received a cash prize of P25,000.

On a sour note, Daanbantayan Mayor Sun Shimura and his mother, Vice Mayor Maria Luisa Loot, attended the competition but left early before the winners were announced.

Both Sun Shimura & Malu Loot were shunned by Governor Gwen Garcia at this competition award evening. Whenever the Governor was near or exposed to Shimura & Loot, Gwen Garcia turned away from them and refused to have them in her view. Although the Daanbantayan entrant won the competition, both the Mayor & Vice Mayor left before the winner was announced, due it is believed to the poor reception they were given by Gov Garcia and other officials at the ceremonies. In past competitions Shimura & Loot were treated as dignitaries and given favourable seating etc, but on this occasion they were treated as outcasts following their political and personal rift with the Governor.

No wonder they left in disgust following the treatment they were given. But by walking out and not acknowledging the winner, Shimura & Loot have also displayed their own "immaturity", and by their own actions in public, effectively admitted they were "unworthy people" to represent and hold the office of Mayor and Vice Mayor.

Gov Garcias public stance against Shimura & Loot is well justified following numerous legal cases lodged against them, many of which have been supported by the Governor herself. These include charges of Graft lodged by NBI against Malu & Vic Loot, charges of Gross Negligence & Dereliction of Duty against Shimura & Malu Loot re non implementation of Provincial programs & misappropriation of funds associated with Tarwasa water system.

Furthermore there are also multiple charges against Malu Loot of Gross Misconduct, Conduct Unbecoming, Abuse of Authority and Oppression lodged with the Provincial Board, relating to an incident in Barangay Bateria, Daanbantayan, where Malu Loot allegedly ordered local Daanbantayan police to arrest a plumber who was disconnecting the water services of delinquent payers. In addition Mayor Shimura has been charged re illegal issuance of Executive Orders regarding the alleged illegal takeover of Barangay Bateria waterworks, which involved alleged falsification and fabrication of documents byJorge Malinao, a known Loot crony. Malinao is also the subject of an official complaint at the Ombudsman over this matter.

Loot charged with Gross Misconduct, Conduct Unbecoming, Abuse of Authority & Oppression - Monday 10 August 2009

Monday 10 August 2009 - Confirmation has been received that at todays session of the Provincial Board held in Cebu City, board members have for the first time discussed a complaint lodged against Vice Mayor Malu Loot of Daanbantayan. She has been charged with Gross Misconduct, Conduct Unbecoming, Abuse of Authority and Oppression over an incident involving the arrest of a plumber in Barangay Bateria on 18 July 2009. A complaint has been lodged with the Provincial Board on 24 July 2009 by Barangay Captain Arsenio Luciano over the incident, which alleges that Malu Loot ordered four policemen to arrest the plumber and any other person interfering, without reason and without an arrest warrant.

Provincial Police Chief Col Gacquing, determined from the policemen who were involved that the arrest was ordered by Malu Loot, after Luciano supervised a plumber to disconnect the water service of delinquent payers in the Barangay. Luciano had previously ascertained that he had legal authority to do so from Atty Martinquella of the Provincial Attorneys office in Cebu City.

Loot though, claims that the Municpal Council has control of the local Bateria waterworks as it was supposedly handed over by Barangay Resolution, and she was therefore only doing her job to protect the interests of water users.

Luciano claims that the Resolution was forged by the previous Barangay Captain Jorge Malinao, and a case has already been lodged with the Ombudsman regarding that matter. Luciano also claims that the waterworks was never legally or officially handed over to the Municpal Council, and that the actions of the Loot & Shimura administration are illegal and designed purely to forcibly take over the waterworks. Luciano claims the action was instigated by Malu Loot as part of her egotistical desire to takeover all local waterworks systems.

The Provincial Attorney was instructed by Governor Gwen Garcia to assist Luciano in the lodging of complaints, after listening to Luciano's story in her office. Garcia was disappointed at the heavy handed "anti-people" actions of Vice Mayor Loot and the police in arresting the 70 year old plumber, and she requested that the plumber be released from jail immediately, and his arrest should be expunged from the record.

Upon further examination of the procedures involved in the "takeover", it was also discovered that there were legal discrepancies and apparent wrongdoings in procedures by Mayor Sun Shimura, which are considered Falsification and Dishonesty. A seperate complaint and charges have been lodged with the Provincial Board on 10 August 2009 regarding that matter.

Related to the same incident, a complaint was also lodged with the Ombudsman against the four police involved in the arrest of the plumber. Charged with Gross Misconduct, Conduct Unbecoming, Abuse of Authority, Persecution/Oppression and Grave threats are Daanbantayan police Chief Inspector Laurel Almirante, SPO3 Cesar Alburo, PO3 Mario Verzosa and PO2 Herminio Marinduque.

The weight of evidence appears to be firmly against the Shimura & Loot administration (and their cronies) in this matter.

Tell everything, says Governor - Wednesday 22 July 2009

When Captain Arsenio Luciano of Barangay Bateria, Daanbantayan, decided to cut off the water supply to delinquent payers, he had no idea how his life was going to change.

Whilst Luciano was supervising a plumber to do the disconnections, local police arrived to arrest the plumber and supporters, allegedly under direct orders from Vice Mayor Malu Loot. It took the combined efforts of four policemen brandishing their handguns to arrest the 70 year old plumber. Police also tried unsuccessfully to arrest Luciano and another supporter Luche, all without giving a valid reason or presenting warrants of arrest.

Following the arrest on Saturday 18 July 2009, Luciano met with Atty Martinquella of the Provincial Attorneys office in Cebu City and Engr Quiroga, who is in charge of water systems. The matter was then referred to Governor Gwen Garcia, who invited Luciano to her office to tell her about his problems in the Barangay and ongoing disputes with the Shimura & Loot administration.

Much to Cap Luciano's surprise the Governor immediately called a press conference to expose the issues. Her instruction to Luciano was simple, "Tell everything to the Press". The photo above was taken during the press conference and he has now become a "mini hero" in his Barangay.

What came next was perhaps the most tangible outcome of their meeting, and rewarded Cap Luciano for his willingness to come forward and expose the wrongdoings of the Shimura & Loot administration. Governor Gwen Garcia promised her full support and the resources of the Provincial Government to take administrative and legal action against Mayor Sun Shimura, Vice Mayor Ma Luisa Loot and other Councillors in regard to alleged mismanagement and corrupt activities.

The words of Gov Garcia have subsequently been honoured, as seperate complaints have been lodged with the Provincial Board against both Malu Loot & Sun Shimura, as well as a complaint lodged with the Ombudsman against the four police involved in the arrest of the plumber. These complaints have been prepared by Atty Villa from the Provincial Attorneys office under direction from Gov Garcia. The arrest was also raised by the Governor with Cebu Provincial Police Chief, Col Gacquing, who has already undertaken preliminary investigations regarding the behaviour of his officers, and determined that Malu Loot directly ordered the officers to make the arrest(s).

Details of the various complaints have been reported elsewhere on this website, but charges laid are as follows:

Against Malu Loot with the Provincial Board:  Gross Misconduct, Conduct Unbecoming, Abuse of Authority and Oppression

Against Sun Shimura with the Provincial Board:  Abuse of Authority, Oppression, Conspiracy to Commit Falsification of Public Documents, Dishonesty

Against Daanbantayan police with the Visaya (Cebu) Ombudsman:  Gross Misconduct, Conduct Unbecoming, Abuse of Authority, Persecution/Oppression and Grave threats.

Daanbantayan police charged:  Chief Inspector Laurel Almirante, SPO3 Cesar Alburo, PO3 Mario Verzosa and PO2 Herminio Marinduque:  

Captain Luciano is very pleased with and thankful for the positive response he has received from the Cebu Provincial Government and in particular the Governor Gwen Garcia, Provincial Attorney Martinquella, as well as Atty Villa, Engr Quiroga & others. He believes that the long running dispute regarding ownership and management of the local Barangay Bateria waterworks system may be resolved by the Provincial Board as a result of the complaints lodged.

Luciano's life has indeed changed from that of a Barangay Captain struggling in political opposition to "make a mark", to someone whose opinion, honesty & integrity has been recognised by the Governor of the Province of Cebu, and his willingness to "stand up and be heard" has been rewarded.

Plumber arrested in Bateria - What really happened - 20 July 2009

18 July 2009 - Near the location of Barangay Bateria hall, Daanbantayan, on a Saturday morning, a 70 year old plumber Mr Tampus was arrested by four Daanbantayan police, led by Chief Almirante. Mr Tampus was disconnecting the water supply of delinquent payers, under instructions from Bateria Barangay Captain Arsenio Luciano, who is locally in charge of the waterworks.

When the plumber Mr Tampus disconnected the first house, the delinquent paying resident immediately informed Daanbantayan council officials, and it was soon after that two policeman dressed in civilian clothes arrived, apparently under orders from Malu Loot, whose voice was heard on the residents mobile phone. When the police arrived the plumber Mr Tampus, was sitting quietly outside the Barangay hall, as the disconnected resident had thrown stones at him and threatened to chop him with a Bolo (large knife). The police talked to the resident and then proceeded to arrest the plumber who at no time resisted them as he is a 70 year old man with far less physical strength than the police. Other press releases (promoted by Shimura & Loot as factual), have suggested he was hiding inside the Barangay hall, but that is incorrect, as he was at all times quietly sitting outside where it was easy for police to gain physical access to him.

The officers did not inform Tampus or Barangay officials on what charge he was being arrested. There was also no arrest warrant issued. Barangay Captain Luciano advised the plumber not to go with the police and resisted attempts by the police to remove Tampus, as Luciano believed the arrest was unlawful and strongly advised police of that. The police backed off and called for reinforcements. Soon after officer Alburo arrived (also in plain clothes & carrying a weapon), and again more forcefully tried to arrest Tampus. The three police were again unsuccessful, as Barangay officials & supporters continued to strongly object & hold on to Tampus, as no reason was given for the arrest and no arrest warrant was shown to them. They believed the arrest was unwarranted and unlawful, as police were not following correct protocols.

Finally Daanbantayan Police Chief Almirante arrived (also in casual clothes & carrying a weapon), and he was very determined to arrest Tampus and anyone else who interfered. Alburo & Almirante drew their police guns and waved them threateningly at the group of Barangay officials and supporters, numbering about 16 in total. Scuffles broke out as police tried to violently drag Tampus, Captain Luciano and another supporter Rosanni Luche away and arrest them all. The wife and child of Luche held on to their father and the police lost their grip when Luche's belt broke. After much "bravado" by the police officers, which consisted of them menacingly waving their guns around at people, and making verbal threats and intimidating actions towards those who were opposing them, police only managed to arrest the 70 year old plumber Mr Tampus. In the foray Luciano, Luche and other supporters escaped the grip of police, who then backed off. Fearing for their safety, Barangay officials and supporters then retreated inside the Barangay hall and closed the door to prevent further unjustified harrassment by police. The police then left with Tampus.

A short while later four gun carrying civilian goons of Malu Loot arrived in the white cab utility vehicle with plate number GLZ333, known to be owned by Malu Loot. The "leader" of the group nicknamed "Kano", banged aggressively on the door of the Barangay hall, so strongly that people inside though the door was going to break. One of the Barangay Captains (a Tanod) unwittingly opened the door and let Kano in. Kano acted very aggressively towards everyone present, asking many times if there was any problem, to which people replied no. Another goon was standing at the hall entrance door and one goon (the driver) remained in the vehicle with the engine running. After a few tense minutes Kano went outside, but the four goons continued to hover around the area in an intimidating fashion for nearly an hour.

Barangay officials & supporters then left the area in motor vehicles for safety reasons, rather than riding motor bikes. It was considered too dangerous with the presence of the goons to depart through remote "jungle" roads where the goons could easily harrass or even murder people who were easy targets when riding motor bikes. The goons did actually follow a car load of people but turned around and returned to the hall, when the car reached the main road junction and headed off in the direction of Bogo, rather than Daanbantayan.

When the goons returned to the hall, one Tanod (captain) was proceeding to leave and was a short distance away from where other people were standing. Three goons approached him, and while one goon held a gun to the captains (Tanod) head, another goon held a gun to his torso, and a third goon frisked him and did a body search. Note that these are civilian goons with no police authority. One goon then attempted to plant an old rusty revolver gun on the captain, by pushing the gun into the waistband of his trousers. The waist band was too tight, so the gun dropped to the ground instead. A commotion developed and other people came to the aid of the Tanod (captain). The goons quickly moved away when there were a number of people present who could witness these unlawful actions. It is believed the goons were trying to plant a gun on the captain (Tanod), so they could then do a "civilian arrest". This action would cause legal problems for the Barangay people as they would then have to spend money, time and resources fighting the fabricated case of unlawful gun possession. The purpose of this action was to hinder and cause nuisance to unco-operative opposition Barangay officials, and it is believed that Malu Loot allegedly instructed the goons to do this.

People have suggested that the real "target" of this gun plant episode, was another person that Malu allegedly wanted put in jail for other alleged but unproven "activities around the town", that caused her great embarrassment and filled her with seething anger. People say the goons were not able to plant the gun on that other person as he was in the company of too many other witnesses when the goons "eyeballed" him.

Eventually everyone including the goons left without further incident. Within a short time though, it is understood that another plumber came & without authority from Barangay Captain Luciano, reconnected the water supply that had been disconnected.

It was not until the following Wednesday morning that the 70 year old plumber Mr Tampus was bailed out of jail, after having spent 4 nights there. Gov Garcia later requested his arrest be expunged from the records. The outcome of the case against him is still unsure, but Gov Gwen has also demanded Malu Loot withdraw the case against him. 

On Sunday 19 July 2009, a scathing article appeared in the press accusing the plumber of stealing water pipes and accusing Barangay Captain Luciano of acting unlawfully, and also stating that police would pursue the laying of charges on all 16 people who supposedly obstructed the police. The article portrayed a very incorrect view of what had actually happened and the circumstances surrounding the event, and is believed to have been instigated by Malu Loot and her "friendly" press associates.

In fact on the Thursday prior (16 July), Barangay Captain Luciano had obtained legal advice from the Provincial Attorneys office in Cebu City who said that he had legal authority to order the disconnection. The underlying issue here is a "dispute" between Barangay Bateria who claim to still have control of the waterworks, and the Daanbantayan Municipal Council (Malu Loot & Shimura), who claim to have taken over the water works. Allegations have been made that former Barangay Captain Jorge Malinao entered falsified and fake entries and resolutions into the minutes of meetings of the Barangay, supposedly seconded by someone who did not actually second the motion. This resolution was done without the knowledge of other Barangay officials. That motion supposedly officially handed over the waterworks to Daanbantayan Council. Subsequently Mayor Sun Shimura issued an Executive Order taking over the waterworks, but that order is now considered a technically "illegal" order, as correct protocols were not followed by Mayor Shimura & the town council. Malu Loot & Sun Shimura claim they officially now run the waterworks due to the precedents set by the Barangay resolution and the Mayor's Executiuve Order.

Barangay Bateria officials lodged a complaint with the Ombudsman over the unoffical and fake entries made by Jorge Malinao. The Executive Order issued by Sun Shimura is the subject of a complaint subsequently lodged with the Provincial Board in Cebu City, which essentially states the order is an illegal order and is therefore not valid. It is alleged that proper protocols and public advertising of the change of ownership were not done, and that public submissions were not obtained and analysed before the passing of the Executive Order.

The above two cases clearly indicate that the whole "supposed" takeover of the waterworks by Daanbantayan Municipal Council was illegal, and the result of underhanded actions by Malinao & Shimura, allegedly instigated by Malu Loot in her desire to take over all local water systems, even when the owners of these water systems were not agreeable. Malu Loot allegedly "forced & concocted" the takeover, by fabricating all the legal documents and requirements without regard to laws and applicable rules. Malu has repeatedly claimed that Governor Gwen Garcia instructed or authorised her to takeover local waterworks systems. Garcia has strongly denied authorising these types of takeovers, in the light of legal cases & complaints lodged by both Tarwasa (Tapilon Barangay) and now Bateria Barangay waterworks.

Following the arrest of the 70 year old plumber Mr Tampus on Saturday 18 July 2009, Captain Luciano lodged a complaint with Atty Martinquella of the Provincial Attorneys Office in Cebu City. The matter was then referred to Governor Gwen Garcia, who immediately called a press conference. Investigations by Colonel Gacquing, the Chief of Cebu Provincial Police, determined that Malu Loot ordered the policeman to go to Bateria and arrest the plumber and anyone else who interfered. Under instructions from Governor Gwen Garcia, Police Chief Gacquing has ordered a full investigation into the incident and has said that any officers found guilty of misconduct will be dismissed.

The Governor has also ordered a full investigation into the matter and has provided legal assistance to Captain Luciano. Subsequently, serious charges have been laid by Captain Luciano against Ma Luisa Loot for Gross Misconduct, Conduct Unbecoming, Abuse of Authority and Oppression, and this case is already the subject of an investigation by the Provincial Board. Gov Garcia has also written a submission to the Provincial Board asking them to expedite various cases now pending against Loot & Shimura and particularly cases regarding water systems. She is expecting a speedy resolution of these cases.

Furthermore another case has been lodged with the Visayas (Cebu) Ombudsman regarding a complaint against the four policemen involved in the arrest of the plumber at Bateria. A complaint has been lodged against the following Daanbantayan police, namely Chief Inspector Laurel Almirante, SPO3 Cesar Alburo, PO3 Mario Verzosa and PO2 Herminio Marinduque for Gross Misconduct, Conduct Unbecoming, Abuse of Authority, Persecution/Oppression and Grave threats.

Note that Captain Luciano states that he has never handed over the waterworks, and has authority to disconnect delinquent payers as he has always been in charge of the local waterworks since he became the elected Barangay Captain in the 2007 elections, which ousted known Loot family crony Jorge Malinao from the position of Barangay Captain. The Loot administration has allegedly hampered his ability to carry out his official Barangay Captain duties at every opportunity they get. He has even been given a 3 month suspension by Daanbantayan Municipal Council for administrative wrongdoings on his part. These relate to collection of water payments & issuance of receipts, which Daanbantayan Council claimed he no longer had authority to do, since they had taken over the waterworks. This administrative action followed the lodging of the complaint against Jorge Malinao, and was allegedly a form of punishment by Malu Loot for his opposition to her.

Incidently murdered town hero Gogong Arrogante had a strong interest in activities involved with the Bateria waterworks and Bateria Barangay generally. Gogong was instrumental in ensuring a victory for Luciano over Malinao in the May 2007 elections. During counting the power was allegedly tampered with & lights failed. "Officials" wanted to move the ballot boxes to another location for final counting due to poor light. The residents rallied and brought hand held lamps and physically surrounded and cordoned off the voting area. This prevented officials from departing and forced them to finish counting under the available lights. The final vote count recorded a win for the opposition candidate Arsenio Luciano. Residents allege that had the ballot boxes been moved elsewhere, then the votes would have been tampered with and the Loot team candidate & crony Jorge Malinao would have won instead.

KINOYKUYAN June 2009 newsletter available online - Tuesday 14 July 2009

Watchdog has received an original Kinoykuyan newsletter that was distributed in Daanbantayan around late June early July 2009.Click here to view the newsletter pages, or see links below.

The document is affectionately known around town as "the illegal document", after being so named by Vice Mayor Malu Loot who was absolutely furious about its existence. The newsletter is a modest 5 sheet 10 page document on legal/foolscap size newsprint paper with a colour front page and black & white subsequent pages. It is indeed fascinating reading and reveals many insights into allegedly corrupt activities within the town, being carried out allegedly by municipal authorities & their goons.

Malu Loot has ordered police to investigate who was responsible for distributing this document, but so far they have been unsuccessful in finding the perpetrator(s). The Daanbantayan Police Chief informed Malu that no law had been broken with the release of the newsletter, so there was nothing for them to investigate. Malu claims it was her political opponents who were responsible but has no proof or evidence to support her "theory". She says this was a "massive" undertaking with significant financial backing, and believes more than one person is involved but cannot work out exactly who they are, other than her personal and unfounded suspicions. Malu has been heard on Bantay Radyo lamblasting any and all opposition team members, and even politicians from other towns are being blamed & lamblasted.

The Kinoykuyan newsletter has been scanned and is now available on the Balita ni Bantay website for your reading pleasure. Please click on the following link

Our News menu link

or the following links for each individual page

Page 1 Sunstar Supplement

Page 2 Sunstar Supplement

Page 3 Katungod sa Lungsod, Masayod sa Tinuod

Page 4 Ulahing Kasayuran, Nag-unang mga Balita

Page 5 Complaint Affidavit

Page 6 Tinagsip nga mga Kasayuran

Page 7 Tinagsip nga mga Kasayuran

Page 8 Opinyon & Editoryal

Page 9 Ato Ra Ni

Page 10 Ato Ra Ni

Update August 2009:

Loot party Councillor Zenas Dublin brought to the attention of a recent Friday afternoon Council session, the fact that he had received a Kinoykuyan newsletter by post and wanted to track the sender. Immediately opposition councillor Gilbert Arrabis stood to his feet and said that he received a copy by post also, and that it would be impossible to trace. Zenas persisted with his complaint, and ordered local Daanbantayan Post office staff to attend the council session and appraise the councillors on the source of the letter, as Zenas had received the newsletter in a plain envelope that was clearly post marked. The postal officer said the letter was posted in a main Cebu City post office and that he could therefore not offer any information as to who posted the letter, and suggested the Councillors ask Cebu City Post Office for assistance. The postal officer said that even if the letter was posted in Daanbantayan, it would be impossible to trace the sender due to the huge volume of mail that is posted every day.

Observers say that Zenas Dublin is upset by some of the contents of the newsletter. Other townspeople suggest that Zenas Dublin is referred to in the newsletter as the Councillor who collects tong money in return for "turning a blind eye" to illegal fishing activities.

As one townsperson said, Zenas should ask Malu who sent the Kinoykuyan newsletter, as she believes she knows who the perpetrator of the "illegal" document is.

KINOYKUYAN Newsletter distributed in Daanbantayan & Cebu - Tuesday 14 July 2009

Around late June and early July 2009, thousands of copies of a newsletter titled KINOYKUYAN was distributed in all Barangays of Daanbantayan and posted to various municipal officials and other people in the town. It is believed that copies were also posted to various officials and influential people in nearby towns and Cebu City.

The Visayan language newsletter caused quite a stir in the town as residents learnt of serious legal cases against their municipal leaders the Mayor & Vice Mayor and Police Supt father/spouse, all members of the Loot family.

The newsletter contained full colour reprints & translations of press articles relating to multiple charges laid by the National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) for Graft & related matters against Vice Mayor Maria Luisa Loot and her husband Police Superintendant Vicente Loot of Cebu Provincial Police. It also contained translated press articles relating to charges against Mayor Sun Shimura and Vice Mayor Ma Luisa Loot for Gross Negligence and Dereliction of Duty regarding the non implementation of Provincial funded "aid" programs, to do with supply of milk for poverty stricken residents of Tapilon area and non maintenance of a jeep provided by Governor Gwen Garcia. As well there was news about additional charges of misuse of Tarwasa water system funds, a case lodged against Sun Shimura & Malu Loot with the Provincial Board.

Other sections of the newsletter were devoted to gossip or tsismis, and while not naming persons specifically, did allude to various illegal activities being carried out by certain nicknamed persons. Townspeople believe they know who the persons referred to are, as they have "common knowledge" of the truthfulness of the claims and activities of certain persons whom they can correlate with the nicknamed persons. A town councillor is alleged to be involved in collecting bribes or tong in relation to large scale illegal fishing activities in the waters off Daanbanatayan.

Many residents of Daanbantayan were totally unaware of any of these charges having been laid against the Loots as much information printed in the press is allegedly suppressed from being freely and openly distributed in Daanbantayan. Townspeople allege that Loot family associates purchase ALL newspapers that get delivered to Daanbantayan whenever there are bad press articles relating to the Loots. Furthermore townspeople say that Loot family associates also allegedly bribe editors at major Cebu newspapers to refrain from printing any stories detrimental to the Loot family. They also say that cronies of Vic Loot allegedly intimidate and threaten reporters and even allegedly murder reporters to prevent them from publishing unfavourable stories about the Loots or their rich and influential associates.

When the news broke locally via the free KINOYKUYAN newsletter, there were disputes in the street between Loot family supporters and their opponents over the validity or truthfulness of the information contained in the newsletter. Strong arguments developed and people were jostling and nearly fist fighting in the streets. Residents who claim that Loot family supporters are only paid cronies or in some way benefit financially from supporting the Loot family, say these supporters have a high regard for the Loots and "blindly" believe that the Loots do no wrong, whereas opponents on the other hand brand the Loots as allegedly corrupt evil and vindictive tyrants who will even allegedly murder anyone who represents a serious political or personal threat against them.

Upon receiving the news of KINOYKUYAN, Malu Loot was absolutely furious. She called various people in from all Barangays and quizzed them about where and how they got their copy of KINOYKUYAN. She even called in the local Daanbantayan police to arrest the person she believed was the perpetrator (without any evidence) and responsbile for fabricating and distributing this "illegal" document, as she called it. Observers report that by the end of the first week of July, Daanbantayan police were told by Malu they would all be sacked and transferred to Mindanao if they did not catch and arrest the perpetrator immediately, such was the intensity of anger that Malu Loot was apparently displaying towards this publication. Malu Loot even went on local Bantay Radio station and lamblasted various people in the town for being supposedly associated with the creation of the newsletter. Neither she or the police or any persons she called in to her office, could give any evidence as to who or which group of people were responsible for publishing and distributing KINOYKUYAN.

Malu was furious that "apparently" personal and private information about her family had been "leaked" and published in the KINOYKUYAN newsletter. She was quite embarrassed that various stories "apparently" about her family members and their antics had been made public to thousands of residents. The word apparent is used here, as there was no direct reference to named persons, as only nicknames were used. Again most people around the town have "common knowledge" and were therefore able to draw an association between the stories and true identities, whom they believe to be Loot family members and councillors.

The Chief of Police even told Malu that there was nothing they could officially do, as no one was named and there was therefore no slander or defamation.

The revelations made in KINOYKUYAN newsletter have been seriously damaging to the Loot family and they now have a very bad standing in the general public and especially with the people of Daanbantayan, who feel totally betrayed by the Loot family. The Loots deny all involvement in the activities referred to in the newsletter and even create propaganda and disinformation campaigns which paint quite the opposite picture of the state of affairs in Daanbantayan.

Residents are keen to see the legal actions referred to in the newsletter go further and hopeful of positive outcomes that will dethrone the allegedly corrupt Loot family from their positions of power, and bring about the removal from office of Mayor Sun Shimura, Vice Mayor Malu Loot, P/Supt Vic Loot and allegedly corrupt councillors such as Zenas Dublin and others.

Postscipt to this story some weeks later as at August 2009.

The KINOYKUYAN newsletter is proving very popular reading in the offices of the Capitol buildings in Cebu City. Apart from original copies circulating, many more photocopies have been made of the newsletter for distribution to other offices and staff. Governor Gwen Garcia is showing an active interest in the allegations made. Updates will be posted on this web site.

Governor Garcia avoids Malu Loot at State of Province address - Saturday 11 July 2009

Last evening many dignitaries and officials attended the State of the Province address given by Governor Gwen Garcia at the Capitol social hall. During the evening the Governor shunned the attention getting antics of Daanbantayan Vice Mayor Ma Luisa Loot (Malu), much to the dislike of Malu who was trying to "save face".

Malu had a strong desire to be seen publicly with Gov Garcia, in an amicable and friendly stance, in an attempt to stave off public ridicule after the much published news that the Governor had given Malu Loot a severe rebuke. This followed the announcement by NBI of serious Graft charges laid against Malu Loot and her Police Supt husband Vicente Loot. It also followed the laying of serious charges of Gross Negligence and Dereliction of Duty against Daanbantayan Mayor Sun Shimura and Vice Mayor Malu Loot, to be heard by the Provincial Board.

After the Governor's official speech, Vice Mayor Malu Loot and other Daanbantayan town officials went onstage to personally congratulate Governor Garcia, and to have their photographs taken by the many media reporters who were present.

Onlookers observed that Gwen Garcia ignored and avoided Malu Loot whenever Malu went near the Governor or made gestures to get Gov Gwens attention. Malu was not successful in getting an informal audience with the Governor.

Malu Loot was seen leaving the social hall soon afterwards, well ahead of the other town officials, and she had a very "square faced" look and was mumbling and murmuring to herself as she left, a sign of her "disgust" with the actions of the Governor towards her.

These actions by Governor Gwen Garcia again confirm that there is a serious political and personal rift between the Governor and the Loot family, and support the belief that Gwen has dropped her previous ally Malu Loot from her "team" in the lead up to the 2010 election.

It is pretty clear from this and other prior events, that Gov Gwen Garcia is very unhappy about the way Malu Loot conducts Government business in Daanbantayan, and the Governor is making it very clear at all public functions that she will have nothing more to do with Malu Loot or Sun Shimura.

One of the serious issues that has caused this rift, is the alleged "forced & illegal" takeover of various local water systems in Daanbantayn by Shimura & Loot, which were strongly promoted by Malu Loot as being under the direction and authorisation of Governor Garcia. Local townspeople claim that in fact Loot and her team have allegedly fabricated documentation that claims the town council had officially been handed over various local water systems. These alleged illegal actions & forced takeovers are now the subject of official complaints lodged with the Ombudsman and the Provincial Board by townspeople & Barangay officials.

Governor Gwen has stated she is not happy that Malu claims to have carried out these "appropriations" under authority from the Governor, and the Governor has stated publicly via Capitol officials that she did not authorise any forced or illegal takeover of Barangay owned water systems.

Misleading PR from Loot re Garcia relationship - Tuesday 7 July 2009

A press release was published in the Freeman on 4 July 2009 titled "Loot and Shimura stay with Gwen".

Click here to read the Balita ni Bantay reproduction

The article was published within days of the release of the Kinoykuyan newsletter in Daanbantayan. That newsletter had revealing information about the collapsed political relationship between Loot, Shimura and Governor Garcia. Townspeople allege that the above article was a "damage control" reaction to the revelations in Kinoykuyan and was published at the request of the Loot/Shimura administration in order to convey to the general public that Loot & Shimura were still "on friendly terms" with Garcia, and that their relationship had not collapsed.

The journalist Gregg Rubio, is an employee of Daanbantayan Municipality and as such is under the control of Malu Loot & Shimura. Townspeople allege the services of Rubio were engaged to deliberately deceive the general public regarding the true state of the relationship with Governor Garcia, by means of this allegedly  misleading press release.

Subsequent events have indicated a major "breaking of ties" in the political relationship between Garcia, Loot & Shimura. The Governor has authorised legal assistance & support to Daanbantayan Barangays that have been allegedly oppressed by the actions of the Loot/Shimura administration. Serious charges have since been lodged with the Provincial Board & Ombudsman against Malu Loot, Sun Shimura and the Daanbantayan police force, under the direction of Governor Gwen Garcia.

The only conclusion to be reached is that there is no longer any political relationship between Garcia, Loot & Shimura. The leaders and the administration of Daanbantayan have been "dumped" by the Governor over their alleged mismanagement, corruption & abuse of the people.

Gov Garcia snubs (gi hiwian) Shimura at General Assembly - Tuesday, 16 June 2009

At the recent General Assembly of Mayors and Barangay officials of Cebu Province, Governor Gwen Garcia indicated her dissatisfaction towards the Loot family regime in Daanbantayan, by snubbing Mayor Sun Shimura, and effectively his mother Vice Mayor Ma Luisa Loot who did not attend.

Gov Gwen Garcia was seen to pout at (gi hiwian) Sun Shimura, when it came time for him to be presented to her, and the Governor walked straight past him without shaking his hand or acknowledging his presence.

A few hundred attendees witnessed the actions of the Governor, to which the Mayor Sun Shimura reacted "immaturely" by walking out of the Assembly, after having phoned his father Vic Loot to discuss what he should do.

Earlier in the evening during the speech ceremonies, the names of all Cebu town Mayors were read out, except that of Daanbantan Mayor Sun Shimura, who was clearly "left out" of the roll call. All 20 Barangays of Daanbantayan were represented by attendees at the Assembly, and they clearly noted the "deliberate omission" of their town Mayors name during the announcements.

Many of the Daanbantayan officials who were standing nearby to Mayor Shimura also noted Gov Gwen's pouting (gi hiwian) and avoidance of Shimura.

This followed a severe reprimand given to Malu Loot in the Mayors office over various matters including the celebrated Graft case against Malu & Vic Loot lodged by NBI, and the cases brought by the Provincial Board against Malu Loot & Sun Shimura for gross negligence and dereliction of duty re failure to implement Provincial programs (see previous stories).

These actions by Governor Gwen Garcia are further evidence to support the belief that the Governor has dumped Malu Loot as her ally in the lead up to the 2010 elections.

Downfall of Loot empire has started - Tuesday, 26 May 2009

The "downfall" of the Loot empire & regime has been heralded by recent press releases about charges against Malu & Vic Loot for Graft, charges against Sun Shimura & Malu Loot for gross negligence and dereliction of duty, and charges relating to improper management of water authority funds. As well there is the political falling apart of former allies Cebu Governor Gwen Garcia & the Loot's and the blocking of Vic Loot's much bragged about promotion to General.

In response to the many cases and charges that have been recently lodged against the Loots, Malu called an urgent meeting of her Barangay leaders and co-ordinators at their Agujo Resort. The meeting was clearly called to manipulate her "supporters", and Malu spoke of the "troubles her family are experiencing now." Malu accused Itok Corro's group of being "behind" these legal challenges, and claimed these are "the handiwork of Itok's group who are out to grab power through other means, because Itok knows he cannot win in elections, especially now that she is the one running for Mayor in next year's election".

The emergency meeting was a "roll call and head count" of the ward leaders. It is unusual for a sitting Mayor/Vice-Mayor to do so at this point in time, so far before an election. Obviously, this is a sign of insecurity within the Loot/Shimura camp. Malu is scared that her group may have been affected and "demoralised" by the "bad publicity" of the past month or so, as there have been so many cases lodged against the Loots in such a short time period. On top of that, there is the sudden loss of support from Gov. Gwen Garcia as a result of the political rift between Gwen and the mother and son team, which followed a severe verbal rebuke given to Malu by a very angry Gwen Garcia. That rebuke reduced Malu to tears. It would appear that Malu and Gwen have officially parted company in a political sense, and Malu has been dropped from Gwen's "team". Rumours confirm this rift, as Gwen has approached Bogo Mayor Juni Martinez for discussions regarding preselection in the lead up to the 2010 election.

Perhaps Malu has conveniently overlooked the fact that Corro & De Leon are still the official winners of the Mayoral/Vice Mayoral seats in the May 2007 election, and only by allegedly undue influence of the Comelec Chairman, was a decision on the matter "put on hold". That decision could be finalised any day, and she may just find herself & Sun Shimura no longer in power. Until that decision is finalised the status of the current administration remains questionable. The Loot family has no "moral ascendancy" to continue governing Daanbantayan.

Murdered town hero & politician, Gogong Arrogante, predicted the "self destruction" of the Loot empire in discussions with many of his supporters before his death. Perhaps it was simply that Gogong was able to foresee these eventualities, but his words are now indeed "Prophetic", as the downfall is starting to unfold.

Many townspeople say Gogong's murder was allegedly masterminded by Malu & Vic Loot, and even Malu admits that her husband is an official suspect. Gogong was a serious and credible threat to their continuing alleged "rule of terror" over the town. He also caused them considerable embarrassment & emotional hurt when he filed bigamy charges against the Loot's. Malu is reported to have lost many influential friends as a result of that court case. Townspeople allege that the Loot's concocted evidence to get off the bigamy charge, and that the case filed by Gogong was indeed based on true details, as various records he originally obtained did show that. Gogong was always complaining about the graft and corruption that the administration of Daanbantayan was allegedly involved in. Recent revelations would seem to support Gogong's accusations of gross corruption, as detailed in charges laid by the NBI and the 78 supporting evidenciary documents. See details of these Graft charge documents in the "Our News" section.

The number of cases now against the Loot's are simply too many to handle. The Loot's now have a "tarnished" reputation due to bad publicity brought about by the celebrated Graft case filed by NBI before the Ombudsman in Manila. This was closely followed by the "self instigated" dereliction of duty and gross negligence case now before the Provincial Board (PB), which has apparently been sanctioned and approved by Governor Gwen Garcia. By swallowing their pride, Malu Loot & Sun Shimura tried "earnestly" to keep the political alliance intact, but it would seem that the "treasured" Gwen & Malu friendship has now irrepairably collapsed.

The Loot's hands are already full, and there is no doubt as the momentum of these actions build up, other cases will also be lodged against them. Townspeople predict that "more bad news" is coming !

"Oh, my golly !  Who will not feel rocked, rattled and shaken ?", says one townsperson in reference to the troubles the Loot family are now experiencing.

Meanwhile this Monday morning May 25, 2009, Malu has gathered her lawyers and department heads to map out and allegedly concoct defense strategies for the cases lodged by the PB (Capitol), ie the so called "milk, water & jeep" cases. Rumours are going around town that suggest some department heads will be "sick" today to avoid being forced to issue false statements which effectively "fabricate" evidence. They are to be commended for that action too, as apart from not supporting Malu & Sun in the cover up, at least they will avoid the possibility of being charged with the criminal offence of Perjury at a later date ! The very big problem that Malu & Sun face, is that the PB (Capitol) have very strong evidence in hand, ie they have the rotten sachets of unused chocolate milk and the dilapidated & unmaintained "scrap" Police jeep.

This is much the same situation that Malu & Vic Loot face with the Ombudsman & NBI re the Graft case. There is a huge body of evidence, totalling 78 attachments, against the Loot's, which they themselves have effectively created by their own business activity. In various press releases both Malu & Vic have repeatedly accepted that there are discrepancies between their records and those in the SALN's, and that they will update their "incorrect" records at the Bureau of Internal Revenue (BIR) (also know as the tax office) and pay more tax as required. Furthermore they also stated they will prove that "undeclared" properties were legally obtained by them. The problem is they did not declare a number of properties on their SALN's, which is itself already an illegal act, to which they have admitted !

The same goes for the earlier points, they accept discrepancies in their SALN's so therefore admit guilt, and they agree they should pay more tax, also admitting guilt re understating their wealth and income on their SALN's.

The weight of evidence in all current matters is firmly against the Loot's, and it will only be a matter of time for all the legal processes to be carried out, at which time the Loot's will find they have criminal records and no jobs !

Daanbantayan will then be free of the alleged corrupt influence of these "leaders", which many townspeople say is "evil" in origin.

"The Loot's are devils in disguise", is a common statement of many Daanbantayan townspeople !

Malu Loot attacks & lamblasts Corro, Martinez & NBI over Bantay Radyo - 27 April 2009

Following the publication of the story about Graft charges laid by NBI against Ma Luisa & Vicente Loot in Sunstar on Friday 24 & Saturday 25 April 2009, Malu Loot responded angrily on Bantay Radyo during Jun Juezan's program at 4pm on Monday 27 April 2009.

Below are excerpts of statements made by Malu Loot, bitterly attacking and lamblasting the opposition team of Itok Corro, and also attacking the NBI, and making wild accusations about NBI investigators.

Editorial comment:
It's a bad idea to attack & criticise the National Bureau of Investigation (NBI), that will only make matters worse.

Original Visayan dialogue:
"Wala gyud mi lung-i sa among mga kaatbang sa politika. Walay lain responsable aning tanan kon dili si Itok ug si Junnie Martinez. Kinsa pa man diay? Kay dili man sila kadaug ug eleksyon maong gipasakaan na lang mi ug mga kaso.

Una ni file si Itok ug kasong "Bigamy" batok namong managtiayon peru wa magsilbi kay gibasura sa Korte. Ni file pud Protesta, peru wa mosaler, mao nga nia na pud ni gasto na pud ug salapi si Junie (Mayor Martinez) ug si Itok (Engr. Dodong Itok Corro) para samok-samukon mi nianing kasoha karon. Dili ko motuo nga molihok ang NBI nga walay kwarta nga gihatag. Magkapoy kapoy kaha ning NBI kon walay kwarta nga gitingal nila? Didto mi sa opisina sa NBI niadtong Miyerkoles. Among gisusi didto nganong kami man gyuy gituyoan nila sa pagkadaghan sa angayan nilang susihon. Unya ang nihimo sa imbestigasyon, oy, puti man diay ug itlog, ang NBI nga ni himo sa lyfestyle check toa nitago sa America, naglansis lang nga nag "schooling" kunuhay siya sa U.S. Peru ang tinuod toa nibakasyon gasto ang gihatag sa iya ni Junnie ug Itok. Sagdi lang, kay inyong gihilabtan ang among personal nga kinabuhi, dili mo namo atrasan, ikiha unya namo ang NBI niining ilang gibuhat sa amo. Ngano wala man mi pahibaw-a ninyo una ninyo gi file sa Ombudsman? Dili unta moabot sa ingun niini karon. Unya kamo Liza, Itok ug Junnie, dili man gyud mo moangkon. Kinsa may pabayron namo sa among gibayad nga P600,000.00 nga acceptance Fee sa abogado nga maoy mo handle aning kasoha. Kamong taga Daanbantayan, walay bisan usa kaninyo nga mobarug ug moingun nga ako nangawkaw sa salapi sa lungsod. Kamo sayod nga ang ako sakyanan akong kaugalingon dili sa municipyo. Ug kon nadato man gani mi amo kining tininguhaan. Wala mi madato sa pamolitika. Kay kon ugaling ang mga tawo wala nay gusto kanamo, mobalhin kog puyo sa Mandaue aron maatiman ang among mga negosyo. Wala puy mobarug ninyo ug moingun nga si Col. Loot  nangawkaw o nangawat ba sa iyang pagka polis. Naanad kos kapobre. Kong nasuya mo sa among pagka dato uy, paninguha sad mo aron pud mo madato. Magmahay ra mo ngano inyo ning gibuhat sa amo. Dili mo namo sibugan."

English Translation:
"Our political opponents had never stopped on us. Nobody is responsible for these except Itok and Junnie Martinez. Who else? Because they cannot win during elections, they resorted to filing cases against us. First, Itok filed "bigamy" case against both of us but it didn't work because it was dismissed by the court. Then he filed an Electoral Protest, but again it didn't work, that is why here they are again, Junnie (Mayor Junnie) and Itok (Engr. Augusto "Dodong Itok" Corro) spent money just to put us in trouble with the present case. I don't believe NBI will move without being given money. NBI will not waste their time without grease money. We were at the NBI office last Wednesday. We inquired why they picked on us when there are others they would have looked into. And the one who conducted the investigation, oy, a coward man, the NBI who conducted the lifestyle check is now hiding in America, on the pretext that he is "schooling" in the U.S. The truth is, he is on vacation spending the money given to him by Junnie and Itok. Anyway, because you have encroached on our personal lives, we are not backing off on you. We will be filing a case against NBI with this that they had done to us. Why did they had not talked to us before filing the case before Ombudsman?  This should not have resulted to the present situation. And you, Liza (Atty. Liza Corro), Itok, Junnie, you never will admit. Who will shoulder the P600,000.00 acceptance fee that we had paid to our Lawyer who will handle this case? You who are from Daanbantayan, not anyone of you will stand and say that I have stolen money from our town's coffer. You very well know that I am using my own service vehicles, not the one owned by the town. For if we became wealthy, it is because we labored for it. We did not become rich because of politics. If the people no longer like us, I will go and reside in Mandaue so I could take care of our businesses.  Not anybody will also stand up and say that Col. Loot had stolen or that he is corrupt as a Police officer. I am used to being poor. If you are envious of our being rich and wealthy, you better strive so that you will also become rich. You will all regret why you did this to us. We will not back-off on you."

Letter from a Daanbantayan native
- Wednesday, 22 April 2009

This letter was received from a native of Daanbantayan who left town 8 years ago
and voices some very interesting comments about the demeanor of the people
of Daanbantayan under the "rule" of the Loot regime.

I am a native of Daanbantayan. Tungod sa akong trabaho, ako uban ang akong
asawa ug duha ka mga anak dia na manimuyo sa Pasay City. After more than
eight years, nauli mi (kauban ang akong tibuok pamilya) sa Daanbantayan
niadtong Holy week para moduaw sa among mga katiguwangan, mga paryente ug
mga mga kahigalaan. Nalingaw pag ayo ang akong mga anak sa hamubo nga
bakasyon kay nanguli man dayon mi niadtong pagka Domingo sa Pagkabanhaw.

Daghan ang akong nakitang kausaban sa among lungsod. Sa among pagbiya, wala
pa ang bag-ong merkado. Napanid-an pud nako ang dakung kausaban sa linihukan
sa katawhan sa among lungsod. Daw mao rag pinugngan na man ang mga lihuk.
Maghinagawhaway na kon mosulti, daw dunay gikahadlukan. Wala man kini sa
una. Sa among panahon, libre ang katawhan.
Daghan ang akong nakuykoyan nga nga mga kasayuran sa daghang panghitabo sud
sa walo ka tuig kapin nga wala mi sa among lungsod.

Niadtong petsa 7 ning buwana, nakabasa ko ug balita sa mga pamantalaan diri
sa Manila nga gikiha si Bise-Mayor Malu Loot ug ang Iyang bana nga si
P/Supt. Vic Loot sa kasong corruption (Balita sa Manila Standard akong gi
paste sa ubos). Tungod lagi kay taga Daanbantayan ang nabalita nanawag ko sa
akong mga kaigsounan sa Cebu kon nakahibaw ba sila sa Balita. Mibalibad man
nga wala pa sila mahibawo kay wala man mabalita sa Cebu. Sa akong pagka
kuryoso, naguykoy ko ug mga kasayuran bahin sa kasong gipasaka sa mga Loot.

I came accross with a news item of Cebu Daily News (Nov. 14, 2008) where Ma.
Luisa Loot was reported as being the richest public official in Cebu, with
P123 million to their joint names.

Sa akong pagpangoykoy, napadpad pud ko ani nga mga Web site:

Manghinaut ko nga kining dyutay nakong kinuykoyan makatampo sa inyong
pagpamalita dinha sa Cebu ! Mga panghinaut pud nga magpabilin nga maISOG ug GAWASNON ang PRENSA sa

Daghang Salamat !

Loots in more trouble - 13 May 2009

Oh no, more trouble for the Loot family.

The novice 25 year old Mayor of Daanbantayan Sun Shimura and his 52 year old mother Vice Mayor Ma Luisa Loot have been charged with gross negligence and dereliction of duty in regard to non implementation of programs of the Provincial Government and the breaking of a Memorandum of Agreement regarding the maintenance of a jeep provided by the Provincial Government.

These latest charges are hot on the heels last April 3, 2009 of serious criminal Graft & Corruption charges laid by the NBI against Vice Mayor Ma Luisa Loot & her husband Police Supt Vicente Loot, alleging massive unexplained wealth of nearly P25 million (pesos) in the past two years and serious irregularities in their joint SALN's of 2006 & 2007. News of these criminal Graft & Corruption charges finally made it into the Cebu press in front page articles that appeared in the Cebu based Sunstar newspaper on 24 April 2009.

The latest charges were detailed in a complaint filed by Provincial Social Welfare and Development officer
Marivic Garces and Bernard Calderon of the General Services Office which was lodged on Monday 11 May 2009 at the Office of the Provincial Secretary.

Shimura and Loot were earlier given a warning about implementation of the programs of the Provincial Government but did not adequately respond.

More details appear in the The Freeman press release which has been published on this site in the Press section at

Information coming out of the office of Cebu Governor Gwen Garcia, indicates that Gwen severely reprimanded Ma Luisa Loot last week over various matters, in particular the serious Graft & Corruption charges that the Loot husband & wife team are now facing. Vice Mayor Loot was reduced to tears by the verbal tirade that Governor Gwen inflicted upon Ma Luisa Loot.

Clearly Governor Garcia is not happy with the performance of the Loot family, now that mother, husband & son are all facing serious charges. With the track record that the Loot family is now gathering, it will only be a matter of time before their empire collapses due to their own ineptitude.

It is high time that all three Loot family members are stood down from their respective positions pending the outcome of all the charges laid. Governor Garcia should now be liaising with DILG Sec Ronaldo Puno to stand down Ma Luisa Loot, Vicente Loot & Sun Shimura. Puno is effectively "the boss" of the Mayor and Vice Mayor and of Police Supt Loot, in his role as Secretary of Department of Interior & Local Government, which is also in charge of the PNP.

Lets see how serious Garcia & Puno are about getting rid of corrupt officials who are under their watch !
These senior government officials have a "duty of care" to remove from office any official or employee found to be errant in their duties and engaging in criminal intent.

Daanbantayan mayor, vice mayor charged by 2 department heads
- 13 May 2009

CEBU, Philippines - The committee on complaints and investigation of the
Provincial Board is now looking into the administrative complaint filed
against Daanbantayan town Mayor Sun Shimura and his mother Vice Mayor Ma.
Luisa Loot.

The complaint was filed by Provincial Social Welfare and Development officer
Marivic Garces and Bernard Calderon of the General Services Office against
the officials for gross negligence and dereliction of duty as provided under
Section 60 of the Republic Act No. 7160 of the Local Government Code.

Garces and Calderon personally went to the Office of the Provincial
Secretary last Monday afternoon to file the complaint against Shimura and
Loot. They were assisted by provincial legal officer Marino Mantiquilla in
the filing of the two separate complaints.

It was not in the main agenda of the PB session last Monday but the
complaint was included in the "other matters" items.

PB members Joven Mondigo Jr. told The Freeman that the committee will
convene next week to determine the rules of procedure governing the case.

The committee consists of PB members Victor Maambong, Peter John Calderon,
Julian Daan and Juan Bolo.

In the complaint filed by the social welfare officer, Garces accused the
mayor and the vice mayor of not implementing the programs of the provincial
government. These include special programs like the Early Child Care and
Development program and Sinanduloy program as well as regular programs for
children, women, the youth and the elderly.

According to the complaint, Shimura and Loot were reminded about the
implementation of the program of the provincial government but did not heed

In a report to Governor Gwendolyn Garcia, which was attached to the
complaint submitted to the PB, Garces said majority of the barangays have
not organized their councils for the protection of children.

In the supplemental feeding program, it was observed that 1,125 sachets of
milk were left to spoil at the municipal social welfare development office.

The milk were supposed to be for malnourished children of barangay Tapilon
but were not distributed as scheduled because there was no clear listing of

"There was lack of supervision from the LGU focal person and absence of
coordination among the team members in the conduct of the feeding hence, it
did not start on time. No formal report was submitted to the Provincial ECCD
team regarding the spoilage until it was pulled out by the team," Garces
said in her report.

Since the start of the implementation of Sinanduloy program in June 2008 the
town only implemented the program for three months.

It was also observed that programs for the children, women, youth, elderly,
disabled and the municipal workers were not organized.

In a separate complaint, Calderon allegedly said that Shimura and Loot
returned the province military jeep in April 28 despite the standing
memorandum of agreement entered between the town and the province.

Under the MOA, the town will undertake the maintenance of the police
military jeep after it was turned over in 2004 during the first term of

In a separate interview, Shimura said he was saddened by the filing of the
complaints which he believed was supported by Garcia

"It saddened me and my mother. Dili man pud na sila mo-file without the
approval of the governor," Shimura said.

Shimura, an ally of the governor, said he only learned of the complaint
after he was called by The Freeman.

"Kana si Marivic grabe ra gyud na siyang magpahaba sa gobernador," Shimura
said, as he denied that his town was not implementing the Sinanduloy

Shimura also said that the province has so many projects in their town it
has gotten to the point where their own program and projects cannot be
implemented anymore.

Shimura also reasoned out that they turned over the military jeep to the
province after the town received a vehicle from the PNP.

Last week, Shimura and his mother went to see Garcia in her office to thresh
out matters concerning about the problems of her town.

The meeting was arranged by the vice mayor. - Garry B. Lao/BRP (THE FREEMAN)

Loot tags Corro
- 25 April 2009

DAANBANTAYAN Vice Mayor Ma. Luisa Loot believes that defeated mayoral candidate Augusto Corro was behind the proposal to file graft and falsification charges against her and her husband, Senior Supt. Vicente Loot.

She told dyLA radio yesterday that Corro already tried but failed to have her convicted for bigamy.

The vice mayor also questioned why they were not given a chance to answer the allegations before the National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) recommended the filing of charges against them.

In her three terms as mayor, Daanbantayan wouldn’t have developed from a fourth-class to a first-class municipality if she pocketed its funds, Loot said in the same interview.

Also yesterday, an anti-graft official confirmed the Office of the Ombudsman has changed some of the requirements a public official must declare in his or her Statements of Assets, Liabilities and Net Worth (SALN).

But, Assistant Ombudsman Virginia Santiago clarified yesterday, the changes only take effect this year (2008 assets, for submission this year) and that the revised forms have not even been fully distributed yet.

The Corro camp denied any involvement in the NBI’s recommendation to prosecute the Loots for the “unexplained increase in their assets.”


“However, even if we deny our involvement, the Loots, I believe, would prefer to use us as a convenient excuse, rather than address the actual merits of the issue,” lawyer Liza Corro told Sun.Star Cebu in a text message.

Her older brother, Engr. Augusto Corro, ran for Daanbantayan mayor in 2007 against the vice mayor’s son, Sun Shimura. A judicial recount declared Corro as the actual winner, but the elections commission has yet to rule on the dispute.

“I urge the Loots to use their access with the NBI, if they really haven’t done so, so they may confirm that we do not have a hand in it,” Liza Corro said.

As for the new requirements, Assistant Ombudsman Santiago said: “We have been distributing the new forms which will be used as the baseline declaration and the Civil Service (Commission) is conducting seminars on how to accomplish them.”

Santiago’s clarification stands in contrast with Police Senior Supt. Vicente Loot’s explanation on why the National Bureau of
Investigation (NBI) in Manila found an “unexplained increase” in assets in the SALN Loot filed jointly with his wife, Vice Mayor Ma. Luisa Loot of Daanbantayan.

The NBI sent the Office of the Ombudsman a “transmittal letter” on the subject and recommended the “prosecution” of both the police colonel and his wife for alleged violations of the anti-graft law and the Code of Conduct for Public Officials and Employees, as well as falsification.


The letter also cites Republic Act (RA) 1379, which sets the procedures and commands the forfeiture, in favor of the state, of any property unlawfully acquired by any public officer or employee.

Loot, in an interview Thursday, acknowledged there was indeed an increase in their net worth between 2005 and 2006 (about P4.5 million) and between 2006 and 2007 (P19.05 million), as the NBI reported.

However, he said, this was since he included new baseline declarations in the SALN forms he submitted in the later years. These, he said, were not required in the SALN of the previous years.

He noted that items, including insurance and investment policies like pre-need plans, even those acquired in the 1980s, were now required for declaration. Hence, his assets appeared to have ballooned.

Santiago refused to comment on the NBI complaint per se, adding that it is not an Office of the Ombudsman-Visayas case and that she knows nothing of the investigation.

She explained the revisions and said all public officials must secure the new forms so they can submit their baseline declarations starting April 30 this year.

New rules

A public official’s first submission of the new SALN form will serve as his or her baseline declarations. Subsequent SALNS will be compared with the baseline data. The SALN is required annually.

The old SALN forms provide boxes for real estate assets, its location, year acquired, mode of acquisition, assessed value, current fair market value, and the acquisition costs, and cost of improvements.

A separate box is also provided for “personal and other  properties” under which may be filed bank deposits or vehicles.

A third box is for liabilities. A simple formula of total assets minus total liabilities is followed to determine net worth.

In the revised forms, a public official now has to include the assets and liabilities of his spouse and children.

Assets now also cover stocks, bonds, mutual funds, trust funds, private insurance, pre-need plans, time deposits, money
market placements, equity in partnerships and options.

Likewise considered assets are cash receivables and deposits or advanced payments on leases and rentals, equity in installment purchases and intellectual properties.


“The baseline declaration is more complicated but it is more thorough,” Santiago yesterday explained.

The NBI, in finding basis to recommend the Loots’ prosecution, said “the increase in net worth is not proportionate with the annual taxable income declared by the subjects.”

“There is no sufficient explanation on the exorbitant increase,” added the document, signed by NBI Deputy Director for Special Investigation Services Victor Bessat.

Bessat, citing the findings of lawyer Allan Contado, chief of the NBI’s anti-graft division, said the Loot spouses had a total taxable income of P611,214 in 2005, P612,548 in 2006, and P604,680 in 2007.

The figures were based on their tax returns and took into account their salaries and income from their businesses-the Gallera de Mandaue (a cockpit), Eigado Mini Mart, Eigado Lending Investors, the Mandaue Sabungan Canteen, and the Eigado Real Estate Lessor.

In the SALN the Loots submitted to the Office of the Ombudsman-Visayas, the spouses declared their net worth as P83,075,143 for 2005, P87,645,800 in 2006, and P106,701,628 in 2007. (KNR/With CYR & GMD)

2 Cebu officials in graft raps - 24 April 2009

CEBU CITY -- The National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) has recommended the prosecution of two Cebu public officials, finding an "unexplained increase in their assets."

Daanbantayan Vice Mayor Ma. Luisa Loot and her husband, Police Senior Superintendent Vicente Loot, allegedly violated the anti-graft law and the Code of Conduct for Public Officials and Employees and falsified public documents.

"The increase in net worth is not proportionate with the annual taxable income declared by the subjects," the NBI said in a letter-complaint the Office of the Ombudsman in Manila received last April 3.

"There is no sufficient explanation on the exorbitant increase," added the document, signed by NBI Deputy Director for Special Investigation Services Victor Bessat.

Senior Superintendent Loot believes the complaint has political backing. He told Sun.Star Cebu there were some items they did not include in previous statements of assets and liabilities because these were not required then.

The vice mayor, in a separate interview, described the matter as "political harassment."

She told Sun.Star Cebu by phone that they went to the NBI central office last Wednesday to ask about the case. She also pointed out that as early as 1998, she already declared some P82 million in assets.

Loot said they are updating their records at the Bureau of Internal Revenue so they can correct any deficiencies in their taxes.


Other than the anti-graft law, the code of conduct and the Revised Penal Code's provision against falsification, Bessat's letter-complaint also cited Republic Act (RA) 1379.

The law sets the procedures and commands the forfeiture, in favor of the state, of any property unlawfully acquired by any public officer or employee.

"Whenever any public officer or employee has acquired during his incumbency an amount of public property which is manifestly out of proportion to his salary... other lawful income and income from legitimately acquired property, said property is presumed prima facie to have been unlawfully acquired," Section 2 of RA 1379 reads.

Bessat, citing the findings of lawyer Allan Contado, chief of the NBI's anti-graft division, said the Loot spouses had a total taxable income of P611,214 in 2005, P612,548 in 2006, and P604,680 in 2007.

The figures were based on their tax returns and took into account their salaries and income from their businesses-the Gallera de Mandaue (a cockpit), Eigado Mini Mart, Eigado Lending Investors, the Mandaue Sabungan Canteen, and the Eigado Real Estate Lessor.


Meanwhile, in the joint Statements of Assets, Liabilities and Net Worth (SALN) that the Loots submitted to the Office of the Ombudsman-Visayas for 2005, 2006, and 2007, the spouses declared their net worth as P83,075,143 for 2005, P87,645,800 in 2006, and P106,701,628 in 2007.

The NBI letter-complaint cited the sharp increase in the Loot couple's net worth between 2005 and 2006 (about P4.5 million) and between 2006 and 2007 (P19.05 million).

"How could there be an increase in the amount of P4,570,657 in the year 2006 if the only taxable income earned during that year was only P612,548 (based on the annual tax returns)?" Bessat said in his letter.

Bessat said the spouses attributed the 2007 increase-about P19 million-to their construction of houses within Mandaue City's Mango Green Village, worth P12,272,000, and the acquisition of a Quezon City condominium worth P4.9 million.

They indicated that the value of the Mandaue City property supposedly increased by P23,772,000 from the original P12.2 million, said Bessat.


The couple also indicated that they made additional investments amounting to P6,485,728.

Still, Bessat said, the increase "could not justify or explain the abrupt increase in income."

Likewise, Bessat said, the couple already factored in the Mandaue City houses in their 2006 SALN.

Senior Superintendent Loot acknowledged there was a difference but explained that recently, there were "new baseline declarations" that did not require some items in previous years.

He noted that some items such as insurance and investment policies like pre-need plans were acquired in the 1980s yet and had to be included in the new forms.

Loot added that in previous years, they were not required to itemize all their assets.

No due process

He said he was ready to answer the allegations, but questioned why he and the vice mayor were immediately being charged.

"If they had approached us earlier to ask us about it (the increase in net worth), we would have explained. Dili na unta maabot sa ingon ani. But we are ready to answer that," Loot said in a phone interview.

He added that a pending case before the Office of the Ombudsman was designed to affect his plans to pursue a promotion.

Loot felt that they were not accorded with due process because they were not asked to explain before it was decided that a complaint be filed against them.

"My question is, why us? Kadaghan diha ga-casino nga mga pulis, mga pulitiko nga mopusta ug tig P500,000. Kami, asa man mi makit-an? Unsa ma'y mga bisyo namo? (There are police and politicians who spend time in the casinos. Have we ever been accused of doing any of that?)," he said.


He added that with their declared sources of income, one could not doubt that they would be able to afford the assets they have declared. Loot was at the main headquarters in Camp Crame yesterday and admitted many friends have contacted him regarding the impending charges.

Bessat's letter-complaint also stressed the couple failed to reflect certain properties and holdings in their SALN.

The couple, he said, only declared ownership of two parcels of land and two buildings. However, the NBI found, the couple actually has six parcels of land in Daanbantayan.

Vice Mayor Loot said they are ready to face any inquiry to show political detractors they acquired these legally.

She lamented the "personal attack on my private life" and described the case as part of "dirty political tricks" to get back at them. (KNR/MEA/GMD/Sun.Star Cebu)

Cebu vice mayor, husband sued for ill-gotten wealth
- 7 April 2009
By Macon Ramos Araneta

For allegedly amassing unexplained wealth, a Cebu town vice mayor and her
policeman-husband have been charged with graft and corrupt practices before
the Ombudsman.

Vice Mayor Ma. Luisa Judal Loot of Daanbantayan in Cebu, and her husband,
Senior Supt. Vicente Areno Loot, chief of the Cebu Provincial Police Office,
were also charged with violations of the code of ethics for public officials
and faking public documents in a complaint filed by the National Bureau of

The charges against the Loot couple stemmed from the questionable increase
in their net worth, which was not proportionate with the annual taxable
income they declared in their Statement of Assets, Liabilities and Net

The accused reported a net worth of P87.6 million in 2006 and P106.7 million
in 2007, representing a P4.5-million increase for 2006 and a more than
P19-million hike from 2006 to 2007.

"There is no sufficient explanation for the exorbitant increase in net worth
of the couple for 2006 and 2007," the NBI said in the complaint.

"How could there be an increase in the amount of P4,570,657 in the year 2006
if the taxable income earned during that year was only P612,548? Same is
true for 2007," said the NBI.

The NBI said the Loot couple claimed that the increase in their net worth in
2006 was brought about by an increase in their real properties by
P8,500,000, a decrease in the value of their personal properties in the
amount of P1,091 million and a P2.8- million increase in their liabilities.

The Loots said the increase in their real property was caused by the
construction of a five-unit townhouse worth P8,500,000 at Mango Green
Village, Mandaue City in 2006.

"Assuming that the decrease in personal properties and the increase of
liabilities has contributed to the cost of construction of the townhouse,
the remaining increase of P4,570,657 is unexplained as there was no visible
source of income that would support the increase," noted the NBI.

In 2007, the value of their properties was placed at P23.7 million, from
P16.5 million in 2006.

The couple claimed to have made some investments amounting to P6.48 million.

"However, even the increase in subjects' liabilities and their annual income
could not justify or explain the sources of the abrupt increase in assets,"
said the NBI.

Aside from the unexplained increase in assets, the accused also have
properties under their names that were not reflected in their joint SALN.

Based on their joint SALN, the couple declared they own only two parcels of
land and two buildings.

But, verification with the Assessor's Office of Daanbantayan disclosed there
were six other parcels of land declared under the name of the couple. They
likewise have properties in Agujo, Daanbantayan.

The police officer also failed to include in the joint SALN his business
interest in Photomate Inc. as an incorporator when it was formed in May

Loots charged with graft & corruption by NBI -
Tuesday 7 April 2009

It's official, the husband & wife team of the Loot family have been charged by the NBI with graft and corruption on four criminal counts.

Manila based newspapers have been running stories today about charges laid with the Ombudsmans office by the NBI against Ma Luisa Loot, Vice Mayor of Daanbantayan, and Vicente Areno Loot, Sr Supt PNP Police Cebu City. These press releases appear in the Press section of this website.

The charges stem from irregularities detected in their joint Statement of Assets, Liabilities and Net Worth (SALN).

 It appears that the National Bureau of Investigation Anti-Graft Division, headed by Lawyer Allan Contado, has done a very thorough investigation of the property & assets owned by Ma Luisa & Vicente Loot. The NBI determined that the Loots joint incomes and liabilities do not "match up" with their total declared net worth and the huge increase in their overall wealth in one year. The NBI discovered irregularities in stated ownership of properties in Cebu, where the property ownership declared in their joint SALN, did not match actual ownership according to local Daanbantayan Assessors office records.

The charges even refer to forfeiture of illegally obtained assets, so the Loots may be forced to give up a large part of their wealth to the government coffers.

This is a very serious situation the Loots now find themselves in, and the outcome of the criminal charges laid may affect their future careers quite dramatically.

Local people have been complaining for years about alleged illegal activities from which the Loots derive a huge income, in particular the alleged multi million peso per month income from "turning a blind eye" to large scale illegal fishing activities in the Daanbantayan area.

It appears that the allegations of local people may have some merit after all.

Already there are rumours circulating Cebu City, that Loot associates have allegedly put pressure on local newspaper media publishers to suppress the publication of stories about them, and stop them from appearing in the local newpapers. Claims have been made by the Loot camp that the charges are "political".

The charges laid by the NBI with the Ombudsman consist of four serious criminal charges, so this is really a criminal matter, not a political matter. Watchdog has received advice that in matters such as these where lifestyle checks occurs, then guilt has been established and thus the laying of charges occurs. It is up to the accused to prove their innocence, if possible. The case lodged against the Loots appears to be very strong.

One story from the Manila Standard Today newspaper has been published on the front page of this website as well as in the Press section, read this for further details.


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