Biophysics Publications

  • Parastoo Maleki, Jagat B. Budhathoki, William A. Roy, Hamza Balci "A Practical Guide to Studying G-quadruplex Structures using Single Molecule FRET", accepted Molecular Genetics and Genomics DOI 10.1007/s00438-017-1288-2 (2017)
  • Maleki, Parastoo; Ma, Yue,; Iida, Keisuke; Nagasawa, Kazuo; Balci, Hamza "A Single Molecule Study of a Fluorescently Labeled Telomestatin Derivative and G-Quadruplex Interactions" Nucleic Acids Research (2016)

  • J. B. Budhathoki, P. Maleki, W. A. Roy, P. Janscak, J. G. Yodh, H. Balci "A Comparative Study of G-quadruplex Unfolding and DNA Reeling Activities of Human RECQ5 Helicase" Biophysical Journal, 110, 2585 (2016)
  • Mohamed Farhath, Matthew Thompson, Sujay Ray, Abby Sewell, Hamza Balci, Soumitra Basu. "G-Quadruplex-Enabling Sequence within the Human Tyrosine Hydroxylase Promoter Differentially Regulates Transcription" ACS Biochemistry, (2015).
  • Jagat B. Budhathoki, Edward J. Stafford, Jaya G. Yodh, Hamza Balci. "ATP-dependent G-Quadruplex Unfolding by Bloom Helicase Exhibits Low Processivity" Nucleic Acids Research (2015)
  • Jagat B. Budhathoki, Sujay Ray, Vaclav Urban, Pavel Janscak, Jaya G. Yodh, Hamza Balci. "RecQ-core of BLM Unfolds Telomeric G-quadruplex in the Absence of ATP" Nucleic Acids Research (2014)
  • Sujay Ray, Jigar Bandaria, Mohammad H. Qureshi, Ahmet Yildiz, Hamza Balci. "G-quadruplex formation in telomeres enhances POT1/TPP1 protection against RPA binding." , PNAS vol. 111 no. 8, 2990–2995 (2014)
       A highlight by Prof. Karl-Peter Hopfner: "Single-Molecule Choreography between Telomere Proteins and G-Quadruplexes"
  • Hamza Balci, Sinan Arslan, Sua Myong, Timothy L. Lohman, Taekjip Ha. “Single Molecule Nano-Positioning: Structural Transitions of a Helicase-DNA Complex during ATP HydrolysisBiophysical Journal 101, 976-984 (2011)
  • Erdal Toprak*, Hamza Balci*, Benjamin H. Blehm, Paul R. Selvin. “Three-Dimensional Particle Tracking via Bifocal Imaging”. Nano Lett., 7 (7),2043 -2045, (2007). *These authors contributed equally to this work
  • Hamza Balci, Taekjip Ha, H. Lee Sweeney, and Paul R. Selvin. " Interhead distance measurements in myosin VI via SHRImP support a simplified hand-over-hand model." Biophysical Journal, 89(1) 413-7 (2005 ).

Condensed Matter Physics Publications

  • Guoqing Wu, W. G. Clark, S. E. Brown, R. L. Greene, H. Balci, A. P. Reyes, P. L. Kuhns, and W. G. Moulton. “Measurements of the anisotropic irreversibility field in the electrondoped high-Tc superconductor Pr2-xCexCuO4-y” Submitted to Phys. Rev. Lett. (2008)
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