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To download a set of templates, click on the name of the set from the list below.

Help Blaze grow!

If you have any suggestions of any features that you want to have on your web designer, or a feature that you saw on some other program and you want that on Blaze, then just send me a mail. I'll add your name in the program if the feature is added.

If you have templates that you would like to share with everyone else, or would like to give it to be bundled with Blaze Composer, send me a mail to



Blaze Composer 3.0 has many new and amazing features that were added after the success of Blaze Composer 2.0.0. One of these features is "Templates". Blaze provides some simple but neat templates, and allows you to create your own templates with Layout manager and Style Sheet Creator, or even import templates.

 However the number of templates that were provided with Blaze Composer was not high, because more time was spent designing the program, and I didn't have enough time for the templates. However, thanks to Patricia Golman, I have over 500 professional templates to be distributed.

Thanks Patricia!

Patricia Golman from Massachusetts USA, gave me the following set of templates to be bundled along with Blaze. However since it increased the size of the program rendering it bulky, I have uploaded it onto this site so that you can download it.

Downloads (free)!

Set 1: 300+ professional templates

Set 2: 200 professional templates

Set 3: 67 Cool templates