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Thanks for visiting my webpage. You can find more about me here.  You are most welcome for suggestion and interaction on any topics of interest. Have nice time!

Balasaheb S Darade

He is very energetic student. Currently he is perusing Graduate Studies at University of Cincinnati in Electrical Engg. He worked with Cognizant Technology Solutions India Pvt. Ltd., NASA , Rexcorp Nanotech and Semiconductor Complex Ltd. India. And he is part of founding teams of EventStart, Lifespoke, Nanopassion , Faith India. 

He has experience on working with very research specific, to multidisciplinary projects involving many teams. His experience includes working with large corporations, private small businesses, government organizations, philanthropic, NGOs, academic institute, research laboratories. He believes in having diverse background with specialty in one field.


He has taken initiatives in forming new student organizations, ventures, projects and has been excellent in executing them. He is creative and enjoys generating innovative ideas.

His research objective is to develop high efficiency, low cost Organic Solar Cells. His current focus is intersection of Energy, Environment and Sustainability. He has a strong urge and passion in contributing to the benefit of society through technical innovations and research.


He has unique amalgamation of excellent academics, intelligence, enthusiasm, charisma, leadership and it makes him outstanding graduate student.

In many areas, both personally and professionally, Balasaheb’s will power and resilience make him a brilliant researcher as well as leader. Following are the few awards he received:


  • Outstanding Student Leader, Resident Education and Development ,University of Cincinnati 2009
  • Outstanding Engineering Student award, IEEE, 2004. (IEEE- Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineering, is the primary professional society of Electronics Engineering in the US and abroad.)
  • Outstanding Engineering Student, Dr B.A.M. University, 2003-04.
  • Distinguished Alumni – JNEC (Jawaharlal Nehru Engg. College) Aurangabad.
  • LONAR RATNA, Award for scientific contribution and development of Lonar Crater.
  • Best Paper Award (First position) in International conference on Systematics, Cybernetics and Informatics 2007 .
  •  Certificate of Contribution from NASA for Mars Rover and Deep Impact Mission.


Organic solar Cells, OLEDs, Thin Film , high vacuum, Clean room, MEMS, DNA Bio LEDs, Problem solving and leadership, Start up enthusiast , IT and Webservices 

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