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Following are the few of my presentations


·        IEEE Information/ Membership Presentation at JNEC

·        Research Career/Higher Education, US Visit presentation, JNEC

·        Tech presentation @ Various research topics, JNEC

·        How to make paper

·        IEEE MWSCAS 2005, Cincinnati, USA

·        BE Project

·        IEEE VLSI Conference, Calcutta

·        VCO for Wireless Communication

·        RF MEMS for Wireless Communication 

·       Sixth Sense Intelligent Tutoring System- An ITS 

·       Nanotechnology- thinking BIG in nanosize world


                             (Lecture Talk at National Tech Event)

·       DNA Nanophotonics (simple article recently written)

·        Molecular Beacons< namespace="" prefix="o" ns="urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" xml="true">

·        DNA Thin Films

·        DNA Analysis using Nanopores