The Mind/Body Connection
Are you aware of how closely the mind and body are connected and the subsequent impact this then may have on our physical health?  If we put into context some of these connections, i.e. if we are nervous we may feel butterflies in our stomach, if we feel embarrassed our cheeks may turn red and if we are hungry we may salivate, we can clearly see what a powerful influence our mind has on our physical state.

We can hold on to negative emotions such as anger, sadness, fear, guilt, hurt and grief which can transpire due to emotional events which then embed a certain belief in us. 

These beliefs can place us under undue emotional stress which, over time, may lead to physical conditions or an unhealthy mental state, i.e. anxiety, lack of self-confidence or feeling ‘stuck’. 

Indeed research by the cellular biologist Dr Bruce Lipton suggested that over “95% of all illness occurs because of stress in the body's autonomic nervous system”. Put simply, to increase health it is important to reduce stress. 

Encouragingly Sandy Newbigging, author of Peace for Life states “it is the natural tendency of the body to heal itself and will do so when given the chance”.

Therefore it is imperative that we learn to change our relationship with our mind to not only facilitate healing but also as a preventative measure against future ill health.

Balancing Health takes pride in treating the mind, body and spirit as a whole and the treatments and workshops we offer all work towards helping to achieve inner peace and be the best that you can be.

Treatments and workshops specifically aimed at focusing on the mind/body connection are the Mind Detox Method treatment, workshops in NLP for Self Confidence and Attain and Retain Peace which will give you an excellent grounding in meditation and how to deal with everyday stress.