About the Trainer

My experience, background and inspiration 


My name is Lynda Gronlund. I am 28 years old and have a broad background in fitness, dance and martial arts. 

My experience and training includes:

-American Council on Exercise (ACE) certified personal trainer, 2008

-Red Cross certified in CPR, AED and 1st Aid, 2008

- Ballet & modern dance training from age 7-18 with The Dance Place, Ltd. in Waterford, MI (Emphasis on traditional dance movements as well as supplementary disciplines such as Pilates)

- Instructor since 2004; student since 2000 (instruction with school founder prior to school opening in 2003) at Aegis Academy of Swordsmanship. Skills include Western European Swordsmanship and other Western weapons styles as well as military-style jujitsu and self-defense. Emphasis on individualized movements based on body structure differences, including gender-based differences. 

- Assistant and "Kids Power" Instructor at PKSA Karate Ann Arbor since 2007.

- Kung Fu training with Corja Shantung Northern Mantis Kung Fu  while in London in 2001. 

- Substitute Instructor for Martial Arts Kickboxing classes at the Washtenaw Recreation Center in Ann Arbor since 2007. Emphasis on proper form and martial arts concepts such as basic strikes, stance and power generation as well as full-body exercise. 

- Self-directed networking and research into a variety of martial arts and fitness programs

One experience that inspired me to become a personal trainer happened in 2003, the year after I graduated from college. I had moved to a new area and for the first time in my life worked a full time day job and was not participating in any physical activities. I was depressed and by that point, about 25 pounds overweight. Desperate for a change, I joined a large local gym that provided a free personal training session with membership. I reluctantly went to the session and met the trainer, whose sales strategy was to make clients feel as badly about themselves as possible so that they would believe they needed him in order to make any improvement. Already experiencing self-esteem problems, I was devastated by this trainer's treatment and didn't go back to the gym for three months and then rarely after that. 

Luckily for me, two things happened soon afterward. One, my swordsmanship instructor from college, Sal Sanfratello, called me up to invite me to participate in the sword school he was forming officially. Two, I moved to Ann Arbor and was released from my contract with the big gym, which led me to find the county Recreation Center. Over the next few years I rebuilt my physical fitness, losing a total of over 35 pounds, began addressing the self-esteem problems that had plagued me for years, became an instructor under Mr. Sanfratello and began gathering skills in everything I could as quickly as possible. 

Eventually I realized that my greatest pleasure comes in teaching others, helping them to overcome self-doubt  and self-destructive behavior and to reach their potential. Martial arts instruction and personal training are natural extensions of this desire and skill set. I have been incredibly blessed in my teachers, who have pushed, encouraged and inspired me at every step along my path.