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Balboa Spa Heaters

balboa spa heaters
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Balboa Island Ferry
Balboa Island Ferry
Every now and again, because Flickr is an online service, I get tricked into thinking that I can edit my stories on the photo page itself. This is of course is a feature of Flickr, but it's horribly unreliable. There are a number of times where I've lost connection, hit the wrong key combination and leave the page, or suffer some other painful action that causes my content to not be captured. Such is the case with this story. I put a lot of effort into my stories, and when the content gets "eaten" by Flickr, I can't help but just lose my creative energies. I've since moved to using an actual offline word processing editor for my posts (which will hopefully clean up my grammar as well), but I'm afraid that this story is going to be lost in time. The day itself consisted of a trip to Balboa Pier where Billy and I enjoyed riding some very large waves, both families had a nice lunch, and then we spent some time swimming together back at the resort. It was the last full day for Billy, Claire and Avery and they left the following morning. It was great fun having them, and we look forward to more trips like this in the future.
Balboa 1928-1929
Balboa 1928-1929
The Balboa Inn is not there yet. It was built in 1929. No Parking lot either. There is some structure on the beach in front of the Ritz Bath House... just a bit to the right of the Rendezvous. The Bath House lot later became the Pee Wee Golf Course.(1940s-1960s) Later on an addition to the Balboa Inn took this lot over as well.

balboa spa heaters
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