Happy people :)

"I turned to Lynda for help in hopes of gaining the knowledge and
motivation I needed to exercise regularly.  She quickly picked up on my existing fitness level and the areas where I wanted to improve, adapting our workout sessions accordingly and helping me develop personal goals.  Every session has been a challenge, but she is always encouraging, pushing me further than I think I can go but not too far to handle.  I walk away from my workouts amazed at what I have been able to accomplish, which has been a huge boost to my self-confidence. 

Since I started training with Lynda, my muscle mass has increased, my waist is smaller, and my resting heart rate has decreased.  I challenge myself when I exercise on my own, and I am more conscious of my posture.  I also benefit from her feedback on issues related to nutrition and general wellness. Choosing Lynda to help me take control of my health and fitness was one of the smartest decisions I have ever made, and I encourage others to do the same." - Lauren LaLonde

“Lynda knows how to encourage her clients to stretch our abilities without instilling guilt or frustration. I find working out with her to be instructive and quite a lot of fun.” - Dawn Wolf

“Lynda is a intuitive and knowledgeable instructor. Her high energy and motivation skills can keep even entry level enthusiasts going . When designing my personal workout plan, she not only took into consideration my busy lifestyle, but also my workout preferences and ultimate goals. It is my pleasure to recommend Lynda to anyone who is looking for a personal trainer or martial arts instructor.” - Shannon Marshall

"Lynda makes exercise at my fitness level both fun and challenging." - Lisa Thierbach