Welcome to Balarangam, a sloka class for children dedicated to teaching our traditions and culture through slokas, bhajans stories and skits. Our ultimate goal is to teach our children absolute surrender to Lord Sriman Narayana.

Welcome to the class of 2020 - 2021!  
                BalaRangam 2020 - 21 classes begins on 12th of  September  2020 with the blessings of our Lord SriRanganatha. We thank all the kids, parents, temple Board of Trustees , temple Staff  and the Teachers for all your continued support for the upcoming years.

See you all every Saturdays 4.30-6pm using virtual meetings(the information is available in the welcome pdf mentioned below.)
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  • Class Notes has Resources updated for this year’s lessons.
  • For Team Assignments and More information on the Classes --> Welcome 2020_2021

Rangoli Competition 2020 - View the Entries Here !!