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Baldwins Bridge Trust

The Baldwin's Bridge Trust was warranted it's patent by Queen Elizabeth I in 1592. The Queen was sensitive about communications because of the continual danger of Catholic revolts which might have led to the seizure of London while she was cut off in Windsor.

Eton was then on the direct route to London, and the Baldwin's Bridge an important link in the chain, it was good for everyone concerned that steps be taken to assure for all time it's maintenance and continuity.

In order than the bridge be maintained in this manner, the Trust was given several properties where the rents would pay for the maintenance and ongoing repairs to the bridge.

The Trust is responsible for the running of the Austen-Leigh and Baldwins Institute, built in 1911 and opened in 1912. It's centenary was celebrated along with the Diamond Jubilee for Queen Elizabeth II and the Olympics in Eton Dorney in 2012 with the creation of the Jubilee Square.

Baldwin's Bridge was runner up to Jubilee Square in the Windsor and Eton Facelift in the Eton Public Space category.

The Baldwin's Bridge Trust is one of the oldest charities in England. (Registered Charity Numbered 1075251)