Interesting and useful websites


 Personal Training:

Washtenaw County Recreation Center I am a personal trainer and substitute fitness instructor at this facility.

Body Mind Spirit Wellness Center I offer monthly seminars here; check my current events page for dates.

ACE Personal Training Certification I am an ACE certified personal trainer.

Useful Health & Fitness Sites:

Healthy in Michigan a new local fitness website - I am a contributing fitness writer on this site.

Cool Tools a website with a lot of useful calculators such as calorie usage and BMI. These are more personal than general charts but still should be used only as a loose guideline. Everyone is different., a tracking website for all your exercise and calorie intake. Great for techno-geeks. :)

My Pyramid The U.S. government nutritional guidelines site, which gives a good background in general nutrition and contains some useful tools for planning and keeping track of nutrition.

Martial Arts Affiliations:

Aegis Academy of Swordsmanship I teach and study Western European Swordsmanship here. 

PKSA Karate Ann Arbor I teach and study Tang Soo Do karate here.

12 Steps Martial Arts by Jibril Naeem, martial arts coach and fitness instructor. I substitute instruct for his kickboxing class, talk a lot of martial arts talk and occasionally get a lesson or throw down with him.

Northern Mantis Kung Fu I studied with this school in 2001 while living in London as an international student.

Sun Shen Tai Chi A school run by some friends (classes also offered at the Washtenaw Recreation Center) whom I have had some fun sparring with.

Musashi's Bar & Grill An Australian school run by a good friend who taught me a few things and gave me some great fights.

About the Trainer:

My Linked-In Profile with a couple of nice recommendations.


Slumber Parties by Shannon M Slumber Parties is a company run by and for women which sells intimacy enhancement products in a girls' night out style party atmosphere. Adults only!!