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Resistance calculator

   It's always a tedious job to see the colour bands of resistors and calculate resistance. Now, with a simple program, you can find out the values with few clicks.

Program development has been deferred due to lack of time.

 The speed of program development has reduced due to severe shortage of time. I would like to thank everyone for the wonderful support and all the mails letting me know about new features that you wanted to see, suggestions and reporting bugs. I would also like to inform everyone that currently released programs will no longer be supported / fixed. Solutions to problems and work-arounds (if any) will be told immediately as always.

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Recently released:

A beautiful beach at Goa [Wallpaper]

Here is a photo of a beautiful beach at Goa. [3264 x 2448] It's that large because it's the original picture. It will look really good on your desktop.


KeyBlaster in the games section

Striver - in Games section

Released versions:

Web Designers and HTML tools


Blaze Composer 3.0: (Unsupported)
Blaze Composer 3.0 is a powerful, multiple award winning, freeware web designing program, with a WYSIWYG interface. This program is a successor of the very famous Blaze Composer 2.0.0 with most of the useful old features like temporary clipboard, auto-complete, restore points, and loads of new features like Templates, Crash recovery, persistence, Meta-Gen, consoles and dialogs that'll do all the work for you. Many built in scripts like protect code, right click prevent are at your disposal...

Blaze Composer 2.0.0 : (Unsupported)
Predecessor of Blaze Composer 3.0 - Great features like tag recognition, auto complete, temporary clipboard with simple drag-drop interface and manager, auto correct, smart select, auto delete, ability to create restore points and a whole lot more. A little exploring can reveal the complete ability of Blaze Composer. What's best? It provides a WYSIWYG interface for those who don't know HTML And it s absolutely FREE. Easy to use, because even while entering tags, all you have to do is just select your options and all tags will be automatically generated.

HTML Editor [Text Based]:

Blaze Editor: (Unsupported)
The editor part of Blaze Composer: Great features like tag recognition, auto complete, temporary clipboard with simple drag-drop interface and manager, auto correct, smart select, auto delete, ability to create restore points and a whole lot more. Easy to use, because even while entering tags, all you have to do is just select your options and all tags will be automatically generated.

HTML Tools:

An amazing collection of free PROFESSIONAL templates given for free distribution and bundling with Blaze Composer 3.0 by Patricia Golman. I would like to thank Patricia for the help extended and for making Blaze a better product. Click on the above link to navigate to the Templates page, where you can download the set.

Colour Picker: (Unsupported)
Colour Picker is a very small but handy program using which you get the hex colour code of any colour in a jiffy. Just click on the "View Palette" button, choose the colour and you are done. Click on Copy to copy the colour code to the clipboard. Very useful and can be used to replace boring long colour charts.


A free WYSIWYG Form Designer that makes designing forms very simple - Just drag and drop elements and you can place any element anywhere you want, and it comes with many features like setting style effects for the elements too. You can say goodbye to HTML codes and tags, but in the rarest case that you need to edit code, you can edit HTML codes too if you want. Many features like watching the preview on the fly, exporting the code, and even save and resume later etc. are included. Use cursor keys to precisely or simply drag-drop to position elements. Suggestions and comments welcome. (Soon to be incorporated in the new upcoming version of Blaze)

HTML Lock(Unsupported)
HTML Lock is a small utility that can encrypt HTML source codes in such a manner that results in completely a unreadable manner. However browsers will have absolutely no problem in decoding the code.

Navigation Bar Creator (Unsupported)

A nifty small program that allows you to create your own cascaded style sheet navigation bar, with absolutely no coding. Just fill in the form with the colours and borders of your choice, click on Preview and see if you like it - Once you have "designed" it, go to the next dialog, enter your menu items and the links in the simple dialog, and your code will be generated. Click on the "Copy to clipboard" button, and paste the code in your page...

BoxMaker: (Unsupported)

A free visual rectangular box designer program that allows you to create any type of box, with lets you customize every border, type, colour and thickness. You can insert these boxes anywhere in your web pages, and insert anything (Image, text etc.) inside these. Suggestions and comments are welcome.


Resistance calculator

   It's always a tedious job to see the colour bands of resistors and calculate resistance. Now, with a simple program, you can find out the values with few clicks.

Text Editors

NikPad 1.0.0: (Unsupported)
A free text editor with awesome features like a temporary clipboard where you can store whatever you want, how many ever you want, a mini encryption-decryption, a built in text to speech converter (requires xvoice.dll can be downloaded from the net), changing contrast, insert files, autosave if you are bored of saving and a whole lot more. The temporary clipboard comes with drag-drop interface and a manager that lets you manage, edit, remove and add newer items easily. There is also a quick paste or slow paste (with undo buffer) option. The encryption, beta capitalisation and beta speak-it-out.

Download from Fwnetwork server

NikPad 2.0.0: (Unsupported)
This is a slightly different version of NikPad - use this version to open and create .rtf and .doc files and many more (Similar to WordPad) You can insert bullets, numbering, pictures and change font and a whole lot more. You can open huge files in seconds, and edit them even faster.

Download from Freewarefiles Server

File Shredder

Shredder (v1.05): (Unsupported)
When a file is deleted, it is not completely removed from the hard disk. So, it is actually possible for somebody to recover these files using file recovery programs. This is a threat if you have some sensitive data that you wish to remove. Shredder is a freeware program using which you can simply select files and shred them. With a very easy-to-use interface, just select the files, and click on shred. The files once shred, even if recovered will not show the original contents.


AutoPowerOff: (Unsupported)
autoPowerOff is a small utility that you can use to shut your system off [shutdow/restart/logoff] at the desired time. Useful when you leave processes like music players or scans on and drift off to sleep. The utility is a gui calls windows shutdown routine. You can abort shutdown in progress or configure it.

Pad Generator

XPad: (Unsupported)
XPad is a PAD file generating program for software developers. Portable Application Description is very useful as you can write all the information of your program into one file, and upload it and later just submit this file to all software sites, instead of entering information on every site. XPad allows you to easily create PAd files, validate them, import pad files and also generate a beautiful web page for your program!!!

Hexadecimal Editor

HexPad: (Unsupported)
A hex editor with easy to use interface. Type in text on the left window, and its equivalent hex appears on the right. Select a character on the left, and its equivalent hex character gets selected on the right. Similarly, select a hex character on the right, and its equivalent character gets selected on the left. Matrix green display. This is a test program, with minimum features. You can suggest changes and added features.

Download from Freewarefiles Server


KeyBlaster: (Unsupported)

KeyBlaster is a game where random characters keep falling down, and we should prevent them from reaching the ground [blue line] by typing the character on the keyboard to destroy it. Every time we type in a character, we get a point if it is destroyed, lose a point if we type an incorrect character. Every character we miss, will increase the miss score. Ten misses ends the game. The speed of the game keeps increasing for every correct guess, and so the game becomes tougher progressively

Striver v1.0(Unsupported)
Striver is a memory based game, where the computer displays a sequence of colours and you have to click on the same colours in the exact same sequence. The computer keeps gradually increasing the number of colours, making it harder to remember the sequence. As you go higher, the computer also displays the colours faster.

Word Games:

HangMan: (Unsupported)
HangMan is the famous game where you are to guess what the mystery word is - try to match your language skills against HangMan - Don't mistake this to be yet another one, this one has a reallylarge repertoire of words!

Scramble: (Unsupported)
Scramble is yet another word game - the one where you are given a word in the jumbled form, and you are supposed to unscramble it. This too, is really hard to crack, the words are big, tand you can play a timed game to set your pulse racing before you crack it


A free game of Tic Tac Toe with only two ways to win and a slight twist. Try finding a third way


How to keep an idiot busy:
If you are wondering how to do that, check this out!!!


Fake Virus

Floo v2: (Unsupported)
This is a great program which generates messages as if your computer is infected by a virus. It even makes your screen go completely white. You can fool your friends by renaming it by some other classic name that they cannot resist opening - like jokes. It has a zip icon. The only method to get out of it for Win 9x users is to move the mouse arrow to the top left of the screen and then pressing enter. Then type the word "antidote" and the game is over. Win 2000/XP users can end it using task Manager.

Error Generator

ErrGen: (Unsupported)
Create custom errors and fool your friends. Just enter an error message, set type of error (Critical, exclamation, etc.) and select time. Then click on hide. When the time's up......"Your computer is infected with boot viruses" and watch your friends weep in despair while you laugh.


Bantam: (Unsupported)
Bantam is a small utility program that lets you create playlists with ease. All you need to do is just select all the songs that you wish to add, arrange them in the required order, and then click on Create. And that's it! With Bantam, you can now quickly search (It searches as you type) through the long list of files, or even directly jump to any file. What's best? It now even has a built-in player, and so, you can now listen to any song, right through Bantam. You can also remove duplicate items from your playlist

Music files:
This page has some songs and animations composed and created by me. Visit it now!


How Stuff Works Plugin

this plugin for Firefox 2.0 - This helps you to directly search from the search engine bar provided by firefox. Download this plugin and save it in the folder "C:\Program Files\Mozilla Firefox\searchplugins" (path may vary on your system) and restart firefox.

Mosquito Repellant

Mosquito : (Unsupported)
This is a nifty little program that drives away those pesky little blood sucking impish peevish creatures that buzz around and don't let you do your work peacefully. The working method? It generates high frequency sounds ranging from 16kHz to 20 kHz. (Please read about high frequency sounds and use this program at your own risk) But guaranteed to drive them away. In short, it's a high frequency sound producing mosquito repellant.

Body Mass Index Calculator

Body Mass Index : (Unsupported)
Body Mass Index Calculator is a small program that'll calculate if you are underweight, normal, overweight, obese or extremely obese, by using your height and weight. Even some small tips are given

Spell Checking

Word Check: (Unsupported)
Word Check is a freeware spell checking program.

For Orkut

Scrap It: (Unsupported)
Scrap It is a nifty program which you can use to quickly write scraps ( and view them. Extremely easy to use, just go to your friends scrapbook, and click on Add as friend, enter his/her name and you are done. Navigating is as easy as clicking on your friend's name. You can also format scraps by using the format bar, make text colourful (to be updated shortly), add smileys and what not. Once done, you can simply select the scrap and drag drop it into the browser window. And what are the advantages? It's small, it's fast, and it's easy

Love Calculator

FLAMES: (Unsupported)
This is a small program where you can enter your name and your secret crush/lover's (secret not necessary) name and ofcourse, your name. The program calculates what your affair may end up into. This is based on eliminating common letters and then finding out if you are going to be Friends, Lovers, Affectionate, Married, Enemies, Sister (Hence the mneumonic - Flames). This is just a program that simplifies all your work of writing names, cancelling common letters and yada yada

HTML Tutorial

HTML Tutorial: (Unsupported)
If you want to quickly learn how to write web pages without wasting much time, then this is the place for you - Learn HTML in very easy lessons, with lots of examples, and an Edit Box to let you view your pages as you learn...

Software development is a highly time consuming job. Since there are absolutely free and there are no returns for me from any of these programs (All being freewares) they will remain in a state of abeyance and get updated only once in 6 months. You can help me by donating some money (even 1$ will be appreciated)

I would like to thank Mr. Jack Phillips for his generous donation

   It's always a tedious job to see the colour bands of resistors and calculate resistance. Now, with a simple program, you can find out the values with few clicks.