Blaze Composer 3.0
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What is Blaze Composer 3.0?
Blaze Composer 3.0 is a powerful freeware web designing program, with a WYSIWYG interface. This program is a successor of the very famous Blaze Composer 2.0.0 with most of the useful old features like temporary clipboard, auto-complete, restore points, and loads of new features like Templates, Crash recovery, persistence, Meta-Gen, consoles and dialogs that'll do all the work for you. Many built in scripts like protect code, right click prevent are at your disposal... Blaze Composer has been going periodic updates, and the latest update was the biggest.  


If you see that the program has stopped working that may appear like the program has frozen, then just press enter. A message box is actually displayed behind the screen.

Vista Users: 

   Windows Vista users cannot  use the program directly because one of the components required for running Blaze Composer doesn't work on Vista. However the solution for this problem can be found by following this  link:

I would like to thank Melvin J for bringing this problem to my notice and also providing the solution

Another page that actually has the download file to fix this problem can be found at this page. I would like to thank Kal Krishnan for this.

 Some New Features: added include HTML Stripper, Crash recovery wizard, context sensitive help, Spell check, FTP Client, Glint Visual form designing wizard, Box maker, Navigation menu bar creator, Style Sheet Creator, Layout manager, block unwanted visitors, plug-in tools colour viewer, Advanced start-up wizard, all HTML tags and CSS properties in a bar in editor that's merged with Blaze Dialogs, HTML and CSS manuals etc. 



Download Blaze Composer 3.0


What's new? 

 The newest set of features are something worth talking about. With several standalone programs that I had been releasing, the most notable being Glint visual form designer and others being integrated with Blaze make it a lot better than what you normally find. Check out the new Blaze Composer that has all possibilities of it crashing totally removed. In any case, if you come across any bugs, just send me a mail from the contact form.

Blaze Composer 3.0 has gone up one step with many new features included in the newer build. The following document will be like a small overview. Blaze Composer 3.0 was created by B. Nikhil Baliga, Bangalore, India. If you have any suggestions or comments or you just want to say hi, then drop in an e-mail at

"OCX not found"
  If you get any error that says that a required ocx file is not found or is missing then just do the following. Open the folder where Blaze Composer has been installed. You'll see an array of ocx files missing. See if the missing OCX file is one among them. If not, please download a copy from the internet (available free) and also send me a mail. Then, press start button, and then click on Run. In the run dialog, enter the following:
        regsvr32 <path & filename of dll or ocx>
Just replace the path by the path of the ocx. It should get registered.

For starters, Blaze Composer has a much better and optimized code set written. This means that the program will now work faster. Also, the program will not crash, and very rarely even if it does. If you are afraid that you might lose your work due to a program crash, then the Crash Recovery wizard is the tool for you. It has been created to avoid loss of data. Instead of building a mammoth help file, I decided to create context-sensitive help. The help for each and every dialog has been provided in its own dialog.

Several new features have been added in Blaze Composer:
Layout manager allows you to create your own layout and thus save a lot of work later in designing.

Style Sheet Creator, which you can use to create style sheets to reduce time taken for defining styles for each and every element.

Navigation Bar creator that'll help you create horizontal navigation bars - CSS based.
A better start-up wizard, that has many added features, including tip of the day.

HTML tutorial for those who like to tinker the code, but can't.

Plug-in tools that allows it to become more extensible. Certain tools are being written by the author of Blaze Composer that are useful HTML tools - and these are standalone tools. You, as a user may also have some tools that you might want to access from within Blaze Composer

FTP client for those who want to transfer their files online directly.

Better templates. Of course, with Layout manager and style sheet creator, creating your own templates is cooler.

Strip HTML is another new feature that was added to allow you to convert any piece of HTML document to simple text format.

Several small features have been added like viewing the page in Internet Explorer, etc. Also several existing features were upgraded like inserting rectangular box now has a dialog that you can use to create any kind of box with multiple attributes. This is because the importance of rectangular boxes was realised in developing neat and structured pages.

Restore point also has been upgraded. Check out the new one.

Spell check was added because of the requests I got. But unfortunately I couldn't get a complete dictionary with which I could match the words. So I decided to integrate Spell Check with Microsoft Word. When you press spell check, Blaze Composer calls MS Word and copies your document into Word, and asks word to spell check. Therefore even your HTML tags get checked, and maybe flagged as an error. All you need to do is press on "Add to dictionary" button. This will avoid Word from flagging errors in the future. Once the entire spell check is complete, Blaze will recover the document back to itself, and you'll not even know when the transition took place. Although it's in reality an inconvenience, it's also bad luck because of no good complete dictionary.

Four plug-in tools are provided. Colour Picker is used to return the hex colour code of the colour that you selected so that you don't have to refer to boring colour charts again. Colour viewer is useful to see how your pages will look for the selected colour combination. FTP is an FTP client for you to upload your pages. Block access lets you block users from viewing your pages. Read its help from the program.

A great addition in the Editor part of Blaze is the quick tag bar. It has the list of all tags in HTML. All you have to do is select the tag. You can even search for the tags as you type in. Also, as an added advantage all css properties have also been given. You'll see Blaze now has better colours. The program is still not fully complete. But I thought it better to release it now.

Please send me your comments and suggestions:

                 Nikhil Baliga