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Personal Training / Healthy Lifestyle Coaching

I offer personal training to clients of all fitness levels. Everyone has different fitness goals: weight-loss, muscle development, mood and pain management, postural and balance training, cardiovascular and flexibility improvements and any combination of these are examples. I design a personalized program for each individual taking into account long and short-term goals, current exercise and nutrition habits, interests, motivation, outside support, personality and other factors that affect one's lifestyle and fitness habits. For beginners I introduce exercise in a gentle but effective way, building a foundation for increased intensity and results. For experienced clients, I find ways to keep you challenged, interested and motivated. I work with each client to help them achieve desired results, instead of prescribing a one-size-fits-all program. 

Please see the FAQ page for more about personal training. 

Group Personal Training

For those who need a less expensive option than private personal training, I offer group sessions. You can put together your own group, or I occasionally put together groups of individuals that meet once per week and recieve personalized training and support online. These groups meet for 16 weeks at a low cost of $15 per week. Please inquire to be included in a group: if there is no group session currently forming I will place you on a waiting list for the next group.

Pre- and Postnatal Personal Training

 Pregnant women and new mothers have special fitness needs of their own. If you are pregnant, I can design and implement an exercise program that will be safe for you and your baby, help prepare you for delivery and make it easier for you to recover after birth. If you have recently given birth, I can help you recover from the specific changes your body has undergone, addressing not just excess weight, but balance, posture, back pain, abdominal separation and rebuilding strength and endurance.


I teach practical self-defense, not complicated martial arts moves. Most people seeking self-defense instruction are not necessarily looking to become black-belt level martial artists - this takes a lot of time and effort and does not guarantee anyone's safety any more than some general commonsense strategies. The first defense is avoidance of a bad situation. My training focuses on avoidance, awareness, escape and de-escalation of dangerous situations. I will teach you how to fight back if all other avenues have failed, but most situations can be avoided or dissolved with specific strategies and techniques.

Martial Arts Conditioning

I practice and teach several martial arts; see my Links pages for schools I am affiliated or have relationships with. If you are looking for formal martial arts training, I will happily refer you to one of these schools. If you are looking to supplement your training with martial arts-specific conditioning or to learn some general concepts and explore martial arts or self-defense in an informal instructional setting, Contact me to set up a program based on your needs. (If you would just like to break a board or two for fun, that can be arranged too. :)