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When I first came to Bali my American Social Security checks made me about ten times richer than most of the families in my village. I put 20% of every check into what I called ‘The Grandfather Purse.’ The Purse paid for a lot of kids’ shoes, glasses, doctor and dentist bills and even school tuition. I also got to play Santa Claus to a lot of needy families every Christmas. Then came the Southeast Asian monetary crisis. Since then everything except my SSI check has gone up, up, up every year. Last year SSI only gave me a 3$ a month raise. I’m lucky to be keeping just my oldest grandkids in school these days. I’ve put my books on Patreon in the hopes that some of my readers will spare a few dollars to help fill the Grandfather Purse again.

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All donations to this site go into my ‘Grandfather Purse” which is used chiefly to help needy Balinese children.