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Exercise Classes. Self-Defense. 

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  Welcome to BalancePoint Fitness!

What do I mean by BalancePoint? It's the place where life is working well. You feel fit, strong and healthy. You are spending enough time working, enough time playing and enough time resting. You are feeding your body in a balanced and tasty way. You are able to deal with life's setbacks with grace and enjoy the rest because you are in the habit of taking good care of yourself. You also happen to look your best! BalancePoint Fitness strives to help each client reach for this place in their lives and fitness endeavors.

BalancePoint Fitness provides short and long-term personal training to people of all backgrounds and fitness levels. A good trainer can help you reach your fitness goals by providing external motivation, organizing your efforts, teaching new skills and helping you map the most effective road toward success. Depending on your goals, training can include lifestyle modification guidance (goal-setting, nutrition, time-management, motivation, etc.).

Balancepoint also offers instruction in commonsense self-defense for everyone (men, women, children, elderly).

Contact me with any questions or to get started on designing your program! A consultation is always free!

My name is Lynda Gronlund. I am an ACE-certified personal trainer and have a broad background in martial arts, dance and fitness. Read more here.