Training Locations
Find your Balancepoint in the most convenient location for you!


1. I offer training at the Washtenaw Recreation Center in Ann Arbor.

Besides being the most affordable facility in the area, the Rec Center is well-equipped, spacious and has a pleasant, inclusive atmosphere. It is also considerably less crowded than other facilities in the area. I would be happy to show you around if you have never visited before. 

2. I also work with clients in their homes, apartment or condo complex fitness centers, offices or other appropriate locations in Ann Arbor and surrounding areas. I bring all equipment to your location when necessary.

3. I offer seminars and group training at the Body Mind Spirit Wellness Center on State Street in Ann Arbor. If you are interested in group training at this facility please contact me so that arrangements can be made.

4. I am now offering online training! Work out where and when it's convenient for you.